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its a tampa kinda day
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>not all heroes wear capes
all in a days work


oh my god someone deleted a boulder shootaro thread


now delete some more threads, to balance things out


File: 1616949942275.png (345.71 KB, 1200x636, 100:53, ClipboardImage.png)




File: 1616950206147.png (232.44 KB, 399x401, 399:401, ClipboardImage.png)


those are valuable and cherished threads


>giving out actual bans
thats it you triggered my autism


>actual bans
oh no the guy/group of people will have to use a proxy or wait an entire day to keep doing it 🙄
get the fuck over it nigger


you dumbfuck you killed half of the 5 for shitposting
look at the threads so many posts are missing


gud ban




lmao no i didnt retard
B&D doesn't delete all the posts of an IP


hey listen here fuckin pal, i dont do it for the pay


File: 1616953043221.webm (2.42 MB, 480x360, 4:3, ArthurTheme_SP.webm)


how bout you stop spamming the fucking board retard


hey this fella sounds like a real hotthead >>1325066


if all it takes to drive you away is a ban then your some weak shit tbh lmao ive been banned hundreds of times everywhere and i never cry about it cause no one else cares shut the fuck up and keep spamming you clearly have a vpn or some shit whats stopping you babby? your little babby dick? does your babby dick distract you? want me to suck it long?


but ya seriously if i swept you up on accident when clearing teh spam, just appeal it, then send reports on this post until its appealed


someone get this hothead outta here


tranny janny > subhuman yuropoor spammer
and thats just fax sweety~


Oh my god I can't believe it I'm LITERALLY shaking with fear to realize that this is a NAZI board run by authoritarian FASCISTS oh my god i'm scared for my life


lel catalog went from 15 pages to 4 I think, just noticed
was all of that all spam or did you just remove anything shitposty?


vichan dudcode is really epic, but dudddrs doesn't like the lynx+mongo combo


you deleted bunch of legit posts along with the spam


File: 1617541659162.png (154.69 KB, 800x441, 800:441, ClipboardImage.png)




The spamming, the sliding, and the deletions are coordinated by the same group, you fool


classic intel


based mods
yuropoor mongoloid bro is SEETHING
he might even be COPING
and as always he is DILATING


File: 1617543526654.png (1.14 MB, 660x841, 660:841, 7186ff57c214c47c40f9882579….png)

did somebody……say……


what causes this type of autism


File: 1617545967398.mp4 (21.71 MB, 720x480, 3:2, sp mod gets hostile becaus….mp4)


Not being born in the greatest country on Earth, the United States of America !


>Not a broncos fan
>You should be


lack of severe beatings


File: 1617553502336.png (1.16 MB, 1080x1080, 1:1, ClipboardImage.PNG)

good job validating their spam work! i suspect they will come back now even harder


its a spam kinda day


who cares?
im autistic too
the difference is now its not disrupting everyone else




>two posts from this IP
no shit, you're the person doing it
its pointless arguing over this shit. its a lot like the situation in chile when pinochet took power (obviously more important in this situation)
basically its entirely counterproductive for a free society to allow elements within it to use their freedom to undermine the society (and ultimately rescind all freedomes)


if the guy was good at spamming it wouldn't matter what moderation steps were taken other than a thread limiter
if it was scripted posts and proxy switching not a lot could be done
on the other hand if it was spamming with at least an ounce of creativity, like what mil used to do, cool drawings (I think they're called oekaki) and neat little musings that'd be a whole nother story.
but just shitter over and over or O with a umlaut? that's not fun.
basically the guy is caught in between two extremes and isn't particularly good at what he's doing and is just trying to foment the ole /intl/ sentiment, poorly.


>1 post from this IP
woah its almost like you're using the same fucking tactics i did while fucking with int*
like i said, completely pointless to argue over this shit.


