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>not all heroes wear capes
all in a days work


oh my god someone deleted a boulder shootaro thread


now delete some more threads, to balance things out


File: 1616949942275.png (345.71 KB, 1200x636, 100:53, ClipboardImage.png)




File: 1616950206147.png (232.44 KB, 399x401, 399:401, ClipboardImage.png)


those are valuable and cherished threads


>giving out actual bans
thats it you triggered my autism


>actual bans
oh no the guy/group of people will have to use a proxy or wait an entire day to keep doing it 🙄
get the fuck over it nigger


you dumbfuck you killed half of the 5 for shitposting
look at the threads so many posts are missing


gud ban




lmao no i didnt retard
B&D doesn't delete all the posts of an IP


hey listen here fuckin pal, i dont do it for the pay


File: 1616953043221.webm (2.42 MB, 480x360, 4:3, ArthurTheme_SP.webm)


how bout you stop spamming the fucking board retard


hey this fella sounds like a real hotthead >>1325066


if all it takes to drive you away is a ban then your some weak shit tbh lmao ive been banned hundreds of times everywhere and i never cry about it cause no one else cares shut the fuck up and keep spamming you clearly have a vpn or some shit whats stopping you babby? your little babby dick? does your babby dick distract you? want me to suck it long?


but ya seriously if i swept you up on accident when clearing teh spam, just appeal it, then send reports on this post until its appealed


someone get this hothead outta here


tranny janny > subhuman yuropoor spammer
and thats just fax sweety~


Oh my god I can't believe it I'm LITERALLY shaking with fear to realize that this is a NAZI board run by authoritarian FASCISTS oh my god i'm scared for my life


lel catalog went from 15 pages to 4 I think, just noticed
was all of that all spam or did you just remove anything shitposty?


vichan dudcode is really epic, but dudddrs doesn't like the lynx+mongo combo


you deleted bunch of legit posts along with the spam


File: 1617541659162.png (154.69 KB, 800x441, 800:441, ClipboardImage.png)




classic intel


based mods
yuropoor mongoloid bro is SEETHING
he might even be COPING
and as always he is DILATING


File: 1617543526654.png (1.14 MB, 660x841, 660:841, 7186ff57c214c47c40f9882579….png)

did somebody……say……


what causes this type of autism


Not being born in the greatest country on Earth, the United States of America !


>Not a broncos fan
>You should be


lack of severe beatings


File: 1617553502336.png (1.16 MB, 1080x1080, 1:1, ClipboardImage.PNG)

good job validating their spam work! i suspect they will come back now even harder


its a spam kinda day


who cares?
im autistic too
the difference is now its not disrupting everyone else


>two posts from this IP
no shit, you're the person doing it
its pointless arguing over this shit. its a lot like the situation in chile when pinochet took power (obviously more important in this situation)
basically its entirely counterproductive for a free society to allow elements within it to use their freedom to undermine the society (and ultimately rescind all freedomes)


if the guy was good at spamming it wouldn't matter what moderation steps were taken other than a thread limiter
if it was scripted posts and proxy switching not a lot could be done
on the other hand if it was spamming with at least an ounce of creativity, like what mil used to do, cool drawings (I think they're called oekaki) and neat little musings that'd be a whole nother story.
but just shitter over and over or O with a umlaut? that's not fun.
basically the guy is caught in between two extremes and isn't particularly good at what he's doing and is just trying to foment the ole /intl/ sentiment, poorly.


>1 post from this IP
woah its almost like you're using the same fucking tactics i did while fucking with int*
like i said, completely pointless to argue over this shit.


>worst era in our nomad history
there was the nomad history where we were on depreschan, endchan, finalchan and using a different board everyday based on where "the thread" got made
that was pretty shitty
although do you think the spam is gonna help this not be shitty?


is one of the kc niggers a mod? only one them can be this stupid


>mobile IP
>mobile IP means every time i make a new post it gives a new IP
i dont think you know how that works…


Glad to see you confirming how stupid you are.


do people have mobile IPs?
I thought that was a meme invented by boomers in the government who don't know how routing works


negro please. Poland was an actual nomadic camping ground. Finalchan is still a backup yimyam that will probably never be used seriously


forgot about that one
I'm talkin bow when carchan went down and we were on a different board each day till depreschan got settled on


oh yeah that was like a week of thinking sports were gone forever. Someone should write this stuff down. Our xrandxids will need to know this to pass their history exams


it's always been like that. it's like when niggers get in a fight: only 2 give a shit about this issue, the rest just want to fuck around


so wheres the fuckin purple drank i wanna robotrip while i watch this stupid shit unfold


we kcbros aka WEkc aka The Watchmeng of Everythangs and the Sphepherrds of Lossed Sols need not the clumsy powers of explicit moderation
your minds are our bathroom wallz upon which we draw your wastrel thots with the fecal crayolas of tiem
lisn an bee leaves


