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Explain your political beliefs in one image
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The fuck is ancom? Anarcho communist? How is that even possible?


File: 1605978264390.png (189.47 KB, 598x488, 299:244, allahuakbar.png)

This is a 13 year old drag kid(or maybe tranny already, idk) waving American flag while wearing hijab


its not


Because people are just inherently good and will just share everything with each other and never want for more ! Haven't you read uhhhh ummm….


are they wh*toids?


is this h8speech?


>Video unavailable
>This video is not available.
apparently lol
it could also be something on my end


File: 1605981852292.mp4 (8.26 MB, 640x1294, 320:647, Giant river otter feeding ….mp4)

it gone
have some ottism instead




this is scawy


>tfw you have the biggest freudian slip of your entire life
tfw youtube has hidden this video to the point where it took my 10 minutes to find it, despite including the words 'joe biden gaffe voter fraud organization'


File: 1605987160137-0.png (1.15 MB, 841x2237, 841:2237, WPxwG1p.png)

File: 1605987160137-1.jpg (94.62 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, 1554011478240.jpg)


heem chonky


that cr being 1 pound overweight is the worst thing that happened in your post


File: 1605990267112.mp4 (2.8 MB, 750x498, 125:83, vibin elect.mp4)


there are now only 31255 starbucks stores left, how will the world ever recover?


File: 1605994171207.jpg (50.67 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, st,small,845x845-pad,1000x….jpg)

first a wendy's, now a starbucks, where does it end?


thats lowballing it so hard


just disable javascript


y u usan yahoo tho


antifa and blm are incoherent rabble rousers and no real threat to anyone apart from insurance companies.


"i thought everyone could use relief from all the political tension so heres picture of my child that use as a political tool and also probably as a fuckpuppet"
can someone explain to me why my gym tries to make everyone wear a cuck muzzle until they check in and then they can just immediately take it off and go mouthbreath and sweat all over eveything? youd think the employees would question this but they get mad af whenever i go in without a muzzle
just gonna cancel my membership and lift concrete instead anyway tho


File: 1606029449548.jpg (37.1 KB, 900x506, 450:253, EnYosoqWMAYxNS8.jpg)



i built some semblance of a home gym immediately when the virus hit.
you have to do your own risk assessment with everything you do these days, the government is trying to keep the economy from collapsing and will allow places that shouldn't be open during a pandemic to be open.
soon as you enter that gym, they have no way to keep you safe so why would they even pretend?
it's a little show for the world outside.


>government is trying to keep the economy from collapsing
idk about where you are, but in NYS, cummo seems to be doing the absolute opposite

hes been doing his best to keep nearly everyone out of work, or at least limit potential hours/capacity for business to the point where they have to go tits up, for as long as possible
literally minutes after the pfizer vaccine was announced he was up on the news trying to FUD it.
and then just last week he re-imposed lockdowns on all sorts of shit that had been slowly getting back to work.
bars close at 10 which means theyre fucking toast and all kinds of new arbitrary restrictions.
but walmart open 24/7 lmao

fuck that greasy pastanigger and his entire garlic-breathing abomination of a family
been saying since the beginning, but him and his fucking greasy WOP friends are trying to buy up NYC at firesale
i hope it backfires and they end up buying into neo-detroit and they all experience total loss


they dont gaf about the economy theyre doing this to fuck with people if this shit was as bad as they hype it up to be burgerland woulda been death to america'd by july cause of the nigger riots


>marketwatch article saying if the economy tanks 150k+ people will die through deaths of despair
WOAH its almost like the cure is worse than the disease


thats such a low number for how many people would actually die in the greater depression


ya was arguing with my dad and he has bought into the whole 'THEYRE SAYING PEOPLE SHOULD SACRIFICE THEMSELVES SO THEY CAN KEEP THEIR MONEY' schtick
both my parents have bought into the leftist talking points of the past 2-3 years


how many people will die if they lose their insurance and lasheequa gets to decide whether they can get medicare benefits


now id normally be in that camp tbh
but ive seen the death rates, and w the newest mutations especially, its literally just a flu.
without other health complications, its totally negligible

so its less, "sacrifice urself", and more just take some personal responsibility for yourself and if you already got one foot in the grave, then prolly skip out on going out to eat
p simple


shaddap and eat your bug burger


Your problem is that you look at everything from a CAPATALIST eye. Everyone has to live like you for them to be developed. Does the Zebra, Tiger, Alligator, Snake have any money or economy? No, Right?

