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hey duder did you ever fuck the gril that made bonzi-tan?


also when the fuck is the annual funding drive


wasn't bonzi-tan made during megemilks reign of 76chan. still can't believe dddudrs sold >us off just like this.


wut no she was on the front page when you went on 76chan
if i search through my terrabytes of unorganized saved images i could find her and post her
or provide a greentext description
>humanized female bonzi with nazi armband, skirt and midriff smoking a cigarrette


I remember.

t. Rememberer


He sold us like the nigger cattle we are :(


yeah man i lost my fuckin virginity to bonzi-tan


i demand pantsu


you and literally everyone else


good for you man, early bloomer
i didn't
until 25






i used to donate to dudster then i took an arrow to the knee


File: 1641565185452.png (239.18 KB, 755x528, 755:528, static-assets-upload146699….png)



explain like im 5


niggas be lookin like a coinpurse an shieeet


i was wondering where i left my wallet


if you are 5 you have to get in my van
I have candy and wideo games


duder how can i give you money


pay me on cashapp $WadinaRock


what do I put in the memo?


thank me for my years of hosting spee



thank u


yeah that was my ex that drew that
i dont want your money


ya but did you BANG?
its not about if you want it, i like to donate annually to help out with hosting, and because you do a decent amount of unpaid work to keep this place going
donation drive pls


you can't buy his dddusssy


I want to buy the website. I will pay DOUBLE of what milkdud paid so basically 10 bucks


I counteroffer dudder 15 buck


File: 1641675659722.mp3 (1.09 MB, ucant.mp3)


what is this shellac?


File: 1641676409844.mp3 (8.69 MB, 03 Shellac - Billiard Play….mp3)


nice didnt know there were xoomers amogus
that guy pretty good at recording i lik how he mics drums n stuff forgot his name but ya gud w magnetic tape


no more xoomers

the oldest tolerated are late millennials


all my irl xoomer budys used to say shellac was for nerds and tell me to listen to nomeansno instead
i kinda get it
albini seems cool, and its honestly rly cool how comparatively cheap he is for studio time considering his name, but shellac IS kinda meh considering all the other weird 90s shit out there

shure is good at recording shit tho

its mostly just mic placement if you can believe it. albini is a savant when it comes to using mic pairs, esp on single drums, and EQing them w the resultant phase cancellation. basically the entire EQ and mix is done before the band plays a single note


fellers r good, i like that song
if u appreciate albini but not so much shellac u might like rapeman better.


>late millenials
woah thats literally me


rey washam + david wm sims == killer rhythm section


File: 1641803348609.mp3 (10.76 MB, Alien Disco.mp3)

hey sparsman
do you like goa?

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