File: 1617582680818.png (559.86 KB, 844x430, 422:215, 1483404335901.png)

>purple drank


File: 1617582971358.jpg (184.92 KB, 768x1024, 3:4, juece.jpg)





File: 1617583643041.png (473.34 KB, 401x458, 401:458, ClipboardImage.png)

sorry but sportschan is my hyper(s)(t)extual time machine to 01999 and this digital shaman and cowboy of the information superhighway loiters in the present NEVER


>there is now 4 pages of content
might as well delete the pther 3 and only leave the first paga


several months of daily spam will do that..


File: 1617584217176.jpg (35.4 KB, 665x404, 665:404, cbk.JPG)


cuh this paint can got me trippin cuh


the world contracts to black ur in the 'tussin hole


File: 1617586236122.png (736.76 KB, 952x589, 952:589, mancrik.png)

the veil of maya evaporates like jizz on a hot rail, the unity of man and cricket revealed
man and cricket


its as spat between 1 of da 5 and a quasi outsider, arguably pedocel


robotrippin used to mean using the cough syrup with dextromethorphan, a dissociative similar to ketamine and pcp

purple drank, lean,etc i beleive is made with the codeine+promethazine syrup which are an opoid and antihistamine, respectively. very different drug classes and experience


whats the one with cough syrup and nigermelon drank that Saint Martin was going to make?


File: 1617600990863.png (2.01 MB, 960x960, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

Saint Floyd…
this is so beautiful


>boomers/gen xers/millenails/zoomers arent religiou…


have we crashed yet


wat no dude it's called robotripping because of the name robitussin which contains (used to? still does? idk i havent done that since high school) the shit that makes you trip and niggers used to mix it in with grape soda or koolaid because theyre pussies and cant handle the magic flavor of cough syrup


dxm (dextromethorphan) is the shit that used to be in tussin that is similar to ketamine and pcp, so if you did dxm you were "robotrippin"

the purple drank that is popular with the urban youths is codeine+prometheizene couph syrup, completely different


File: 1617656070143.png (149.01 KB, 450x300, 3:2, ClipboardImage.png)

>the purple drank that is popular with the urban youths is codeine+prometheizene couph syrup
* as the active ingredient, yes they do mix it with sprite and dissolve candy in it, but the purple color is in the cough syrup

i think they took most of the stuff containing dxm off the market, the only time i did it I melted down a bunch of cough drops that had it, but this was a long time ago. wasn't a fan of it tbh, never cared for mxe or any dissociative type stuff


>Thread deleted or pruned
oh wow, just wow


who deleted by nuracoon thread


I mean my


File: 1617742795909.png (711.49 KB, 560x500, 28:25, ClipboardImage.png)

>getting cucked by a mod
omg hahahaha
you guys dont really do this
do you??


File: 1617742983000.png (142.49 KB, 359x408, 359:408, disdain.png)


hahah omg CR you're suuuuuch a virgin


idk maybe the modbot i wrote swept it up as spam
it checks maybe twice a day




Don't trust him, it's a psyop. Dudder and his gang of rulcucks organized the spam themselves, wiped the board clean and blamed it on 'spammers' just so they could coddle /sp/ into trusting their rulcuckery, thus leading this board into a totalitarian regime where they hold all the power over the rest of the regular /sp/artman.

Down with the bourgeois, fight back!


This is all true.
Ddduder was recruited by Jim Watkins because he REALL REALLY REALLY wanted to be in the 8chan Q miniseries. Ddduder though it would get him a new car.


>off topic shit still everywhere and not being delet
spammers really are mental toddlers


File: 1617844213888.jpg (109.03 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, EyaIQ3UW8AIeEOl.jpg)


calling people niggers isn't part of racism
its just a fact


File: 1617844761124.mp4 (10 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, VEfu7LudMtmHPGYZ.mp4)


fu(k n!663rz


heem chinky


File: 1617846115456.jpg (147.07 KB, 853x480, 853:480, 80974.jpg)

let's all strive for: DAILY /${TOPIC}/ GENERALs, aka supreme gentoomen posting paradigm

bring peaceful orderly discussions to spazchan so that piece and odor may find they're weigh too you're sole


i cant stand how "incel" has completely been adopted into normie culture
and they just use it to basically mean "being mean to a woman"


she better not be a day younger than 38 years old or I'll destroy this site


File: 1617846628221-0.jpg (44.06 KB, 717x477, 239:159, slide-Ajay-For-Change-717x….jpg)

File: 1617846628221-1.jpg (578.26 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, ajayceo.jpg)