>worst era in our nomad history
there was the nomad history where we were on depreschan, endchan, finalchan and using a different board everyday based on where "the thread" got made
that was pretty shitty
although do you think the spam is gonna help this not be shitty?


is one of the kc niggers a mod? only one them can be this stupid


>mobile IP
>mobile IP means every time i make a new post it gives a new IP
i dont think you know how that works…


Glad to see you confirming how stupid you are.


do people have mobile IPs?
I thought that was a meme invented by boomers in the government who don't know how routing works


negro please. Poland was an actual nomadic camping ground. Finalchan is still a backup yimyam that will probably never be used seriously


forgot about that one
I'm talkin bow when carchan went down and we were on a different board each day till depreschan got settled on


oh yeah that was like a week of thinking sports were gone forever. Someone should write this stuff down. Our xrandxids will need to know this to pass their history exams


it's always been like that. it's like when niggers get in a fight: only 2 give a shit about this issue, the rest just want to fuck around


so wheres the fuckin purple drank i wanna robotrip while i watch this stupid shit unfold


we kcbros aka WEkc aka The Watchmeng of Everythangs and the Sphepherrds of Lossed Sols need not the clumsy powers of explicit moderation
your minds are our bathroom wallz upon which we draw your wastrel thots with the fecal crayolas of tiem
lisn an bee leaves


File: 1617582680818.png (559.86 KB, 844x430, 422:215, 1483404335901.png)

>purple drank


File: 1617582971358.jpg (184.92 KB, 768x1024, 3:4, juece.jpg)





File: 1617583643041.png (473.34 KB, 401x458, 401:458, ClipboardImage.png)

sorry but sportschan is my hyper(s)(t)extual time machine to 01999 and this digital shaman and cowboy of the information superhighway loiters in the present NEVER


>there is now 4 pages of content
might as well delete the pther 3 and only leave the first paga


several months of daily spam will do that..


File: 1617584217176.jpg (35.4 KB, 665x404, 665:404, cbk.JPG)


cuh this paint can got me trippin cuh


the world contracts to black ur in the 'tussin hole


File: 1617586236122.png (736.76 KB, 952x589, 952:589, mancrik.png)

the veil of maya evaporates like jizz on a hot rail, the unity of man and cricket revealed
man and cricket


its as spat between 1 of da 5 and a quasi outsider, arguably pedocel


robotrippin used to mean using the cough syrup with dextromethorphan, a dissociative similar to ketamine and pcp

purple drank, lean,etc i beleive is made with the codeine+promethazine syrup which are an opoid and antihistamine, respectively. very different drug classes and experience


whats the one with cough syrup and nigermelon drank that Saint Martin was going to make?


File: 1617600990863.png (2.01 MB, 960x960, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

Saint Floyd…
this is so beautiful


>boomers/gen xers/millenails/zoomers arent religiou…


have we crashed yet


wat no dude it's called robotripping because of the name robitussin which contains (used to? still does? idk i havent done that since high school) the shit that makes you trip and niggers used to mix it in with grape soda or koolaid because theyre pussies and cant handle the magic flavor of cough syrup


dxm (dextromethorphan) is the shit that used to be in tussin that is similar to ketamine and pcp, so if you did dxm you were "robotrippin"

the purple drank that is popular with the urban youths is codeine+prometheizene couph syrup, completely different


File: 1617656070143.png (149.01 KB, 450x300, 3:2, ClipboardImage.png)

>the purple drank that is popular with the urban youths is codeine+prometheizene couph syrup
* as the active ingredient, yes they do mix it with sprite and dissolve candy in it, but the purple color is in the cough syrup

i think they took most of the stuff containing dxm off the market, the only time i did it I melted down a bunch of cough drops that had it, but this was a long time ago. wasn't a fan of it tbh, never cared for mxe or any dissociative type stuff


>Thread deleted or pruned
oh wow, just wow


who deleted by nuracoon thread


I mean my


File: 1617742795909.png (711.49 KB, 560x500, 28:25, ClipboardImage.png)

>getting cucked by a mod
omg hahahaha
you guys dont really do this
do you??


File: 1617742983000.png (142.49 KB, 359x408, 359:408, disdain.png)


hahah omg CR you're suuuuuch a virgin


idk maybe the modbot i wrote swept it up as spam
it checks maybe twice a day


why do you need spam getting delet as an excuse to throw a tantrum just throw the tantrum right off the bat ffs




wtf even qualifies as spam in a board thats constantly offtopic?


File: 1617798319542.png (7.03 KB, 500x250, 2:1, Oekaki.png)


Don't trust him, it's a psyop. Dudder and his gang of rulcucks organized the spam themselves, wiped the board clean and blamed it on 'spammers' just so they could coddle /sp/ into trusting their rulcuckery, thus leading this board into a totalitarian regime where they hold all the power over the rest of the regular /sp/artman.

