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I want to swimmmax. So far I :swim 90 minutes per session 4 days a week. I want to git gud and :swim 5 hours a day 6 days a week.
I decide i'll give up masturbation so it can-be-done.
How do I make sure i look like a sprint swimmer and not a skinny long-distance one? do I need to,also,lift heavy? what caloric intake do i need on training and-on off day(sunday)?


>swim 5 hours a day 6 days a week.
>anime pic
hima pls


>How do I make sure i look like a sprint swimmer and not a skinny long-distance one?
have you tried sprinting?


also why swimming man i mean swimming is a great skill but i wouldn't recommend it for developing aesthetics beyond being a low impact form of cardio


go swim in the ocean with weights tied to your neck and back


Can you even swim?


I used to swim but then I took an arrow to the knee.


do swimmers ever get injured? I'm guess shoulder injuries could be possible? it's not like a nigga out there gonna get CTE or turf toe you know


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every day you are swimming you aren't out there killing communists


does drowning count as an injury?


ya repetitive stress injuries of the upper body– its a very upper body dominant sport.
actually also not that hard to slam head first into a wall or smack a foot hard as fuck during flip turn. all it takes is a miscount or daydream, i managed to do both at least once over the decade and change of swimming


any competitive sparts gonna lead to at least some injuries. sure swimming is comparatively safe, but the dudes who race are definitely pushing hard enough to pull/rip something. or just RSI from repetitive strokes
that said im by default the distance swimmer guy cuz i grew up near a huge lake and around boats and was a lifeguard and shit. the entire idea of sprint swimming and all of those fast strokes are just something you basically never ever fucking do in any circumstance because of how stupidly inefficient they are


wut, freestyle is pretty efficient
like ya if i was in an ocean or something with big waves i would combat sidestroke but anything flat freestyle is the way to go


i lik jimmy dore
anti-vax populist commies are guuud


thats who i shill to random lefties and/or women when i think theyre not properly critical of israel
at the very least the guy is legitimately anti-war, with all the """"anti-semetic"""" baggage that comes with such a stance


swimmer's body fallacy. top swimmers are so good because of their bodies, they didn't get the bodies because of the swimming.


nasty little rat tho, spit on AJ


File: 1641247377969.mp4 (22.58 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, AJ drone.mp4)

id spit on AJ too tbph
tho we clearly have our different reasons for doing so
with jimmy, its his whole shtick: the angry bernout unleashed. he HAD to spit on AJ
but im sure it was more than a bit of jealousy too. AJs audience dwarfs his and always will, and thats even when he WAS in the good graces of the corporate-media-sphere
now hes just some dude doing bar gigs and podcasts and all his old buddies have branded him a fringe lunatic anti-semite. whoops. maybe he shouldve given AJ a blowie instead lol

now i respect al as an entertainer. immensely so actually. i still think vidrel is prolly one of the finest performances ive seen in years.
but hes also one of the worst well poisoners out there, and hes done immeasurable fucking damage to damn near any legitimate topic hes ever touched


not his fault the world can't take its blinders off


File: 1641249819290.mp4 (2.95 MB, 784x720, 49:45, Alex Jones July 2001.mp4)

I was listening to Dore a few years ago because, unlike most of his liberal then-buddies, he had refused to turn against Assange/Wikileaks after they published the Killary/Podesta emails and so on
From what I heard at the time, he seemed quite alright tbh, specially since he tended to avoid the most deranged nu-left topics and mostly dealt with typical economy, war/empire, oligarchy, and class-related issues
Present AJ can be a decent entertainer but predicting 9/11 was a tier above


still talking about al?
man he is as much a part of the blinders as any imo. in fact, given who well poisoning targets, he might be worse. MSM just lies to complacent retards and tells em what they wanna hear. hardly matters as those tards werent gonna ever learn nothin anywho.

AJ takes the wandering sheep that mightve actually eventually stumbled upon something, and carefully shepherds them into his shack to try and cajole them into purchasing waterfilters and truckstop-tier boner pills. sure, a mans gotta eat, and he aint gonna be running no statefarms ads anytime soon, so i get it
the problem isnt so much that, its the way he associates total falsehoods with genuine info, combined with the scope/reach he has

ive had irl buddies that were into AJ and even just for 911 itll take fucking weeks to unwind all the retarded shit he poured into their heads
usually results in me being frustrated and eventually just telling em to "go watch ryan dawson" again

in fact, theres an apt comparison; theyre p much contemporaries in that they both got their big break from 911
compare AJs funding, show, resources, etc against someone like ry
one lives in texas and owns prolly, idc enuff to check the biggest alt-media empire around
the other streams from a closet in osaka, is CONSTANTLY harassed by literal IDF shills, gets maybe a couple hundred viewers, gets instab& from any site/service that allows him to get paid etc; all while spouting some of the most consistently accurate info on any topic that absolutely no one else will touch. from 911 to the maxwells

>predicting 9/11 was a tier above
AJs literally 1 degree of separation from some extremely high up spooks
his uncle was an irl solidsnake
kinda surprised more dont know about it tbh. hes brought up using his uncle as a source several times


was his uncle actually an operator or is that one of those my uncle works at nintendo claims


yea his uncle was spec ops
obv you cant do that shit forever, so after that he got a nice desk job


best place to watch dawson on bitchute?
haven't listened to him in a year or two maybe since I stopped going to that site


prolly. say what you want about shitchutes terrible fucking search function its BAAAAAADDD, gotta give em credit on letting people post basically wtfever

i usually just check his site ancreport, figure the guy could use some traffic. hell usually have all the stuff hes been doing recently linked. and if/when he gets b& from one place or another, there will be an article about that explaining where to go next


why do alternate sites always have such shitty search functions? is it really that hard to set up a fuckin search engine for your own site? thats a serious question. actually it seems like search sites in general turn up total ass in terms of results idk if its because shits gotten so dumb that everything counts as political so everything gets filtered by algorithms or if the people who program these things are just bad at them because i distinctly remember google actually being rally helpful over a decade ago but now it sucks


the number of 'professional' search engines that require very specific parameters to find [search]["anything"][/search] at all or force you to search for 100 different terms to find stuff about a single subject is astounding. it must be really hard to do it properly.

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