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its here its queer its da lose all ur money thread buy silver


where to buy silver wout jewy markup



u ever do any airdrops? https://coinmarketcap.com/alexandria/glossary/airdrop
i want free beer money for being a lazy nerd gimme mo' ideas
(but keep it in this thread cuz noone reads the lounge)


Is there a way I can buy crypto and not be gay?


not really


why would you want to be a heteronorm, are you a fag?


can we address the toxic wh*te attitudes in this thread?


Did Biden actually make a boomboom in his pants ?


take it to the /shart/ general pls


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become a beta alpha tester for whoretoken https://pleasurely.com/


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>buy silver
It was $20 oz earlier this month but nobody was selling near that price it was still 28-30 per oz fuccck now its even worse


all crypto niggers deserve the rope


why not do both? whys everything gotta be an either or battle its tiresome af seeing everything turned into a shia/sunni tier schism


yah i think i got into it too late
had too much shit goin on the past three years to focus on all this financial crap at all and now my moneys about to be hyperinflated like a dobson comic and theres basically fuckall i can do about it at this point


i bet uz a shia innit?


im hindi india nombr on shitslum pakdog go hom


who said no to both


>had too much shit goin on the past three years to focus on all this financial crap at all and now my moneys about to be hyperinflated like a dobson comic and theres basically fuckall i can do about it at this point
woa this is literally me


im yoo…


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why would i want to pay 100+eth ($430k) for a "noun"
what is the "compound governance"
i feel stupid everytime i look into these "on blockchain economies" because they are overflowing with jargon
>read da whitepaper
fuck you


idk it looks like a scam let retards fall for it and stick to makin monies and be glad youre not a retard




etherium network has realwork utility, basically all the tools for autocompleting smart contracts built in
i shot in 5k when eth was at 2.5k, so im almost up 100%
i have it cold wallet. its my emergency 'leave the country' money.
basically i predict it will get worldwide adoption, and if the US implodes it will be funds that still have worth and i'd have access too
otherwise im still playing the market. i either continue amassing a yuge amount, or if it all loses value then the US will be imploding and i'd have more pressing things to worry about like getting my next meal or shooting niggers


this site sells nouns?
brb buying "niggers"


them gonna use blockchain tech for id2020 tracking and prob to save (read: bleed dry another) currency, and globohomo
only trick is picking the ones they don't ban, but it's dumb to ignore it
chunk of ur dough in a cold wallet is smart play


tsla has been fun
still on a fuck yuge tear right now
damn near 1200 right now, up like 60% in the past couple weeks
from initial investment im up about 2500%


jesus, nice budy
michael burry kill himself yet?


how much for a single nigger?


Ya it's tough to find silver for less than like $3-4 over spot. Still, I think it's worth to buy in now at $24ish and pay around $28. Silver is undervalued and the price is only ever going to go up. It won't ever be a get rich kinda thing but is a great way to store wealth while fighting inflation.


he does the interracial wiggle


what site do you use?


what are some good places to get news on emerging technologies like all the shit elon has been pulling? im prolly too late to get anything out of tsla but theres gotta be some other shit in the works thats yrading low right now but will fuckin explode sooner or later


sharin some shitcoin picks:
XYO prob most stable, PAINT prob has most potential
in MEE as well, but idk. 200x to its high, parent company is on NASDAQ & has legit SEC connections but they're putting more effort into their other projects


jmbullion usually but also ebay, just gotta be careful of sketch on ebay


not really, sorry
battery tech is likely on the verge of some very, very big breakthroughs tho, fyi. companies that develop batteries are probly a good bet
the meta take on that would be to start thinking about technologies that aren't feasible now becoming feasible due to increased energy density/safety


Dysprosium is mixed within alloys used in wind turbines, electric vehicles and nuclear reactors.
Erbium is used in lasers and fiber optic cables.
Lanthanum is mixed within alloys that are used in batteries and hydrogen vehicles.
Ytterbium is used in displays, x-ray machines and fiber-optic cables.
Yttrium is used in radars and as an additive within alloys used in high tech devices.
Scandium is used for fuel cells and alloys used in jet planes.