File: 1617846628221-2.jpg (44.06 KB, 717x477, 239:159, slide-Ajay-For-Change-717x….jpg)

pride of shawneee kansis




File: 1617847246859.jpg (19.96 KB, 299x755, 299:755, shorksgr1 (1).jpg)


File: 1617847271257-0.jpg (161.22 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, 169591700_468414754583389_….jpg)

File: 1617847271257-1.jpg (152.49 KB, 1080x1349, 1080:1349, 169063239_2818816341700516….jpg)


File: 1617847830365.png (375.47 KB, 481x319, 481:319, ClipboardImage.png)

massage the inner anus


Texans literally whipped this nigger and put him back in the cotton fields.



auspicious timing


File: 1617855962327.jpg (89.5 KB, 584x468, 146:117, huh.jpg)


im gonna knee on his neck 😈


File: 1617890652051.png (1.08 MB, 905x943, 905:943, Thora's_dog_s9.png)


File: 1617897989455.png (350.2 KB, 454x450, 227:225, time2makethadonuts.png)


remember when hit and miss meme girl was a thing


>hit and miss
no i dont recall that girl


why uhhh… why is it looking at her like that??


hit n miss girl still a thang!


she got them timbs he lik


File: 1617901318309.png (247.93 KB, 361x351, 361:351, ClipboardImage.png)

is that that song about the queen latifa?


File: 1617922826040.png (2.54 KB, 500x250, 2:1, Oekaki.png)


File: 1617941285848.png (3.66 KB, 453x250, 453:250, Oekaki.png)


did DW fuck the dog??


oh you mean the shit and piss girl


File: 1618247346838.jpg (307.33 KB, 1991x996, 1991:996, dw-social.jpg)



that's a weird pinky toe


are thighs a topic


File: 1618249336453.png (110.19 KB, 500x250, 2:1, Oekaki.png)


File: 1618249357031.jpg (59.32 KB, 688x459, 688:459, smoked-chicken-thighs-brin….jpg)

of courshe


File: 1618249473615.png (38.12 KB, 500x250, 2:1, Oekaki.png)


File: 1618414058304.png (19.09 KB, 697x525, 697:525, You are banned.png)

ok dudder


>he left his IP address in


gurantee its TOR


im tor and had a few ips that were already banned lately
isn't there a way for mods to see which ips are tor? or was that just part of the flags


did you mean im not tor??


no i mean someone has been banning tor exit nodes as though that will do something


if you ban enough of them regularly enough TOR users will stop using TOR and spam will be easier to combat


tor ips should show up like weird n shit idk bruh


only if you actually use the onion link?


guess hes butthurt the 5 were making fun of his neobabylonian poetry
just like take poetry classes


File: 1619825675444.gif (197.33 KB, 528x402, 88:67, 564866.gif)

Not to be a rulecuck mr, Mod, but please get rid of the spam and permaban freech/spacechan already. The entire board right now is them being retarded and spamming their botnets


go back to 4chan


You go back. You look like you belong there faggot


I'll be sure to add this to my site blocklist.


Also, I made a report for one of the threads around the site you should check out. Likely done by the same people.

Just so you/the site doesn't get in trouble


i think hes butthurt that someone called him a nigger and also said that the internet sucks but who cares like all spam toddlers he'll get bored after his tantrum and the rest of >us will still be here
as if spam would phase anyone on this site whats the fuckin point


think he's freaking out about the josh duggar news


File: 1619826664132.png (36.76 KB, 645x770, 129:154, ClipboardImage.png)

>i think hes butthurt that someone called him a nigger and also said that the internet sucks but who cares like all spam toddlers he'll get bored after his tantrum and the rest of >us will still be here
>as if spam would phase anyone on this site whats the fuckin point


oh shit he degen af, his mugshot he look high af too
that one older duggar that was still unmarried last time I checked was p cute tbh


don't care didn't ask plus you are a pedo


now hes doing the haha i greentexted your reply and put a funny face next to it so its probably that one retard who does that shit on tvch he probably got banned by gayhole and is taking it out on >us now lol


/76/ needs some work



>>boomers/gen xers/millenails/zoomers that are secular arent religiou…


Keep up the good work


yeah keep grrindin kid one day yull have passive income like me (tenbux at a time)


i now a guy who used to post on something awful


Moderator, it seems like someone posted illegal content on the /v/ board a few hours ago. I've been trying to report it, but the report feature seems broken somehow.


he prefers to be called tranny janny


better yet delet /v/ entirely for a couple months until the no fun alloweds that showed up recently fuck off
it was pretty gud before like two weeks ago i dont know what attracted them


just bully the fuck out of them and they'll leave


wtf are >you t'in >me wtd?


