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trump gonna be president for four more years
get in here guys



idk i guess if you see ayys turn into a ball of light try to get in cover


sir this is le wendys


>the black vault
am i gunna get robbed?


dont leave any valuables in your car, sportschan is not responsible for any property damage or theft


But your security guard JANNY saw the whole thing!


Biden is just trump is disguise it's e^23D chess


File: 1610553953919.png (3.95 KB, 307x57, 307:57, ClipboardImage.png)


more like 4 more hours lol


is this an infowars headline?


its from some jewish NY magazine


lol why do jews hate blompf so much? he literally spent the last four years fellating them


if you get impeached twice do you win?


How will K"""c"""(((bros))) respond to getting BTFO'd by the Brownies this weekend ?


it's not enough, it's never enough
tbh if I was trump i'd flee to israel


File: 1610570217757-0.png (11.8 KB, 1890x865, 378:173, FireShot Capture 614 - Err….png)

File: 1610570217757-1.png (234.98 KB, 620x339, 620:339, tard rangler gf.png)

they killed my bro, now it's personal


The funniest this is, is they would never let him in. Lmfao. Old Nuttyyahoo was more then willing to be all buddy buddy with Blompf when he was useful but now Glormpf is just a used up whore.
Probably wouldn't want the political heat.

Funny thing is the only one who has any shot would be Ivanka because she is probably already a Dual-Citizen by way of Jared. But I think they want to try to run Ivanka for President later down the line.


kek I know floopmkf literally got pumped and dumped by bibi nd now he's getting erased from existence


I really hope this means the end of the GOP, and them the subsequent crumbling and internal conflict within the Democrats in the resulting power vacuum
but really it will probly just drag on another 20 years I'm a WH40K esque state of decay


bruh all the based telegrams are getting shoahed because of some panyfa whale


this will actually be an interesting litmus on just how powerful being a billionaire is
these people are rabid. They HATE him. And they wont stop until he's dead.
So wonder how this will play out


president fagrick mutthomos


no gop, no dems
only police techno state operating under guidance of literal child sex traffickers
i'm investing in dogs, finna be huge demand for replacements


>go to dealership
>tell them its crank/no start
>tell them the battery is low because i was turning it over so much
>old man walks up
>"put that as no crank/no start"
>"i was there it didn't even turn over"


>huge demand
is there gonna be a boom in white women all of a sudden?


File: 1610572759160.png (229.95 KB, 569x950, 569:950, space force.png)

Space Force is testing the black out weapons. On January 20th the Trump UFO's will descend from the heavens and arrest the deep state. They will use heating seeking sealed indictments to ensure Joe Biden never becomes president !

Patriots, Q is with us and soon John Halo USSP (United States Space Patriot) will finish this fight !


it's tiem to impeach GOATbro




oathkeepers UNITE! MAGA


>Computer Shop Owner Who Raised Alarm About Hunter Biden Laptop Found Dead

>Hunter Biden certainly has had more than his fair share of strokes of luck lately.

>First, despite all of the evidence found on his laptop, nothing has stuck to him.

>Next, after John Isaac, the owner of the computer repair shop where Hunter Biden left his laptop gave it to Rudy Giuliani, Mr. Giuliani, in turn, provided it to the FBI as evidence.

>Unfortunately, the FBI managed to lose the laptop under mysterious circumstances, and thus all of the evidence contained on it.

>Finally, last week, after being harassed and bullied at his home in Delaware by associates ostensibly tied to the Bidens and the ever-present deep state, Mr. Isaac closed up his shop and moved to Colorado, where he opened up a new computer repair shop in hopes of returning his life back to normal.

>And now, John Isaac has been found dead, also under highly mysterious circumstances.

>Early Wednesday morning a loud explosion was heard throughout South Park, CO, waking up residents from their sleep. When police and fire arrived at the scene, they were confronted by a blazing inferno that had entirely engulfed Mr. Isaac’s new computer repair shop.

>A forensic examination found that the cause of the explosion was a laptop that had been dropped off by a local high school student, Eric Cartman. Young Mr. Cartman had ostensibly brought in his laptop because he had inadvertently viewed German poop porn on it in which his mother Liane, who is regarded as a local slut by many South Park residents, played a starring role.

>The event had so traumatized the young man that he wanted his hard drive wiped.

>In a bizarre coincidence, this is the very same Eric Cartman that was a first-hand witness to the murder of Clinton Foundation investigator Kenneth McCormick, which is currently under investigation by the FBI.


Q niggas will pick this up and run with it.
I know its probably some shitlib that made this to "own the bigots" but that shit funny.


thank you dnc, very cool!


oh shit i did da boomer/zoomer thang where i just read the headline and ignore the artilel


File: 1610579500062.png (408.25 KB, 749x619, 749:619, FireShot Capture 617 - Dis….png)

aaand… he bitched out


dups gonna get btfo but then biden gonna keel over then the least popular dem nominee kamala who got named vp for some reason will be president so basically that bitch gonna get a free ride from being reviled by the entire party (especially in her own state) less than a year ago all the way to head indian nigger in charge and if you ask me that's the funniest part about it all she literally dropped out of running this past year in like two weeks of announcing her bid only to get picked up by alzheimers man if this shit doesnt prove how fuckin broken burgernigger banana republic is i dont fuckin know what to tell you besides


File: 1610580017465.jpg (200.49 KB, 601x1051, 601:1051, Q Train.jpg)

Bruh, his state department is literally using Federal Informant Baked Alaska's live stream to identify people and arrest them. He threw them under the bus immediately. THE SEALED INDICTMENTS ONLY THEY ARE FOR QTARDS.
Yet these dumbass Q niggas are STILL going to cook up shit about how its all apart of the plan.


holy cope batman


it's pretty fuckin sad tbh if i had millions of worshipers id love them all and tell them theyre my frens not fuckin arrest them
why are rich people so fuckin mean to everyone?


I hypothetically in a game of Minecraft want to bash Baked Alaska's grifter fedosnitch face in with a ball peen hammer in a game of Call of Duty.


Or like gore them through a fleshy part of the body and stuff it with newspaper soaked gasoline and light it on fire in Minecraft


lol they had him fake his own death



So you know how Baked Alaska is probably a fed snitch, well earlier today they announced that he was dead, my theory is glowniggers had him fake his own death and he went into witness protection or something


>well earlier today they announced that he was dead
where you hearing this, cheech?



On Wednesday, January 13, 2021, the President signed into law:

H.R. 221, the “Special Envoy to Monitor and Combat Anti-Semitism Act,” which elevates the Special Envoy for Monitoring and Combating Anti-Semitism;


File: 1610661381802.png (125.33 KB, 614x677, 614:677, one year ago today.png)


thank you (((WHO))), very cool


Global LAW and ORDER, very cool!


did left tards really think trump supporters really supported cops?
cops are retarded sociopaths for the most part
its best to kill cops aka foot soldiers for kikes


File: 1610666791630.png (62.5 KB, 1000x500, 2:1, EripA2fW4AI6Cd-.png)


but what about all the blue stripe flags and blue stripe punisher skulls at every dup rally?



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