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its a tampa kinda day
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>new laptop comes preinstalled with bloatware
>get clean install tool direct from M$ and use it
>nvidia drivers won't install
>now it won't boot
>tech support has some button combos to at least get it to boot
>tech support says to reset to factory default
<it'll take a while so i'll just close the ticket and you can come back "if" it doesn't work
>factory reset gets halfway through and then aborts itself
>make a USB windows installer from M$ and nuke the whole partition
>zero problems and windows update installed all drivers
Why do these computer companies do this? They could literally ship the laptop with a blank SSD in it and it would be better


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>using computers


Acer has been the worst of them for more than two decades. Your fault for knowingly buying garbage.


Best laptop brand?


ibuypower, cyberpowerpc, or most any other system builders that aren't multi-billion dollar corporations who like jamming spyware down your throat.
most of the good ones just give you a base install with none of the "value added" crapware beyond what microsoft already bundles. some even let you opt for linux or freedos.

not sure about now but dell used to offer a freedos option, but their hardware is mostly garbage.


raspberry pi in a pizza box






Just jailbreak an Xbox 360 and you will have all the computing power you need.


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never obsolete master race


>10 gb harddrive

mother fuckers got a single VR porn video three times the size of that stored on one of their multiple Terrabyte externals


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looks good


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indinas xp


i got like 60tb on my plex server, snagged a couple 14tb drives before whatever that crypto is jacked the prices up


acer makes diabolical efforts to keep all the nonsense installed. fortunately, i managed to abort my efforts before i fucked things up. my system doesn't allow me to create a bootable USB and so it doesn't have enough HDD space to even house a fresh copy or update of windows. my lappy is still filled with all sorts of acer, microsoft and google nonsense i never asked for and make no use of. i've been deep cleaning everything else and removing whatever i'm allowed to remove, my registry is never going to get cleaner on this POS. hardware and software have gotten too mixed up, next time i'm going to attempt to build a frankenstein laptop, see if it's possible to a laptop running without spyware, brandware and bloatware. i'm skeptical.


>doesn't allow me to create a bootable USB
the thing from MS will make a bootable USB and the OS key gets picked up from the mobo automatically


I am thinking about getting a Lenovo ChinkBad, any suggestions?


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hello yes hello sir how you want fix your computer, my name is Thomas, I am official microsoft support representative


hello yes sir have you tried unplugging computr then turn powr button on? yes? hold on sir i ned to use mose pointer for a minut ok sir? i cannot help you with this sir i am sorry try turning the power button off again


File: 1620445060529.jpg (80.75 KB, 532x630, 38:45, criket monker.jpg)

hello thomas do u lik crik?


File: 1620445251116.jpg (59.74 KB, 1000x666, 500:333, Sayandeep_and_Samridhi_Cas….JPG)

yes crik haha good sport. now you must go buy google play gift card, please give gift card code madam


is this the "Asian Jim" that pam is married to?


trust me bro, spent like 4 hours trying and I'm computer literate enough to follow instructions. It just didn't identify the usbs as bootable, even though they definitely were. it's already getting very old, so i can just get a new laptop when shit actually breaks down.

if so prolly no acer, but i think microsoft and google etc are going to keep forcing products down our throats regardless of brand. at this point, you might as well buy apple.

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