>no fun allowed
just start posting fun shit


what illegal content? i didn't see any, and i didn't see any deletions either
cross post the post if it sstill up


It probably got deleted before you noticed it. If it ever happens again, we can do that

I think the guy who makes those posts is just the site spammer too


eh it doesnt really matter i dont think anyone who uses spee/v/ is enough of a tranny retard to get swallowed up in that shit anyway its been surprisingly on topic for a video game board


lmao thats because its just >us for the most part


apologize to my petunias right now


do it


File: 1624585228669.jpg (22.7 KB, 506x235, 506:235, beware.jpg)

Just bringing this up tbh. I would not go to any random imageboard that gets posted around here, or reply to the thread it belongs to. See pic rel from another "random imageboard that showed up out of nowhere". It's more than likely that it's just an I.P scrapper board

I've been noticed an uptick of these types of boards lately, so it can't be a minor coincidence.


Lots of people use this site's /v/. I post there too.


File: 1624586670107.jpg (66.61 KB, 1024x697, 1024:697, certified vindows technici….jpg)

Sir u are havings very nasty computah wirus, ok ?
But sir do noht vorry I am siritfied microsoft secure-ity expert. Ok I am send u link to ULTRATEAMVIEWER this is secure sever which allow me are to helpings u solve nasty virus/


File: 1624678195998.jpg (38.74 KB, 720x293, 720:293, Screenshot_2021-05-07-18-5….jpg)

The sport thread sink but at least we got new OP

Get deleted retard


make me


dtmwtd also stay mad no one cares about your twatter kikery




does vichan has some option for exponential thread-creation rate limiting?
i really hate phpshit but if necessary i can try to patch some anti-sliding bullshit into it


this spam is by design
apparently rabbi dudderman gave (or was given) instruction to wipe threads more regularly
but just deleting them or reducing the total pages for the board would invite criticism and drama to the tune of ==RULECUCK==
so a stupid script spams the board just enough to purge bad/old threads, while a few are retained by bumps


at least it isn't done just to clear drive space anymore


spam is free speech


halp /sp/bros all that spam in red makes my never obsolete machine lag


vichan is such garbage it even heavily loads an i9


File: 1624804700284.png (178.09 KB, 1264x707, 1264:707, 1624793230887.png)

reminder to thank your jannies for their hard work


File: 1624804982962.png (237.8 KB, 378x660, 63:110, FemDudder-removebg-preview.png)

this is why duddder transitioned


if you do it for free on reddit, is that literally providing aid to the enemy?


press the fucking button, you lazy hotpocketeer


File: 1624822999643.png (5.58 KB, 500x250, 2:1, Oekaki.png)


gud choice


File: 1624825415241.jpg (116.27 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, E45p_KOXMAkczZP.jpg)


>threatening self-harm
do it nigger mod


File: 1624827195726.png (610.08 KB, 1280x692, 320:173, vlcsnap-2021-06-27-16h52m4….png)


File: 1624830406413.png (261.57 KB, 539x404, 539:404, sp mods daily works.png)

Saved this from 2015
Post the Pizza coward!


Don't think so


You're doing Allah's work India.


oh mods please do something /sp/ is being spammed by retards again


hey thats hurtful im not a retard and i only post genuine opinions in acceptable intervals


File: 1624854572623.jpg (1.01 MB, 960x540, 16:9, t_743d72f294b049e69315b041….jpg)

why did the 5 dancing buckeyes dance following the miami condo collapse?


what kind of question is this? cant a jew celebrate other races' tragedies now? anti-zionist!


/76/ board needs a look at Mod.

Also will the board spam on /sp/ be deleted, or no?


I just took care of the CP shit on /76/. I delete all illegal shit. I don't delete stupid shit, because I like to get stupid too. That's why independent /sp/ exists. Being stupid is fun. It's the opposite of being a bitch, which most of us deal with on a daily basis. I delete illegal shit. I don't delete stupid shit.


finally a good janny unlike that faggot teen"""bro"""


shittydick spam intended to drown out the userbase is the core essence of what makes spee spee


You think not deleting illegal child porn is /sp/? What the fuck is wrong with you?


>retarded non-sequitur or fake-association smear
you have been reported to the authorities


File: 1625267546711.png (63.41 KB, 236x326, 118:163, cr.png)

>I just took care of the CP shit on /76/. I delete all illegal shit. I don't delete stupid shit, because I like to get stupid too. That's why independent /sp/ exists. Being stupid is fun. It's the opposite of being a bitch, which most of us deal with on a daily basis. I delete illegal shit. I don't delete stupid shit.

Tone it DOWN


>You think not deleting illegal child porn is /sp/? What the fuck is wrong with you?

