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because when yesterday is all used up like a busted tranny you rally have nuthin
– lil tar babby earfqocc, II


first for people of color


second for death to aemrica


File: 1637599648037.jpg (755.68 KB, 1085x1294, 1085:1294, 1634346501926.jpg)


File: 1637599734566-0.mp4 (2.79 MB, 720x720, 1:1, shamima.mp4)

File: 1637599734566-1.png (263.18 KB, 727x635, 727:635, ClipboardImage.png)

show bob dum behch


far better looking that either of them (i'm assuming greta+lardassellish)


proof of grils on sportschan


File: 1637600493141.mp4 (3.42 MB, 720x1218, 120:203, barreldooks.mp4)


File: 1637600846141.jpg (126.71 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, FEz20ZeWQAIoxx1.jpg)


at least the niggers are learning about the perfidious jew


>hitler died in april
>atom bombs revealed as a thing in august
why are niggers so retarded?




I used to be a gril, then i took an arrow to the knee


they are on average legally defined as retarded and can't help it


I'm honestly surprised you even read that thing


File: 1637603122355.png (15.42 KB, 102x80, 51:40, aqDwC.png)

ayy bruh they set this brotha up 4 spittin fax
how i dapp and rep this post


i wanted to know what hitler-kun had to say


She's beautiful. Perfect autistic waifu. I will save her one day. We will drive around in my car with the heat and AC on full blast with the windows down. Her hand in my lap, and my benis in her hand.
It will be magical.


File: 1637606226453.jpg (70.13 KB, 567x758, 567:758, coon confs.jpg)

you have a lapbenis?


yeah…no more saving grills.


i just wanna let her build lego windmills so i can kick them over


lap (noun): the front part of the lower trunk and thighs of a seated person.

Yes, one could access my benis by touching my lap. Where is yours?


>he doesn't tuck his benis&bolls and sit on them when riding in vehicles
you'll lose an eye that way




I want to wrestle her and pin her down and let her autismo frustration build up as she makes angry grunts and struggles in my grasp. Then to calm her down Ill blast her holes with my gock.


File: 1637612153235.mp4 (4 MB, 640x360, 16:9, 23057_480p.mp4)

The more i see of her, the more i like her. She's infectious!


is this why that guy was talking about mazel tov cocktails


File: 1637614774893.mp4 (1.32 MB, 622x622, 1:1, bronx bodega.mp4)


dudder delete this is "cunny"


literal assassination


File: 1637616365010.jpg (239.24 KB, 650x1024, 325:512, FEx9aIzUUAUoS-6.jpg)



File: 1637617010870.mp4 (12.38 MB, 480x360, 4:3, DARRELL BROOKS x BLAS BIDN….mp4)

thread theme


File: 1637617439813.mp4 (8.36 MB, 480x360, 4:3, MathBoi Fly HALF A TIKKET ….mp4)


File: 1637618025667.mp4 (1.04 MB, 480x852, 40:71, the eternal hwite wombman.mp4)

Ladies and Gentlemen.
Na-na-nanah I tell ye'hwat hwite womiin is at it again.


this shit 🔥🔥🔥 gd FR


File: 1637619578706.jpg (74.96 KB, 634x373, 634:373, 40171716-9335901-image-a-3….jpg)

what a shithole
america should be wiped clean tbh





I agree with Becky


this is george floyds favorite grocery store
take it back


pls nuke >us, we deserve the nuclear hellfire


that would be too easy
there should be a door to door death squad in american


I'm a little confused how that escalated so quick.
Gets a slap okay.
Probably talkin some shit
double tap? with one probably missin?


niggers remember every perceived slight as something worth killing another nigger over
these niggers knew each other from the blocc


this tbh


Now THIS is a da-va-ru moment


Gud becky


ayy becky when u gon lemme smash


ill watch but im turning it off if the game suck
saw you guys do ufc threads at least i actually know something about that
footballs not bad
i kinda came here cause i got genuinely bored watching movies and tv sorry if thats bad

t. alaska anon


it's cool fam we needed some new blood anyhow


you can literally do whatever you want and still mess with us. sports is just the thing that loosely keeps us together


I never used this board on 8chan cause i expected it to be really serious. Guess I was wrong. Was just my expectation tbh


File: 1637628270581.jpg (12.49 KB, 143x255, 143:255, b48C0QN.jpg)

will I get banned for posting /b/ memes here?


oh we're fucking serious
honestly, post covid especially, outside of nfl sundays most of us just shoot the shit while we watch the gaem


Back in 2015 a redditor known as "GOATbro" stole the board, but he was neither GOAT nor a bro. He was obsessed with rules and banned everyone that disagreed with. One day, when an mostly peaceful mil was innocently spam wiping the board, GOAT"bro" BANNED him!