theyve been saying that for like 15 years tho



File: 1635866738420.png (62.35 KB, 1270x397, 1270:397, ClipboardImage.png)


but can you fuck it?


with gockchain anytheng posibl



File: 1635897428633-0.jpg (40.93 KB, 500x500, 1:1, Krugerrand.jpg)

File: 1635897428633-1.jpg (66.46 KB, 560x560, 1:1, Philharmonic.jpg)

Oh yea if ur buying silber coins get one that doesnt have the a*glo qween on there bc bitch is ugly


you do your sissy mashed potatoatotopes


honestly coins are overpriced shit only buy em if you can undercut the current market for coins you rally want otherwise just buy shot and make your own coins or something
was like $24 earlier today 23.64 now


>chudcoins in a crypto thread


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File: 1635909563362-1.png (47.51 KB, 1436x403, 1436:403, ClipboardImage.png)


none of this seems right


>buy our crypto machine gaymergoy youll become a million overnight I guarntee it!! t.cryptoberg


File: 1635913384424.png (22.27 KB, 500x250, 2:1, Oekaki.png)


exactly. If you had a magic millionaire machine, why would you sell it for 10k instead of just using it yourself?


isnt it just a tool? ofc randos buying it arent gonna know what to do but someone willing to shell out 9800 dollars for it probably actually knows how to use it to turn some kind of profit. maybe not millions but a nice chunk of
i lost interest in my devils advocate post halfway through it i have no idea how cryptomining works


any moonshots or memeshit cryptos i can put 100 in and make another 50k on?


File: 1636074936486.jpg (109.22 KB, 970x546, 485:273, not a commie but.jpg)


crypto is just another glownigger psyop


your existence is a psyop and we should all stop fallin for it


your mother


total psyop i was born from a virgin mans ass i am the antichrist


>isnt it just a tool? ofc randos buying it arent gonna know what to do but someone willing to shell out 9800 dollars for it probably actually knows how to use it to turn some kind of profit. maybe not millions but a nice chunk of

You can make like around $25 to $30 to $50 a day mining. It depends on your rig. There's miner calculators online that calculate how much you can earn if you wanna look more into it


i might do that ive got a pc i dont use anymore may as well burn it out on this shit for the hell of it
dunno if its even powerful enough for that


you end up using just as much in electricity so at best you break even


pops my boy bussy in the thread white boy wiggle giggle


do a white boy slide`


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do the white boy wiggle iggle


File: 1636153873770.jpg (61.41 KB, 822x1024, 411:512, FDdzrJxXMAgk4Mp.jpg)


whose daddy eats booty and means it?


yeah mine and im the booty wiggler so good at it they might as well nickname me the ass


hahaha okay

the "ass"


fucking hate the faggots that are here i only take it from girls with strapons or trans women who are 7 inches and up


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you should be able to find a calc that let's you put in your kWh price, i think asic has a calc for that on their site


i literally did that for you ungrateful dickbags here >>>>1405256 and everyone just chud'd out hurrrrrrrrr durrrrrrrrrr >>1405272 hurrrrrr durrrr i don't believe you


*dickbags here >>1405256


i dont believe you


thats not how much i pay for kW/h thanks though


File: 1636159570942.png (1.04 MB, 1732x708, 433:177, ClipboardImage.png)

yeah i know you'd be hard pressed to turn a profit in most residential utility setups, the one I posted is a hosted miner in nebraska and that's the kw/h at that facility (they also have some other setups with locations in russia running on hydroelectric)



really thinkin about riggin up some stuff to mine solana at work


i like to mine wadrianna with my gock


do they charge rent or what



Shouldn't running high levels of electricty through all this silicon be extremely not ecofriendly ?

