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Official thread for the Toronto Maple Leafs Ice Hockey and Sadness Club.

No, 2021 won't be /ouryear/. The most entertaining part will be old man Thorntons mid season retirement press conference. D is still subpar. But at least we still have the highest ticket prices.


<2020 stan lee cup
>all home games without the annoying and arrogant home fans
>still don't win with this advantage


what advantage?




Um, yeah, I'm the official spokesperson of every Leafs fan




>Jokerit and Mikko Lehtonen have mutually agreed to terminate the player’s contract. Next stop for him is Toronto.
Ladies and gentlemen, your 2021 rookie of the year




File: 1605951498051.png (304.38 KB, 501x518, 501:518, ehhhhh.png)

u mad, ottawa boy?


File: 1605953121411.png (823.28 KB, 799x827, 799:827, canada lmao.png)

I hat leafs


File: 1605967917127.png (559.75 KB, 662x672, 331:336, myleafshat.png)

Sweet, I too have a Leafs hat.


>*spills tar all over their faggot mural*
haha, 'oops'


File: 1606138209057.png (416.72 KB, 1130x981, 1130:981, 982479372.png)

Friendly reminder that we Leafs fans not only have the biggest dicks, we also don't give a shit about faggy fundraisers. Even if run by our own guys.


>men's health
>mental health and suicide
>diddly squat funds raised
<meanwhile wymyns shit get overfunded
Men do not matter. Get rid of the Y chromosome already.


fuck guys who don't identify as women

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