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its a tampa kinda day
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now that's a GHOSTy posty


i think its time for sum buck breaking 😈


File: 1623163261443.png (56.4 KB, 698x192, 349:96, 2981120685.png)


bad posts


mr buck, the brookkklyn dotz actually beat your team bud


Go Nets


stomped dey ass



File: 1623181088936.png (1.72 MB, 1242x1759, 1242:1759, ClipboardImage.png)



So this black nationalist tried to gather sympathy by writing about how they were raped in the past and it backfired?


Pretty much

>t. slave owner


From what I've read he also commissioned lots of art of black slaves getting raped by white slave owners
Wonder if he's actually in closet or has a getting dominated fetish
Though even a black nationalist commissioning that shit is a good sign of clown world imo


wtf is this new buck breaking meme. I have no idea how they keep coming up with new memes.


Ghost I know you're lurking here. You're entire mangey deer culture has become the ultimate meme. All you have built has been destroyed in a single week.


this dude tariq nasheed is a black nationalist who's knid of a lolcow. So what he did was he made a movie where it shows white slave owners raping their nigger slaves, which is called "buck breaking" and now everyone knows this exists and are making fun of him


yeah, but how did this turn into a /tv/ meme?


because it's a movie


ghost probably killed himself because of this if he hadn't already died before


i wish the lil fella could die a thousand times :(


the last superb owl was pure buck breaking


File: 1623186005693.png (52.52 KB, 412x412, 1:1, stonetoss tariq.png)


File: 1623187166542-0.png (273.77 KB, 618x480, 103:80, E3VxXiUUcAEKJ1b.png)

File: 1623187166542-1.jpg (107.13 KB, 1140x1524, 95:127, E3VAOc6XwAAgdGi.jpg)

File: 1623187166542-2.jpg (542.27 KB, 1560x1531, 1560:1531, E3U5CTeXoAAFsx0.jpg)

>buck breaking has become a full blown meme

Woah. I was posting about that like a month ago making fun of it and now its taken off.
I dont want to say I caused this….but I probably caused it.


yeah well I made the cr meme


you are not kiwe


File: 1623189175544-0.png (1.17 MB, 638x807, 638:807, GHOSTonkler.png)

File: 1623189175544-1.png (901.9 KB, 1152x1542, 192:257, being a sphill.png)

i made this >>1346056
and these


that's not true


>all these niggers reading someons race play erotica bout niggers gettin it in the ass by whitey


it's a book? it hought it was a movie?


it really is p fuckin wild tho im glad its not some bespectacled whyboi cuckold doing this kind of shit for once


File: 1623194815773.jpg (107.3 KB, 840x672, 5:4, massacellular.jpg)


the guy not only did a movie he wrote about it and commissioned art about niggers getting raped


File: 1623194915053.png (2.2 MB, 999x1500, 333:500, AMC BB.png)


this just makes me want to watch breaking bad again
was probably one of the only good american tv series to come out in the last 50 years


That special H'wip I had for you, my BROKEN BUCK


File: 1623199192429.png (474.19 KB, 893x704, 893:704, lmfaoGAYYYYYYYYYY.png)

Is this the Buck Breaking General ?


and its STILL pleb tier tv


File: 1623208490625.jpg (323.74 KB, 800x600, 4:3, THE BUCK BROKEN.jpg)



so is cuckime yet people eat that shit up


most people are too retarded enough to read subs that quickly tbqphwyf


nice excuse fag
50 years ago they would've kept buck breaking even if half the slaves died in a 20 slave breakout


If the chiefs don't win the super bowel this season i'll post my xf's femmegock


File: 1623246977915.png (101.69 KB, 192x200, 24:25, ClipboardImage.png)


File: 1623249612167.jpg (391.9 KB, 1810x2413, 1810:2413, cronky.jpg)


That's not true because according to Tariq not only were black men being fucked in the ass to sissfied blackboi status but their women craved the BWC and ratted out any uppity slaves to Massa in exchange for a good fucking.


