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denounce proud boys






nice list
im gonna try this out. i feel left out avoiding msm for 5 years and just depending on opinions all the time (although i know 90% of news agencies is just opinionated "facts").






anyone can suck penis but nobody can pee sucknis




damn they're really goin for the whole clinton 2.0 thing huh


File: 1602905914077.png (196.61 KB, 1047x742, 1047:742, ClipboardImage.png)

no way
nate silver is confidante this time!


someone shoot that vermin


Protect Fivey Fox


File: 1602906168327.png (386.38 KB, 722x480, 361:240, ClipboardImage.png)


File: 1602906271542.jpg (1.33 MB, 962x1280, 481:640, Varmint_Spring_2018_Cover_….jpg)


>none of those have Louisiana going blue despite it being second only to Mississippi as the most niggered state in the south
y tho


protect nuracoon lives


who tf is this?


NuraX folk is being murdered by da raycis ass /sp/olice !



im louisiana gib beads i sho tits


>New leaked email revealed by Tucker Carlson shows that Joe Biden visited Ukraine AFTER Hunter was asked by his business partner to arrange for 'influential US policy makers' to travel to the country to help their firm Burisma
holy fuck
giuliani says hes got better ones he's gonna drop 10 days before
i haven't fuckin seen anything about this anywhere, almost total media blackout on the latest stuff


kill yourself and kill everyone around you just go to a busy area and start firing
i'm the admin around here "dudder" im at florida university right now and I should get baker acted


honestly if trump loses the solid south i wonder what the nu-republican strategy will be. I bet they'll abandon evangelicals and go full POZ


would it even matter when everyone has already made up their minds? nobody is going to be like "oh no guess i better not vote [x]" this close to the rigged election day
dup wins btw such a good shabbos goy would never lose even if they didn't put him up against a cheesebrain


We will see more of Lady MAGA, more gay black conservatives, and VIVA LA RAZA THE DEMOCRATS ARE THE REAL GRINGOS.


File: 1602906901084.png (152.33 KB, 2044x1298, 1022:649, ClipboardImage.png)

maybe they'll try to appeal to socially conservative blacks and latinos? just give up the white support base and try to get the hoteps that hate faggots


true natural law party? fuck that would be the dream.


its just so crazy to watch media march in lockstep to discredit whats likely very real emails
.>we have been treated to in depth coverage of drumpf pee tapes, random rape allegations, and other collusion shenanigans for years, yet this happens and its all damage control


I honestly hope Trump loses just to snap Boomers, QAnon, the alt-lite, the enlightened centrists talking about "get woke go broke" and all other assorted dipshits that coddle people into comfortable delusions of a great silent majority of sane patriotic well adjusted Americans when the reality is that America is an open madhouse with inescapable demographic realities that need to be rationally addressed.


unfortunately i think if biden wins the tech companies will start a mass purge/censurship of anything that would incubate a potential organic rebirth of western culture.


wikileaks had run some authenticity checks (dkim i think) on the dnc emails and the published sources contained the signatures
has anything like that been published thus far in this case?


File: 1602907282283.png (257.4 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)



not reported yet, but even with wikileaks they still were claiming that those weren't even real
theres now winning here its nuts. the fact that they're doing damage control so fucking hard here without even bothering to try and check their authenticity just makes me believe they're probly real


if democrats would just let me grill i wouldn't give a shit who ran the country.


if jews just stopped ruining our culture that would be gud too


>top 15 reasons grilling is emblematic of white supremacy
die racist


File: 1602907597348.png (180.04 KB, 1346x934, 673:467, ClipboardImage.png)

incel black pill honk piller detected


are there sports on tonight?


but ya this whole media/big tech collusion on this one is beyond the scale of anything i remember from 2016, its nuts.
kind just goes to show that they've been operating together in the shadows (relatively speaking) the entire time


File: 1602907722971.png (978.82 KB, 1076x1384, 269:346, ClipboardImage.png)


I use twatter and 4/pol/ and that's it


People like this need to have their brains blown out by a cattle gun.


its like telling a bitch to leave you alone. She thinks its an invitation to keep bitching at you, when you're just trying to explain that you're about to beat the shit out of her.


do u think they pretend to be retarded?


tell that to FDR and JFK


also it seems like the wall street journal is one of the few outlets that seem to have some integrity, ive seen some pretty neutral articles about all this on there


No, they are an Ancom they are literally retarded.



oh I though she was just a shitlib but yeah ancom is the dumbest ideology in existence




File: 1602908026834.png (204.21 KB, 1654x976, 827:488, ClipboardImage.png)

sheem baby die


isnt ancom literally the endgoal of communism tho?


File: 1602908047433.mp4 (10.57 MB, 202x360, 101:180, Big man, small car VS Smal….mp4)


nah because in gommunism the state owns everything ancom implies that there is no state


rip babby but isn't that a part of her ideology?


who knows
who cares
I just know the tankie vs anarkiddie debate


is it possible for an oxymoron ideology to have an end goal?


i thought marx said that eventually the state would die or some shit through extreme state ownership lol



sportschan beheaded a french teacher today for haram depiction of muhammad


Shitlibs and Ancoms are basically the same thing. They beliefs are nearly identical.


>there's no difference between joe biden and anarcho communists!


well shit mabe he did idk I can't keep track of all dumb shit hungry santa said

ya lol even though ancoms claim to hate shitlibs


shit like this inspires me to become a truckfag to fuck people up


police caused damage to her clump of cells
violates the NAP


commies hate libs because libs are twofaced like kikes, although commies are full of kikes that came from the middle class who hope to become leaders aka high class in the commie state


y? getting involved in road rage incidents is nigger tier to begin with regardless of how big you are


Ancoms are just angry at Mom and Dad and use their supposed hatred of Libshits as a front for that. Ultimately their "anger" at libs is that they arent promoting enough gaybuttsex and telling whitey to pay for slavery and the Holocaust essentially they are just angry that libs are "liberal" enough for them.


coal tho


File: 1602908470050.png (886.11 KB, 624x624, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)


File: 1602908499192.mp4 (19.47 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Wieden Kennedy - If we’re ….mp4)


right who cares about the baby its the muhsohjeeny thats the issue here, you damn white male


File: 1602908647203.png (1.82 MB, 1600x900, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)


commies are all kikes, the fags who claim Stalin was based because he didn't like Jews don't realize that he only hated them on the basis that they only cared about their own tribe and didn't give a fuck about the greater soviet union
ya they're spoiled larpers who have never even talked to working man



my retarded incel frend does road ragey shit, its veeery cringey.


xhe is veeeewy cute!


File: 1602908922308.png (1.28 MB, 732x846, 122:141, ClipboardImage.png)

>mfw someone is a republican near me


File: 1602909000351.png (218.8 KB, 757x473, 757:473, when your wife's boyfriend….png)


File: 1602909014288.mp4 (2.64 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Joe_Biden_s_teleprompter_i….mp4)


biden detected. post discarded


I think Dotz is depressed and suicidal because of the Yankees big loss.
We should send xir a get well basket and some hand written cards.



File: 1602909182829.mp4 (3.43 MB, 640x640, 1:1, cow budy.mp4)


that stang is biden tier



this is fake but i do love how childish women can be. it cute


i think maybe it was that Bull was feedin her, IYKWIM


>americas long history of far left wing violence


File: 1602909540434.png (17.91 KB, 534x130, 267:65, ClipboardImage.png)


have you not known about kcbro's fight against kansasfags on /sp/?

kansas is literally satan's hell hole


File: 1602909682449.png (360.08 KB, 479x374, 479:374, ClipboardImage.png)

i hat pak dog


well that explains the way they welcome visitors


more republican than missouri tho innit


File: 1602910079877.webm (3.81 MB, 960x540, 16:9, the fearsome american soc….webm)


jews only allow socialism on the left because it creates shit like this
imagine a national socialist meeting now


>jazz hands
>quick point of personal privledge
>stuttering guy bawing about gendered language


>imagine a national socialist meeting now


it's like a disorganized collective of autism (and not the good kind)


haha lol when are they having one of these in kc?


