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Today edition

We wonder,—and some Anon may express
Wonder like ours, when thro' the wilderness
Where Sportschan stood, holding the Cuckime in chace,
He meets some meme huge, and stops to guess
What powerful and based race
Once dwelt in that annihilated place.
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butthurt hoholette lel


File: 1635031214504.jpg (276.76 KB, 1170x1758, 195:293, fauci coon destroyer.jpg)

they're puttin friggin spray in the vaccines to turn the friggin coons dead
spent like 1.8mil (taxpayer obv) on pup-speriments total, had em de-barked in the other chemical experiments cause dem too fucking loud while dying


nah, just glad it's not me getting rekt for once
i got learnt


i actually had to read about the ussr for school so im just correcting your bullshit about soviet russification and the other guys bullshit about the jew-run """nationalist""" paragon


not him, agreeing with you
would help if i wasn't plowed and formatted and phrased properly


why tho


>funded cruel experiments on dogs as young as six weeks old in order to test anti-parasitic treatments
ivermectin just got more interesting if you're a tinfoiler


because they're satanic sadists


anyone else get the feeling that millennials and zoomers are gonna become "lost generations"? I think their only saving grace is that after boomers there is no one able to run anything so they'll have to be in charge for awhile.


>implying boomers actually know how to run things


Yeah they do, there's shit like COBOL that pretty much only boomers know how to use


depends on how long this farce goes on imo
>ppl openly homicidal towards anything that isn't them
>rule of law is fucked
>pre-french revolution oligarchs on industrial revolution'd gmo hyper steroids
>surveillance state only getting worse
>medical apartheid
>dementia pedo runnin the ship
should've suffered a MAJOR restructure awhile ago based on economics alone but here we are and the corruption is just being used to further more totalitarian control so who tf knows
gonna depend on when reality sets in and can reasonably see this shitshow being propped up for another decade


yea i dont get it
russia is not a place to be if you can help it

same shit with iran, all cuz they like to balk at israel
everyone always tries to pretend its still the persian empire or some shit when its actually just a massive islamic shithole

people will get starry eyed for all kinds of stupid shit if it lines up with their worldview


we're starting to some effects on the economy now
>Price inflation
Everything is more expensive food is almost double the price is was last year
Microchip shortages have lead to car dealerships to run on empty
>Young people not working for peanuts
nearly every fast food and chain business I go to is staffed by boomers, hardly any teenagers or young adults working


>past societies have never increasingly disregarded laws made by out of touch retards and old people
this is what youre saying
also you already gave up before anything happened just because some fag hundreds of miles away said nuh uh youre more of a problem than some dipshit in a suit and those law enforcement agents can barely keep up with the crimes that are already happening adding a new law thats arbitrary as fuck and no one is actually going to report you for is only going to further stress an already bloated machine with too much shit to handle
im not even preaching some anarcho cuck bullshit either you can look at whats happening in the world as we speak and tell that cops and glowies barely have a handle on anything and operate mainly through fear
you have yourself by the balls and thats how they would prefer it


don't forget the hundreds of police and firefighter being laid off/quitting over the "vax" mandates


Health care workers as well. Yet NPR runs news about how short staffed hospitals are because they cant find people to be nurses or doctors
t. shot myself in the foot


i'm not saying that at all, and i certainly haven't given up. what i'm saying is that these out of touch retards and geriatrics are serving their masters and in that service they are obedient dogs. it is best to be wise and well-prepared for dealing with such dogs, and not to blindly charge in like rambo.


when do >we get to run things


File: 1635034629707.png (128.74 KB, 340x263, 340:263, Wile_coyote_cliff.png)

ya but >we've been hearing symptoms forever, look at kissinger and petrodollar back in the 70's
feels like overdrive now, but we're so far past sanity that intentional agenda is more likely
zoomers are gonna get vacuumed into the socialist/technocratic hellspawn evolution of this dystopian nightmare where the only choice is down at 100mph imo. no room for being lost.


who tf said anything about "charging" into anything? stop makin assumptions its annoying


