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how does it feel knowing you shitposted and watched sports on a board with an eventual school shooter who killed a gril and a nigger before killing himself?


feels real good
this is the dream sporchan radicalized a kid


what a DASHING young man he is


how many degrees to kevin baconator?


I bet he posted on sportschan that morning too


based duder


archivebro; look into this NOW


p gud tbqhwy fuck women and fuck niggers he is in heaven now after sending agents of satan to hell pbuh


if the leafs don't win a cup soon i too will go on a rampage


what shooting and when?


File: 1642099853288.png (98.78 KB, 1878x232, 939:116, ClipboardImage.png)

saugus school shooter in 2019


File: 1642101433542.png (217.11 KB, 500x500, 1:1, gharlie churck.png)

>a screencap of some forum post
>surely this is 100% verified true information


File: 1642101848746-0.png (52.83 KB, 375x235, 75:47, wadina.png)

File: 1642101848746-1.png (50.88 KB, 375x235, 75:47, kids laughed at me.png)

File: 1642101848746-2.png (47.22 KB, 375x235, 75:47, azns rise up.png)

there's honestly no way someone from here wasn't taking the piss


he posted a Wadina reference on his Athletic profile 9 months before doing the shootaroo


i think anyone can create an account and comment on a race
see when the account was registered


>implying spartman didnt just make those posts xherself

boy, you know if the FBI found any connection to sportschan they would have already vanned duddder and taken each one of us to the GHOSTeraccial BLACKED sites for "enhanced interrogation"

i mean its not like all of our posts HAVENT been read by federal agents, they were just read by yuropoor feds after the endchan shootero




It's the same account that created the comment and the participation of the event.
There is nothing that shows the exact date of comment or when the NathanielBerhow account was created

A forum about running with posts dated in 2019 when the shooteroo happened is confirming the posts were there a day after the shooteroo

Either Nathaniel Berhow was a sportan or someone here impersonated him right after the shooting hit the news and made these posts


Its just someone memeing bro.
There are already troll comments in the screenshots. The second the name gets released for any shooter there are thousands upon thousands of people using that name for trolling purposes.



someone find a way to get the date the comment was made on athletic.net


I have to believe it's a sparsman pranking, the 2nd screenshot's comment is a dead giveaway. no way someone wrote that with a straight face


pranks happen all the time
what happens when the pranks start pranking other pranks?


Im just waiting for the day GHOST finally snaps from all the white supremacy and lists sportschan as his number one inspiration to carry out his fatwa against Drumpfers.


Dr. Smegmend Ghostal D.D.S. is an anarchist who would do anything at any time just to watch the world burn
true 2014-15 tier sportschanners know he only backed the dems because that would lead to the end of days faster


/sp/ool shooter


hes more of a
/sp/ree shooter


gud 1 tbh


>watched sports
wait you guys actually do that?


still kills me how most spartman never knew him after 2017 but he's still the ultimate faggot for /sp/.


wait is this actual spee lore? how have i not been exposed to this after being here for 5 years?


he killed people sportschan and you dont know??__>???>?????>>>>>>>>>?

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