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its a tampa kinda day
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Kwiatkowski and Johnson said it was common knowledge among their teammates that Anderson abused players during the physicals they had to get from him, which Johnson said players jokingly referred to as “seeing Dr. Anal.”


I thought being a faggot was Kool tho


so is brady going to be in denial about this?


ok guyth i have to sonk your donks then poke yor pooterth for medical purpotheth okeeeeyyyy


nothing wrong with an extra-thorough penis inspection day


he was at manlet practice that day




File: 1623484157789.png (601.63 KB, 1633x1225, 1633:1225, Cock-Washer-2.png)

i had to skip penis inspection day last week because my cock washer got chinkypox


has anyone else ever had to go through balls inspection day?


of course. they check whether or not your balls have dropped. penis inspection day i don't remember, maybe it's only necessary in gock mutilating countries.


they check gock and balls in post soviet states. in middle school, high school and just before going into the service. might get your hog mutilated for free if you got phimosis


wew. hitler was right about the slavs.


only if its done 'legally'''

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