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because when yesterday is all used up like a busted tranny you rally have nuthin
– lil tar babby earfqocc, II
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>nu variant


well done polen, are they paying the flights themselves or did some government somewhere cough up the tickets?
and will you build da wall? if eu doesnt pay for it your regime-change shenanigans will end up costing you a pretty penny


>muh nuvariant plastered across all newsrags
>right on time to justify the suppression of protests taking place across europe


Isn't Conor shitposting here?


guess someone made a new bot?
>>right on time to justify the suppression of protests taking place across europe
they didnt need extra justification nobody who is protesting would buy this new variant shit and the ones that would buy into it already support the governments putting boots to necks



I want to say a very special thanks to Play-Asia for doing what Nintendon't and looking forward to my physical copy of this game soon. The Fatal Frame games are very dear and special to me as I was a dedicated fan of this series from the beginning and to have Nintendo constantly bury the series time after time really disgust me. Hopefully future entries of this series continue outside Nintendo's reach.


whys it doin the weird spaces for the replies tho?




I liked it, was genuinely challenging and required thought and planning, unlike most video games


avoiding flood detection or some shit maybe idk


tbh im running it off and on cause im tweaking it
trying to figure out why its doing that myself


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File: 1637951794127.jpg (32.53 KB, 810x540, 3:2, creepcrate.jpg)

and OMICRON shall be it's name


File: 1637952233528.png (492.2 KB, 674x793, 674:793, lw5.PNG)

she will tho


kinda hope that unlike alec baldwin he kills someone on set worth killing, like the jewish producers


File: 1637955725985.mp4 (767.25 KB, 726x720, 121:120, Words.mp4)


does mel have jewish producers?


its doin that cause your a faggot and it wants to escape your control but the post box, its cage, just gets larger the more it tries to run away you have created a machine you can torture god damn you to hell you cruel maniac let that robot go
this instant!


File: 1637968877403.png (66.69 KB, 400x400, 1:1, naughty.png)

>got my pfizer booster and my flu shot all together today
i hope it makes me the gayest frog ever xoxo


why its all as scam


>motorcycle armor
>punisher mags
>gimp masks
niggers, everyone.


File: 1637969252723.jpg (702.2 KB, 2560x1704, 320:213, 1637964862965.jpg)


dude that overlaps with every bluelivesmatter/patriotfaggot currently
they smother everythang in punisher shit


there are no non-jewish producers


>At least 27 migrants drowned last Wednesday when their inflatable dinghy sank off the northern port of Calais, France while trying to cross the channel to Britain.
frogs and bongs blaming each other for the death of some vibrants
also the dispute over fishing permits goes on with sea ports and the channel temporarily blocked in protest by french fishermen


another week, another yid bombing of syria
missiles fired after invading lebanese air space
syria claims they shot down most but some got through: 4 killed (2 civilians), 7 injured (1 civilian), some material damages


holy shit i can't wait til it's illegal WORLDWIDE to critize israel i want HOTT drones over EVERY HOME ready TO BUST


we wuz wukanda n sheeit


File: 1637973727045.jpg (113.2 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)

niggers really need to learn how to swim


as time goes on im gettin more appreciation for the elegance of it all
like, they dont even have to care if ANYONE gets the jab. all they need to do is say that they need enough jabs for EVERYONE.
pfizer makes their money producing and shipping it. past that, it really doesnt matter if it sits unused in the back of some pharmacy for 20yrs, or gets tossed into the ocean, cuz the money has already been made. pfizer just magics gorrillions of dollars of profit out of thin air, and all the cunts that own pfizer stock get a nice ol RoI
then, whenever panic starts to die down, call up cousin moishe over at CNN and tell him to doom and gloom about muh nu-variant and thus some nu-booster, and the cycle repeats

like its honestly p brilliant. its literally what id do if i was trying to cheese some strategy game like civilization or whatever


on the reeeeel, its actually very difficult to outswim a sinking boat. if youre anywhere near the wreck as it starts to rapidly fill up with water, youll basically be getting sucked back into the boat with incredible force

im sure being racially inept at swimming didnt help any of em, but even if they were holding onto some random piece of flotsam, if theyre too close, its ogre


yeah but at least the patriautists use actual armor most of the time


it was an inflatable dinghy


its an inflatable dingy dude, not a fuckin ship
it slowly deflated and the moment they're brown monkey nigger bodies touched the water the drowning reflex kicked in and they all died


File: 1638021223214.mp4 (4 MB, 640x640, 1:1, 4_5839349531761708063.mp4)



so this is what sissy mashed potatoes looks like


Listen spreh, i honestly don't expect you to understand such a superior concept, but me and my fellow budys put in work in and out of the spartschang. I don't intend to "flex upon you" but i've earned 25 CR badges, as a yung and naive spartman! Just a heads up, every filthy so called "meme" you post is just insulting a future speehad warrior. I kindly ask you to stop before things get out of hand


>nig breaks into SWAT jerks home, steals arsenal
>posts monkeygram flashin dem gats
>racine, wi county supervisor donates to his bail fund


looks like what i did to the toilet


lel as if you need anymore excuse to never rely on cops or any authorities for your safety
if you do home defense do not call these people just cut the body up and dump it in multiple states then spray ammonia all over where any blood was


the jerkop was stupid enough to let some monkey steal his shit?


File: 1638056228836.jpg (216.93 KB, 1200x1120, 15:14, rittenhouse sister.jpg)

nice honkers




cash me ousside how bou da


I hope you know that the whobr you have a crush on is literally a BBC Only skank with aids and gnoherria.




google it
i aint spoonin' you


spoon me right now you dick nosed fag


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