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its a tampa kinda day
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i lik interpol


That whole album is pretty good.
Good songs from start to finish.


ur mom is good, biiitch


File: 1618791904417.webm (21.16 MB, 640x360, 16:9, The Black Keys - Tighten ….webm)


Oh yeah ?
You want to strip down buck naked, oil each other up and put on some leather BDSM gear and kiss about it ?


akron's finest


you take that back or i'll get rich af through shady political connections, buy an island, and fuck children at you






I met a dude whose dad was in devo allegedly. He was a douche but his vinyl collection was pretty epic.


yea money does that
esp when you didnt actually earn it yourself
was his dads name bob?


idk he was my one friend's roommate and she hated living there


lmfao yea just cuz youre dads band was cool doesnt mean you get to be an insufferable bitch


finna buya quena tbh
prolly my fav wood flute


File: 1618905360273.mp4 (37.33 MB, 698x478, 349:239, Radiohead - Creep.mp4)


File: 1618906595411.mp3 (6.75 MB, Richard Cheese - Creep — R….mp3)


File: 1618907222460.mp3 (4.37 MB, Richard Cheese - More Huma….mp3)


File: 1618907683593.mp3 (3.9 MB, The Parable Of Glenn McGra….mp3)

i liek criket


people say this song is overrated but it's pretty good


It's a good song but it being easy to play and being popular led it to being one of the most covered songs
Go to anywhere where an amateur band is playing and you'll hear their cover of this, it gets tiring after a while


the only thing close to not shit that radiohead put out was amnesiac everything else is utter shit


i think both those electronic albums are quite good. i like it when a popular band decides they want to destroy their own band like that
can def see why one could absolutely despise them tho. everyone in the band has a bad case of being s00per d00per unique™ and the droopy eyed feller has one of the worst cases of marshmallow mouth in history

this ones rly purdy imo
he rly does sing like such a fucking asshole tho


speaking of unbearably pretentious bands, always liked pavement a lot
guy sure plays a mean guitar
i like how shitty of a singer he is too





holy fuck i loved that band
what a solid bunch of dudes
they played a skatepark nearby when i was in like 6th or 7th grade
they were actually that tight live


>burrs vs shorkcel


File: 1618937722030.mp4 (11.81 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Radiohead - Karma Police.mp4)

A few years ago I was in a local bar/pub when they were having Karaoke night. One guy was sitting at a center table alone watching and drinking. When his turn came up he got up and gave a powerful go of this and the place was stunned. When finished he walked directly out of the bar, never talking to anyone the whole time. It was priceless.


He sang Creep. This video is just extra for the thread.


but i'm a ditz, i'ma saaaaaaawwwwwwwnnnnnnnnnnnaaaaaaaaakkeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


sometimes when im busking/shitting around i bring a clothespin, put it on my nose and play really generic cover songs like cweep
people either get really fucking upset or they give me money and laugh
fun either way imo


Share video. This is the place for it. We're just busking/shitting around.



lol id love to but im absolutely never gonna post anything ive ever done or made here, period
that shits for my irl account only

and onlyfans subscribers of course


Also the best Radiohead album objectively is Ok Computer, followed by In Rainbows and Kid A.
The rest of the albums from what I heard of them are very hit or miss I guess they never miss huh.
I have heard that their 2016 album is pretty good but I have yet to listen to it I am hesitant about music released past 2016 by older bands it has a chance of suffering from the Blumpf Effect and I dont want to taint my perception of the band as it has with many others.

Example being the band posted. Lead singer used to post on /mu/ so its shocking for him to have such an absolutely bad take on the world as evidences by later releases. Like you would think having a passing knowledge of imageboard culture would immunized you against having "out of touch 30 something year old female living in a big city who gets her news from Huffington Post" takes but alas not. Blumpf ruined an entire generation of libtards.


i slept in an arcade



gud song


File: 1619063904744.webm (17.85 MB, 352x288, 11:9, Weezer - Hash Pipe.webm)

Yes. Gud.


Is this tranny music?


No that would be Crystal Castles, 100% certified tranny music.
good stuff though tbh






File: 1619076736396.mp3 (11.02 MB, Nemesis_the_Warlock_T001.s….mp3)


File: 1619078406421.mp3 (6.82 MB, Echofied_6581_T004.sid_MOS….mp3)


Remembered this song out of nowhere when I woke up this morning. Originally Savatage song, but they became this band and I like this version more tbh

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