File: 1602910421136.png (1.07 MB, 988x673, 988:673, ClipboardImage.png)

>jews force right wingers into supporting gay capitalism to allow jews to own america
>imagine if right wingers embraced a system handing over economic power to the white working class instead of elite liberal kikes
>instead only gay progressives can oppose the capitalist system because it's not gay enough for them


you mean socalism with racist paganism? no thx. that's for massive thor fags too.

distributism is the true third way


File: 1602910441319.jpg (134.25 KB, 1199x523, 1199:523, EkeGnHUUcAAFelG.jpg)


>haha lol when are they having one of these in kc?
the chiefs played last sunday


what was the point of this horrible scribble?


distributism is left leaning economics I'd say
who knows why hitler named his party the national socialists anyways
probably just to steal more voters from the communist party (who helped the nazis rise to power)


what's an "nfl"?


it was a differnt kind of socialsm, as he himself said


hitler didn't found the nsdap


morality/religion > economics anyways

it can go from libertarianism to corporatism and i don't give a shit as long as everyone can agree on the metaphyics and ethics of reality.


File: 1602910826284.png (132.97 KB, 650x310, 65:31, ClipboardImage.png)

yah nah bud. you're assuming that people have control over their cultural movements and control over what gets promoted by the ruling class
free market capitalism allowed the jews to take power


you're not anything but an opportunist who jumps on emotional highs. Congrats your high isn't based on pleasure, its based off pain. That doesn't make your retarded system any more applicable to the modern age.


What do u mean budy. He says capitalism is gay (which it is literally)


File: 1602911107918.png (199.63 KB, 350x252, 25:18, ClipboardImage.png)

i lik hitler


very finpol tire post


capitalism is gay but hitler's alternative was actually gayer since it involved paganism.


>the eternal christcuck


okay then do national socialism but with christianity or something


the West is literally the Catholic Church.


no thx
go back to pre protshit pls k thx


it is what it is. jews shouldn't be allowed to gain power in any system.


File: 1602911579447.mp4 (6.15 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Gotta_love_a_good_ole_femi….mp4)


even orthodox christians are better than faggot catholics lmao


great argument


This is what i hate about Christianity, unlike other religion like Huindusism, Shinto, or Zoroastrianism there is no racial element, and this leads to it undermining nations because it leads to dual loyalty


pope kissing nigger feet.jpg


eh yah in theory, but in actuality most christian countries are still pretty racially nationalist, and so was american and european christianity before the 20th century


thanks was working on it for a while ☕
next is my argument that orthodox christianity is based because it hates gays and loves muslims


your problem is that you can't prove God care about you in your racial obsession.

Either God doesn't give a shit about you because you encompassed God's reality, or God does love you, and gave his reality or Order for you through Jesus Christ.

Paganism is just gay.


Like ireland or mexico or brazil


fuck off
countries have the right to define their racial makeup and demographics
please tell me what immigration system the bible teaches budy


bull. shit.

you think a coptic catholic would tell a scottish catholic he's better suited for the Beatific Vision because he's racially pure?


>your problem is that you can't prove God care about you in your racial obsession.
prove he doesn't care
>Paganism is just gay.
Christianity would be just another Jewish death cult if it wasn't for paganism


define race retard. is it 100% American? if not then fuck off from my country


prove your post


>define race
hey sargon. I don't have time to explain what white is to you sorry


k thx. i'll let my Italian self pontificate why white must do x


why would christians get triggered if I say "immigration from white countries only"?
where does it say in the bible I can't do that?


they don't. I know you mean pagan ideology only. You think I'm retarded?


File: 1602912351682.png (379.03 KB, 638x479, 638:479, ClipboardImage.png)

Love you all.

See you tomorrow.


what the fuck are you talking about


*goes to prot church established in 2015 in strip mall instead*


Oh yeah nice pilpuling, yeah Christianity is 100% for whites
Early Christian philosophy took heavily from Ancient Greek and Roman philosophers, especiall the Platonics and Stoics
Most of the holidays in Christianity are also pagan
Yule (Christmas)
Lupercalia (Valentine's Day)
Samhain (Halloween)
Eostre (Easter)
and many more


are you really that retarded? Please research Christianity before posting like this. You won't win converts to your cause like this.


Yep you can't refute anything you resort to "read a book", I've read parts of the Bible that do have good wisdom, but most of the shit in there is in fact non-European


old testament is Jewish
Mark and Matthew is Jewish
Luke and John are Greek
The rest is for the roman empire and beyond

what the fuck are you on about?


christian morality is gud
white nationalism is gud
hating jews is gud
stop being bitches about the specifics of it


neo-pagans are a plight on human reason holy FUCK


stfu you started complaining about paganism cause someone brought up national socialism


the problem is your assumption that we assume all niggers are bad. shit one of the first christians was a nigger from ethiopia from the Gospel of Luke. Yet Hitler who jacked off to literal homo philophsers is a man we should aspire to? damn.


what has natsoc done for the white race in 2020?


niggers don't belong in america. nigger culture is bad. america is white
I dont care about world war II history, I just hate jews and like the policies of the NSDAP


File: 1602913235740.jpg (66.11 KB, 960x615, 64:41, nuracoon.jpg)


america is a NOT anglo. It was a spanish colony. YOU do not belong here. You anglos and kikes shoud just fuck off. You get along too well together.


pan-europeanism is guuuuuud
let armenians in too and white syrians


Luke and John are Greek
The rest is for the roman empire and beyond
yep those are valuable but all were influenced by the pagan greeks
Christcucks never make argument and always resort to adhom and do shit like sayng a christian nigger is more of a friend than the someone of their own people with a different religion
Christianity is anti-white and holds us back


ah so you're the one thats been defending homosexuality


literally what??


2000 years of theology and philosophy. Wow. they never addressed your issue?! Where?


Fuck off faggot


I know the shit we have to deal with in America. Holy fuck we live in a world that prots aborted, Catholics invaded, and then they all sucked off the Culture of Death, then all LARPed as intellectuals in the tradition of Aristotle.

I know.


Why are trying to accuse me of things that I have never said?
And you can thank the pagans and the great race helping kickstart all of it.
>Wow. they never addressed your issue?! Where?
The Bible never addresses race and European Christcucks went out of their way to convert and aid shitskins


>then all LARPed as intellectuals in the tradition of Aristotle.
Muslims do too


Not really. Muslims LARPed as Nestorian Heretics.


Do you really think you're gonna be saved because of your DNA?


Avicenna was a very influential Muslim Aristotlian


File: 1602913919707.mp4 (4.44 MB, 406x720, 203:360, Getting_hit_by_a_parked_ca….mp4)


Two Truths is retarded, just like your ad hoc protty thots


I'm not a buddhist, and where did i do adhoc



we need MORE regulations, how do you expect us to function without regulations


bring back child labour


im craving ramen
we love kidney stones


File: 1602916987381.png (178.49 KB, 366x409, 366:409, take one bag of sprite.png)

take only one please


i lik milt




File: 1602932404873.jpg (251.16 KB, 636x934, 318:467, marx and bem baverk.jpg)


as most regulations now and then are used simply to give bigbois the unfair advantage, he has a point
if theres any regulation, it should be geared towards breaking up/limiting large intl megacorps, which operate as vertically integrated cartels that stifle any and all competition ie the antitrust legislation we already have, that gets stomped all over by amazog and all those goons
so hes at least half right


onion powder + garlic powder + ginger powder instead of the seasoning packet
and add some veggies


i hat jewb



shut forgot to log out


is it just me or is the site starting to shit itself again


it's doin tha thang


do emojis make a thread disappear? let's test it


what if a bunch of militias force dup into power and he actually becomes a dictator? is he going to fire us all from shitposting and make us the btfo ones?


no thread is still here


ok, all newer threads in the index wew just show an empty page for me


this is the only thread that still works


i dunno the first panel made it look like it was gonna be some /pol/ joke then it just goes drunglemort btfo and the art is ugly too


us kekistani army will be the first against the wall comrade
press 'f' for frogposters


File: 1602946999510.png (54.64 KB, 729x321, 243:107, ClipboardImage.png)

ruh roh


stop smashin fingers
stop damagin nerves


shit still hurts meng i think its permanent





dupbunkeders btfo


File: 1602947940266.jpg (180.21 KB, 1242x1067, 1242:1067, bpt4w94srnt51.jpg)


if you write (A fact!) you know it's a lie, fact!