He's the spacechan mod and also the site spammer of all sorts of spam so he enjoys seeing his work being displayed here. And also get us in trouble


/sp/ = spam. idk why ppl think they can spam this place to any effect.
>posting shitty dicks
it's a p weird hobby


next person to remove CP gets demodded


ummm i was promised a yankees motz game today
what the fuck is happening xotz ?


>next person to remove CP gets demodded

Are you just admitting to spamming the site at this point?


more teenbros spamming spee again. Hopefully summer ends soon and they go back to teenbroing in school


File: 1625770664547.jpg (682.56 KB, 2500x1667, 2500:1667, joe-biden-speaks-state-din….jpg)

Listen here jack, you ain't yellow.


File: 1625774129198.jpg (5.25 MB, 4741x3186, 4741:3186, 2019-07-29T123114Z_2016097….jpg)

Путин знает, кто спам, но не скажет


это вроде тампа день


No answer from him. >>1355051
As expected


No but seriously, just be careful around the site. Teenbros are still acting retarded around here


>>>/h/ board also needs a look into mods


it's just filled with shorkcel's guns (terrorist threats)


shorkcel should watch his ass when he posts. if they can link his guns to perceived "organized" "natsoc" "security threats" which you could probably easily convince some 80 yo judge of in most states, it could become problematic when and if /sp/ ever shows up on the glowie radar.


I cant wait until I get subpoenaed cause one of you posted some dumb ass shit


hopefully nobody here is stupid enough to go for a mass shooterino, it's the only way i can imagine /sp/ showing up on the radar anytime soon. the thousand ded chans will have to die for real before glowies can devote any resources to a minor bhutanese oekaki stick figure board.


don't worry I've reported shorkcel to the FBI 10 times so far so they obviously won't do anything



dont be a pussy, everything i post is federally legal


what he didn't say:


hey wtf mom get the fuck of my spimatron


what was the name of the shop you got that choco donut from in san fran


*choco milk
happy donuts


File: 1626154418964.png (182.63 KB, 723x724, 723:724, ClipboardImage.png)

it was a donut…


it was either:
jelly filled
choco old fashioned
but i'd also get a choco milk.


wtf how did i get so many followers


I spread it around on a lot of gay dating sites


is that why when i googled my name it popped up a bunch of other places saying "gay" and "LOVES performing live sex shows" and shit?




You'll be fine. That spam shows up on other boards too, so you're not the only one going through it. Only the tor homo is responsible for it



The guy who makes those posts is just the mod from spacechan. Every time his ded boards get ignored, he always does the same thing


File: 1626213502856.jpg (142.11 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, EBTTu56X4AA0ZQR.jpg)

ruh roh


what's wrong scoob?

was peace never an option?



Also gotta worry about pedocelbcoming back and posting jailbait then reporting the site


Can't wait for Ted Cruz to ask you what a "CR" is


>Duder Explains CR's Red Rocket to Congress [PRANK GONE WRONG]


Remember that dude who thought ted cruz was the zodiac killer?Simpler times.

Among main posters? Yeah, but you could easily have some dude do something idiotic who just lurks or dumps his manifesto shit here just out of the thought for multiple points not to get censored, and that could be enough in this day and age to get us on the radar.


the fuck is a janny or anyone else gonna do to prevent that? 8gag got deleted and blamed even though it wasnt even the first or only site that guys manifesto was posted on if they wanna delet the spartsite then theyll do it with or without any real excuse


or his shitty ded boards filled with the same thing

Nothing is our fault. All blame lies on the user making the post


usually it's just federal agents who make that shit and blame everyone else for it


I mean I know it's worrying, but we'll be fine. No need to be stressed out about it. Let's just talk about sports or something and forget it. Report and hide anything shitty and that's it


for >we to get on the radar >we would need to have digging threads that threaten the PTB
>they didn't go after 8chan because of some random manifesto


i have some isis b0mb building video tutorials. would you classify that as dumb ass shit?




only if you're white


not all dudders know how to meme


It's a Milwaukee kinda day


Where is watchlist. My tiny brain cannot keep track of many threads over multiple days.


which one


this one


wew what set him off this time did you delet more of his kiddie porn?


so is this dude pedocel? or somone else? also where the hell did he come from?




yep then he posted more right after and got that too


if he just posted his roommates feet he have amnesty for everything


p*docel/the spacechan mod is spamming sportschan again. Reported it, but wanted to let spee know that he's around


thanks i think i got it all
in the future pls keep bumping this until its gone


Seems like more spam is coming in to other boards, moderators. Someone seems to have a vendetta against you and the website in general


>in the future pls keep bumping this until its gone

We should all do this. Don't let these people get away with their stupidity


hav yuo retarts not ben round when its gettin spamd bro the sparman spartchan defense force stays up even if its like on or to of >us


p*docel did the thing again


/76/ needs some work


work completed


very good

here's your compensation:


File: 1627702928393.png (1.2 MB, 960x570, 32:19, ClipboardImage.png)

thk have a round on me


that whore better be on roller skates…




thats the happy hour size tho.


