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*I am a 32 year old female from Kansas United States.
* I am a wife/mom & college student.
*I re dyed my hair again November 13th & I cut my hair July 6th 2021, brown eyes, 5ft4, nomore glasses doctor said don't need them until older maybe and i have one hearing aid now.
*I am here for friendship not friends with benefits just friends so what if I have crushes and flirt that's on me not you it's not ruining my marriage.
*I do not want sex chat or 50+ chat or 13-19 chat.
*If you do not like me or what I say put me on ignore.
*Stop calling me all those mean nasty names because I am not those mean nasty names look in the mirror you will see who are those names.
*I am Native American, British, Irish, German, little french. I am not Russian.


Time for /hospice/ grams


show bobs


File: 1642175053102.jpg (Spoiler Image, 380.65 KB, 1848x1848, 1:1, go chefs.jpg)


>i am not russian
why even add that


File: 1642175729895.jpg (128.97 KB, 960x720, 4:3, evil republicans.jpg)

because she's not ebil republican putin spy


dammit now im horny for cute milfs again. thanks for nothin' /sp/ee


is there a way of getting a babby in her and making her cuck husband raise him?


The older I get the less I care for milfs.


you were always bad in the head if you ever cared about 'milfs'
congratulations on healing
now the patrician thread: >>1430872


You're a baaaaaaaad anon


/sp/ made me racist against kansas city people


KCbros are an integral part of white identity. Without them, there are no white people

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