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we just crashed (ran aground)


…and we're bacchus


gird your loins thnks




dinkydup loves rudypoo feat. fka twoggs


can i gedda coupletree poundsadat proscuitt?


no but here soam freah mooshadell


ayy u breakinmyballshere


spandau flambee


O! whats witda raaaissism an antisemitism round hereeeee


drusilla from buffet the vapmire??


spandau not landau


i dont need aflac i need chantix STAT


ay whys it spelled kold turk like wit a kay instead of a cee
was that about


clan of the cave bear starting durl hanna


issa hiphoop thing like tight briches but saggy kold turk but no relation to turk182 starring timothy hutton and ranger hoby gilman


i dont think georgiatech can come back, running outta time


are you there, CR, it is me, mario
caldecot award winner by chewdybloom


florida gaytors btfo by covid lmao


they scared of muzzoo


ucf vs memph shouldbeegud
or ill just wacth the monk marathon on hallmark



lel at auburn

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