It was only when >we overthrew his pedoburrness, and more importantly, his RULES was when /sp/ was truly free.


idk how you got that impression it sure as hell wasnt the yims


File: 1637633172831-0.jpg (25.13 KB, 720x720, 1:1, 5b1f74090df5e5d742383d4303….jpg)

File: 1637633172831-1.jpg (52.58 KB, 698x588, 349:294, 16375402940781.jpg)

Why is it only niggers and brownies are redbilled about the juice while whitoids are too cucked to call them out?
The absolute state of weimerica


File: 1637633995736.jpeg (293.46 KB, 1536x1536, 1:1, mary-lemanski-rittenhouse….jpeg)


this is how americans have always been
social media just lets you see it


People dunking on Rittenhosue for being retarded at 18.
I was a lolbert at 18, we all come around to the reality eventually.


by then it is always too late


Damn Sam forgot to put his black face on this time


>new anon starts asking about the past
woo boy your gonna be ral popular round these parts


im a lolbert now fuck u tryna say


File: 1637648773457.jpg (201.45 KB, 1065x833, 1065:833, 1637587080458.jpg)

I wish people would stop giving random retards attention but that woman is one of the most buckeye looking women I've ever seen


lel i bet that comment about her kike beak hurt far more than anything anyone said about her disgusting gloating about humans being run over by a monkey
women don't care if you call out their hypocrisy or retard logic but insult their appearance and it will bother them for years


naw even i knew about the juice when i was younger than him, you cant break a normalniggers reality of how he views the world. doubly harder when theyre both a cuckservative and normalnigger


normalniggers lack the iq to comprehend anything other than what is fed to them through the idiot box


bullshit people who talk like this always think theyre special and theyre fucking not


be patient he has autism


muh lideral nazis are the male version of "not like other grils" grils


i am specialer than u tho


File: 1637678452585.png (211.69 KB, 535x332, 535:332, ClipboardImage.png)


no he's got a point.




i dont get this post
do you mean the guys saying people are nazis?
i think trump supporters are kinda cringe but ive even been called a nazi at college by a guy cause i dont support late term abortions

people are weird nowadays


gud gauge used to be how many of "their" presidents it takes for them to give up
but muh stolen elektshun narratives from dup's dub over hillary & loss to bidup just entrench 2 party-oids more now


heem talmbout actual self declared neetsocs


nod really
ur jusd too dumb to ged id :DDDDD


Antifa activist smashes GOP Senator John Hoeven's office door, gets probation and his axe back


oh didnt get it entirely thanks


You type like a grill


no he doesnt plenty of people have and will change their minds about these things just because a huge number of people are terminally retarded doesnt mean everyone is incapable of learning anything
thats some arrogant faggot talk


you type like an butthurt reactionary


it smells an awful like toothpaste in her


did you check under the bed?


nah, only thing under my bed is my azn braphog slave


File: 1637690388366.webm (3.9 MB, 400x300, 4:3, bong brain.webm)


hating niggers and kikes is perfectly fine, as neither are listed


you type like you have 50 nigger penises in your mouth


File: 1637692211712.png (153.34 KB, 673x797, 673:797, ClipboardImage.png)



File: 1637692302298.png (230.47 KB, 684x556, 171:139, ClipboardImage.png)


File: 1637692425895.png (366.84 KB, 715x808, 715:808, ClipboardImage.png)


I used to type like a gril, then I took an arrow to the knee.


ayyyo this bitch lookin rough my guy
this hoe lookin gnarly spruh
ayy spruh


File: 1637693240259.png (244.59 KB, 570x792, 95:132, ClipboardImage.png)


they stole all the nazi minds from maga


File: 1637693915047.png (2.09 MB, 2352x808, 294:101, 615fe024d912de45b374291f4f….png)

whitoids cant do anything right


metal gear?!


