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its here its queer its da lose all ur money thread buy silver
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wow Hillary, vary cool!


wheres da video on crcoin?






you GOT GOT nikka


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tiem to apologize for every post i made in 2015


best i can do is CRedditCoin


post in the correct thread (NOT THIS ONE!) or your fuckin ded


>this is white in brazil


also how tf do you just learn about dogecoin in 2021? fucking thing was a huge yimyam in 2014






when the shit is eth2.0 going to be available so that the damn gas fees aren't so heckin CHONKY talmbout $70 in network fees suck all my dikks


wtf just reduce the priority i only payed 30 in gas


>tfw mined dogecoin back in 2013
>tfw formatted my harddrive with my wallet and put linux on it


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i always thought dogecoin was just some reddit scam ever since it was a noosecar sponsor


it is a scam all pyramid schemes are a scam youre supposed to buy a lot when its cheap spread the word about it so others buy a lot and then when you think its hit a gud enough value you sell your supply and watch as people who are too slow on the uptake keep holding as the graph goes down


ya this is what im worried about and havent bougt anything yet. It alll seems like sum pyramid scheme and ur more likely to lose ur money than make it big, its still fun learning about it tho. Might try sum simulators to see if I would win anything.


its all about being informed on what youre buying
the ones who lose a lot of money are the kind of person who doesnt read shit and just buys top performers which frequently its already too late to buy and make any significant profit when they show up on that list and are about to nosedive into obscurity you gotta get some shit that costs nothing and wait for people to notice it
go hang around crypto forums or start looking at news about coins youll usually see people talking about something on those places right before it skyrockets


I forgot about that fucking car. I had a lot more laughs back then


whens the spcoin gonna launch?


soon as you make it
let >us know first tho i wanna make thousands of dollars with the 5


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get sum wombucks my guys


Blacked friday looking to buy me some silver :)


>normalnigger panic making it cheaper to buy stocks and crypto
maybe im falling for a trick but i wasnt doing shit with that money anyway all i know is im comin for you billionaires watch out
im only a couple hundred into this stuff but i lik it so far tbh idc if it crashes and burns



This is inaccurate to DBZ. I am upset, they completely disregard the lore of Dragon Ball Z by remembering Oolong's ability to transform.
Joking aside, This trailer looks neat, looking forward to the game not actually having cutscenes like this.


gud luck budy


idk i got a couple spy puts last week
sold for like 8% gain the same day.
Bought some yesterday they were up 20% before the market closed.
there is a LOT of uncertainty right now.
a lot of the big boys are sellin off
it could be a blip it could be a prelude to something real nasty.
crypto should be relatively safe, but there is big institutional money in that also so if they start sellin off those assets the prices on btc and eth, maybe not the smaller cap coins, will tank as well.
if you're prepared to hold on crypto and dca over a period of time I think you'd be sitting pretty in 2-5 years though.


bought that second set of puts on wednesday I mean


I'm starting to think there might be another "bad blip" like march 2020, but a big downturn if/when the fed raises interest rates
at the same time the fed raising interest rates has been this ever present threat for the last 10 years and it would in all reality make the US government debt un-serviceable.


yeah i was just planning on holding onto it for awhile i dont look at this shit often enough to do any day trading or whatever youd call the crypto equivalent
all i know is i looked at it this morning and saw everything nosedive also i realized after i made that post that its nigger friday so it could also be people cashing in on their digibux to buy plastic shit for children


recently there was also some new noises about the trial regarding the ownership of the keys in the "tulip fund" and the would-be sakamoto strayan (who also wants to basically cause a fork in the bc blockchain to align it with his bsv chain)
anyway, time to buy i guess if still low and you are playing it long


File: 1637969017843.gif (369.75 KB, 220x220, 1:1, klay-thompson-klay.gif)

tfw BAT might be a decent investment and not just a freefaucet gimmecoin


>tfw i cleared my cache and all offline data and my BAT wallet disappeared with it because i hadnt verified it yet
bye bye 300 dollars



how long ago did you clear/delete that shit?
have you tried using a tool like recuva that can scan your drive and recover deleted files?
post on https://community.brave.com/ and see if one of their techsupport monkeys can help, they do respond


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any of you niggers buy some flurks before they got shut down?




<even sped grills thirst trappin
there's no escape
females are apes


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I didnt buy anything all of the silver black friday deals were all shit or bundled and overpriced


i'd totally put it in minecraftcutie tho



no its gone for gud budy
not like i really worked for it tho so its not that big a loss


i thought you could still buy those on rarify or some shit
yah none of that shit was worth it


File: 1637979608686.png (427.58 KB, 604x453, 4:3, CHAD JUST.png)


Damn is he on roids?


All natty. Better watch who you JUST post about bro…


It's kinda obvious that he is


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