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Where my fuckn TIDE ROLLERS at??
11:00 a.m.
Notre Dame at Syracuse – ESPN
Alcorn State at No. 20 Arkansas – SEC Network
No. 13 Baylor at Iowa State – Fox Sports 1
No. 23 Florida at Vanderbilt – SEC Network
No. 22 Texas at Oklahoma State – ABC
Rutgers at No. 2 Ohio State – Big Ten Network
Northwestern at Iowa – ESPNU
Central Florida at East Carolina – CBS Sports Network
SMU at Temple – ESPN News
No. 14 Miami (Fla.) at Georgia Tech – ESPN2
Georgia State at Appalachian State – ESPN3

Virginia at Duke -ACC Network

See the rest of the college football broadcast schedule after the jump:

Buffalo at Boston College – ACC Network

Oregon State at Colorado – Pac-12 Network
Ohio at Miami (Ohio) – ESPN3

Eastern Michigan at Bowling Green – ESPN3

Auburn hosts Louisiana Monroe – SEC Network
Navy at Air Force – CBS Sports Network
No. 11 Tennessee at No. 25 Georgia – CBS
Northern Illinois at Ball State – ESPN3
North Carolina at No. 12 Florida State – ESPN
Wake Forest at NC State – ACC Network
Akron at Kent State – ESPN3
No. 8 Wisconsin at No. 4 Michigan – ABC
Illinois at No. 15 Nebraska – ESPN2
Minnesota at Penn State – Big Ten Network
Kansas State at West Virginia – ESPNU

No. 9 Texas A&M at South Carolina – SEC Network

Oklahoma at No. 21 TCU – FOX
Troy at Idaho – ESPN3

No. 18 Utah at California – Pac-12 Network

Memphis at No. 16 Ole Miss – ESPN2
Kentucky at No. 1 Alabama – ESPN
South Florida at Cincinnati – ESPNU
Western Michigan at Central Michigan – CBS Sports Network

Incarnate Word at Texas State – ESPN3
Marshall at Pittsburgh – ACC Network
Missouri at LSU – SEC Network

No. 3 Louisville at No. 5 Clemson – ABC
No. 19 San Diego State at South Alabama – ESPN News
Louisiana Lafayette at New Mexico State – ESPN3
No. 17 Michigan State at Indiana – Big Ten Network

Arizona State at USC – FOX

Oregon at Washington State – Pac-12 Network

Utah State at No. 24 Boise State – ESPN2
Wyoming at Colorado State – ESPNU

Fresno State at UNLV – CBS Sports Network
Arizona at UCLA – ESPN
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give me it and ill squander if away on booze and vidya


don't make me bring out my HD where I saved your steam names

this is about dudder


post them i want friends to play with


keep sportschan alive?
this is a fucking fulltime job for me
im keeping this shit alive if it kills me
yeah me too


k blxckacexxx


stop being dramatic and just speak. stop trying to be what you read about moot honestly


dudder is a fucking poser but he is a teenbro what can you expect.


File: 1606018046606.jpg (20.08 KB, 400x264, 50:33, teenbro.jpg)

teenbro ?
you mean he is pink pilled and wears thigh highs ?


>this is a fucking fulltime job for me
how do you make money from /sp/


he didn't jump at the thought of money twice now so that's cool. now we know he's not poor. I'm interested


did leftypol make this one


selling our data to the mossad


Nah i'm not even trying to be dramatic. But the like constant cp spam and the server getting ddosed and shut down for cp and shit does fucking worry me sometimes. My name is attached to this server so if something goes down it's 100% on me. I do like the site though and I want to keep it alive, so I guess that's what I meant by what I said
Sorry I guess I didn't phrase it well in >>1288749


what did he mean by this


so does that mean you banned pedocel?


i lik poo


hes trying to groom you bro


the other mods ban most of the ips that post cp. if there's something questionable i'll delete it but 99% of the time I don't ban unless it's like actual spam


haha me too


you wish just no sports on so it sucks


how many girls have you groomed?


you are the definitely dramatic
you're retarded and browse 4chan


i lik cum


fuck you


I gave you enough fun already


can i be a mod duder


File: 1606018962695.png (946.15 KB, 910x533, 70:41, 14a6d1311715bc94cfd36e57ce….png)

a lot but i dont save them i just like fapping to them live then finding another one to creep on


is this guy legit? does he like traps and cum?


no I have money and I will never give any to dudder so I should be a mod


how long till glowniggers batista bomb your house?


no i should i got trips


why would they i never force the girls


just ban pedocel
no one likes him anyway
he has done nothing but muck up the sanctity of the sportschan community


he has a billion proxies


duder give me pedocel's ip


I'll stop posting pics of my vacations if dudder doesn't stop being fat


im not fat


i am goatbro i am spee


waitin on that selfie


File: 1606020668826.png (7.77 KB, 500x250, 2:1, Oekaki.png)


File: 1606021210514.jpg (543.98 KB, 2048x786, 1024:393, chinky.jpg)


as long as the trap is ARYAN she has a place in the movement. we have to defend them against muslims


haha milo and his buddies took me to the million maga march to stop the demonrat steal. they're such gentleman


November India Golf Golf Echo Romeo


very cool!


there are non-millionaires posting here? I thought this was a no poorfag zone.


i'll be there in about 4 more years


yes, let's just dox and fuck with pedoguy irl.


he uses a proxy as best i can tell


i am a millionaire, just not physically.

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