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its a tampa kinda day
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Jesus fucking christ I go out of town for 3 days and everything goes to shit


download more bandwith budy
nice vacation at least?


at least they are willing to put on an e-condom for you


thanks hasan bazzi


this wasn't from my test activation of cum shield was it??


but how much dedodated wam for da swerver ?


it's your fault leaving the house alone with mangey mutts


File: 1620093091505.jpg (84.15 KB, 889x499, 889:499, meme (2).jpg)

>going out of town
>during the plandemic


and then he slapped me with his penis


and then everyone clapped


yeah i had fun i got a lot of free scotch so im happy
yeah they're cool i'm really happy with ovh. i use digital ocean for some other sites that people pay me to run and im thinking about moving them over to ovh cause its a lot faster and their support is 10x better
honestly i didnt see an entire person wearing a mask all weekend cause it was this like event for millionaires and no one gave a shit. it was like covid stopped existing for the weekend, it was great
pic related


File: 1620096772277.png (42.67 KB, 960x480, 2:1, ClipboardImage.png)

no, pic related now


and a pelican named recount flew in and dropped off all the hidden trump ballots


install red hat enterprise


i bet this is all bs to make you think they are very busy fending off EEBUL BYTE TARRORISTS bent on making it impossible for them to keep their end of the uptime contract


File: 1620108995225.jpg (98.11 KB, 904x904, 1:1, 1576880434169.jpg)

so we crashed and you didn't even inform us


yea kinda
i mean i wasnt on yesterday but the last few days werent anything too special from what i remember
just some /intl/cel spam
certainly nothing out of the ordinary, at least from my PoV
course im not m_d so maybe im just not seeing it

but if the site was kil i wouldve def posted that one kot screaming and redtexted a bunch of vowels, and tbh i dont remember doing that


Dear Dudddr,

We have just detected a bottle of vodka in your fridge.

In order to follow the tradition and restore your admin rights, >we demand you vacuum up that bottle of vodka in the next drunk dudder thread.

The entire bottle has to be /finished/, and only drunk and honest replies will be left in the drunk dudder thread.

At the end of the binge, tradition will be upheld and your admin rights will be fully restored.

For more information about traditions and customs: http://spuhmuseum[dot]com


idk i did notice a period yesterday for like, 3 minutes where sportschan wouldn't load
but then it did and i thought nothing of it


ok i went to the site and it tried to steal my social security number


that's vary normal pls relax and stay on the site for the next 20 minutes


oh shit wtf? now its saying the warranty on my vehicle is about to expire, and also that the FBI has issued a warrant for my arrest over some unpaid taxes


send CRcoin or we expose your sick little porn addiction


wait wtf how do you know about that
and so what if i am addicted to it, you would be too if CR kept looking at you like that


we put a blackhat on your computer and have tracked illegal CR on your computer, it will be turned over to the FBI unless the listed amount is sent to our associates


I just realized the feds probably do this all the time


you went out of town for 3 days. i refuse to believe you brought your car back in one piece. i demaand details about the latest slapstick accident or crash.


wew lol how did you know i crashed my car


Um, judging by your post history, I presume you're about to propose I become your submissive sissy slave?


chinks can't drive, it's known


CR running nasty varus ads on the site to afford gamerr gurl piss and bath accessories. spray is not selling rally well


some random poster decided a long time ago that you would periodically crash your car in a variety of slapstick ways. tell >us what happened pls so we can expand on /sp/ lore.

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