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wat does her hair smell like?


Probably like cake and candy. Really sweet, unlike her whorb roommate


ink and paper


idk what does fat whore hair smell like?


surprisingly decent in many cases as long as its not dyed
but she got some hurr dye goin on for sure smelly anime bitch


i lik ink


like BBC


a lot of times purple hair in anime is actually black they do it for aesthetics


File: 1610472551930.png (417.07 KB, 769x1200, 769:1200, EqqAXLVXAAAcf9H.png)


now THATS smooth


post moar


>killing based spiderbros for mutty sloots


im glad people like this filter themselves out the gene pool by either being tremendous fedora betas or outright cuckolds


all off topic silly
get back on track


i hat criket


cat piss and blueberries




File: 1610630960644.jpg (30.32 KB, 260x390, 2:3, budy pls.jpg)

you wanna take this outside bitch


gonna have to hide this thread
can't deal with needing to coom everytime i see this whorb on the first page


bocxing match

I feel that feel bro


u a paki budy?

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