>be me
>be at job interview
>tell me a little about yourself
>well I'm a blackpilled doomer kekw with a touch of monkas
hope I get it


The Waldorf Schools are Wrong About the Archai: Here's Why


i put bit cheers emojis next to the good lines on my resume


what if we kissed in the dudder's server room 😉


OwO notices my bulgey


File: 1602949026096.jpg (27.53 KB, 633x406, 633:406, comb-jelly.jpg)


File: 1602949386465.jpg (1.65 MB, 2983x3991, 2983:3991, 1600614237102.jpg)






why did dudder's sticky break?


yes the IDF is gonna install trump as king…. of greater israel


wrong fuel, engine knock


hello fellow techboomers


their userbase has a much higher average iq


I thought hotlels debouched iQ tho




maybe time for a more competent admin?




he's more of a leader of the free world. we need someone actually smart


Auburn at South Carolina11:00 amESPN / ESPN Video
Clemson at Georgia Tech11:00 amABC (cable) / espn3 Video
Kansas at West Virginia11:00 amFOX (cable) / FSGo Video
Kentucky at Tennessee11:00 amSEC Network / ESPN Video
Liberty at Syracuse11:00 amECE / FSN / ACC RSN / espn3 Video (blackouts) / FSGo
Navy at East Carolina11:00 amESPN2 / $espn+ Video / ?ESPN Video?
Pittsburgh at Miami11:00 amACC Network / ESPN Video
Texas State at South Alabama11:00 amESPNU / ESPN Video
Army at UTSA12:30 pmCBSSN / CBS Video
Western Kentucky at UAB12:30 pmFSN / Stadium (affiliates) / FSGo Video
Jacksonville State at North Alabama1:00 pmESPN Extra / espn3 Video
Louisville at Notre Dame1:30 pmNBC (cable / NBC Video / 4K on DTV 105
Duke at NC State2:30 pmFSN / ACC RSN / espn3 Video (blackouts) / FSGo
Eastern Kentucky at Troy2:30 pmESPN Extra / espn3 Video
Ole Miss at Arkansas2:30 pmSEC Network / ESPN Video
UCF at Memphis2:30 pmABC (cable) / espn3 Video
UMass at Georgia Southern3:00 pmESPN2 / ESPN Video
Virginia at Wake Forest3:00 pmACC Network / ESPN Video
Texas A&M at Mississippi State3:00 pmESPN / ESPN Video
Angelo State at Stephen F. Austin4:00 pmESPN Extra / espn3 Video
North Texas at MTSU4:00 pmFSN / Stadium (affiliates) / FSGo Video
Marshall at Louisiana Tech5:00 pmCBSSN / CBS Video
North Carolina at Florida State6:30 pmABC (cable) / espn3 Video (was ESPN at 6)
Southern Miss at UTEPN/APostponed (was ESPN2)
Boston College at Virginia Tech7:00 pmACC Network / ESPN Video
Central Arkansas at Missouri State7:00 pmESPN Extra / espn3 Video / KOZL MO (cable)
Florida International at CharlotteN/APostponed (was ESPNU)
Georgia at Alabama7:00 pmCBS (cable / CBS Video


suck that dudder dick bitch


lmfao wew


*takes two (2)*


expecting ddos of the entire internet in 5… 4… 3… 2… 1…



i lik tradegy


>Thank you Comrade

Marx said it best the "The first time its a tragedy the second time its a farce"
I think Capitalism is fucking gay but I think these people are even gayer. If you gave any amount of power to these people it would be days before the lights went out for good.


File: 1602951623204.png (411.81 KB, 900x593, 900:593, ClipboardImage.png)

marx would've called them all niggers and faggots


wtf I love communism now


#%#######%%%%####%##%%%%##%########*(/*,.%.%,% % %#,,*(*(@@@@&&&&&&&&&&&&&%%%%&&
########%###%###%%#%%%%%%##%######%*,****  ....,.%&,,***%%@@@&&&&&&&&&&&&&%&&%&&




#%#######%%%%####%##%%%%##%########*(/*,.%.%,% % %#,,*(*(@@@@&&&&&&&&&&&&&%%%%&&
########%###%###%%#%%%%%%##%######%*,****  ....,.%&,,***%%@@@&&&&&&&&&&&&&%&&%&&


damn ampersand






File: 1602952209814.png (41.3 KB, 388x326, 194:163, ClipboardImage.png)


thanks for supporting President Lincoln, Mr. Marx!


al-monitor is the best one stop shop for ME politics if you decide to stop rally rally getting into ME politics, they're up front about their writers' backgrounds, so apart from the obvious academic accolades etc. you see where they live and where they're from.
>turkish guy not living in turkey -> not shilling for APK, possibly out of touch
>turkish guy living in turkey -> defo shilling for APK not out of touch


Conan O'Brien Torches NBC With Trump Town Hall Quip


erdogan guuuuud
jews baaaaaad


File: 1602952512527.png (9.02 KB, 300x300, 1:1, drawfagsOriginalContent.png)


oh noooo that sucks


leggo my hueggo


File: 1602952663773.jpg (9.36 KB, 200x200, 1:1, 1490560451639.jpg)


>he still is failing to post becel


plus, it's free.
fucking wsj, economist & fp are killing me with their subscription fees. they're really exploiting the fact that they're catering exclusively to the highly educated. in the mean time, i can get a nyt subscription for 75 cts a week.


File: 1602952821415.jpg (88.95 KB, 1468x800, 367:200, The_Judgment_of_Cambyses.jpg)


have you considered The Epoch Times?


i hat falun gong


never heard of it. but i see a poll on the front page with a petition to "reject the chinese communist party", so i'm getting highly skeptical already.


*heems the both of yus*


i hat anti-china propaganda


lolling hard at frannce teacher beheading


paste the links into archive.today and you can bypass paywalls


I just want my news to be as objective as possible or if they're shilling, I want them to be up front about their shilling. This epoch times defo is going into my bookmarks, i needed some more altright shilling websites in there.


/sp/onster - the last bastion of true romance


anon, if i could i would kiss you right now. brb, cancelling every subscription i hold. why the fuck did i never learn how to internet?


I use wikipedia for my news


buy a sportschan subscription with the money you save


wikipedia info is really dubious broseph. trust them to get the names and the dates and the events right, never trust them when it comes to motivations etc. especially when it comes to history or historical events.


gib kissey


sportschan won't let me


maybe i can turn it into a .png make it a bit smaller, but jesus christ duddman fix your shit.


u dun tel ne1 here watdo k beequiut


File: 1602954732058.gif (210.61 KB, 612x816, 3:4, IMG_20201017_190423.gif)


.png didn't work, had to go .gif to get it up.


the gif isn't moving


not a vid


not a proof


i hat .jfif


me to budy


real men use .tiff



our stuff just crashed


whatever happened to the guy who killed himself and posted the depressed cr




oops, wrong account


yeah, shit is happening. we need nerdbro to get in here, dudder is too drunk to handle this.


might be time to leave sportschan for good….
move to endchan perhaps


I see nothing here that conflicts the professor's post and Penn state's code of conduct policy


idk, duddman is a bro and i'm not a nerd, so idk what the fuck i'm talking about. all i know is that this place is starting to feel like poland, like stuff is crumbling.


he's not a bro


i don't want to be a refugee again.
how many times have we moved now?


File: 1602961817969.jpg (48.27 KB, 630x1200, 21:40, MV5BMjMwMTA5NDc5M15BMl5Ban….jpg)

can we post images again now that drunkdud has removed his thread?


you'll do as I say
sportschan is dead
its over


phew, crisis averted. drunkdud pls don't to this stuff to us.
if you want to post some drunk pictures, post drunk pictures in whatever thread is active on /sp/, don't ever use sticky threads unless it's important site announcement and obviously don't break the fucking board because you regret posting drunk pictures, that's what the delete post button is for


go away megamulk


does he shoot those whores


File: 1602962544964-0.webm (3.92 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Virtual_Checkpoint[RipFro….webm)

File: 1602962544964-1.jpg (433.45 KB, 1500x1152, 125:96, orphans_storm_C.jpg)

File: 1602962544964-2.png (662.19 KB, 522x677, 522:677, 1591483696512.png)

File: 1602962544964-3.png (312.6 KB, 480x471, 160:157, 1591332210628.png)

File: 1602962544964-4.gif (12.68 KB, 256x256, 1:1, 1591322246275.gif)


you rally rally need to watch that show. not the shitty hbo one, but ch4 utopia. it's one of the best shows ever made at least the first season is


was, apparently. this version is shit and has foreign subs. definitely watch it tho. idk if it's on murrican netflix, it is here in toothpaste.