*walks by*
*smacks tray out of hands*


File: 1627703829942.png (34.84 KB, 881x364, 881:364, ClipboardImage.png)

you earned it, champ







Maybe have some more people on different timezones checking boards out


.>we have as diverse timezone spread as possible in the US
but everyones gotta sleep at some point


It's ok. Don't beat yourself out over it. You're doing good with what you got.

Other boards get hit, so you're not an exception to p*docel's stupidity


duuder can beat off to whatever he wants bigot fascist FUCK


clean up the catalog


go to the farm store and get ivermectin for horses but make sure its pure and not mixed with other stuff
ur welcome city slicker scum




just use nicotine for the long coof it makes those immune cells suicide after they eat the problematic spike protein

wtf are you on about schizo


>wtf are you on about schizo
>>1368363 is deleted you fucktard


are you not logged in or what?


lik dikslapr
lik bronnen
simpl ass




Patch/p*docel is hitting up /egy/ and /h/


done. Now about my pay…


here you are


File: 1627950070446.png (377.63 KB, 750x422, 375:211, ClipboardImage.png)


File: 1628001911603.png (730.67 KB, 512x512, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)




You seem rather enthusiastic about getting rid of illegal content posted routinely around here. Almost like you know it is coming


dickslapper posts it on a pretty regular schedule.. usually 2-3 around 5am PST


dickslapper posted illeglel stuff again


He's a total loser though


>>>/h/ and >>>/egy/ have some dumb spam around too


File: 1628681293176.png (710.06 KB, 512x512, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)


in /sp/ right now. front page


i lik coon


the >>>/76/ board too. p*docel posts there often.


File: 1628781708457.jpg (44.41 KB, 425x516, 425:516, 6HEzRMU.jpg)

>Pedocel spam has been getting worse lately
I swear to god I'm at my fucking limit.


File: 1628792042148.png (377.02 KB, 942x696, 157:116, wadina_ahego.png)

>using my term for the pedofag






pedophile celibate






sharing is caring fag


CP boards still up on >>>/76/
and he posted "it" again


>I swear to god I'm at my fucking limit.

A real spartman wouldn't complain and would just find a way to deal with it


CP spam on front page of 76 and sp again


just ban every russian IP


>just ban every russian IP
p*docel IP hops all the time, so that won't do any good


You don't need to keep bumping your need CP filled botnet thread fags



sp is fine staying here


File: 1629107558469.png (731.65 KB, 512x512, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)


/76/ needs some work



and /v/ too


p*docel on /76/ board again


Also the report button isn't working now. Need help on this duds


i got it


p*docel being retarded on /76/ board like always


wtf drives people like this
is mildly frustrating internet strangers rally that rewarding?


i lik tomboy edit




but why is there a Christmas scene background


this giant fag killed the k""c""" btfo thread


enable early_404
easy fix


File: 1629243912397.jpg (96.21 KB, 728x892, 182:223, subscribe-overlay-cat.jpg)

never existed




but GHOST is our friend


fuckin fix it NOW hotwheels!


File: 1629247402477.png (3.01 KB, 128x128, 1:1, sticker_vk_olegthebumblebe….png)


File: 1629249038516.jpg (108.5 KB, 877x695, 877:695, 1628349136849.jpg)





fuck you


just install captcha
these fags are same fags who falseflag reported the site


noooooo captcha is the first step to rulcuckery and i will not stand for it


let's negotiate with dickslapper and see what he wants



it was proper you fucking faggot


let us
third person version of let like "dotz lets people stick things inside xer"


no he just wants to post cp and destroy the site
no negotiation.


dude check /h/ it's full of random tor spam
you put the site as an onion and you get spammers
I don't think he's the one posting cp




>whenever dickslapper get his stuff deleted CP gets mosted within minutes
>whenever dickslapper posts theres CP mixed in
ok pal. funny how he's missing for a couple days and its been illegal content free


no its actually 50/50 real content/spam and none of it is board wiping content aka its stuff thats accumulated slowly over severla years


I know because it's just random tor spam bullshit once dudder put us on an onion


>none of it is board wiping content
bro he JUST wiped all of /sp/ except for a couple threads


He was talking about /h/ dumb dumb…


>is mildly frustrating internet strangers rally that rewarding?