How long till the Reset Occupied Government litlaqs crypto mining ?


yeah hard lefties and from what ive seen anarcholefties really hate mining like a lot


okay bozo rent is a part of that with the recurring fees and first months deposit is in the fixed fees


>Shouldn't running high levels of electricty through all this silicon be extremely not ecofriendly ?
at this point its prolly as big prolly bigger of a waste of energy as any singular thing in history


File: 1636218504123.png (1.06 MB, 864x1578, 144:263, joos.png)

idk bro all these dudes are either joos or (((hibernians))) why would I trust 10K to these heems?


scottish people are our friends


Like one miner costs a total of $10,000 if you decide to go forward with it


hey thanks can i hire you to just tell me thangs i already know?


retiring rich with these brave browsy bux awoooo


>redoing my recurring buys
>accidentally spend an extra 70 dollars
im glad im starting off with little breadcrumbs im p sure if i went balls to the wall with this id probably have just fucked myself out of a couple grand with that little slip up


holy shit THIS


ladbro pls


Gaelic people are the master race.
t. Anglo-Celt


any of them "metaverse" """crypto""" """thangs"""" worth """"playing""""


gaylicks dont exist anymore youre all germanoid mutts


they're mostly miscegenated with norse
norse aren't germen
that's just a delusion of the germen trying to pretend they wuz vikangz


File: 1636552941283.png (79.72 KB, 770x505, 154:101, sipsluuuuuuurp.png)

goode mornee


morning budy


soak your gooch in apple cider vinegar
peroxide your pudenda


this isn't the rottencrotch thread


they just called rottencrotch to explain why he shot those jews
5 minute recess


File: 1636835702055.jpg (119.54 KB, 1080x1074, 180:179, 43bf5e90b02880e460fa0e5400….jpg)

how do I mine crypto?
Is it even worth mining with a gpu? t.1070 owner
how do i buy shitcoins? what platform to use?
thinking about about buying monero but what do i know


re: mining you need to live in a area with low enough electricity costs to turn a profit, or you can do a hosted "colocation" type of setup with a host that provides facilities in such locations.
you'll also have a tough time making any money without using hardware (mining rig) designed for maxxing out hashrate efficiently

you can use a calculator like: https://www.coincalculators.io/ and specify your hardware and kw/h utility pricing to estimate what your costs/earnings would be


wot platform do u use to buy and trade shitcoins?
should i use traders like binance and kraken or are there better ones?


yeah just use whatever has the lowest fees and the cashout minimums that meet your needs. i don't know about where to buy shitcoins, but i buy btc/litecoin/eth on kraken and cex.io
even tho reddit is reddit it does have communities for most shitcoins that will have the info you need and it's a good place to monitor for market zeitgeist and trends


what wallet software do you use to store shitcoins with? or its not necessary?



File: 1636842376773.jpeg (1.78 MB, 2082x1461, 694:487, 82b92b9374de7f8eca263058d….jpeg)

thx again
what are sum cheap shitcoins i should buy and make sum shekels on :)


FREN https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/frenchie-network/
honestly i have no idea about shitcoins you'll have to spend time diggin thru the memes to maybe ride one to the mooon


here's what another spartman said >>1404669


anybody holdin MANA


no i stared at it and watched it get big and drooled like a retard before it occurred to me to buy any and by then there wasnt any point
i lik droolan
also while im on the topic of being a drooling idiot is coinbase a bad platform to use? hard to get an honest nonshill opinion just from a search these days


idk anymore they banned me in 2014


is there a niggercoin yet?
i dont want to invest in anything i cant put to work


thers a blackcoin dont know if thats nigger enough for you since its cheap and noone wants it


