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its a tampa kinda day
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According to my extensive analysis, anime has actually peaked in 2011


anime peaked in 1991


oh i forgot my citation


retard, i was referring to mean score, not consumption


ya ghost stories


fuckin retard


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<post 2004
Ironic >cuckime is still >cuckime


tell me a ghost story


one time i when you were a kid i came all over your moms face but then you walked in and she pretended to be a slime ghost and you ran off screaming
lol >we both laughed at what a faggot you are, then i slapped her across the face, took a 20 from her wallet, and left.


commie subs?


true story.


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anyone have any recs from last season/this season?
i started two so far and dropped them by the second ep.
holy fuck they sucked ass. why spend all that money to animate shit if you just use the laziest, shittiest writing of all time
they were Maoyu: Archenemy & Hero and The Hidden Dungeon Only I Can Enter… awful.

as for this season…Mars Red is interesting. 1 episode so far, but its set in 1920s industrializing Japan. that alone makes it a pretty rare one
its something about hunting vampires. though i found teh animation slightly jarring something about the framerate or jerky animation?? i think its a shoestring budget
only thing ive found so far that might be worth it


watch sport's and 80s ovas


rec me some and maybe i 'will'


terra e…


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>anime on /sp/


everything this season so far has been meh or shit including mars red, i thought the setting would make it good too but it wasn't

last season
im assuming you know attack on titan
>Mushoku Tensei
>Kaifuku Jutsushi no Yarinaoshi
this is basically hentai i thought twitter was going to hate on it but it turns out women love rape. the plot is shit but its a good comedy


ash is supposed to be killing niggers, not staring at them


>including mars red
its been 1 episode
and while it wasn't anything incredible, at least it wasn't complete shit ie boring fantasy protagonist explains his life to hte viewer, before stumbling into something powerful he didn't earn and epically pwning everyone back home


thats just a Mankey bro


>Mushoku Tensei
yunno it started off pretty good in that despite being an esekai, i thought it sputter out pretty bad. i mean ffs it introduced A, B, C, D plot and didn't wrap up any of them
the MC development stalled halfway through, and he's just been an annoying and utterly pathetic faggot since which he's not Supposed to be, given that he's been given a second chance that he is supposedly living better by
need to finish
>Kaifuku Jutsushi no Yarinaoshi
oh i didn't know it was comedy


oh man i think my brain is becoming swiss cheesed. wtf did i think i was typing


the medical name for that is 'biden brain'


some people say you need to watch 3 episodes to determine if its good or not
i used to do that but i could always tell if i was going to like it or not after 1 episode and i dont have the time anymore

not sure what you mean by a,b,c,d plot
it was kinda weird how it shifted to a new continent for the final few episodes but there is a season 2 coming


>3 episodes
i'll usually go til 3 or until i hit lazy writing, whatever comes first
>what mean a, b, c, d
because theres like 4 more? plot lines going on that have stalled out
first plot line is the elf girl one which is awaiting a return to. stalled since he was sent away by paul
second plot line is basically getting stronger/being better. stalled since he was sent away by paul
third plot line is his relationship with the redhead, which outside of his first encounter with her, essentially hasn't changed in functional terms
fourth is the relationship/helping the seperd. basically nothing there (he was protected by him since day 1 with nothing in return, he has only hindered him, and has shown repeatedly that he's too conniving to help anyone but himself). unless of course you count the shallow/lazy writing where the seperd thinks theres a bond between them because…. well no reason really, other than convenience for the plot.


so whyd they hate goblin slayer


because it literally advocated genocide against PoC


I think the 3 episode thing is more for people who haven't watched a lot. After a while you start to see trends and can decide in 2, 1, or even 0.5 episodes, though I usually finish an entire episode of a show, just in case.


kinda like i said, if you start hitting lazy writing that early in…. not a goo sign


neither are niggers…


lemme check my list. one sec bud


i actually think AOT kinda alternates between really good, and kinda mundane seasons. i feel like this latest is a kinda mundane one, but like its predeccessors, it still manages to pull off having a unique feel and focus from the previous ones. oh and erin is based as fuck now.
i enjoyed it, pretty typical shonen structure, but just very competant all around. neat themes too, hints of mushishi and some other stuff i can't place. pacing a little stretched in places but never boring.
really stretching what a few seasons means since this was about a year ago now, but crazy interesting show. batshit insane world, competant and proper (imo) use of CG, just great. suffers a tad in pacing, but never too bad.
honestly… the past year has been pretty dry in terms of good shit IMO the only one that matters


oops see


File: 1618121453131.jpg (59.68 KB, 450x328, 225:164, 2459574162_1f67cc11dc.jpg)

>Yoigoshi Tatsuya was a star soccer player known as "Yoigoshi the Unstoppable," but when he entered high school, he severed all involvement with sports. Now, he has been invited to a certain sports team. In these matches, victory is achieved through teammates working together to catch and defeat the opponents invading their territory… You could call it a sort of running combat sport. And the name of this game is…Kabaddi.
derican sports


>Yoshida is an ordinary guy who was rejected hard by the woman he'd spent the last 5 years having a crush on. On his way home after getting drunk at a bar, he finds a teenage girl crouched on the side of the road…

>"If you let me stay at your place, you can sleep with me."

