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its a tampa kinda day
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only 3% oil this time
also why does the board never want to upload pictures on the first try


my gf makes bread and she's pretty good at it


post gf pics, bread too


I'd kneed her bread if you know what I mean. you can use butter or even better becel instead of vegetable oil to make it softer.




where is the becel?


grils r bad
bros r gud


add more water


get some of that bread, heat up a lil olive oil then grate some parmegiano reggiano or some romano in there and dip the bread in
mamma mia
that gravy hit


creamed honey is like an orgasm in your mouth
i highly recommend it


>also why does the board never want to upload pictures on the first try
works on my machine
imma ban you sportschan is a site for single guys only


becel is healthy and delicious


pic upload fails with tor @dudder wtf


too many people were uploading hardcore BECELtiality


I expect a bread battle this weekend, go buy some flour and whatever extra ingredients you need


File: 1620348312730.png (263.43 KB, 611x403, 47:31, creuset.png)

>hes trying again
nigger, do you want me to help you? bread is pretty easy. and you only need bread flour, salt, water, and yeast.
i can give you a good recipe/technique.
All you need is a dutch oven 5-6qt like pic related should be fine. you dont even have to knead the bread.


i just bought a bread maker for $200 just throw the ingredients in and get a loaf of bread out a couple hours later
easier than even going to the grocery store


hey thats just like the one my gf uses to make bread


idk what the big deal is
i make brown loafs in the toilet all the time just fine


She probably uses the same "no knead" method. There are a ton of variations but they're all very similar.
there are ways to improve it like using less yeast and doing a longer rise like 18+ hours.


your gf is a whore


she cute tho


OP dough pic came out OK, crumb was big like an english muffin though
didn't take a pic

lids came in thursday
fed my poolish and let it sit til friday morning then made the final dough and worked it a little more than before
skipped the oil and honey
baking now

if there's too much fat it supposedly lubricates the dough a little so it doesn't rise as much (?) but hopefully letting the poolish ferment a while before making the dough will help

i used to make bread and bun dough pretty often but haven't for maybe 3 years so i forgot how long it takes to rise when you use refrigerated poolish like this


post your hand next to a paint sample card of eggshell white #73892, and I will gauge how low your IQ is and how much baking assistance you will need.


File: 1620439124278.jpg (328.26 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, IMG_20210507_215352881.jpg)

pretty sure i overpaid for the mixing bowl lids
not sure how many IQ that costs


I thought we agreed on using bone white


Did it come with your apron and high heels ?


I'd kneed your gfs tits if you know what I mean


you knead dough in order to loaf


File: 1620467238350.jpg (40.98 KB, 500x739, 500:739, bcread.jpg)


since when was CR bread?


should i have got the blue and navy lids instead of fuchsia and purple

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