Some people live out of the suffering of others bro


>i lik tomboy edit

I like the him leaving this site forever edit


kill the site, like he did last time he accused us of "grooming" and reported the site to sportschan's hosting company


>this giant fag killed the k""c""" btfo thread

We have another one at least >>1375549


I liked that edit too


File: 1629481874431.png (12.83 KB, 500x250, 2:1, Oekaki.png)


File: 1629488468601.jpg (1.02 MB, 1169x1080, 1169:1080, 1618704172492.jpg)

Imageboards as a whole are dying off. There is pressure on them to be taken down and/or heavily monitored. For the few sites that made it out of the 8chan collapse alive, the majority are taken over by qanon and /pol/ crowd. Its a struggle to find a site that you can just post on freely without worrying about moderation banning you for opinions they dont like ala cake/v/. To find a small but successful chan and decide "Ah yes today I will spam cp and run my gay discord ops here" has to be the results of some severe mental illness.

The occasional spam after some GETball is all in good fun and enjoyable. This has been something persistent and in bad faith since its inception.


the onion url is read-only, torposting has been banned for months


6 years of indy /sp/ coming up. I still fucking love you guys.


thats funny because i HAT u


File: 1629522497757.png (172.14 KB, 306x306, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

>gf calls me from a wedding
>been drinking
>so annoying when she's intoxicated
>talking about retard woman shit i dont care about
>'oh btw i made plans to backpack with another girl here'
>oh ya when
>'whenever you're available'
>she made plans with some random boring whore i dont know and wouldn't want to know in a millino years


>Letting your woman go anywhere alone


>dickslapper spam gets deleted
>he posts CP in retaliation
like pottery


This isn't a blogthread though


He's on /v/ right now. He's either

1) acting retarded
2) being the only one in the entire board to use a tripcode while acting retarded


ruh roh


what did >i tell you about white gril wasted bruh?
she def banged someone at that wedding


yea imageboards are going the way of the forum
there might be one or two with good seo that manage to stay alive, but most will see very few new users
i think people are just using anonymous twitter and discord accounts
imo even 4chan isn't nearly as active as people think, if u look at /pol/ as the most obvious example like 80% of the posts are blatant shills or bots
hopefully some sort of new shitposting platform comes out, because i fucking hate discord and twitter


actually more than 80% i think like 95% of posts on there are not made by genuine people


i think the smaller baords on 4chan are probably still comfy
i havent visited any in a while /g/ and /x/ were always my personal favorites


vbulletin forums are the last stand of implicit uberspart identity


last time i visited /g/ was like 2016 and it was pretty shit then, just pure consumerism


IB are fine fag. People don't post often because they have a life





also this


i think youre missing a key part of the IB cycle here tbh
when channers find out about IBs for the first time, they usually stick on the "landing page" for a while
used to be /b/ preferable, imo, as it desensitized and kept srsfags from ​gettin too srs, nowadays its /pol/
after they burn out on pressing F5 a million times and seeing the same bot/bait threads daily, theyll branch out to more niche boards
eventually the niche boards become too rulecucked/autistic/gay so a portion will exodus to nu-land
left to its own devices this process would seemingly lead to a global its_p_ded.mp4 thang

the part youre missing is the fact that any dumb public event that draws attention to 4chan will ultimately bring another wave of newfags
first big one was obv chanology, and you get the picture. ron paul. the cuckening. zimzam trial. the supreme gentleman. blumpf election. Qoomers etc
each brings in new retards, and then some, to take the old ones place
so while alt-chans WILL mostly all shrivel up and die cuz inevitable tism, im p sure 4cucks will p much always be there unless the FBI or whatever decides they dont want an extremely valuable resource for monitoring, grooming, and goading low-hanging fruit tards into doing something retarded irl


File: 1629665628693.png (320.13 KB, 718x545, 718:545, 1629410856008.png)


what is >she talking about here
how to neg your onlyfans simps so they don't abandon you?


>it's p retty ded for the same reasons blah blah blah
>good luck on your dead imageboard p*docel blah blah blah
>i'm p bored from browsing /spee sometimes blah bla bla

and then p*docel spams /sp/ because nobody went to his ded imageboard

same time next week faggot?


Weren't there more threads on the board or is that just me?


p*docel's pretending to be Swiss now and posted "it" again on the /76/ board. Where he usually does it


And then p*docel posted some botnets on the /egy/ board. The same ones he posted here


stop neggin simps
stop spammin borts


nothing wrong with simpin for wadina


p*docel posted in on /76/ again


[meme]This is a test activation of CUM SHIELD please click through to post[/meme]


p*docel on /76/ again


he on the /kc/ board now



tank u frend


And now he's posting his ded imageboard again with 5 posts all made by him on /sp/. like, we're not gonna go


File: 1632780020935.png (14.95 KB, 592x291, 592:291, >dudderinchargeofthecode.png)

Just letting you know dudder that p*docel is back to doing "it" again. 76 and sp board got the thing again.