File: 1623250032686.jpg (289.72 KB, 1440x1080, 4:3, claudia-l.jpg)


File: 1623250883739.png (432.53 KB, 1833x661, 1833:661, 1623245001120.png)

Leftypol is on the case to stop all fun.


lmao literally black GHOST


File: 1623251515618.png (2.28 MB, 2400x1080, 20:9, 1623223684260.png)

No way dude this art that he commissioned for his movie is totally historic and not at all just gay fetish art. He definitely did not find the artist from his favorite gay porn artist,


i think we should start calling niggers "burger blacks" from now on


*burger bucks


lel the comments here


formerly Chuck's


File: 1623252911240.gif (2 MB, 300x221, 300:221, VS4N.gif)

what thecoli have to say bout all dis?


>This shit is funny but we have to ruin everything

this is why you don't tolerate liberals/leftists for a second.


so when are we going to talk about the recent 4chanisation of sportschan


ah yes, the wet blankets of 8chan strike again


lmao any yimming thats planned like this always either backfires or flops like a wet turd especially the political kind this is what it looks like to be devoid of any ability to enjoy yourself


For real if you cant find the hilarity in a Black Nationalist/Black Supremacist writing an entire documentary as a cover for his own closeted homosexual desires to getting fucked in the ass by white guys, you really just a boring ass type of nigga.


File: 1623280046168-0.png (22.59 KB, 1762x107, 1762:107, sneedhate.png)

File: 1623280046168-1.png (19.86 KB, 536x170, 268:85, leftyocd.png)

File: 1623280046168-2.png (17.73 KB, 1339x88, 1339:88, buck_motive.png)

File: 1623280046168-3.png (29.28 KB, 1188x218, 594:109, buckhurt.png)

File: 1623280046168-4.png (48.28 KB, 1763x172, 41:4, buckhurt2.png)

can you imagine getting this mad over yims?




mostly everything about slavery in the us is pretty insufferable when you consider the innumerable slaves from every race imaginable on nearly every continent throughout history that have suffered. for some fucking reason, despite clinging to their vague pan-african roots, african-americans want to pretend that history starts on the boats to america. not in the country where they were rounded up and sold like cattle, usually by a competing tribe and obviously not anywhere before that, when slavery was completely normal throughout the civilized world. african americans monopolize slavery like jews monopolize the holocaust. and on a much larger scale.


wtf is any of this?


>and on a much larger scale
lolno wtf nobody outside of america gives a shit about burgernigger slavery


i wish i hadnt taken the time to understand this tbh


do they not understand the streisand effect? nobody cares about their gay ideology there is no endgame theyre just easily riled morons that people go to for easy replies i bet most of the fags who stir shit with them dont even care that much about politics or giver a shit if they raid /pol/


>do they not understand
prolly not


and ofc, not to forget that slavery the world over Only ended because white man and his warships deemed it immoral


i wonder how many people actually think slavery doesnt exist anymore


Not true.
Its because the white man learned from the black women (the betrayer) how he could break bucks a WHOLE lot easier like by putting soy in prison food.


File: 1623296267991.jpg (430.73 KB, 403x605, 403:605, BUCKEYE BREAKINGa.jpg)

Who wants to bank roll this production ?


can you replace it with some other kike carictature thats not from some fag cringe tv show?


get me a good buckeye


family guy is based


omg, this little jew boy is gonna get destroyed by rome


make me


File: 1623297738879.jpg (145.55 KB, 818x784, 409:392, DGwmU_9XYAE1lBA.jpg)


This actually fits the Buckeye cannon.
Remember the time he told us about his sissification fetish and how hot he thought he black roommate was ?


>Remember the time he told us about his sissification fetish and how hot he thought he black roommate was ?
no i don't think so? does this have to do with his roommate fucking the girl he had a crush on right next to him?


Yep Buckeye said that he put on her panties and imagined it was him getting fucked by Tyrone. It got really weird. He is really a Broken Buckeye.


u got screenshot budy?


