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its all gone to shit lel - GHOST
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When is boogie's trial? I thought that was supposed to happen a few days ago, I can't find the date anywhere


get out of here stalker


File: 1642513113944.png (2.47 MB, 1862x1824, 49:48, 934502985354.png)

it's ogre


lmao at retards who thought he would remain employed after calling up a qb draw with no timeouts and 14 seconds left


judge granted a continuance to February 11 8:30a


File: 1642518424866.jpg (529.56 KB, 1400x932, 350:233, download.jpg)

micro "soft" is buying blizzactivision


They also own Bethesda or Obsidian I think? Maybe both. Except for being a gigantic monopoly this would probably excite me I think if I still played games


ms is buying up everything


The 3 threads below this. Coincidence? I think not


im callin it now m$-yidsney merger in the next 10 years


File: 1642524862200.gif (3.02 MB, 330x274, 165:137, Stalin checking his daily ….gif)

>m$-yidsney merger


MS definitely wants to break into that sweet sweet Video+ Subscription market.


but who buys who?
neither of em seem like the kind to be absorbed


obsidian is owned by bethesda is owned by micropenis iirc
its prolly good for PCfags since a lotta major IPs wont need to be multiplat
idc tho cuz im not gonna get a new gfx card until shitcoin goes to zero anyways


bethesda is owned by zenimax, the same company that ran id software into the ground


>bethesda is owned by zenimax
…is owned by microsoft?

shits so confusing


half of you weren't even born yet the last time activision was good.
the last time blizzard made a decent game the jews didn't even do 9/11 yet.

nothing of value was lost


ah right, forgot they were bought in 2021


Pretty funny that MS could make the next Elder Scrolls, DOOM, and Diablo all PC and Xbox exclusive.

Not the mention make a console version of WoW. Its over Sonybros, all we have left is NeoGaf avatars !


ain't that wild


ok thats it i'm now full nazbol gang we need to kill the rich and the jews


It would be so fucking funny if they did.
The salt would be delectable.

I hope they buy Nintendo next and phase out Nintentoddle consoles and just move all Bing Bing Wahoo games over to the Xbox just so that fat fucking cake kike has a heart attack and shit his pants to death.


wonder when the gov would put an anti-trust against that
weird that they let facebook buy instagram but didn't let disney buy fox sports


File: 1642528573425.png (334.11 KB, 606x550, 303:275, 1641461259394.png)


As long as you are paying off the right politicians anti-trust laws mean nothing.
They probably wanted to punish Fox for being a raciss ass crackkka network our brave black women congresspeople saw to that, mhm *snaps fingers* das rite whitey we got da powah nah.


actually it punished disney and not fox


All those backstabbing bitches and whores are going to get fired during the merge.


the board of directors from each company will marry their children off to one another and establish corporate feudalism i hope youre ready to charge into battle with a poorly made rifle with no angled edges (those r skery) and a kevlar helmet with mouse ears attached on top


m$ tried buying nintendo back before they made the first xbox but big japanese companies can't be bought easily. Nowadays it's even more difficult.
They'd have to do what they did to Nokia and place their own saboteur as CEO to plummet marketshare and stock price. Corporate warfare on that level takes decades.


and replaced with crikmonkr spaghetti coders i hope yuo lik criket and unintelligible customer service


woah budy

you rally think the USSA would allow monopolies???


crikmonker spaghetti


Based Japs being racist and not allowing filthy gaijin take over grorious nippon.



Yeah but if Fox wanted to sell out it would have been a big windfall for them. They probably wanted the cash after getting exposed as Russianbots by the #TheResistance


its not that weird tbh
disney and FB are run by very different crews and serve different purposes
socmedia data is useful for govt so thas kosher
the other is ye olde entertainment mogul buying moar entertainment
that doesnt benefit the govt at all so thas baaaadddd


gr8test pastrs budy pakshitdog pastr for bich basterds


>>1432399 (checked)
>implying I use customer service


oh sorry i meant cumstormer service i forgot you were gaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy


File: 1642534192403.jpg (302.17 KB, 2249x1344, 2249:1344, Hiroshima-bomb.jpg)

tbh they have enough money to buy all of japan
like, literally the entire country


isnt japan basically just a bunch of junk corporate debt from the 90s?
cant cost THAT much


Is mark even still alive?
I thought he quit vee to work on his side projects that always ends up being a flop


idk i hope he's dead that would be a win for the planet


File: 1642539028106.png (20.66 KB, 1128x139, 1128:139, ClipboardImage.png)

breaking news
boomer is taking ebay to court


why are you looking at the reviews of women's orthopedic ankle boots anonkun ?


Your crazy what?


go get em




ok what ever you weirdo foot fetish fag wank your widdle weeny to whatever makes your shrimpie hard FREAK


I used to be a shoe seller on egay until I took an arrow in the knee


can u just imagine the sweet stench of thos boots after being worn all day by dear old grandma?

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