>greeks and romans weren't white
kys faggot


File: 1637695027998-0.png (75.42 KB, 662x487, 662:487, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1637695027998-1.png (63.84 KB, 682x443, 682:443, ClipboardImage.png)

wow women are rally smart!


File: 1637695108323.png (64.29 KB, 678x439, 678:439, ClipboardImage.png)


indians in london now boycotting paki restaurants
superpower by 2020


karaboy shits gettin expensive




from what kindergarten?


they go to a different school
you wouldnt know em


dont lump them in with the barbarian snowniggers they were meds


File: 1637697910913.mp4 (20.3 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, bpanth.mp4)


Thank god they are finally getting armed to protect themselves from all this white supremacist violence. Maybe this will save all the black men being GENOCIDED from white people all over AmeriKKKa.


Bruh some nignogs wearing tacticool shit wont be able to do anything


of course not cuz panthers have been up to their eyeballs in feds since the civil rights era
same as every dumbass supremacist group


i wonder how many of them are true believers and how many of them know ypipo supermissy is an overhyped non-threat to them **for now*" and are just out there to nig and nog for the hell of it
either way its all but guaranteed like 90% of them have never had an encounter with a whote where the white did anything to them besides maybe utter a few insults


in my very limited exp theyre pretty openly cynical about using BLM and other various ypipo neo-liberalisms as an ideological meatshield to deflect any outside criticism
but theyre basically just racial segregationists and as such obv dont have any illusion of an MLK-style multiracial icecream party after this is all said and done. nor do they want one

tl;dr when i asked i was referred to embedrel
ie theyre 3rd position


You respond like a gril too. Tits or gtfo whorb


lol u mad tho


mad about that /sp/ussy maybe
i bet u sweat a lot i want to kiss ur sweaty vegana come over 4 penes touch


girl you got some mad shit coming out such a kissable mouth


File: 1637721532903.jpeg (391.37 KB, 2048x1484, 512:371, 2e5562b5bd52d1f51819df761….jpeg)

Today is just like yesterday and thats a damn shame


File: 1637737345235.mp4 (8.73 MB, 720x720, 1:1, 1_4965315024076669405.mp4)


File: 1637746800429.png (9.62 KB, 500x250, 2:1, Oekaki.png)

>imagine if you put the whole universe into a tube
>you wouldnt wanna put the universe into a tube
>t. the people who put the whole universe in a tube
>dont forget to SMASH dat like button


yesterday was OK. if today is OK then that's OK


>head nurse from a hospital in Ljubljana confirms
>there are 3 different vaxxes
>Number 1 is the placebo, saline. Number 2 is a the mRNA. The number 3 is an mRNA stick that contains the onco gene, linked to the adenovirus that contributes to the development of cancer. She said those receiving the number 3 bottle will develop soft tissue cancer within two years of receiving the jab.
#1: saline
#2: the vaxx
#3: the vaxx plus cancer
>Slovenian politicians all get #1
the cancer stuff sounds a little out there tbh
but only a little


>the cancer stuff sounds a little out there tbh
yea theyd much rather have as many people as possible to jab on a monthly subscription basis
hopefully theyll offer discounts with signing up with prime and i can get an amazon drone to fly to my house and stick me with needles


File: 1637761741691.jpg (47.59 KB, 460x288, 115:72, 2760lb.jpg)

the internet is a series of tubes already


what even


pretty sure slovborg got the cancer one years ago





>the ahmaud arbery trial jury wasn't sequestered
mind boggling
almost feels like we're being set up for unca charlie's helter skelter plan


File: 1637768730633.mp4 (10.69 MB, 640x360, 16:9, 2_5258216958846833384.mp4)

>postal service?


thats retarded even for clown world
i wonder if roman citizens that got put to death for attempting suicide felt this way


neo helter skelter sounds retarded


nordsprehs explain yourselves
well charlie's plan was for the niggos to wipe out whitey then he and his cult could take over


File: 1637775681519.jpg (249.12 KB, 750x866, 375:433, at turkey WE.jpg)


8 year old zoomer now dead in wisconsin parade jihad


File: 1637777564791.jpg (264.38 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, EQ32KCJXkAMJKEg.jpg)

People say that 2007 was bad. But I think people will look back and realize that 2016 was the real start to nightmare world. I think the next decade is going to be exceptionally bad.