>i dont want to invest in anything i cant put to work
then why are you asking about a niggercoin


he does a sissy mashed potatoes


with a baby gravy salad


>be shitcoiners
>but muh central banks an shieeeet
>muh decentralized tho <333 owo
>create tether as """stable dollar backed 1 to 1 coin"""
>literally never do that for even a second
>become one of the most traded shitcoins overnight
>get investigated for half a billion $s in fraud
>dont have it obv
>print half a billion $s of tether
>see? all good bruh
ffwd to now
>follow the example of daddy fed and just rub your hand together to make billions of dollars on a fucking whim

lol GG retards
you hated central banks so much that you ended up making even MOAR of them, and theyre even LESS accountable than the archkikes we have now
and dont even get me started on the dudes behind tether
fucking hell


NGR iirc was definitely a memecoin a few years back
had the whole bixnood pic and everything


yeah i dont care about that shit im going to use the imaginary money to make more imaginary money so i can convert it to fiat (more imaginary money) and buy physical assets with it
nothing involving banking is anywhere near moral or sensible so who gives a shit if some nerd programs another currency for money laundering or whatever


i want it to work for free


naw i mean i get it and ive literally done exactly that myself before.

the point tho is that one of the main currencies and arguably the one with most connection to actual irl use, thats paired with basically every single other coin is total cotton candy bullshit dreamland fluff on par with any other literal scamcoin you could name. quite literally held up by collective prayer.
at least in based and redbulled trad fractional reserve banking when some large bank/currency/govt/whatever goes tits up cuz "LOLE WE HA$ NO MONEY$$$ xDD" the other banks can just pick up the pieces at firesale and the scam can continue with only some scraped knees.
theres always some other large centralized bank or shadowy institution that can vacuum up all that trash debt, be it govt, corporate, mortgages, whatever: SOME faggot will buy it because the system was set up so that risk can be rewarded

shitcoin market has no such safety net. when a coin goes tits up its like pink sheets. it might as well be radioactive and ALL liquidity is gone immediately. no one even wants to run markets on it.
it was iraqui dinar tier on the shitcoin et al
this happening, at any intensity, to tether specifically would be vary vary baddddd


tl;dr i just wish tether would stop masturbating to keynes blown-out asshole and do what they were supposed to be the shitcoin HK$. theyre actin like theyre ODing on QE
theyre gonna blow it


thats why i bought ether


you're about 10 years too late


so you're saying there's a crypto elite that nobody can ever reach now?


i almost made a 800k mistake with options contract once
fucking etrade option panel for etherium, thought it was 1 buy = 1 coin (no indication in the panel it was otherwise), was actually 1 buy=1 contract of 40 coin (listed outside the panel on an outside website)
luckily when i tried to do a a purchase of 40 contracts it failed because i didn't have enough margin (only about 400k margin at the time)
no, just that you're too late in the mining game to bother. can still speculate a little. dont bother using an exchange tho, its just a ripoff until you want to cash out IMO


>derivatives on ETH
lol absolute madlad


if it woulda went through i'd have like 4 or 5 mil right now


well duh options are based
thas a lotta options tho
might be TOO based


File: 1636912553777.jpg (196.36 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, Silk_Road_Seized.jpg)

>pulled up silk road on oct 2 2013 to finalize an purchase of an oz of beautiful neon-cat-piss smellin NYC Diesel buds i just received
>saw pic rel
>saw btc trading down like $20 at around $90usd
>prepared a $4000 btc purchase in coinbase
>got high af and decided not to click confirm
$3mil regret


oh ok i get what you mean
i think maybe some kind of safety net will be established when the handwringers really get in on the action and start trying to centralize it all but who tf knows its all a big gamble even so called "experts" squabble over seemingly everything about this shit so they dont know either


>i think maybe some kind of safety net will be established when the handwringers really get in on the action and start trying to centralize it
see thats the thing
it wouldnt take much. all it would take is an actual audit and itd be ogre
like do you think these dudes have $73B in assets just laying around? do you think thats even possible?
if were goin by their 1 to 1 mission statement, they only had like $17B this time last year
so they supposedly have like 4.5x times as much assets in a year
its fuckdiculous

i mean ill speculate, but shit is precarious


Arentt there still some coins that could go up in value like btc such as etherium or others?


im bullish on ether, but i dont think you're going to get 1000+% returns.