>"You shouldn't say that, even as a joke."
>"Then let me stay over for free."

>Before he knows it, the girl, Sayu, has moved in with him. This is the story of a runaway teen girl and an ordinary 26-year old man.

goatbro: the anime


this is not /a/ weebcuck


finally got my friend to start watching spice and wolf with me


no >we're long distance


it best not to delve into hypotheticals
counting chickens before they hatch, yunno?


same answer.


i see, i apologise but i never learned how to spell correctly.


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is this true?


maritime admiralty law is pretty loose, so i guess it could be


i need a new anime to watch


Gun Slinger Girl



Redo of Healer


why'd my original post get deleted?
anyway One Piece is only 10% filler


ya it's edgy and porn and that's about it tbh spartmen would probably like it


>dbz 13%
you forget that dbz is very stretched out, the first arc in the uncut version is 28 episodes
anyway just watch kai it cuts out all the filler and other bullshit


i never watched dbz
only dragonball


I've only watched z
if i watch the original should i go dub or sub, i seldom watch dubs but dbz is an exception


reading is for nerds


dragonball dub actually isnt fucking terrible i think the voice actors actually really enjoyed what they were doing
also nip goku voice is annoying af


boku no pico


one piece is 100% filler, that site is full of shit


idk man i just watched it cuz it was on when i was really little. dont really remember it that well
its a lot goofier, which i liked. dbz always put me off with how sooper srs it was, nvm the whole "powering-up for 3 episodes straight" thing.
i liked ranma way more
there wasnt really that much japanimation around when i was a kid lol

my favorite was prolly the mango for chobits, as i was 12 and that was p much pr0ns

yea the dub was p gud from what i can remember


now that im thinking about it, i guess i just never really liked shonen that much. yu yu hakusho was better imo, idk why that didnt take off instead. always thought dbz was boring. every episode felt like the same thing, same background, same characters, same aaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHhh. but it was either that or sailor moon on tv. i probably watched twice as much of that as i did dbz. and that dub was absolutely retarded

never even got to see eva until me and my friends pooled together and bought the vhs set from our shitty little comic shop
i think i was probably supposed to like anime, but i just never followed up on it


the thing with dragonball is that's what the manga was called throughout the run
the anime there's a time where they just started calling it Z at a certain point, not sure if that's because they switched studios or what
I think at some point Toriyama just didn't want to do it anymore that's why it feels like a lot of the fun got sucked out of it and the powers became more ridiculous.
Dragonball is definitely more of an adventure.
I know at some point Toriyama wanted Gohan to become the main character and boil the story down to simpler elements, I think that's what the Saiyaman mini-arc was going to be about but I think it probably got a poor reaction from fans so he did 180 and pulled Buu out of nowhere.
I think in part this is also what the early part of GT was also, with Goku turned into a kid, but it also did a 180 and went super serious. For whatever reason one of the most straightforward and dumbest shonen battle manga was extremely popular in Japan.
Usually with those kind of stories there are normally like tricks and techniques involved, you know someone uses poison, or sets elaborate traps what have you. With the exception of the lil green fucker on the Ginyu force there is really nothing like that in DBZ whatsoever it's just yelling and screamin and throwin energy balls.
Basically, yeah, normally what makes a shonen/manga anime good like that to me is balancing character development to the overall conflict and tying it into whatever battles are going on. One Piece is really amazing at this. Black Clover was really good at this early on, and the first part of Naruto prior to the time skip was actually pretty fucking good at it.
Dragonball was really pretty simplistic in regards to that stuff but was always really fun in the early parts. Goku was sort of like Hank Hill
>I may not know exactly what's goin on here but I'm gonna kick ur ass
as this goes on for 400+ episodes, into GT then the massive retcon that is Super and very very little changes, even with all the new "lore and world building" they dump on you, you know none of it matters as Goku is just gonna hit a new form and kick some more ass.


Super was actually the best dragon ball content in a long time because Toriyama got to do the goofy filler that's literally the only thing he knows how to do again
also making fun of how bullshit Z was with Yamcha being useless and Krillin dying once per arc until he fucked off to be a house husband for his hot cyborg wife
everything else from king diccolo arc onward is just muscle men screaming and beating the shit out of each other like in pro wrestling, which is why niggers all fucking love dbz


>which is why niggers all fucking love dbz
i haven't got that far into, but is that what naruto turns into too, because nigger fucking love that one too


seen a grown ass niggo wearin a naruto headband this weekend tbh


the benefit of subbed only anime
niggers, quite unironically, can't read at the level required to watch subtitled anime


Mankeys are white tho


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