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Why do midwits (hipsters, poltards, >you) always feel the need to give names to things and refer to them as such rather than just describing the act and in doing so retain the ability to add nuance contextually?
Is it a deliberate attempt to obscure their meaning from the (lower class) that they don't want to associate with?
Are they just unabashedly creating an artificial feeling of merit by adding unnecessary meta-textual depth to ordinary phrase?
Is it an attempt to overcome the limits of their working memory, or a habit formed out of such? You see this practice all the time in things that are very simple lockstep linear sequences though, so is such explicit naming of things a habit born out of something else? Is this a product of education, generations of varying discernment writing and teach to write to the level of the lowest, embedded and brought forth again in the mind of the reliant?


give me an example you goober


don't write goober
use normal words to describe what a goober is every time


i don't negotiate with fascists


How about you fuck off you godless sodomite



Things like 'culture jamming' spring to mind, but without having been there for the choice to use them in various publications I can't say how gratuitous and wasteful the popularization and use of that shorthand is. I'd have to physically present you an example in-context as well as a grasp upon the foundation of the term in question and that'd require me to do so.

I mean the practice conforms to the same kind of patterned prescriptive post as
Is it, that, by using a 'technical term' and in doing so limiting the ambiguity of connected context the goal itself is achieved? Is the purpose simply to make the language shittier, to cut down on the capacity for legitimate arguments to be formed in response and thereby turn a blind eye to the at best middling modality of their actual conclusions?


>How about you fuck off you godless sodomite
If you could make me you would.
What do you hope to accomplish by whining like a bitch?


yo you talk gay nikka


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tl;dr lmao
have sex incel






>1 post by this ID


>What do you hope to accomplish by whining like a bitch?
lol you wrote a whole tl;dr whining about some shit nobody else cares about and judging from the first part of it you think youre rally smart because of it if hes a whiny bitch youre a full blown tranny and not the racism thread kind


dude lay off the drugs, its bad for your long term wellbeing


>"why do you guys keep calling me a faggot?"


>meta-textual depth
>lockstep linear sequences
>generations of varying discernment
you're not applying for mensa, this is sportschan where people lik criket and hat pretentious douchebags.
put a small number of people on an imageboard for 7 years and they'll come out with their own inside jokes. despite your implied superiority, that never entered your thought process? maybe you're the midwit here budy, fuck you and your derrida textual turn theorizing. make yourself useful; watch and shitpost about sports.


Because by giving it a name you give it something that is easily recognizable, eliminating the need to constantly describe it whenever you want someone to understand it.
For example, we say 'bear', not 'brown big-dog that eats fish, berries, and honey and lives in the woods.' In the same way, we say 'simping', not 'willingly and freely giving your hard-earned money to sultry women on your computer screen without even the hope of sex or actual companionship, merely the illusion of it'. I hope this post will be enlightening for you, like bumping your head on a chandelier.

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