All that lockdown stuff is going to start to come home to roost in the next 2-3 years and it will only start to get worse from there. What happens to a nation that is already a powderkeg when you turn off the money and the resources. The rhetoric is only going to amplify and they will seek to blame anyone other than themselves for the failings. The governmental overreach is going to get worse in response to any outcry. And say what you want about the Boomers but once they are gone America is literally going to be a mass of Pharma'd up MKUltra victim El Goblino's flicker rate sleeper agent zombies that think whatever the power structure deems as perception is reality.


>But I think people will look back and realize that 2016 was the real start to nightmare world.
Didn't Isaac Newton predict that 2016 would be the beginning of the end of the world? If so, I think the old lad was completely right. God, I weep for the state of America. Look how far the mighty have fallen!


who says 07 was bad?
07 was great. also you should buy bear and weird synthetic mortgage derivatives. trust me bro


this makes sense though
the vaccine itself is euthanasia for the dumb


File: 1637778596976.jpg (71.52 KB, 569x398, 569:398, 1950s.jpg)

arguably everything post-jews did it has been shit.
the only real difference is now everyone making the world shit are being wide open about it.

boomers would say everything has been shit ever since the 60's started, and they might be right


07 was the start of normalfagging many things, like Anonymous shit being famous and 4chan becoming popular as a result. People used to insult 07 fags a lot but I guess by that point it's irrelevant
In my opinion, while everything started getting watered down for normalfags, I still liked lots of shit during that time and had hopes for lots of stuff. I legit haven't enjoyed anything since 2012 though so I'll agree with Mayans and say that was the start


I agree 2012 was the last time had phun. I'm starting to notice everyone's idea of decay begins on an election year tho


>it is now illegal to hunt joggers in georgia
end of an era


got a pot roast in the slow cooker
apricot pale ale


that sounds real good buddy

tbh i have burned out on drinking IPAs, i find most of them way too hoppy and they fuck with my heartburn but they make for excellent stews, pulled pork, beer brats etc.

i been drinking more ales, sours andI also really like German Helles


it's just magic hat #9, 20 IBU
it feels like normal pale ale has almost disappeared

not sure why helles has gotten popular so suddenly but all 3 breweries i like around here have one

why is festbier on the market now? it sucks, marzen is way better


sweden elected a woman prime minister today
the government collapsed and she had to resign later today




its that time of year for german shit hipster breweries all put out pumpkin spice and marzens/helles/schutstaffelwhatever around the end of september which is when oktoberfest is then they forget about them after nee years
t. used to distribute a shitton of hipster juice


new years i mean


before this year i don't remember seeing festbier, only oktoberfest which was always marzen
tried sam adams festbier and a local festbier they're both garbage it's like a cross between pilsener and kolsch
apparently this is what they drink at german oktoberfest instead of marzen now


all US made craft shit is such trash imo
its like they take a normal brew, test it out, then go, "hmmmmmmm but what if we put waaaaaayyyyyy too many ingredients into it?"
end result: hipster swill


never tried it myself but im assuming festbier is prolly just their gay rebranding of oktoberfest flavors because >>1414770 is on the money with them putting too much garbage in already established beers in an attempt to be unique
craft beer was ok like ten years ago when microbreweries actually tried to make their stuff taste good but it snowballed into a faggot fest pretty quickly and now theres hundreds maybe thousands of tiny breweries across the states and all of their shit tastes like the liquid version of overly spiced steak


is pootin invadiing ukraine


there are 2 or 3 topics behind this narrative
1. the ukraine govt has refused to apply the so-called "minsk protocol" that were signed to end the conflict in the east, and nato has tacitly abetted them, which implies sooner or later restarting the war with the pro-rus donbas region
2. nato has been told russia doesnt want to see it expand further east (ie having usmil even closer to moscow, eg in ukraine)
3. winter olympics are coming


we should've canceled NATO and let Poland deal with Russia
Trump could've pushed canceling NATO back when the thing happened (something with Turkey?)
the only reason Russia even cares about the government of the Ukraine is because the beast keeps wanting to add the Ukraine to NATO just get rid of NATO


we should have nuked russia back into the stone age right after WW2 and continued doing it until every last commie was dead


yeah then everyone can be ruled by western politicians who totally arent corrupt as fuck