Bumping this thread because your report thing broke again


report function is a user level 3 feature
purchase a Sportschan™ Platinum™ account to unlock it


i was grandfathered in under the old system, my account rep told me i'd get lifetime vip perks for that onetime charge. rabidbuck@aol.com is my membername and amanda hugginkiss was my accout rep at that time i hope she's still here she was a sweathart


wtf duder its been 3 years why aren't there like buttons


they're next to the "tip tokens" button


It's easy. Like this 👍


Holy shit it work


File: 1633011361285.jpg (373.94 KB, 1431x1313, 1431:1313, 1484189493674.jpg)


Hey mods, there's a thread about leaking sportschan's I.P. addresses on /v/ right now made by a tor poster. Not sure what that's all about


literally anyone can look up the ip retard


i dunno man, seems like a pretty common number to me


do your jobs retards pedocel is spamming again


there's a bunch of them on /76/ it's disgusting


wats pedocel's master plan? why does he post the pizza?


I really like how the links almost align perfectly with the drop down menu for the report button. So that you are dangerously close to clicking tha link when you try to report it.

I take it that's a GOATbro hold over feature ?


GOATbro is still mad about the Bartman Blessing that happened a billion years ago today. He will always try to destroy spuh


he gets all uppity when he's banned too, he'll make a thread and whine about rulecucking



>wats pedocel's master plan

he cop/glows


File: 1634332503659.jpeg (12.97 KB, 300x300, 1:1, CRspray.jpeg)

Still some spam on /76/. and maybe /h/ too

And don't forget to buy some of my CRspray today. 0.1% discount going on just for you sp. Use the code GOCHIEFS! at checkout when finishing your order to redeem your offer.


Just thought I'd let the board know something about those ded boards with no community that keep getting spammed here.

They have the illegal spam in all of those boards. They all do. Only reason they're up is to get people here in trouble don't bother reporting it since powertripping mods over on those chans never delete the spam anyway


p*docel posted IT again mods


On the /76/ board too dudder


dudder, p*docel is spamming CP on the site again

And he's also posting his ded p*do boards with no community
They're botnets so don't go there sp


>tranny janny > subhuman yuropoor spammer

No, the spammer is in the USA


You guys need some new jannies in Yuro time zones. Either that, or talk to the current jannies about the spam

idk theres cp in the board so pls remove


no there's not stop false reporting ded board spam as seepee


>no there's not stop
Actually, p*docel posted that content in between all of those ded boards of his a few hours ago. It's gone, but just know that
did the thing again

>ded board spam as seepee

There actually is cp inside of them. In all of them. People have gone and made reports in those ded boards and they immediately get either dismissed by the BO or the threads reporting them get deleted. srs


yea i always see it rly early sauna time
just report it for niggers and theyll get to it


he posted the "thing" again


who else lik seeing cheese pizza and links to rape videos on the catalog for the seventieth time


of course thats thre reason theres a sportschan is that we allow child porn unlike 4chan does.


i lik it


it sucks but there's not much dudder can do about it besides hire more hotpockets for more timezones


he could just allow child porn many sites do


File: 1636754493183.jpg (53.7 KB, 720x1046, 360:523, ExivlAJUcAYa5w6.jpg)


clean it up janny


someone should start an imageboard where literally everyone is a janny by default just to see how long it lasts


last time u fagets would make fun of the chiefs i tell u h'wuat


its been done


File: 1636762171672.gif (4.1 MB, 296x286, 148:143, LE MAHOMO FACE.gif)

>last time u fagets would make fun of the chiefs i tell u h'wuat


I would cycle every thread





theres faggy shit in >>>/76/
does anyone use that board anymore? why not just close it or make it read-only


I feel the same way about /egy/


I asked about /egy/ sometime ago to dudder and he gave me an answer but I don't remember what it was honestly


ask him again on snapchat


find him on craigslist


>does anyone use that board anymore? why not just close it or make it read-only

FUck u faget. some people still use it

Not sure about that one. /egy/ looks like it's gone off the web 5ever


so we can get in trouble? no fuck that


And p*docel posted some honeypots again

this one
is an obvious one and it has cp


File: 1637704094671.jpg (323.04 KB, 1686x2046, 281:341, 1565565075550.jpg)

>literally named "neon"



help i wrote a spambot because i thought it would give me more spam i like spam ground up pork products r gud but it just makes the same retarded posts over and over



He literally just posted it again . p*docel's samefags a bunch of times because his thread is pretty much dead. Like his board

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