File: 1623311048760-0.jpg (93.29 KB, 821x600, 821:600, bucko.jpg)

File: 1623311048760-1.png (228.97 KB, 1045x565, 209:113, 1623213102094.png)

these two pics made me laugh the most so far
they're both wojaks but whatever


why would i lie about this?


File: 1623321515868.png (7 KB, 918x81, 34:3, screenshot.png)


File: 1623323635152.jpg (1.23 MB, 1592x2000, 199:250, normal.jpg)


no sweetie


fivehead af
i literally have a better hairline than this broad


why the big pores?


its from getting PORED
you never put your penis in a pore hole before ?


no such thing as PORED


why does she look inter-racial

also wtf is a uygha
is that like a yimnigga or something


it's khloe kardashian she justed herself


i didnt even realize
bitch looks like shes 45 holy fuck


Coal burners literally age like 10x faster then normal.
Its wild.


wtf i thought nigger sperm was good for your skin?


Further research has indicated that buck breaker sperm is good for your skin, not the actual bucks themselves


sometimes wojaks are funny when theyre not being spammed by retards




youll be hearing from my lawyer you fucking quack



>all this gay neger sex

America are you doing ok? Do you want to talk about it?


Looks like she had too much botox put in her face


File: 1623371219311.jpg (304.58 KB, 960x500, 48:25, 1621033342623.jpg)

The Romans used it as punishment and in this house it's heterosexual, end of story.


Are you saying there is something wrong with Blackbois boucin' big black bussys on BUCK BREAKER COCKS ?


this has completely shattered the buck nigger narrative lmao how can they recoup such a loss


Why is Tony in Firelink Shrine ?
Heem a Chosen Undead ?




Ie. the brits had already transported all their slaves and didn't want other countries to get rich off of it.


That's what I'm trying to say. The misrepresentation of slavery is a much greater misrepresentation than the misrepresentation of the holocaust.


come heyah to tha bahbaree coast


File: 1623422964205.png (60.32 KB, 1056x342, 176:57, ClipboardImage.png)

>every fucking summer


lel. I'm sure there's an exact headline but with Romo


ok toothpaste


tpaste be like:
"der teh pottery haz bittsex on it so dat means duh greeks were gay"


something rally rong with that bux


you mean the fact that it exists?


i really like how the dichotomy between whitoid racist myth and black racist myth have developed

white: "ancient aryan aliens had sex with super monkeys in hyboria to produce the h'wite man"
black: "a farmer buttfucked me 200 years ago and now i cant stop being gay today"



theyr'e both true


File: 1623458460913.webm (169.43 KB, 872x480, 109:60, thats not true.webm)


even in their made up nationalist fantasies theyre bitchboi sissy slaves


>ancient aryan aliens had sex with super monkeys in hyboria to produce the h'wite man
literally who says this?




File: 1623460840183.mp4 (2.03 MB, 480x270, 16:9, hitlerian aliens.mp4)

i posted the wrong one
here is the correct one


looks like satire, unlike niggers white people have the mental capacity to do that


well duh retard
but the point still remains

whiteoid racist fanfiction is cool and awesome
kangoid racist fanfiction involves them getting fucked up the ass


pretty sure the story is the aryans (lit "freemen") were mountainhwiggers who came down at the end of the last ice age to BTFO anyone they came across
kinda like the vikings or mongols much later
this is considered /x/-tier by some people because race is a social construct


UFOs are nazi
the nazis moved to antarctica they're a breakaway civilization now
they shot down that space shuttle for some reason


