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its a tampa kinda day
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dont buy msi budys


but it says you get the best


reinstall gentoo


>buying new computers
what for. computer hardware tech has stagnated for the a decade


File: 1622901604774.jpeg (605.11 KB, 3264x2448, 4:3, never obsolete pc.jpeg)


pentium 4 never dies


very hairy foreamr


My computer has been pretty shit lately and I should probably replace it soon but don't feel like doing it tbh, the last video game I enjoyed was like Arkham City years ago


does anyone do meme astrology based on the prime factorization of the (current year)?


yeah buckeye is a big occultist


last laptop i bought new was a dell inspiron for like $1500 and the hinges to the screen snapped in under 2 years
then i bought a refurbished business laptop for $400 and it's been working for me for like 5 years now with 0 issues
consumer-grade electronics are all shit


it backarm budy


File: 1622913286014.png (7.43 KB, 500x250, 2:1, Oekaki.png)

you're holding your pc like this?


> hinges to the screen snapped
welcome to every toshiba satellite ever produced


File: 1622913952542.png (87.55 KB, 371x480, 371:480, wadina-salt-bae-vs-lil-mac.png)

it's a stylistic choice






you niger budy?


laggy piece of shit.jpg

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