File: 1637850709086-0.jpg (451.63 KB, 1152x1536, 3:4, childrens-books.jpg)

File: 1637850709086-1.jpg (90.2 KB, 585x752, 585:752, learning from uncle sam.jpg)

are you by any chance the spartman that "grew up among ukraniian immigrants" wink wink nudge nudge?
are you implying the world doesnt deserve to enjoy >our freedoms? tell that to the poor souls whose young children are starving of essential liberties such as immigration, multiculti, miscegenation, feminism, faggotry, or b*rg worship


File: 1637856530434-0.png (385.75 KB, 668x788, 167:197, ajones.PNG)

File: 1637856530434-1.png (415.54 KB, 697x773, 697:773, ajones2.PNG)

>he married a whore



kelly morales is alex jones ex-wife. the woman she's tweeting about is alex's current wife.



>he is a cuck


what were her prices?


Astrology book should have been circled too.


ugh, that's such a gemini thing to do…


>everything has been shit ever since the 60's started, and they might be right
it's been shit for far longer. goes back to before the start of the 20th century


sage negated
fuck off boomer


File: 1637935544931.mp4 (800.56 KB, 352x640, 11:20, 4_5839083016156088927.mp4)

Piles of fighting age illegal immigrant men, who last week were attacking Polish border forces for entry, now heading back home after fierce resistance, it's that simple, defend Europa 🇵🇱 ✝


File: 1637935556838.mp4 (1.39 MB, 432x244, 108:61, 4_5836852639639276168.mp4)


— NOW - Stocks tumble on Black Friday as Belgium confirms the first case of "new variant" in the European Union.


File: 1637936550437.jpg (294.06 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, original-f5321d287a25e3dfd….jpg)

they finally made a meme about >me
feels good


wojak edits are usually the deepest pits of cringe, but damn, this is actually breddy gud.


While fans of Nintendo's delightful Real-Time Strategy series patiently await the long-rumoured next mainline entry, Niantic has served up a new mobile Pikmin experience to while away the time, an application that looks suspiciously similar to the company's previous project involving Nintendo (or a Nintendo-aligned property, at least). 2016's Pokémon GO became a worldwide phenomenon and a colossal money-spinner for all parties involved, so you'd be forgiven for thinking the makers have similar ambitions this time around. Just looking at screens of this latest collaboration — which similarly uses Google's map tech to build a game from the world around you — it certainly looks like 'another' Pokémon GO. Pikmin Bloom is a very different beast, though; an app that's more 'pedometer with benefits' than all-encompassing time sink, but one that we've enjoyed our time with.

It's best to set expectations from the off. Predictably, Bloom isn't going to satisfy fans jonesing for Pikmin 4, and despite the underlying mechanics and systems, it is only superficially similar to GO. Niantic's all-conquering sister title has grown and expanded almost beyond recognition since launch, of course, but although Pikmin Bloom encourages you to get out and sow seeds or cause giant Poké Stop-style flowers to bloom, the interactions and the challenges contained within are far less demanding than catching and training Pocket Monsters, battling at gyms, and trading and raiding with friends. It's a far more sedate experience by design.

Perhaps too sedate for veterans of Pokémon GO who are looking for that same buzz. Pikmin Bloom is more like a bit of friendly company on your walk, and the app is perfectly happy to be switched off and left ticking over in the background. You're not going to miss a gym or a rare catch here, and your Pikmin buddies will collect anything you pass.

The basic loop is as follows: you walk around your neighborhood with a small but ever-growing (!) band of Pikmin pals who collect fruit and items as you wander. Tapping on the fruit distills it into Nectar of different varieties, depending on the colour, which is fed to your Pikmin (up to six times a day) causing the flowers on their heads to bloom. Tapping the petals adds them to your inventory and they can be used to initiate a time-limited flower-planting binge which leaves a lovely colourful trail wherever you walk before supply of those petals runs out.

Petals distilled from rarer fruits have different colours with faster plant-rates, and the trail of flora they leave — which remains visible on your map — is more than simply decorative. Seeding flowers around giant leaves — Poké Stops, essentially — causes them to bud and eventually blossom, providing more fruit to collect. Which creates more nectar and petals, and more beautification as you continue your march around town spreading flowers and decoration as the numbers go up with each step.