Down with the bourgeois, fight back!


This is all true.
Ddduder was recruited by Jim Watkins because he REALL REALLY REALLY wanted to be in the 8chan Q miniseries. Ddduder though it would get him a new car.


>just so they could coddle /sp/ into trusting their rulcuckery
the goal is to disrupt discussion unless its everydays banal sborts bs
political shitposts = BANNED
sportschanic jihad = BANNED
women younger than 38 yo = BANNED
having fun = BANNED
spamming = ENCOURAGED


>off topic shit still everywhere and not being delet
spammers really are mental toddlers


File: 1617844213888.jpg (109.03 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, EyaIQ3UW8AIeEOl.jpg)


calling people niggers isn't part of racism
its just a fact


File: 1617844761124.mp4 (10 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, VEfu7LudMtmHPGYZ.mp4)


fu(k n!663rz


heem chinky


File: 1617846115456.jpg (147.07 KB, 853x480, 853:480, 80974.jpg)

let's all strive for: DAILY /${TOPIC}/ GENERALs, aka supreme gentoomen posting paradigm

bring peaceful orderly discussions to spazchan so that piece and odor may find they're weigh too you're sole


i cant stand how "incel" has completely been adopted into normie culture
and they just use it to basically mean "being mean to a woman"


she better not be a day younger than 38 years old or I'll destroy this site


File: 1617846628221-0.jpg (44.06 KB, 717x477, 239:159, slide-Ajay-For-Change-717x….jpg)

File: 1617846628221-1.jpg (578.26 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, ajayceo.jpg)

File: 1617846628221-2.jpg (44.06 KB, 717x477, 239:159, slide-Ajay-For-Change-717x….jpg)

pride of shawneee kansis




File: 1617847246859.jpg (19.96 KB, 299x755, 299:755, shorksgr1 (1).jpg)


File: 1617847271257-0.jpg (161.22 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, 169591700_468414754583389_….jpg)

File: 1617847271257-1.jpg (152.49 KB, 1080x1349, 1080:1349, 169063239_2818816341700516….jpg)


File: 1617847830365.png (375.47 KB, 481x319, 481:319, ClipboardImage.png)

massage the inner anus


Texans literally whipped this nigger and put him back in the cotton fields.



auspicious timing


File: 1617855962327.jpg (89.5 KB, 584x468, 146:117, huh.jpg)


im gonna knee on his neck 😈


File: 1617890652051.png (1.08 MB, 905x943, 905:943, Thora's_dog_s9.png)


File: 1617897989455.png (350.2 KB, 454x450, 227:225, time2makethadonuts.png)


remember when hit and miss meme girl was a thing


>hit and miss
no i dont recall that girl


why uhhh… why is it looking at her like that??


hit n miss girl still a thang!


she got them timbs he lik


File: 1617901318309.png (247.93 KB, 361x351, 361:351, ClipboardImage.png)

is that that song about the queen latifa?


File: 1617922826040.png (2.54 KB, 500x250, 2:1, Oekaki.png)


File: 1617941285848.png (3.66 KB, 453x250, 453:250, Oekaki.png)


did DW fuck the dog??


oh you mean the shit and piss girl


File: 1618247346838.jpg (307.33 KB, 1991x996, 1991:996, dw-social.jpg)



that's a weird pinky toe


are thighs a topic


File: 1618249336453.png (110.19 KB, 500x250, 2:1, Oekaki.png)


File: 1618249357031.jpg (59.32 KB, 688x459, 688:459, smoked-chicken-thighs-brin….jpg)

of courshe


File: 1618249473615.png (38.12 KB, 500x250, 2:1, Oekaki.png)


File: 1618414058304.png (19.09 KB, 697x525, 697:525, You are banned.png)

ok dudder


>he left his IP address in


gurantee its TOR


im tor and had a few ips that were already banned lately
isn't there a way for mods to see which ips are tor? or was that just part of the flags


i reported the spam


did you mean im not tor??


no i mean someone has been banning tor exit nodes as though that will do something


if you ban enough of them regularly enough TOR users will stop using TOR and spam will be easier to combat


tor ips should show up like weird n shit idk bruh


only if you actually use the onion link?

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