>bond kikes
>involved in schemey fixed income shenanigans




>deleting your post


File: 1602981157554.png (1.19 MB, 1714x1246, 857:623, ClipboardImage.png)



File: 1602981253140.jpg (3.18 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, 20201017_191356.jpg)

A Herd Of Dogs Came To Visit Him


i love how fake bullshit these things are


what were the pics even?


roll tide




File: 1602984112325.jpg (85.37 KB, 667x546, 667:546, ITS LITERALLY OVER.jpg)




no idea, never got a chance to load the thread. duddman had already broken /sp/ when i saw his thread. There were 8 replies and 2 images in there and it was titled something like "hey dudes want to see your BO drunk" iirc.


File: 1602984817252-0.jpg (387.26 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, wadina 3d.jpg)

File: 1602984817252-1.jpg (61.93 KB, 540x480, 9:8, lelbron dudder ball.jpg)

here are the pic posted in that thread


i hat sims wadina



>rugby theme
all is right in the world


File: 1602985064510.webm (3.92 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1602962544964-0.webm)

i need more stuff like this i find it very relaxing


how about i shout at you and tell you what to do? would that relax you?


i hat weebs


n-n-no ;_;


y is no 1 watching collij funball


>no actual drunken duddman pics
why did he go nuclear then?


he was hangry




гроб охуеннен


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i think the site just happened to break


>Sexy woman with strong bullying destroy cuckime Exaggerated landscape Mods Deleting Anime Threads Movies and TV lolicon is pedophilia Popular in the West The / tv / Struggle Don't be silly AllAnime = Cuckime The Great / tv / samefag psyops Asperger Syndrome Awareness Transistor Radio No Loli Freedom> cuckime Delay Factor discord tranny Autism High School Taitan Flashy Colors Republic of China / tv / Discord Anime Profile Image Yakuza Pedokike dupweeb BTFO Falun Gong Homosexual Pedokike Ahniliation Male than Female Fan Service Tranime Influence There is no intelligence in these threads Child Abuse Shun Miyazaki: Anime Was A Mistake Moron Social Features Real Anime Doesn't Exist For Weebcucks Spastic And the late 8-year-old Bimbo ringing character is a teenage loli queen Tired Faggotry Very unstimulated squealing Butt full conspiracy moeshit Destroying all cigarettes Weeboo Gahoole More than a fascinating exaggeration for autism


>t. duddman


The Rays are officially NOT CURRENTLY CHOKING.


sheem bounci


just like your boipucci when you boyfriend is fucking it


let's say me and you go kill dudder
go suicide mission and kill him


never voted before
what meme candidate do i elect into office


File: 1603002534129-0.jpg (786.21 KB, 1080x1483, 1080:1483, Screenshot_20201018-152611….jpg)

File: 1603002534129-1.jpg (68.78 KB, 768x432, 16:9, https___s3-ap-northeast-1.….jpg)

File: 1603002534129-2.jpg (306.7 KB, 1202x1280, 601:640, IMG-20201018-WA0008.jpg)

File: 1603002534129-3.jpg (166.43 KB, 1050x1280, 105:128, IMG-20201018-WA0009.jpg)

thangs happinn in thaingland


trump again, not only the lulziest path, but at this point the only sane and likely option


ok went through 60 pages of kiwi autism
there appears to be a few things going on here
first, you've got the hunter laptop angle, which is what giuliani is dropping tidbits to NYPost and Fox
second, one of hunters associates has reportedly flipped and handed over all his email information, so expect stuff to come up
third (unknown so far),but back in september some chinese-in-exile youtube news reported that a CCP bigwig went turncoat and handed over files implicating hunter/joe in selling influence in china, along with sketchy sex scandal stuff. theres also a picture of giuliani with the guy, which gives a little credence to it


More CIA backed (((protests)))?


i saw a picture of them all doing the 'hunger games 3 finger salute'
regardless of if they're right or worng, doing that makes me wish the gov would shoot them all


Thai government is kinda fashy and not friendly with Jewmeica


>The truth behind the Hunter Biden non-scandal
sure am glad thats cleared up
now lets get back to dictator don


tf is a dick tater and who is dup?


more like a dick taster! becuase dump sucks on putins knob 🤣😂😂


also gotta say the number of
>republicans are literally finished
>anonymous sources from within the trump campaign say they're incredibly worried about the lack of support
etc etc articles are increasing exponentially
interesting tidbit of coordinated reporting here


who even cares anymore if someone isn't aware of what the media does by now or if they believe voting in national elections actually matters when the entire federal government openly sucks banker cock theyre either deliberately deluding themselves or straight up retarded


File: 1603017591270.mp4 (5.41 MB, 768x432, 16:9, Moonman - Black Lives Don'….mp4)


File: 1603017861778.mp4 (13.47 MB, 854x480, 427:240, Moonman - Black Lives Stil….mp4)


>Thai government
i thought they are ruled my a monarchy and the governemt is just a show


nah It's kind of like Francoist Spain or Fascist Italy where there is a benevolent dictator and then King just sort of exists


im just sayin, im always in awe when the propaganda machine is in full swing.


File: 1603023171700.jpg (52.62 KB, 1200x513, 400:171, EklCc4wXYAMynci.jpg)

would you?


So how much does putin pay you? Is it worth it? Does he pay health benefits? If not America has great opportunities for you.


File: 1603023407118.mp4 (3.24 MB, 720x720, 1:1, We_ve_got_to_come_together….mp4)


1оо к, да, да, спасибо


It's funny because only cat ladys support biden


Trump voters are like arch users. they will tell you about it non stop.




thats actually p. funny since its the exact opposite, ie hide support for trump because you dont wanna be harrassed


File: 1603024869802-0.png (202.21 KB, 1274x780, 49:30, 1603002310907.png)

File: 1603024869802-1.png (407.93 KB, 791x1000, 791:1000, 1603000160387.png)

Currently confirmed affected:
>Broward County


fucking lmao


the oldest cat used to have coffee and alcohol and asparagus n shiet


File: 1603027008542.jpg (392.92 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, every american political c….jpg)


File: 1603027181281.png (3.46 MB, 1132x5114, 566:2557, 1603024595929.png)

guess they still get re-sent and you'd have to sign


how do I make change votes of people


know the name and bday of anyone in alaska, oregon or washington apparently


didn't they spend half a billion on the obamacare website and it didn't even work?
yeah sure let's do online voting


look up antifas since they all come from portalnd and they're easy to dox


jojo has a jewish running mate named "spike"?


File: 1603028707398.png (44.65 KB, 1138x264, 569:132, ClipboardImage.png)

been in place since 2012 i guess
no one's going to believe the outcome of this election unless they won


yeah it works now they had to get some other consultants to fix it


File: 1603032294129-0.jpg (205.74 KB, 1200x802, 600:401, thailand-massacre-1200.jpg)

File: 1603032294129-1.jpg (89.68 KB, 760x515, 152:103, salang.jpg)

File: 1603032294129-2.jpg (92.5 KB, 900x590, 90:59, oct-6.jpg)


>online voting
lmao what could possibly go wrong?


File: 1603035283890.mp4 (2.71 MB, 720x720, 1:1, XwoBdalVrLhMeNLK.mp4)


File: 1603035732271.jpg (204.64 KB, 1500x1500, 1:1, pol face costanza.jpg)

>losing democracy
>a bad thing


File: 1603037894035.jpg (51.4 KB, 683x670, 683:670, Nazbol Dog.jpg)

Heil comrade!


I lost all my nazbol memes because my hard drive failed :(


thats walter
you will refer to that meme as walter


it's still the least flawed system out there. autocracy always ends in disaster eventually, as there seems to be no real system to guarantee the succession of a capable ruler consistently, despite a lot of different approaches having been tried throughout history. there should be constructive efforts to reform democracy, instead of cynical efforts to burn it down. autocracy is and will always be a short term fix.
>the only people with actual long term plans are nefarious af
It's a scary world




save le republic! crown le caesar!


xhe certainly seems well adjusted


very true about political comics. gotta make sure the normies know exactly wahts goin on


it still cancels the previous submitted ballot just by requesting a new one
you can cancel peoples votes, basically
the funniest shit, is theres probly someone running a script to cancel votes right now, and i see it as likely that considering how fucked up the system was made in the first place, they probly won't be able to know who had their vote cancelled and who didn't


>trump was right again
well i guess even a broken clock is right uhh, idk. like 3/4 of the time?