mining them (vs just buying them) is not as easy to turn a profit anymore because the mining pools are full of ASIC antmining rigs. you can get in on that if you want to put down some money up front on multiple rigs and put em where you can get cheaper electricity


thoughts on chainlink?


how come no one has bothered to utilize NFTs for anything other than painfully low effort jpgs and stale yims? the tech is seemingly perfectly set up to basically destroy modern (((copyright law))) in the music industry, and to an extent, subvert the current recording industrys whole business model


File: 1636938922068.webm (2.7 MB, 848x478, 424:239, 1_4940946809863275134.webm)


so wait how the fuck do i make these? i can make low effort memes


idk but you better make a crcoin


give it time this shit only popped up very recently


fuck it
ill do it myself


what about those dapps or whatever that claim you can earn crypto by playing them? whats the catch i know theres a catch


the catch is that the coins you earn by playing or collecting virtual cats or whatever are expected to be mostly used for respending within the virtual world and are worth comparatively little in real world currency per time spent clickin shit, when you factor in the exchange fees/eth gas price and minimum cashouts.
caveat: i don't know wtf i'm talking about but that's just my understanding which is worth slightly less than nil. there are certainly some opportunities to get lucky with some virtual world coins that can be earned by clikin shit and which also are seen by speculators as moonshot options (maybe MANA >>1409850 for example? i need to get around to trying that "game" although it looks like second life)
but ultimately every time i pull on o deez up (.e.g https://om.elvenar.com/) i think i'd rather spend my time doin somethin else if i want to have fun(gaming) and just buy the damn tokens if i want to make (fake money)


>are expected to be mostly used for respending within the virtual world
what i meant by "expected to" is that the payouts per in-game/metaverse action are such that they are not conducive to much profitability by frequent withdrawal from their virtual world
again, this is coming from someone very uninformed, i'm the same guy asking above in the thread similar questions to you, i'd like to understand it better but i'm too lazy to really dive deep into any of these things mostly cuz the gameworlds thangs are really gay i don't give a fuck about hatchin gay alien kot nfts from digital eggs i got reall kots they qt as fuck kwim


>tfw neopets was 20 years ago


u better not b fuckin dose kots u basterd


>20 years ago
i still play it today


its gacha shit combined with like a MLM scam or something
if you want munny you should be figuring out how to make one yourself to scam retards


File: 1637027675912.jpg (594.05 KB, 2260x1232, 565:308, grift.jpg)


missin most of crypto makes me want to gamble a lot


are these essentially the prices for getting a commercial for some noname scamcoin for etubers?


ok just had an interesting thought
>be USG
>print billion trillion dollars to prop everything up
>need some way to get money out of circulation
>need to not actually get converted into commodities
>make a thousand different scam coins that will never be exhangable for fiat or commodities
>crash them all at once


yeah but "mentions" or "reviews" not commercials


I wouldn't be surprised if a bunch of third world shit holes are doing that right now. That plan is too retarded for USG tho


wait I mean the USG is too retarded for that plan


getting eceleb patsys to promote your scamcoin is the new black


i will discuss this in more detail on my 13 episode Hardcore Hysterectomy: CryptoBoom series podcast you can get the first 2hours of the first half of the first episode for free!


is there a store where I can buy mugs, t shirts, and more!? You know, to support the podcast


is not even about cryptocoins in particular, "influencers" are just professional shills, ie mouths for sale


File: 1637079967031.png (9.19 KB, 800x473, 800:473, 5009f7e3f0b200773795664031….png)

ok crypto budys, i have decided to invest 250gbp into the shitcoins market. Its a good thing im too stoopid to know how to buy this junk that the prices of ethethrium and monero are cheaper than they are a week ago. Is it a good time to buy right now or should I wait a week when they might crash even further bc of bidets new crypto law amendment section 6050II? I have even more gbp to invest in but im too much of a sissy to invest it all since I the crypto bubble might pop soon, but what do i know. advice pls /sp/?


