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if someone sues me can i just leave the country, wait out the statute of limitations on the default judgement, then move back after 6 years or whatever
asking for a spriend


is CR dressed up like that tranny game?


I think if the suit gets filed in a timely manner and you get subpoenaed you can't run out the clock by leaving the country for X years.
If you fail to appear you're going to get a criminal charge as well, and your shit'll get flagged so they can try to expedite you.


ok what if i gave all my money and property to my uncle then filed for bankruptcy


lel i will say the upside of this is its fun to see him detoriorate in real time


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idk that's kinda a appropriate response i couldnt understand a single thing they were sayin all talkin all over each other


the one thing I could make out clearly was
>Why should vaccinated Americans limit their activities when health officials say 90% of Americans will get Covid
to which Joe responds
>I'll answer that later, c'mon.


ya i heard that one but after that it was just noise and that answer was fine at least if they're gonna have a related q/a about it later


idk im all about trashin the guy but i dont see the problem in that vid


he looks like a scared puppy the leader of a fuckin country shouldnt ever look like that if this was pre-nuke days the us wouldve been invaded a year ago at the very least


basically this. the presence is embarrassing, it looks terrible


o ya he def lookin lik a bich

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