Africa, Islam, Hindu, Asia live different than Christian {White people}. They don't necessarily care for money like you do in America. For instance, Africa is about survival of the fittest. The Africans don't want any sick people or sick children. They don't believe in modern medicine to cure the sickness. They don't want pacemakers or heart valves. They say that that old woman with the pacemaker is still old and sick.

So, Instead, The Africans have 5 children and hope that at least 2 or 3 will be fresh and not need modern medicine. Is it better to live young, Fresh and free to the age of 50 or is it better to be old, Weak, Sick and live to the age of 80?


File: 1606138575102.png (1.14 MB, 1600x1000, 8:5, ClipboardImage.png)

prove me wrong:
anime girls with red eyes are god tier


this doesnt look like one image…


File: 1606153592920.jpg (363.74 KB, 1440x1280, 9:8, Sakurasou-no-Pet-na-Kanojo….jpg)


detained antifa "activists" being loaded in an omni air international 767 jet and flown to sofia bulgaria where torture tactics are allowed

its happening right now


>torture tactics are allowed
QLARP tire
theyre more likely to get a fat check




think of all the datapoints they have
- how retarded of mandates people will comply with
- social pressuring as a control mechanism
- how people respond to being lied to when they said masks don't work only to mandate them a month later
- list of dissidents
- those network webs of influence they create now

this was never about the yamflu


these emojis aren't showing up
i assume this is the current pokedex?


dots in da house


st floyd da breafless


yea, but i mean even that is just nonsense.
everything needs to shut down and everybody needs to sit at home, get groceries delivered, get gibs from the govt and wait this shit out.
obviously, they should have done that immediately, simultaneously set up massive contact tracing infrastructure, shut down all international travel and trade until rapid testing was available, then it only would have lasted a couple of months
the half-assing has been a worldwide phenomenon. they should have just let the airlines, bars, restaurants and all that shit collapse imo. it'll spring back up when the demand returns.
instead we're just letting these small businesses die a slow death, while we're giving billions away and taking on billions more in toxic debt.
>inb4 they start cutting essential services to pay for it all


>everything needs to shut down and everybody needs to sit at home, get groceries delivered, get gibs from the govt and wait this shit out.
>obviously, they should have done that immediately, simultaneously set up massive contact tracing infrastructure, shut down all international travel and trade until rapid testing was available, then it only would have lasted a couple of months
wtf how much of a mentally ill retarded hospice dystopian leftie fucker one has to be to come up with this nonsense
you better be yimming son or im cancelling your sportschang gold pass


Idk why this is at all controversial. All the people that know what they're talking about (epidemiologists & virologists) have been saying this for ages. Governments want us all to get the virus at a slow pace so the hospitals don't get overwhelmed, they never made any serious attempts to stop this virus because of >muh freedoms and >muh bankruptcy. They just want us to keep buying stuff and doing stuff to keep the economy afloat instead of keepin us healthy. Enjoy your chinky freedom, I'm not coming out until the vax get here.


i mean i can at least understand if youre hospice or have heart/lung conditions where rona could actually pose a threat
if youre not, srsly just wash your hands more often and youll be fucking fine

personally i give zero fucks as the chance of me having to even go to the hospital is infinitesimal
the only thing i care about is if i get it and accidentally give it to my friends, theyll all be out of work for several weeks, and no one can really handle that rn. nvm having them all get harassed by contact tracers and whatnot


Idc about my own health, I have 3 grandparents over 90 that probably won't make 2022 and my parents are both seniors as well.


File: 1606227581745.jpg (493.08 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1588011803631-4.jpg)

>the only thing i care about is if i get it and accidentally give it to my friends
unless your friends have aids they can just go to work and not tell anyone tho,
realistically nobody would even notice cos it's asymptomatic if you're not in your 90s

anyway, to answer OP

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