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where is the thanksgiving day nfl thread




BLM terrorists will have all thanksgiving day sports canceled


wat r u thankful for /sp/rethren?


Will they arrest all whybois and force them into the State Mandated Sissy Hypno Chambers ?


i am thankful the closest i get to seeing niggers on a day to day basis is sparts on the idiot box


thats going to change really soon


I'm thxful 4 negers


town of 100 here, 101 gets hung on the sign


thankful for dudr, ditz, and the other 2 nigs (not buckeye) tbh
weird af goin most places on the tubes these days which is prob how the indians feel now i think bout it


File: 1637808756360.jpg (1 MB, 1076x906, 538:453, 90af01a545b34822d28ee81721….jpg)

I am grateful for my anime and my budys because it keeps me alive


uuuu budy



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