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its a tampa kinda day
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Onion domain: http://ylcjjrqko7pgobnvzreemm565ea3oj3c7rfqqb4x4twmay6hafv54mid.onion/


In light of recent anti-dotz attacks, we at sportschan will be performing a group IATA go yankees tribute on Saturday, June 12th at 4 PM ET.
We start at 3:30 and begin at 4:05. We plan on ending somewhere from 7:00 to 7:05, but you may stay afterwards if you choose.

#dotzlifematters #stopdotzhate


today is already june thirteenth


in retaliation an elderly woman and toddler will be shot at every publix until our demands are met


a team xots liks is dangerously close to winning a championship


That sound like ur a little xomophobic


counter protest starts at 3:00


is dotz broken?


No xhes just ditzy, buckeye and tpaste are honorary bucks, while GHOST watches


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me in the orange top

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