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so according to David Paulides, a lot of people disappear from national parks
sometimes their dead bodies appear in a place that people have already passed over a lot (like the main trail that the rescuers are using every day)
most of the time there are granite boulders around which would suggest a fey explanation


USA has 300+ mil people man, of course you're going to have some disappearances



File: 1626869448039.jpeg (566.36 KB, 1972x2000, 493:500, map-missing.jpeg)

>The above-displayed people map only shows what Paulides calls “411 cases,” or cases Paulides has deemed as having strange circumstances. This could be a case involving dogs that failed to pick up a scent, people who were found with missing clothing items, or cases involving people who traveled unusual distances after they were last seen.
they didn't debunk so good


gud documentary
ya. there's still some wild outlier cases. kids w no memory being found further away than pros can get to given the same time, and dogs couldn't find scent
how you explain that mr killjoy? they find a mario mushroom?


Missing 411 is pretty interesting even if its pretty much Coast to Coast tier fanciction.


everything art bell and his guests said is 100% true


subscribe to forum borealis thx


fuck man u make me wanna listen to old coast to coast episodes but they got shoahed off youtube
idk if it's copyright claims or anti-conspiracy but cringe


File: 1626889733448.mp3 (7.6 MB, 13 After Dark.mp3)


the never ending hole was my fav. I wonder how long art believed that retarded shit


there's a live channel on TuneIn that you can still listen to


File: 1626890394284-0.mp3 (14.07 MB, 2 Dyatlov Pass Incident.mp3)

File: 1626890394284-1.mp3 (13.74 MB, 3 Dyatlov Pass Incident.mp3)

File: 1626890394284-2.mp3 (13.5 MB, 4 Dyatlov Pass Incident.mp3)


with youtube though you could just search for art bell coast to coast and find great episodes because the most popular ones show up first
i will give this a listen and post my detailed thoughts


got a lot of old ones, mostly spooky stuff and alternative history though


did you get the one from the-eye.eu
that one has them all i think


no i got them from coast to coast so i only downloaded the ones that seemed most interesting at the time


nice they put them behind a paywall pretty recently
if your looking for more https://the-eye.eu/public/Radio/The%20Ultimate%20Art%20Bell%20Collection/Shows/ and https://the-eye.eu/public/Radio/Coast%20to%20Coast%20AM/ have i think all of them but i havent checked really
theres also a script at the bottom of the page that u can use to bulk download the whole folder


I dont know how people can watch these JCS videos. They make me want to take up vigilantism to just execute these people Judge Dredd style.

Some of these people are just the lowest forms of the human condition and deserve eradication.


I want to hit the paywall


fuck yes, lost this somehow
love you full homo


File: 1626898208742.mp4 (8.84 MB, 192x144, 4:3, Coast To Coast AM - Openin….mp4)

art bell and chill, doin some pranks in da sauna, broin out n stuff


Art Bell rally had such a comfy radio voice. I used to work a graveyard shift and listening to that show just made the whole shift.


i remember listening to it a lot during high school when i couldn't sleep
i'd cruise the AM band searching for talk radio to fall asleep to, and coast to coast was always there


calm down stayvun


Is it p normal for people to just p leave forever in the USA? sounds sus


what's jcs?


ya ya you seem like a bright guy write a book about stalin


lmao that part had me crackin up


main channel:


its great stuff but its can be sickening to watch some of these people



File: 1626924071241.jpg (118.22 KB, 500x500, 1:1, IAC CR.jpg)



>We can’t connect to the server at 5f1383411424f32a7b18b51b.5f141d946a168d2d54a3dfbc.5f12b51e465c1925fe47e74e.5f1413ea6a168d2d54a1235c.5f137a401424f32a7b18699c.yara.airlinesalerts.com


>yall niggas aint even coast to coast


you wanna watch someone that makes you wanna go kill, watch this one jcs ripoff dudes vid on larry nassar

the legendary level of repeated incompetence and negligence that led to that dudes """career""" existing is fucking insane


Larry is a /sp/ legend tho


What makes me want to kill is that this man was literally arrested for doing nothing wrong
Fucking bullshit, whores like Maroney wanted it tbh


Redpill me on Larry

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