You can opt in to make your flower trails visible to all, although being the only player in our neighborhood, this social aspect hasn't factored into our time with the game during the launch period. In fact, we had to detour multiple times and pace around giant buds in order to plant the requisite 300 flowers and see it bloom — something that should be a much more regular occurrence once more people are playing and planting their own trails. There's a Friends tab for adding your pals and planting flowers with others will give the experience a whole new social aspect, if that's what you're looking for. If not, the game functions perfectly well as a solo experience. [Update: At level 15 you unlock the ability to join other players on 'raids' to take down giant mushrooms dotted around the map as quickly as possible by choosing your strongest Pikmin and sending them away. Teaming up with others will gain you a better time and star rating (from a total of three), and proffer more rewards. Like the rest of the game, it's low-key and low-effort compared to Pokémon GO, but adds another gently social layer to the app.]

As in Pokémon GO, fulfilling certain criteria will level you up, expanding your squad and delivering single-use special planter slots and other items to help you grow your army further. Pikmin are grown by planting seedlings in the slots (there are always two available, with space for four more single-use planters) and filling up a step counter as you would eggs in Pokémon GO. Regular red, blue and yellow Pikmin take 1000 steps to grow, purple Pikmin take 3000, extra large seedlings take 10,000, and so on. You have the option to name each Pikmin, although it's a little laborious. Each has an expandable friendship level (if you're sufficiently friendly they might bring you a decor-related present) and its place of 'birth' is recorded, so it's nice to give them all names if you're so inclined. However, we soon got tired of the input busy work, so the only named members of our squad are our reliable red Pikmin duo, Tony and Hopkins.


yah some of them are bretty gud though its usually the mind bending schizo ones that get a laugh out of me because theyre so bizarre
theres one about the crucifixion that gets me every time i see it


I liked it, was genuinely challenging and required thought and planning, unlike most video games



While this game was being developed, I bet on every wall, in every cubical there was a poster, and in every meeting someone said "DO NOT cannibalize Pokémon Go"

So we get what we get. Something to run in the background while playing GO.

And honestly? Sure. Why not. It's free and more fun then not having it, and it's pretty cute.



This is inaccurate to DBZ. I am upset, they completely disregard the lore of Dragon Ball Z by remembering Oolong's ability to transform.
Joking aside, This trailer looks neat, looking forward to the game not actually having cutscenes like this.


File: 1637941238606.jpg (162.73 KB, 1125x1516, 1125:1516, 0043htg39958.jpg)

wew new variant, line up the boosterinos



I saved up my diamonds. This year Santa Bowse(r) is coming to town!!


>tfw greentexting the government's schizo posts



I saved up my diamonds. This year Santa Bowse(r) is coming to town!!


>nu variant


well done polen, are they paying the flights themselves or did some government somewhere cough up the tickets?
and will you build da wall? if eu doesnt pay for it your regime-change shenanigans will end up costing you a pretty penny


>muh nuvariant plastered across all newsrags
>right on time to justify the suppression of protests taking place across europe


Isn't Conor shitposting here?


guess someone made a new bot?
>>right on time to justify the suppression of protests taking place across europe
they didnt need extra justification nobody who is protesting would buy this new variant shit and the ones that would buy into it already support the governments putting boots to necks



I want to say a very special thanks to Play-Asia for doing what Nintendon't and looking forward to my physical copy of this game soon. The Fatal Frame games are very dear and special to me as I was a dedicated fan of this series from the beginning and to have Nintendo constantly bury the series time after time really disgust me. Hopefully future entries of this series continue outside Nintendo's reach.


whys it doin the weird spaces for the replies tho?




I liked it, was genuinely challenging and required thought and planning, unlike most video games


avoiding flood detection or some shit maybe idk


tbh im running it off and on cause im tweaking it
trying to figure out why its doing that myself


File: 1637950857253.png (14.56 KB, 688x143, 688:143, ClipboardImage.png)


File: 1637951794127.jpg (32.53 KB, 810x540, 3:2, creepcrate.jpg)

and OMICRON shall be it's name


File: 1637952233528.png (492.2 KB, 674x793, 674:793, lw5.PNG)

she will tho


kinda hope that unlike alec baldwin he kills someone on set worth killing, like the jewish producers


File: 1637955725985.mp4 (767.25 KB, 726x720, 121:120, Words.mp4)


does mel have jewish producers?


its doin that cause your a faggot and it wants to escape your control but the post box, its cage, just gets larger the more it tries to run away you have created a machine you can torture god damn you to hell you cruel maniac let that robot go
this instant!