File: 1623508238159.png (281.45 KB, 555x504, 185:168, dude.png)

its the extended atlantis myth
basically what the thule society was propagating in the 20s/30s
you can see them marching in some of the old vids of early nazi party parades
they had to go dark pretty early on due to the obvious problem of trying to run a fascist christian state where all of the high ranking officials were literal occultists
muh optics an shieeet

now its just youtube schizophrenics and grifters who sell books about hollow earth on amazon

actual ancient aryans were just barbarian goat fuckers and got btfo repeatedly by the dravidians iirc
hence why they left crikland

idk why everyone always tries to cling to these multiple millenia old lineages anyways
pretty much everyone was just a bunch of smelly cavefaggots. and any civs that werent totally barbaric inevitably became decadent and got raeped out of existence by barbarians

idk why ancient history cant just be cool and interesting
it always turns into a fucking pissing match


too many scholars and too few sources


>idk why ancient history cant just be cool and interesting
it always turns into a fucking pissing match
who knows man, maybe pre-ice age civs were pretty fucking cool


im sure some were, but fuck knows if well ever hear about it
whoever discovers anything will just "omggg its literally meee :333" and then make a bunch of shit up
its all so gay

just like bee urself mannn


ya but its at least obvious that any ancient civ is going to be anything other than nigger because blacks can't make shit


sometimes they can
eg. they made part of the great pyramids
at the tip of the pharaonic whip


as long as you break bucks they're useful huh


zimbabwe is the go-to meme for african nationalists because they had some actual castles
and while they blow it WAY tf out of proportion, judging from the fact that roman currency has been found littered about there, its fairly clear that they were part of a relatively ancient intercontinental trade route that rivaled the silk road in scope. so im sure it wasnt just fucking mudhuts on the whole continent
and then there were the ghana, mali, songhai empires that are of course famous for trading their peasantry to slavers

the thing with africa is that geographically its a shit place to be anything other than isolationist. and its so loaded with resources why tf would you bother to try to leave?
theres hardly a decent port on the whole continent outside of north africa and WAY down the cape
and they also had their own barbarians that went and fucked everything to death too see: the bantu migration

memes aside thats one place im really interested in just because of how little is known about it
but good fucking luck finding an honest take on that
be more likely to find modern day wakanda


gud picture buddy



The current people who reside in Africa (North Africa in specific) are very different from the Ancient people during that era. It would be like people living in Italy claiming achievements from Roman era, even though Roman's have been largely extinct for millenniums by now



thats also right


>sub saharans sayin we wuz FARROWS


File: 1623542860972.jpg (283.37 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, mpv-shot0034.jpg)


that said, if youll allow me to put my turtleneck on, in regards to zim and the cape i actually dont doubt that some of them are at very least distantly related
in particular i know that two such tribes around there, xhosa and also the san famously displaced to the kalahari in namibia by the bantu that now run SA use click languages, which are supposedly some of the oldest developed language groups
for such languages to survive this long, imo, would have to indicate some sort of vague cultural link between them
shona likewise have a very old and isolated language, comparable to how basque somehow exists in the middle of western fucking yurop

tribal shit gets so wild in africa tho, and thats a long fucking time, so yea its basically like calling italians literal romans which is retarded
the only thing i DO know is that they all fucking hate each other so theyve likely been killing/raping each other for centuries a la yurop, so its prolly kinda blurry at this point


File: 1623545416511.png (1.45 MB, 1117x953, 1117:953, ClipboardImage.png)



>rewarding mass shooters by making them live forever through memorial sites
i bet they're doing this shit on purpose so that theres more of them as an excuse to start firearm confiscation


File: 1623546354424.mp4 (1.09 MB, 1280x592, 80:37, I’ve had some good burgers….mp4)

Common Filth was truly ahead of his time.


>idk why ancient history cant just be cool and interesting it always turns into a fucking pissing match
because fags with zero accomplishments to their name feel like they gotta pull some WELL MY ANCIENT DADDY COULD BEAT UP YOUR ANCIENT DADDY shit to make up for it instead of beating each other up right now because the world is full of retarded pussies in this era


please nigger there will never be full on confiscation just slow withering of rights until you die off and the next generation doesnt know any better so they just accept the law as it is instead of giving it the finger and mutilating every faggot alphabet shitter that dares show his face
its why there should already have been a blood n' trees moment about a century ago when this slow gungrab shit started during the prohibition (and accomplished jack shit back then too) full on gun grabs were never actually part of the plan


This tbh, I see twiggers do that shit all the time


GHOST is a sussy baka.


doesn't it get tedious, having the same talking point repeated to you your whole life? in 8 years obama signed two gun control bills: one to allow ppl to carry guns in national parks and one to allow ppl to carry guns on amtrak trains. even now that dems theoretically have the majority, they don't have a majority for any gun control issues. cmon now, this is a tentacle of the military industrial complex combined with the whole of the republican party. PTSD teenagers and outraged suburbians are no match whatsoever.