i stopped paying attention to prices awhile ago because crypto is mostly controlled by whales, and no one knows with regulations. shits gone way up after reg announcements before, also tanked. it's random.

if u think the bubbles gonna pop and still want to invest you're obv ok with losing it, so my only advice is to set up some formula rules now and stick with them
-% of shitcoins to big ones BTC/ETH/Link etc. if ur planning on losing it anyway, smaller mcap shitcoins=more potential gains
-% of gains to take profits at (tons of different approaches on this. mostly depends on what your tx fees are)
-stop losses are up to you, i don't use them personally because it usually goes back up at some point and the loss write off is nice
-if ur going to use metamask instead of an exchange always keep a chunk in ETH for fees so you don't get stranded

the safest way to do it is to DCA into a couple legit projects and just leave it. can set aside a % just for that, it's gud piece of mind.


eth and monero aren't shitcoins, they're established cryptocurrencies with utility beyond just speculation and will have much less volatility over time than shitcoins

are you seeking moonshots (xtreme high risk/extreme high reward over a short term)? then shitcoins/memecoins are indeed what you're looking for and someone else on here might be able to give you recs


haven't paid attention to moonshots in awhile. 99.9999% aren't DOGE or SHIB where they 100x and stay there though. you have to autistically babysit them cause you'll make ur money in like a 2 hour window then it'll tank
made a mint but it's too stressful for me, only ones i'm in currently are


>are you seeking moonshots (xtreme high risk/extreme high reward over a short term)?
i kinda want a mix of both shit coin and stable since i hope to make money in either, although it seems from here and other places that ship sailed by a while ago.


tbh analyzing shitcoins is even dumber than traditional stonk analysis
just go full random walk and pray


>we need your ID and SS in order ot buy shitcoins
guess thats it cryptobros my cryptojourney endedd before it even started


that'll teach me to effort post


i thought buy and trading cryptoo was ananonymoose why do i have to do all that if i wanna buy some meme imaginary money


if it helps you any im the other guy who stopped because of that earlier but went ahead anyway and i can use your effort to swell my imaginary money accounts
i stopped caring about them having my drivers license and ssn because im p sure theres worse people who have already been watching me closely for years now


did you make any friends along the way?


because everything digital will betray you. Crypto, VPNs, hell one day when dudder is indicted at the Senate he might betray CR.


taxes. there's other ways to do it, not sure if they're in this thread or an old today thread tho
same. i'll sellout for this much $. not like they're not actively hunting >our info for free or won't do it at gunpoint soon anyway.
good luck budy


File: 1637114344455.jpg (30.38 KB, 450x372, 75:62, 96a89500c3ec3d5e8bd6c894aa….jpg)

FINE FINE ill sign up and buy later in the week, cheer up spart its all daijoubu. I wont disappoint you sensei and will embark on a bouken to lose all my money.
yeah ur now my anime adventure budy lets lose our virgi- i mean money
idk u wanna be my frend?
u sure CR is not the Senate?


i lost my virginity awhile ago and need to buy a new one why you think im trying to make big dollars?


Uh if i buy this meme money will the irs niggers come after me?


File: 1637180396952.png (376.77 KB, 693x386, 693:386, ClipboardImage.png)

we did it sprehs


the irs raided me took my islands my personal plane and everything


are you…a Pokeman?


nooo not the heckin namerinooo theyre destroying los angelese history


fuk u. milcel is literally crying right now. lebron's reputation is ruined!


proud to be an okie from muskogee


i'm an arkansas chuggabug and you suck my dikk


yah if you cash it all out at once from an exchange instead of moving your shit to cold storage and using crypto atms
only if you make some srs gains tho they dont give a shit if you only make a couple hundred bucks tehyll only get like a few dozen dollars out of you for that shit


ah i see now thx


Yah its a good thing I havent bought anything yet eth and xmr are all down since when they were a week ago. I might wait a little while until maybe eth crashes down more until I buy. Realistically do u think eth will ever go up to btc price levels in the future?