WWE tier


>>>>>>>>>>>electronic voting
morons get what they deserve


>RUSSIANS ON /pol/ trying to hack the elections!
>script output in cyrillic
fuck i couldnt stop lmaouing


i gotcha it is p fuckin wild


didn't even notice at first glance, wew.


fuck im slow


File: 1603076504733.mp4 (19.5 MB, 720x1280, 9:16, Additional video from the ….mp4)

The young man dangling from Trump Tower in Chicago releases a video with his demands
The man claims that he does not want to die and only wishes to speak with Trump to get his message out.
He will cut the rope if his request isn’t met.
He claims to be a protester against the removal of the Bill of Rights. Reports state this Asian American male is in his early-20s.


>no immediate danger
Let's just wait until he gets hungry and/or thirsty.
He's going to choose survival over dignity at some point.
How long do you think before he reaches that point?


wait, how's he recording?


File: 1603077900650.jpg (176.83 KB, 1293x1130, 1293:1130, EkjG0MIWkAMeEuF.jpg)

asians taking this L


keep me updated


still dangling


>member of blm
let him fall


whyd you post a pic of jewish evolutionary history



black nihilist on stream


never mind just a normal nigger


put a mattress (or 2) under him
drop besides him to arrest him (draw your gun first)
then he can let himself fall if he wants or be arrested and escorted out peacefully
later he can send trump a letter if he wants



File: 1603082976875.png (55.74 KB, 2062x276, 1031:138, ClipboardImage.png)








i try to use that word at least once in every paper i write


What this proposition is doing is enforcing the law that is in place already, yet not working. In order to force people to hire fairly, there must be a law requiring a company to proportionally hire each race and each school to accept based on this premise.
I know some of you don’t see it as such, you just see discrimination. I am black. I am a woman. I do not get paid fairly, and that’s even if I get hired.
It is shameful that I do need this law, but I do, many of us do. At least for now.
If this law isn’t needed, then how come the anti- discrimination laws that are in place already are not working. I am worth too much to tell me to wait for another solution. But, in the future, I’ll vote to repeal this law if a more appropriate law is presented, or we finally come to realize that the world is truly hiring fairly. But, I am, we are, worth more than been told to be patient and wait


I'm marking this user as a possible troll due to him spelling "eggo" as "hueggo"
mods, track back his post history


>In a first in the nearly four-decade HIV epidemic, researchers have reported a case of an Australian man who was an elite controller of the virus and has apparently spontaneously cleared his infection.



everyone is better at making music than /mu/


>wake up on the floor
what has basedball done to me


fuck his mother in the ass


ded sry


wow well that didn't last long
when did it go up?
does youtube have bots looking for pol anthem stuff?


I tried to upload horst wessel but I missed a swastika and the bots caught it :(


>proportionally each race
what definition of fair implies proportionality for each race? and proportional to what? ill give you a hint, it is the same one underlying other jewels of leftist nomenclature such as "social justice"
absolute egalitarianism: everyone is equal to everyone else (except in those special cases in which, for the good of all, some are deemed much more equal than others). not "equal civil rights", not "equal under the law". no, equivalent and interchangeable, equally able, equally capable, equally competent, equally meritorious, equally deserving. this is the only way in which one can reach the bizarre conclusion that there automatically exists "unfairness" as soon as one observes that not every resource (like engineering jobs, or gold medals for olympic marathon runners) is apportioned in direct (linear? is that what they want?) correspondence with society demographic distribution
leftists are mentally ill (for their own convenience)


is that new policy? i didnt know they automatically ban swastikas


well they did because immediately after it finished uploading, my channel was terminated


still dangling


the resources you've named are heavily reliant on existing infrastructure to educate people in those fields. if you're from Sierra Leone, maybe you're the best engineer the world has ever seen, but there's only a very small chance of you going to college in Sierra Leone, regardless of your capabitilies. To throw it all on racism and ignore instutions altogether is some retarded shit. Why do you think toothpaste wins all the speed skating medals? they have the rinks, they have the coaches, they have innovative companies making their skates and their suits, they have sponsors etc. How do you expect Jamaica to have a bobsled team, basically? and yes Sanka, I am dead


holy shit so y'all talk retarded and shit to confuse ai is that rally it fuck how deep does the spatchin meta go


yes, tpaste im sure the dutch will start reclaiming golds in long range marathons from sub-saharan africans as soon as tpastelands technological development reaches the heights needed for the development of the highly advanced institutions needed to compete in that field. and indeed as is plainly obvious to everyone, after only several decades of pouring free money into african academic development we can already see their median iq raised to near dutch standard




something something federal building



>inb4 toothepastes 15 page response about the glories of the BBC


dangling kyrgyz was saved


File: 1603109512772.jpg (277.83 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, rabbi.jpg)



ofc not. in sports like marathon or running, physiology > infrastructure. you don't need a bunch of stuff to compete in these kinds of sports. sub saharan africans don't really compete in marathons btw, it's mostly the horn of africa ppls (ethiopians etc), and it's because of their physiology. Their calves are longer than white people or sub saharan african ppls calves. you have
>physiological differences between ethnicities
>training infrastructure
to disregard any of these factors in sportsings is retarded.


was it disappointing?


File: 1603113164322.png (25.14 KB, 124x128, 31:32, 8 (5).png)


File: 1603113337347.jpg (152.44 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, tang-skeptical.jpg)

yesbudy u ken beetrs all sickens become to breeth yogaicly from anus to solerplaxxis. breeth in thru anus now swallow breeth
cure all restoren all of vitalety


can't shit but lordy is it ever waiting
turd's got road rage like michael douglas


took a dump yesterday felt like it was a mile wide wew lord that was somethin else


I've taken 3 shits in the past day and a half


took a nasty one today
>bowl covered in shit
>cleaned bowl
>brush was shitty
>had to use toilet cleaner to clean brush, didn't come off with flushing water
glad to be rid of whatever that was.


>using a brush to clean the bowl
retard, just spray it with high concentrated bleach it literally melts away after half an hour


bro drink more water dotz isnt lying to you water is good


>ousting yourself as an incel


i think it's probably just the weight gainer, i drink a lot of waters.


whatre you like a fuckin teenager why you tryin gain weight fer


i'm ectomorph to the point of being skeletal that is never hungry. I'm not trying to gain, I'm trying to maintain. I lose an average of 3 kg / week if I don't into weight gainer. I look very unhealthy at my natural weight.


oh shit that doesnt sound good i hope you can keep healthy also i hope your shit doesnt break your ass


Eat meat, dairy, and veggies increase your intake of them overtime and start weight training because muscle weigh more than fat



i've been lifting for a good 5 years now, i have around 6-7% body fat, it's all lean muscle mass. I've been trying to eat moar since I started lifting, but I just don't rally get hungry. after all this time, i just hold my nose, chug shakes and try not to throw them back up again. it seems to be the only way i avoid having the body of a 13 year old boy.


eat foods with refined flour, it will make hungrier


i tried bro. my former gymbudy/housemate was a bodybuilder who basically turned me into his pet project. trust me, i've tried a lot of dietary options. this is just the only way that works consistently and doesn't take up half of my day.


move to america bro well get you fattened up rqaf


poor budy, what do doctors tell you is wrong?


hes just a wuss


i never understood why murrica was so fat until i saw the inside of a walmart. the portions, the wrapping everything in bacon and cheese, it's crazy.
high metabolism, no tapeworm, nothing wrong with me. i should just accept being a skeleton like my father and his father before him, but I'm too vain to do that.


File: 1603120911051.jpg (384.25 KB, 1164x1816, 291:454, pol-chan.jpg)

very sad


it's ok, i lik lifting and i don't mind the shakes that much.


dude just EAT


File: 1603121412158.jpg (490.46 KB, 2360x1266, 1180:633, pol-chan helicopter.jpg)

Pol-chan says: "make sure you 1488"


i'm not hungry and i tend to throw up when i eat against my will. i've done the multiple small meals thing as well, it worked for me in college, but it takes too much time if you're working full time. also, can't eat at my desk.


File: 1603121808166.png (145.51 KB, 543x715, 543:715, erika.png)

well whatever you do make sure you secure the existence of your people (except if your not white)


File: 1603121941127.jpg (1.12 MB, 4160x1840, 52:23, IMG_20201019_173623.jpg)

did i do it right?


okay next time you eat have you ever tried not being a faggot just eat like a normal person and dont puke like a sissy geeze is it really that hard for you to be a man your a faggot bro stop being a faggot


File: 1603122123581.jpg (22.74 KB, 213x320, 213:320, liam.jpg)

your gonna amke it budy


ok bud, will do




in zyzz' name


marking this user as a possible troll





the trick is to drink your calories, not eat them.
whole milk.


