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im hongry and all outta ass…


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get a part time job waxing kc fannies thx


ok its steak 🥩 and eggs 🍳 and mimosas 🥂 time


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huh interesting taco holder
i guess it provides some pretty good ergonomics
gotta say the phone popgrip i got helps me hold it much better


>im hongry
reminds me of this big stupid NIGGER bitch that was in my hs class, probly about 400+ lbs
i remember she walked into englihs class one day and sat down at her desk befor- WHAM!
fucking desk legs never had a chance. pancaked that shit flat, and she was stuck in the wreckage and had to be helped out
there was one time she was getting picked up from school and i recall her saying to the driver:
>'im HONGRY! can we get sum mcdonolds o' sumfin??'


how hard did you laugh


nervedamagebro pls


so thats what she means by wanting me to eat her pink taco

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