Buckeye seems sus lately


File: 1623552554230.jpg (136.96 KB, 486x576, 27:32, 1621561715765.jpg)


toothpaste, you dont know jack shit. california has been tightening down gun laws since the late 1980s. where california goes, the rest of the country slowly follows.
since 1989:
Robert-Roos assault weapon ban
- By name assault weapon amendment
- By feature assault weapon amendment
- 'High capacity' magazine ban amendment
All sold firearms after 2014 registered with the state
Pistol safety roster
Ammunition background check / restrictions / tax
'High capacity' magazine confiscation bill
'Ghost' gun registration

for fuck sake toothpaste those last 4 have happend in the past 5 years, its accelerating. very objectively theres far less i can do today, than there was 5 years ago. in short, go blow your european asshole out somewhere else


like fuck me this kinda shit just goes to show tpaste loves to talk down to other people about shit he has no clue on
an even greater irony being when he accuses you of regurgiating other peoples talking points, as he cluelessly does just that


File: 1623566009043.png (286.53 KB, 673x350, 673:350, 1620239895029.png)


>no kot


Sorry, bud, it's hard for my tiny brains to comprehend
>california rules are going to be murrica rules soon
I thought california was a communist hellhole? When will Alabama be a communist hellhole?
>most of these seem p reasonable
why would you require extended clips and/or assault rifles to protect yourself from burglars and/or hunt?
Registration seems like something gun sellers should have been doing from the get go. I've been seeing school shootings since I was a kid (late 90's) and ever since republicans have been telling people that their guns would be confiscated. I haven't seen it happen and I don't believe I will see it happen. A federal assault rifle ban in and of itself is going to be very hard to actualize and an all out ban on guns is completely insane and will never happen in burgertown. But I'm a euro looking from the outside in, so I don't know shit. I just know this school shooting-outrage-discussion about gun control-republican fear mongering cycle has been on repeat for 20 years, and I wondered if you ever tired of it. Apparently not, point taken.


Also, I have family in Vermont and from what I gather they have the highest concentration of communist soy boys and the laxest gun laws in the country, so why haven't they confiscated guns yet?


>highest concentration of communist soy boys
iirc theres only like half a mill people in the whole state
its literally just burlington. everywhere else is rural af
oh yea i guess brattleboro too cuz muh college
either way burlington is fucking stupid place ran by retards, and it just so happens to be where all the politicians live. nice skatepark at least
they got all kinds of stupid laws in burlington tho
idling your car?
want to open a chain restaraunt or mcdonalds?
unless youre starbucks in which case its like totally cool mannnn

my folks from VT always call em "crunchies" cuz theyre all a bunch of granola eating rich hippies-turned-yuppies that moved out there from cali after destroying their own state
and theyre doing a damn good job at destroying VT too

>the laxest gun laws in the country, so why haven't they confiscated guns yet?

and lowest gun crime
you can just go buy a pistol and take it wherever, no red tape at all.
VT would be fucking awesome if everyone were to just take those guns and shoot at all the cali transplants


oh boy its another tpaste completely ignores all the evidence to the contrary episode
theyre not going after your gun rights guise dont point out all the shit thats slowly been implemented over the oast couple decades tho that might make me look wrong :(
i hope you choke on a windmill of dicks you obtuse dutch homo





whoah i guess all those laws and restrictions that have been passed dont exist after all now!