>professor didn't plan the class out so he just plays youtube videos instead
>he skips through the videos so we can't even fucking hear it anyway
college education at work, everyone.


death to america


behead him


>biden campaign has called a lid until thursday
holy shit lmao
its like, less than 2 weeks before the election and he's spending at least a quarter of it hiding
wtf is about to drop


>wtf is about to drop
his tongue when he gets to see who hunter has been seeing during his chinky travels


woah what if theres emails of some really fucked up shit, like hunter fucks a bat then it shows him going out shopping at wuhan fish market and coughing and shit


i think a lot of media will be wary of giving too much attention to this obvious russki haxxor info. idk if it's the right thing to do and tbh, idc, but it's understandable.


>obvious russki haxxor info.


File: 1603149274343.jpg (52.2 KB, 640x320, 2:1, Com-Store-JACQUI-HEINRICH.jpg)

you can't tell me you actually believe the computer repair shop story, right?
it's obviously info rudy got in ukraine from derkach that he got from the gru.
>profile some rando rabid trump supporter near one of biden's homes (from what I gather he's usually in LA)
>drop off a laptop with a folder called hunter biden on the desktop, knowing full well what would happen >computer repair shop guy has no idea who dropped off the laptop
it's the easiest way to get this info out with SOME plausible deniability, but i didn't realize people were actually dumb enough to believe this story.

honestly, even if you only look at how dilapitated that place looks, do you rally think somebody with any money whatsoever would ever bring their macbook there?


honestly, do you rally think somebody with any money whatsoever would ever smoke meth out of a pipe??
you're talking about a fucking drug addict with meth teeth, why would you assume any logic applies. just go read the farms thread if you want to see whats actually floating around out there
is the knee-jerk damage control reaction of left establishment. taking THAT at face value kinda just shows you're a retard.


yes. hunter biden owns 3 homes, far as i can tell. mansion in LA, home in DC and a country house in delaware. Whitney smoked crack for 10 years or so while being filthy rich. it's not very expensive to be high all day if you've got a few million to burn. depends on the severity of your cocaine habit, but i'm pretty sure he wasn't stretched on funds in the "i'm going to save a hundred bucks by going to the dingy old guy across the street instead of the official mac store" kind of way. people in these kinds of bubbles probably arent even aware there are other ways to get your laptop fixed than to get apple to come pick it up and deliver it to you. this whole tale stinks to high heaven and the fact that you flat out refuse to see it because it favors your candidate says as much about your cult of personality mentality as it does about your capacity for rational thought.


your intelligence community has been telling you for four years that the kremlin is fucking with your elections. maybe it's time to start listening to what they have to say?


File: 1603150094953.png (591.4 KB, 800x400, 2:1, ClipboardImage.png)

the man looks like this… he's obviously not hurting for money because people throw it at him to introduce them to his dad.. but is this the face of a man that would make a rational decision?


oh its just toothpastes hot political takes. have you even read the mueller report?
go fuck yourself


i did. they tried so hard to make it unreadable, but i soldiered through. i read bout some incredibly dubious behavior that has possibly led to direct coordination between indirect gru operatives and trump campaign officials, though it can't ultimately be proven that the don was calling the shots. if they really wanted to they could have made it a very concise case and gone after him for multiple counts of witness tampering and witness intimidation and abuse of power, but they had the wherewithal to know it wasn't really enough for impeachment. Mueller understood that following the money was a dead end because the lawsuits were endless, so he went after the Russian angle instead. They indicted 25 russians and 8 trump officials based on Muellers work, but the president always had plausible deniability.

two weeks before an election and you think the achilles heel of the biden presidency doesn't have a DNC minder? pls.


thats one incredible way to contextualize that report


did you read it? all of it?
what was your analysis?


the bagin n cheese is the least of it everything has so much sugar
SO much fucking sugar


were the loans worth it budy?


>russian stole the election for drumpf
>drumpf ASKED the russians to do it
>being investigated for it HE'S GOING TO PRISON
>4 years of russiagate reporting
>mueller report finally fucking released
>oh wait it was nothing
>started probably as part of clinton disinfo campaign
>tpaste still using it as his proof
what a fucking bizarro world >we live in
for those who haven't read the mueller report, let me clifnotes it for you
>most of the indictments for drumpfs people are lying to investigators
>ie their crime didnt exist until investigators interviewed them
>some of them had various links to russian business or gov world (guess what, most politicians do)
>indictments for russians were pretty much split half between companies and gov
>companies for running web influence stuff ala facebook groups and twitter accounts
>yes, facebook groups are some of the most damning stuff they found.
>engagement was relatively low too, and its questionable how influential it even was given the fucking flood of domestic content
>the gov stuff was a phishing email GRU sent that got them podestas emails
well there you go. fucking 4 years of this shit because it started with the Steel dossier, which the CIA told the FBI was a clinton disinfo operation during the election, and this is what you fucking get for it. some retarded ass tpaste clutching to his russia narrative to the death



i think it's also definitely the portions. i'm from a calvinist country, where people put one skinny slice of cheese or ham between 2 slices of bread and call it a sandwich. murrica does not work that way at all. you buy a sandwich in the us and there's half a pig in there, along with over 9000 other ingedrients.

typical tpaste diet:
>breakfast: bread with something sweet
>lunch: bread with something savoury
>dinner: meat, potatoes, vegetables in the most boring configurations you can imagine

having dessert for breakfast is another strange tradition america has, that might also contribute to obesity.


then when you factor in FBI misconduct it smells even worse.


kys if your posts can be picked out by everyone you might as well namefag, its no different. if you dont fit in you should just leave.


Hide Toothpaste Threads, Ignore Toothpaste Posts, Do Not Reply To Toothpaste Posters


but my teeth need brushing


use baking soda, tpsaste is a jewish invention


also wtf this guy talking about eating dessert for breakfast i have literally never seen anyone do that here outside of special occasions like birthdays


File: 1603153300079.png (773.03 KB, 800x531, 800:531, ClipboardImage.png)

>Director of National Intelligence “Let me be clear: the intelligence community doesn’t believe that because there is no intelligence that supports that. And we have shared no intelligence with Adam Schiff, or any member of Congress.”
meanwhile, toothpaste:



>15 page yuropean cope post in 5… 4… 3… 2.. 1…


Thank you Einstein for your constructive thoughtful comment, but unfortunately we have to get involved in your politics as we, and not just Europe, have economic interests that taxpayers also open their pockets for. Agreements have been made with world leaders that your president does not care about. Agreements that concern us all. I’m finally calm again after I got really annoyed by this idiocy and a lady who found it necessary to constantly shake her head back and forth which made me think she had some form of Tourettes. Or was she just put there on purpose? In a desperate way to attract voters? In any case, this lady is badly confused or it's her 5 minutes of fame. Nevertheless, not that it's vital that Americans should be aware of this, but let me ask you a question: Are you aware that Europeans consider Trump to be one of America's greatest failures? I sincerely hope that you will get this illiterate, blatant, racist-narcissist banned from any form of politics. And if possible from television or the globe. We never thought he would run for president anyway … that it was a joke, but unfortunately, this is how the American people voted. So I would say ; PLEASE save whatever can be saved in terms of self-preservation so that you are still taken seriously in the future. I fear your beautiful country (that I used to visit very much and spend my money) will go to damnation while retaining this evil actor. He's a con, in every way!!


>most of the indictments are people lying to investigators
why would they be lying to federal prosecutors?
>various links to russian business or gov world
Don't you mean Russian oligarch proxies and direct Kremlin affiliates? The Steele dossier is a highly dubious source and should be treated as such, but to have read the Mueller report and not come out with at least several counts of witness tampering on POTUS part, you have to have been reading Bill Barr's children's picture book of the report or not know the definition of witness tampering.

