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you got games on your phone




hey fuck you moot u faggot


Wonder what happened to him, don't think I heard anything about him since he went to Google


>He left Google on April 13, 2021
>Google+ launched in 2011 and closed down two years after Poole's arrival, so it doesn't seem like the hiring made much of an impact.
>After Google+, Poole apparently joined Google's experimental "Area 120" group and eventually moved on to be a product manager for Google Maps.


hi budy


absolute lel. it's like they contracted him to do nothing do he couldn't be competitive in the future



i wish someone would contract me to do nothing.


i used to be contracted to do nothing but then i took an arrow to the knee


wait isnt that a secure trip?
that mustve taken fucking ages dude


shoulda just mined shitcoin or somethin


its literally moot bro


what's good, i decided the internet's not so bad didya know you could find asiantitties on there? 😎


media said ur sick bro put that phone back in ur ass

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