Los Alamos national lab staff filed a lawsuit to push back against the gay mandate
>The plaintiffs include scientists, nuclear engineers, project managers, research technicians and others who have some of the highest security clearances in the nation for the work they do.


blockchain & health mandates will fix it budy
you're not wrong, but you know we're on the precipice and when has anything course corrected for the better? it's always just a mild delay
keep sucking down hopium, i'm taking niggerpill anally and we'll see who comes out on top: the moral conscientious objector or the multi trillion dollar and multi billion people strong all encompassing empire that you're blessed to be able to purchase food from let alone earn the "right" to do it


>zoomers are gonna get vacuumed into the socialist/technocratic hellspawn evolution of this dystopian nightmare where the only choice is down at 100mph imo. no room for being lost.
zoomers are still mostly children and they aren't one homogeneous group. There's a strong divide among the political left and right and there are a lot more "radical" types on both sides.


>i'm taking niggerpill anally
i know cause you're a whiny fag


is this what you call not deluding yourself and thinking kikes have god powers? shits bad but saying this apocalypse shit is just as retarded as anyone telling you it will suddenly turn to sunshine and rainbows
i think youre just looking for a justification for not doing anything to improve your own situation and you dont need one just dont fuckin do anything and lay down and die


great counterpoints. keep your head up champ! it'll all work out when you literally can only lease land due to property taxes and u lose right to work & bank due to vax and opinions
nope i'm covering my ass, it just doesn't include some cinderella story bullshit
life's fucked, deal with it


do you see "the system" being changed without collapse?


nothing i said was cinderella story bullshit and youre getting really passive aggressive
maybe try lifting instead of worshipping hews as gods
it probably wont change for anything but a collapse shits gotten later western roman empire tier


File: 1635036048307.jpg (23.19 KB, 303x566, 303:566, chinkpiss.jpg)

someone's hangry


how does that have anything to do with what I said?


guys jew won forever and theyre literally god but youre delusional for saying shit sucks but things arent going to stay terrible forever and ever




is tpaste niggerpill?


no i'm aggressive aggressive cause hope has worked against >our common goals for a long time
the scales aren't going to tip the other way without a massive uprising so let's take stock
jan 6 retards: solitary and no fly list
school board parent of a raped by tranny: terrorist watch list
floyd chauvin: lel
blm/antifa burning down cities: released without bail
name one win and there's two dozen precident setting losses

since you're allergic to bad thoughts aka reality, best play i can think of is to get into bumfuck unincorporated area and develop a community because it needs to get way worse before the forgiving christians and retards like you get it


>school board parent of a raped by tranny
you didn't hear? the school enrollment is way down and they lost their state funding


>since you're allergic to bad thoughts aka reality
This is called Pessimism bias


>two dozen precident setting losses
every ounce of hope just results in a mile of "progress", i'm gonna stay pissed
wake me up when the other side isn't 2 lawmakers


no matter what anyone says youre going to keep saying everythings lost
you win the internet argument i know better than to waste anymore time with this shit


>our common goals
why yes oneofus my goals are the same as yours i am sad forever i will now take the sissy bimbo pill and surrender to jewish niggers


lmao there's been one actual rebuttal and the dude whose daughter got raped by a tranny is still dealing with charges afaik
but the school enrollment is down!
wake up dipshit, stop killing the messenger and do something


becoming a sissy bimbo is actually based


i said you won you can shut the hell up now


you're retarded and countermining yourself and i will never let you forget how stupid you are


they lost their state funding, there are resignations, and the story is still ongoing

this is the last time I'm replying to you, because talking to you is like talking to a brick wall


so youre gonna continue acting like a woman no surprises there
i on the other hand am going to edit underwear onto a snake creature


File: 1635038996209.png (1.14 MB, 1500x1800, 5:6, 2f18fa3f1135cfacfc0f68e829….png)

>all this cope
things are still going to get a lot worse before they get better


daddy will continue to enlighten you when he feels like it here >>1400902






I'm only posting in one of these

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