This is what you believe:
>in April 2019 "somebody" dropped off a macbook with a beau biden foundation sticker on it filled with all sorts of personal information at a dingy shop run by a fervent trump supporter.
>Hunter was sitting on potentially embarassing information and casually dropped off a laptop filled with compromising information and forgot to pick it up.
>the DNC doesn't employ professionals do oppo research on it's own candidates to find these types of vulnerabilities
>the shopkeeper tries to get in touch with a number that doesn't seem to exist
>after a while, in complete conformity with ethical norms, he starts invading some privacy.
>he discovers something so shocking that he calls the FBI. Not the police, the FBI.
>He also sends a copy to the presidents personal lawyer, because that's his jurisdiction?
>the shopkeeper has no evidence this laptop was ever used by hunter biden
>no way to double check or triple check any of the info released
>the rabidly pro-trump shopkeeper sits on this information for 18 whole months without informing anyone.
if this narrative makes sense to you, i'm officially giving up on you.


>does not believe 'that'
>no evidence to support 'that'
>on further explanation of what the word 'that' is even referring to


>spartman: hes a fucking junkie who doesnt know what hes doing so why couldnt he have taken his laptop to the corner shop
>tpaste: hes a fucking wealthy and spoiled drug addict who doesnt even know corner shops exists
you are using the same argument as him, tpaste: "he is too out of the ordinary to apply common sense"
except each of you conveniently bends the conclusion to his own side, but on top of that you cant stop yourself from pontificating about rational thought and impartiality

>incredibly possibly direct indirect
lel fuck you tpaste
>25 russians and 8 trump officials
ackshually if you count the companies too they indicted dozens more
heres another indictment: your a faget
does that make you a faget? hopefully not
total convictions? 8 members of dups presidential campaign
charges? false testimony, financial fraud, tax fraud, conspiracy to launder money, and little else
sentences? from 2 weeks of jail and change fines to about 7 years in one case (supposedly for repeatedly lying even after agreeing to cooperate)
so yeah lots of russian collusion and election hacking

tbh, as with the dnc and podesta emails, as long as the info is authentic idgaf whether russians exfiltrated bidens shit from hoholandia or if his junkie son actually left his laptop in the corner shop
which is why my first question regarding this shit was: did they publish any authentication information, like wikileaks did?


toothpaste wrote the GOATbro Report: a 600 page dossier that exposes dudeman as an imageboard crasher


you're the one twisting things here, tpaste.
>why would they be lying to federal prosecutors?
<what is a perjury trap
<who is michael flynn
>at least several counts of witness tampering on POTUS part
on an investigation that never should have started in the first place.
>Don't you mean Russian oligarch proxies and direct Kremlin affiliates?
thats what i said. care to count how many clinton had in camp?
whats more likely:
>highly sophisticated russian operation obtained or fabricated hunter bidens emails
>found a semi-blind computer repairman in the same city as the beau foundation that was also a trump supporter
>waited for him to snoop about in the computer, discover incriminating stuff, and send it to the FBI
>also for him to send it to giuliani
>hunter smokes some meth and spills a beer on his laptop, before dropping it off at the first computer repair place that pops up in google search, and promptly forgets about it.

occams razor. the first one requires so much luck, combined with actual competance by a spy agency that i dont think its the case. its definitely possible, and would be an incredible succes, but i just dont think its the more likely of the two. meanwhile someone who is a confirmed meth head, doin meth head shit i can totally believe.

the rest of your shit just goes to show your bias. id break it down point by point on why but im convinced it would be lost to you

i disagree, i completely admit that an intelligence operation could have accomplished this. i just see it as so incredibly unlikely given the alternative explanation, as well as the response by establishment left/ media etc


im bout to this guy is p obnoxious just a whole lotta wordy nuh uhs


i know ;_;
>incredibly possibly direct indirect
lel i wanted to point that out too


toothpaste is our friend



biden's son smoking crack is more reason to vote for him
I mean meth


new angle:
>tpaste takes hunter bidens competancy as a personal issue, because unconsiously he recognizes parallels between hunters drug problem and his own, and admitting hunters irrational stupid decisions would be the same as admitting his own.


i want the hunter bat fucking video to drop


I hope he still calls the bat


can't. bat went missing after sending a tweet about having evidence that would lead to the arrest of hilary clinton


File: 1603158071405.png (337.42 KB, 630x445, 126:89, zn11khA.png)

y'all fools actin lyke erryone don't enjoy some nice tina smdh


you know what i really want out of all this?
i want an email that talks about obama being gay, and or michelle being a man.


take a wild fucking guess based off context, and or google it.


so qt. they're more evolved than us, i believe this.


lock her up ! haha lol


File: 1603158586054.jpg (181.93 KB, 1000x1461, 1000:1461, img20090722152043841.jpg)


*shoots a fat rope of CUM across her face*


sant spell our without ur tbh he may be onto something


stop shootin ropes


File: 1603158922535.jpg (1.32 MB, 1278x1920, 213:320, 1538370796488.jpg)

who dis?


wut else am i gonna shoot? people?


you know whats crazy is the whole clinton foundation / private email probably had all the same shit on it as the beau biden foundation / rosemonteneca does about influence selling, she was just able to delete it all first and destroy all the devices that had it


*cum EXPLOSIONS all over her skirt while on public transportation*


File: 1603159512947-0.jpg (43.52 KB, 600x592, 75:74, 20121118_tanakareina-600x5….jpg)

File: 1603159512947-1.jpg (22.44 KB, 500x278, 250:139, theburd.jpg)

File: 1603159512947-2.jpg (214.66 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, ctQki.jpg)

File: 1603159512947-3.jpg (1.25 MB, 2067x1478, 2067:1478, shoujo022-023.jpg)

Reina Tanaka


*empty my prostate onto her face, mouth, and chest in a furious torrent*


shit you talkin bout like a deluge or summin muh ni
like some biblical ejaculation muh ni
like cataclysmic jizzum on a chinky whorb muh ni


>incredibly possibly direct indirect
This was ironic, to imitate the kind of language Mueller employs to avoid drawing conclusions.

>why couldn't he have taken his laptop to the corner store?
Because the DNC is so far up his ass that it's a miracle he can pick up a newspaper.

In april 2019 that may not have been the case, but how do you explain the computer repair shop guy:
>sitting on the laptop for 16 months
>going through personal info on the latop (which is a crime)
>no proof of crimes committed by biden
>computer repair shop guy reacts by calling Guliani
>FBI swoops in to take the laptop, >we can't even verify the authenticity of the information itself.

i guess he could theoretically be stupid enough to bring his laptop to a computer repair shop that looks like homeless people use it as a toilet, but it's highly unlikely. I find it unlikely in general that he would just have this whole bunch of sensitive info on a laptop and then completely forget about it, like the DNC hasn't been on his ass to avoid exactly this scenario ever since implications of wrongdoing were ever made years back. The implied incomptence of the DNC cover-up machine is unrealistic in my view.

>was is authentic?

we don't know and we will only get that info once the feds release it, which i imagine they don't plan to do before election day. it is the exact same as the podesta shit, they just used a computer repair shop patsy this time so they wouldn't have another Mueller investigation.

i'd personally be a bit troubled by the seriousness of the GRU's attempts to influence the election, but apparently your guy winning is more important to you than preserving what little integrity is left in your electoral system. I disagree with this altright larping nihilist attitude and it's my right to do so.

>perjury trap
a lie is a lie and if they had told the truth they wouldn't be in trouble. if they let themselves be manipulated by the feds it only proves that they're too stupid to work in government.

>who is michael flynn

i was exceedingly surprised at how flynn was portrayed by both left and right. i was expecting for lynching mobs to show up outside the courthouse.

He was national security advisor and undeclared lobbyist on behalf of the APK at the same time. Jefferson would have shot him on the white house lawn, Trump should have.

we both just judge the likelihood of events differently.
>why wait for 16 moths?
>why commit a crime and risk your livelyhood (is anybody ever using that shop again?) by looking at personal information?
>why on earth would you send it to the president's personal lawyer?
>why "call" the feds instead of the cops (my guess is the feds weren't contacted and showed up after this guy contacted rudy)?



>why wait for 16 moths?
reportedly after 6 months when the stuff you turned over to the feds never came up during the ukraine investigation he thought it had got buried
>why commit a crime and risk your livelyhood (is anybody ever using that shop again?) by looking at personal information?
what do you think happens when you never pick your car out of impound? its in the contract stupid. not to mention, do you really think GeekSquad boys aren't looking at your homemade porn when you bring your laptop in?
>why on earth would you send it to the president's personal lawyer?
because giuliani has been soliciting people to send incriminating stuff to him forever. meanwhile giuliani has a long history of actual corruption busting. he's not just the presidents lawyer, he has a distinguished history of his own that people conveniently forget
>why "call" the feds instead of the cops (my guess is the feds weren't contacted and showed up after this guy contacted rudy)?
possibly because to normies Feds are just super-police, especially considering how much air time they've gotten in the past few years i wouldn't be surprised if someones first instinct handling gov stuff would be to call them


>The implied incomptence of the DNC cover-up machine is unrealistic in my view.
srsly? have you even been watching the DNC for the past 5 years? its been blunder after blunder. all major gov shit is just blunder after blunder. always has been, always will be.