File: 1637968877403.png (66.69 KB, 400x400, 1:1, naughty.png)

>got my pfizer booster and my flu shot all together today
i hope it makes me the gayest frog ever xoxo


why its all as scam


>motorcycle armor
>punisher mags
>gimp masks
niggers, everyone.


File: 1637969252723.jpg (702.2 KB, 2560x1704, 320:213, 1637964862965.jpg)


dude that overlaps with every bluelivesmatter/patriotfaggot currently
they smother everythang in punisher shit


there are no non-jewish producers


>At least 27 migrants drowned last Wednesday when their inflatable dinghy sank off the northern port of Calais, France while trying to cross the channel to Britain.
frogs and bongs blaming each other for the death of some vibrants
also the dispute over fishing permits goes on with sea ports and the channel temporarily blocked in protest by french fishermen


another week, another yid bombing of syria
missiles fired after invading lebanese air space
syria claims they shot down most but some got through: 4 killed (2 civilians), 7 injured (1 civilian), some material damages


holy shit i can't wait til it's illegal WORLDWIDE to critize israel i want HOTT drones over EVERY HOME ready TO BUST


we wuz wukanda n sheeit


File: 1637973727045.jpg (113.2 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)

niggers really need to learn how to swim


as time goes on im gettin more appreciation for the elegance of it all
like, they dont even have to care if ANYONE gets the jab. all they need to do is say that they need enough jabs for EVERYONE.
pfizer makes their money producing and shipping it. past that, it really doesnt matter if it sits unused in the back of some pharmacy for 20yrs, or gets tossed into the ocean, cuz the money has already been made. pfizer just magics gorrillions of dollars of profit out of thin air, and all the cunts that own pfizer stock get a nice ol RoI
then, whenever panic starts to die down, call up cousin moishe over at CNN and tell him to doom and gloom about muh nu-variant and thus some nu-booster, and the cycle repeats

like its honestly p brilliant. its literally what id do if i was trying to cheese some strategy game like civilization or whatever


on the reeeeel, its actually very difficult to outswim a sinking boat. if youre anywhere near the wreck as it starts to rapidly fill up with water, youll basically be getting sucked back into the boat with incredible force

im sure being racially inept at swimming didnt help any of em, but even if they were holding onto some random piece of flotsam, if theyre too close, its ogre


yeah but at least the patriautists use actual armor most of the time


it was an inflatable dinghy


its an inflatable dingy dude, not a fuckin ship
it slowly deflated and the moment they're brown monkey nigger bodies touched the water the drowning reflex kicked in and they all died


File: 1638021223214.mp4 (4 MB, 640x640, 1:1, 4_5839349531761708063.mp4)



so this is what sissy mashed potatoes looks like


Listen spreh, i honestly don't expect you to understand such a superior concept, but me and my fellow budys put in work in and out of the spartschang. I don't intend to "flex upon you" but i've earned 25 CR badges, as a yung and naive spartman! Just a heads up, every filthy so called "meme" you post is just insulting a future speehad warrior. I kindly ask you to stop before things get out of hand


>nig breaks into SWAT jerks home, steals arsenal
>posts monkeygram flashin dem gats
>racine, wi county supervisor donates to his bail fund


looks like what i did to the toilet


lel as if you need anymore excuse to never rely on cops or any authorities for your safety
if you do home defense do not call these people just cut the body up and dump it in multiple states then spray ammonia all over where any blood was


the jerkop was stupid enough to let some monkey steal his shit?


File: 1638056228836.jpg (216.93 KB, 1200x1120, 15:14, rittenhouse sister.jpg)

nice honkers




cash me ousside how bou da


I hope you know that the whobr you have a crush on is literally a BBC Only skank with aids and gnoherria.




google it
i aint spoonin' you


spoon me right now you dick nosed fag


File: 1638069301864.jpg (35.06 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 8df0a3f8c0e377ecce97bade69….jpg)

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