I adressed it. Your false narrative of 'tpaste is ignoring what i say' is repetitive and annoying. A localized AR ban in 1989 and some amendments is hardly proof that they're coming to take your guns. Especially looking at what's taken place in other states with regards to gun legislation. How many more no permit open carry states since 1989? Murricans lik guns, make guns and will never get rid of them.


remember when t paste wasn't gay?


>why would you require extended clips and/or assault rifles to protect yourself from burglars and/or hunt?
thats not what 2A is for nigger, and besides that if you have a home invasion (think, mutiple big nigger bucks in georgia) you're going to want 10+ ready to go
>But I'm a euro looking from the outside in, so I don't know shit
ya thats right
>I just know this school shooting-outrage-discussion about gun control-republican fear mongering cycle has been on repeat for 20 years
>mongering cycle
its not mongering when its ongoing you mongoloid
CA w/ magazines and firearms is the perfect example
>X is BANNED for sale now
>but anyone that has them can keep them
>OK you can keep them but you have to register them
>lol oh the voters passed a new prop, you have to turn them in now
or any other several dozen things i can point to
your average fucktards obsession with school shootings is ridiculous, considering mass or school shootings are the smallest fucking drop of water in the giant bucket of nigger (primarily handgun) firearm crime


no from greek pottery to vaccines to guns he refuses to actually look into anything and just spouts whatever he think will get replies like hes deliberately being a stupid retard for replies and you dumb assholes keep falling for it or something
you can easily search up the myriad of laws that have been crammed through state by state if not on a federal level he doesnt because he knows some of you dumb fucks are cuc/k/old autists that will eat up and rage over every retard cnn tier claim he makes


<i just woke up
<the state has turned my into an unregistered felon multiple times over
cut me some slack, jack


>arguing with someone who wears wooden shoes


>wearing shoes


>having a windmill fetish


>having no topography


please don't do that, free the feet


>they got all kinds of stupid laws in burlington tho
are they the state that outlwaed billboards? that law is kind of based


>where california goes, the rest of the country slowly follows
I wouldn't say this is true, california is more like an experimentation ground where they pass stupid laws to see if they'll stick


there is a historical precedent that california steers the rest of the country due to its size and influence
exporting massive amounts of liberals and illegals into every other state probly helps


I'd argue that illegal spic immigration wan't unique to california. Mexicans were all over the south west, Florida had cubans, and Jew york had puerto ricans.


i'd say the prevalence of sanctuary cities, and later entire sanctuary state (and taxpayer provided state services specifically aimed at them) has made CA the premier choice for illegals entering the country. even if they dont stay, they're sure to know people here, and the damn near complete lack of threat from deportation can only help them get their bearings


yea i think thats cool too and thats been around for decades
but thats state law
burlington has its own laundry list of retarded yuppie laws. but again, things like starbucks are totally kosher cuz muh yuppies

you should see komrade bernies mansion just outside of town
its very nice lakeside property
would be a shame to see it re-distributed


the reason ricans go to NY and not some sanctuary state is because plane tickets
cheapest flight off the island is to either rochester intl or JFK intl iirc
plus all their cousins are here already

flying to cali would cost like 4 or 5 times as much, and i assume they wanna get off that shitty island ASAP, so da sauna it is


you can't be illegal if you're from rico, they are already citizens. so why not going straight to miami or da sauna.


I want to go to da sauna (Missouri citizen)


afrocaribbeans would get tore up in LA tho probably they don't want that smoke


its like $100 a pop as opposed to like $400
PR is turd world af, but being a territory, they use USD. this means that saving up a hundo for you and your entire extended fam takes a minute.
also yea most others dont like ricans which is bullshit imo, as i usually get on fine with the fuckers. even the rican gangbangers are more civilized than the cholo fucks. they just push dope and dont even really shoot at each other that much


up until a few years ago vermont only had 2 gun laws:
(1) no guns in school, church, fed buildings
(2) thou shall have no other gun laws (looking at you brattleboro)


Punjab: get vaxxed, or else
>no cell phone
>no restaurants
>no shopping
>we will think of more things when this doesn't work

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