>than preserving what little integrity is left in your electoral system

<if you ignore corruption, you win
great arguement dipshit.


>a lie is a lie and if they had told the truth they wouldn't be in trouble. if they let themselves be manipulated by the feds it only proves that they're too stupid to work in government.


>Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
no thanks.


this first part i have trouble understanding, i'm sorry, i think it's a language issue
>reportedly after 6 months when the stuff you turned over to the feds never came up during the ukraine investigation he thought it had got buried
what does this mean? he turned it over to the feds after 10 months, but he had made a copy of the contents for rudy and when he didn't see immediate action being taken on non-crimes, he decided to become the hero gotham needs?

it's actually legal for them to snoop in your e-mail etc? that's kind of fucked up and doesn't really make much sense. i knew that sort of thing happened, but i assumed that was illegal. impounded cars is a bit different imo, since it's law enforcement that is supposed to have some sort of moral compass.

>long history of corruption busting
imo he has a long past history of corruption busting and a reasonably short and recent history of being incredibly corrupt himself and has been making money off of very disreputable people.

>computer repair guy watched too much TV and called the feds because he thought that's what he was supposed to do.

plausible, but this whole thing would require a hell of a lot of coincidence. i feel like even your simple solution isn't that simple and occams razor doesn't really apply. april 2019 is when the whole burisma thing had already hit the press. in the midst of DNC damage control operations where they try to figure out what their potential exposure is on this Burisma thing, Hunter drops off a treasure trove of embarrassing shit, including details about Burisma, at the nearest computer repair shop. It just seems very counterintuitive. I'll grant that it's theoretically possible, but the timing alone should give people pause.

I don't think you give them enough credit, I think there's plenty of more corruption/nepotism/ridiculous abuse of power/waste of taxpayer money to be found on both sides of the aisle if you actually started looking. If you look at the methodical and professional way in which Bernie was fucked over, I don't think controlling little Hunter's information output is really that big of a challenge.

Never said Putin was pulling any strings. i said GRU is fucking with your election. All US intelligence agencies agree with this assessment. The bipartisan senate intel committee, chaired by Marco Rubio, not exactly AOC, also agrees. Collusion isn't actually a legal term and can't be proven or disproven. Just witness tampering and ((((coincidence)))).


>when he didn't see immediate action being taken on non-crimes, he decided to become the hero gotham needs?
bit of a stretch to call foreign introductions to vice president biden, in which biden gets a cut, a non-crime.
you just splurged over campaign staffers getting caught up for perjury, which biden would be in spades if above is true.


>Guiliani blames Soros
aaaand any credibility of the accusations are gone.


im having trouble even finding any article newer than like 3 days


hunter biden got paid to introduce somebody to his father. it's fucked up, but there's nothing in the law that prohibits that. this is the very essence of lobbying. if joe himself was getting a cut, that would be a crime. it's just how lobbying works bro, why do you think trump 'got his picture taken with everybody'? because ppl around him got paid to make introductions. if you start labeling this a crime, you can lock up everybody in dc right now. wish a nigga would tbh


the trump camp can't really go out there and call democrats out for lying with a straight face though. if they did, the whataboutism would allow them to run through a list of all the false claims trump made, make people remember some of the weird shit he said and eat up air time. i wouldn't go for it if i were a repub strategist.


thanks but i didnt ask
>your guy
stfu he is not my guy
>I disagree with this altright larping nihilist attitude and it's my right to do so.
no, you have no rights in this house now stop disagreeing or be shot


so when will people finally start taking seriously the fact that netherland has been messing with the us election??? theres all this collusion between biden camp and the dutch! its not trivial to see bc collusion is not a legal term and cannot be proven or disproven but its there believe me


sir I have possible information that israel may be influencing the election


we need boots in iraq


iraq is an american puppy state already
we need to invade scary iran


Hmmm this post seems Antisemitic.


Marking this user as a definite benefactor of the white race.


you are right tpaste, everyone is fucking crooked. ok so the bidens took a few millions from ukranian orgs but on the other hand the trump campaign took a few from russian ones, right? hey its all just lobbying! and thinktanking and such. so its fine. well except when its collusion, which alas cannot quite be proven or disproven, so you just have to trust (You) on that. you see, in the end all that altright larping nihilism never takes us anywhere closer to truth or probity, so why even bother or care?
alright tpaste im with you 100% now


guys what if dup wins the election but hacks the militias and sends them to mexico?


its so fucking frustrating, idk why i bother arguing with this retard tbh


altright larping brings us to authoritarianism and authoritarianism eventually leads to disaster. the current oligarchy pretending to be democracy situation is totally fucked, but autocracy isn't the solution.


>authoritarianism bad


yah we need democracy so this stuff doesnt ever happen again for real this time


File: 1603231686593.jpg (35.77 KB, 492x520, 123:130, 1603106224858.jpg)

Incorrect opinion


democracy is the most stupid form of government ever conceived
monarchy guuuuuuud


authoritarianism -> autocracy -> disaster
how do you guarantee a capable successor? pro-tip, you can't
it's the system where the middle always wins. little progress is made, but nobody holds enough power to really fuck things up.


can someone in this awful thread tell me what happen to anon.cafe? i wanna look at the armenia thread but it say the server isnt gone and you have to be a retard to lose something that big the owners just hiding it i know it


guys we need more democracy to fix the democracy that happened


its passed on through genetics mr. paste and the current monarch decides which of his best sons is worthy of passing on the crown to


totally monarchy gud
constitutional monarchy better
theocratic monarchy best


alvin. simon. theocrat.


basically. y'all trying to take a shortcut to magic candy land where the corporate dick isn't tickling your tonsils, but unfortunately, it never rally works out that way.
monarchs have superior genetics now? wew. you know they're all inbred, right?


For you.


for ppl in general. you're going to end up with a crazy guy in charge at some point, it's just inevitable.


we need democracy to fix this now


being disingenuous is like being a woman stop being woman you hav penis


technocratic monarchist that subjugates its citizens into a medieval feudal understanding of the world while hording technology for themselves because they recognize the inherit flaw of giving the common man access to high tech galactic brained good


where the fuck does this altright->autoritarianism meme comes? is there anything more to it than tpaste acting all scared bbe personality cult cheetoman because it makes him remember his family's long lost bikes?


women can have penises now you idiot


reactionaries are gay


cuz aut-right calls themselves fashy and does vhs filters on traps


p sure hes just playing dumb he starts his posts logically enough and then says some retarded shit or makes a passive aggressive jab right in the middle i dont know why you keep falling for it


anglos are retards, you cannot blame them


File: 1603233190293.png (692.66 KB, 1010x1010, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

i think its related to the I FUCKING LOVE SCIENCE sorta crowd thinking anyone that doesnn't worshiping getting fucked in the ass are literal nazis. like this shirt. tpaste is your typical yuro intellectual, which means his thinking is limited to a very small and patronizing ideological box


File: 1603233201780.png (26.61 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, ClipboardImage.png)

yes vary reactionary
going back to kangz isn't enough
need to go back to living in tribes in the jungle
monarchs guuuuuud


digits = based and tedpilled


nooooo niggers are literally evolved to be king of the jungle
if anprim takes over whites are litterly done


checked and praising kek


File: 1603233308129.gif (9.41 MB, 640x640, 1:1, whataboutit.gif)

>vhs filters on traps


if anprim no niggers in europe or america because they can't build boats



i agree
where do i sign up for the god emperor gig?


guys what if we democracied out the people who are shitting up the us that were elected democratically?


i hat bowl patrol


we do it by lottery first



fuck you
I like my 600 reply thread


I love how europoors will whine about authoritarianism while they literally live under a government that actively edits faces of murderers to make them appear white and will show up to your house to arrest you if you say "i dont like immigration" on Facebook.

Europe will honestly be better as an Islamic Caliphate because at least they wont be as retarded and gay as they are now.



i lik babylonian lottery


uhhh wow haha, ameritard much?


Whiter than you Mohammad.


muhammad > anglo


but western values

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