i'm still learning about ETH, but have read some people's opinion that it will eventually become an albatross due to it's technical design and replaced by POW blockchains that have learned from it's mistakes. However there is no denying that ETH currently has a lot of institutional weight behind it and "web 3.0" momentum carrying it for another couple years I would guess, since so many thangs depend on it's chain and there are layer 2 eth network solutions to lower the gas costs of using ethereum https://ethereum.org/en/developers/docs/scaling/layer-2-rollups/

the following is not my quote:
>It is so widely used because it was the first to market. It has so many issues it isn't even funny how terribly built the chain is. It won't last the test of time and technology wise it is already outdated. Don't get me wrong it was extremely revolutionary for crypto but we now have much better designed and developed chains.
There are better PoW chains that are more efficient, use less power, more secure, use less storage space (which is a huge issue for ETH and BTC), less fees, more decentralized etc. There are already chains doing PoS better than the plans ETH 2.0 has. I use to own a bunch of ETH, I have recently traded most of it for these better planned chains.Widely used does not make something automatically good.


I wanna become a cryptoid


File: 1637251761132.png (92.58 KB, 456x541, 456:541, Reptar.png)

be a reptar instead


lizards r gay


i staked a little bit into eth2, guess i could always sell immediately when it goes up after release and make a little bit of money


why is btc crashing so much lately? Is the bitcoin/shitcoin bubble gonna pop?


spreh this hardly counts as a blip in crypto


look at bitcoins chart
as in the whole chart from the beginning its probably entering a massive dip soon and will be much lower in price for a little bit (months possibly a couple years) and then jump way the fuck back up again


Can someone explain to me why the financial elite is allowing all these meme currencies to exist instead of just regulating the fuck out of them into non-existence?


theyll get around to it eventually theyre not really capable of doing shit to most of them just yet
theyre only just now beginning to sink their claws into bitcoin



it's all about connections, pay attention to what new chain is doing what and whom knows whomst and post it cause i cbf these day


none of them are even remotely a threat to the status quo, as it is little more than idiots throwing a bunch of money around at 1's and 0's on the internet that'll disappear once the internet kill switch is flipped.

once a cryptocurrency that is backed by valuable physical objects such as gold or silver shows up they'll give a damn.


File: 1637380540826.png (208.05 KB, 642x337, 642:337, hillary clinton crypto.png)



if you spegros are somewhat crypto-newbs and like being spoonfed by yutubers when learning shit this David Bowie Thin White Duke lookin motherfucker has a decent channel with short vids


wow Hillary, vary cool!


wheres da video on crcoin?






you GOT GOT nikka


File: 1637384592617.png (882.61 KB, 896x497, 128:71, ClipboardImage.png)



tiem to apologize for every post i made in 2015


best i can do is CRedditCoin


post in the correct thread (NOT THIS ONE!) or your fuckin ded


>this is white in brazil


also how tf do you just learn about dogecoin in 2021? fucking thing was a huge yimyam in 2014






when the shit is eth2.0 going to be available so that the damn gas fees aren't so heckin CHONKY talmbout $70 in network fees suck all my dikks


wtf just reduce the priority i only payed 30 in gas


>tfw mined dogecoin back in 2013
>tfw formatted my harddrive with my wallet and put linux on it


File: 1637395886319.jpg (153.58 KB, 1310x873, 1310:873, 3a1003aafd8368f530b371ac91….jpg)

i always thought dogecoin was just some reddit scam ever since it was a noosecar sponsor


it is a scam all pyramid schemes are a scam youre supposed to buy a lot when its cheap spread the word about it so others buy a lot and then when you think its hit a gud enough value you sell your supply and watch as people who are too slow on the uptake keep holding as the graph goes down


ya this is what im worried about and havent bougt anything yet. It alll seems like sum pyramid scheme and ur more likely to lose ur money than make it big, its still fun learning about it tho. Might try sum simulators to see if I would win anything.


its all about being informed on what youre buying
the ones who lose a lot of money are the kind of person who doesnt read shit and just buys top performers which frequently its already too late to buy and make any significant profit when they show up on that list and are about to nosedive into obscurity you gotta get some shit that costs nothing and wait for people to notice it
go hang around crypto forums or start looking at news about coins youll usually see people talking about something on those places right before it skyrockets


I forgot about that fucking car. I had a lot more laughs back then


whens the spcoin gonna launch?


soon as you make it
let >us know first tho i wanna make thousands of dollars with the 5


File: 1637531951334.png (849.94 KB, 1572x659, 1572:659, ClipboardImage.png)

get sum wombucks my guys


Blacked friday looking to buy me some silver :)


>normalnigger panic making it cheaper to buy stocks and crypto
maybe im falling for a trick but i wasnt doing shit with that money anyway all i know is im comin for you billionaires watch out
im only a couple hundred into this stuff but i lik it so far tbh idc if it crashes and burns



This is inaccurate to DBZ. I am upset, they completely disregard the lore of Dragon Ball Z by remembering Oolong's ability to transform.
Joking aside, This trailer looks neat, looking forward to the game not actually having cutscenes like this.


gud luck budy


idk i got a couple spy puts last week
sold for like 8% gain the same day.
Bought some yesterday they were up 20% before the market closed.
there is a LOT of uncertainty right now.
a lot of the big boys are sellin off
it could be a blip it could be a prelude to something real nasty.
crypto should be relatively safe, but there is big institutional money in that also so if they start sellin off those assets the prices on btc and eth, maybe not the smaller cap coins, will tank as well.
if you're prepared to hold on crypto and dca over a period of time I think you'd be sitting pretty in 2-5 years though.


bought that second set of puts on wednesday I mean


I'm starting to think there might be another "bad blip" like march 2020, but a big downturn if/when the fed raises interest rates
at the same time the fed raising interest rates has been this ever present threat for the last 10 years and it would in all reality make the US government debt un-serviceable.


yeah i was just planning on holding onto it for awhile i dont look at this shit often enough to do any day trading or whatever youd call the crypto equivalent
all i know is i looked at it this morning and saw everything nosedive also i realized after i made that post that its nigger friday so it could also be people cashing in on their digibux to buy plastic shit for children


recently there was also some new noises about the trial regarding the ownership of the keys in the "tulip fund" and the would-be sakamoto strayan (who also wants to basically cause a fork in the bc blockchain to align it with his bsv chain)
anyway, time to buy i guess if still low and you are playing it long


File: 1637969017843.gif (369.75 KB, 220x220, 1:1, klay-thompson-klay.gif)

tfw BAT might be a decent investment and not just a freefaucet gimmecoin


>tfw i cleared my cache and all offline data and my BAT wallet disappeared with it because i hadnt verified it yet
bye bye 300 dollars



how long ago did you clear/delete that shit?
have you tried using a tool like recuva that can scan your drive and recover deleted files?
post on https://community.brave.com/ and see if one of their techsupport monkeys can help, they do respond


File: 1637970386151.png (126.8 KB, 500x376, 125:94, flurks.png)

any of you niggers buy some flurks before they got shut down?




<even sped grills thirst trappin
there's no escape
females are apes


File: 1637972734576.webm (1.34 MB, 480x360, 4:3, JUST.webm)

I didnt buy anything all of the silver black friday deals were all shit or bundled and overpriced


i'd totally put it in minecraftcutie tho



no its gone for gud budy
not like i really worked for it tho so its not that big a loss


i thought you could still buy those on rarify or some shit
yah none of that shit was worth it


File: 1637979608686.png (427.58 KB, 604x453, 4:3, CHAD JUST.png)


Damn is he on roids?


All natty. Better watch who you JUST post about bro…


It's kinda obvious that he is


File: 1638044574710.jpg (109.32 KB, 1206x1471, 1206:1471, nfts.jpg)

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