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its a waffle house kinda day
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Da Ukraine Thread
death to hohols
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he bout to be mossaded


Those are some weird snacks you brought in, GHOST


idk his boss is part jewish too



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powerful slav energy


EU proposes banning Russian oil, the article name made it sound like they were going to do it but it's just a proposal meh


File: 1651678239719.mp4 (2.09 MB, 576x1024, 9:16, ukrainewarvideos.mp4)

tfw no ucranian gf to boss me around and do things to my gock ;_;


In US Democrats proposed sending 40 billion to Ukraine, I though I also just saw that EU also proposed a few billions but can't find anything about it


ukraine needs to be btfo pls
just kill them all so my gas prices are better


putup and bidup both sayin to strap in, shits gonna go on forever


File: 1652192257583.mp4 (11.66 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Billy Herrington drinking ….mp4)

>imagine not wanting to honor Billy


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based statesman erdogan
won't let anyone into NATO til turkey gets what it wants


i lik turk


>brave browser
also he blocked military ships from entering the black sea


Black sea is Türkiyes sea!


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>just funding democracy
>it's required for the gravest threat against humanity
>it's for nato
>just a lil proxy war bro
>we're at war
wtf is it gonna take for putler to strike the heart of the beast?


File: 1652469177341.mp4 (1.37 MB, 720x406, 360:203, ginigger bitch.mp4)


If he can't take kharkiv that seems less likely


i hardly know her


Why do Turks jizz about BVACK BVLLS so much ?
I mean they arent dark and they arent built. The average Turk is fat and squat its like Mexico of Middle East.

I have a strong suspicion that Turks are big time into cuckoldry, like literal GHOST tier shit. Weren't eunuchs like a big part of ancient Turkish culture ?


why would the beast attack itself?


rooskies have been rally disappointing
how long til burger diversity hires & suicidal policy weaken u.s. enough to matter ya think?
or will >we be full globohomo by then?


russia's performance is expected because they fired the defense minister in charge of reforming their military because he proposed too many reforms. they replaced him with shoigu who started from russia's equivalent of FEMA


didn't know. always just assumed they had their shit together & didn't follow their goings on tbh


what reforms was he proposing?


bi-weekly penis inspections


reducing the number of officers from one officer per two men to one officer per 15
establishing a professional NCO corps
reducing the size of central command
general staff would need to maintain physical standards regardless of rank or face dismissal
the conventional army would be fully re-equipped over 15 years and development/procurement of new equipment would be faster
more of the army would be composed of professional contract soldiers instead of conscripts
there's a lot more and a lot of it was never completed


its just a gaysee yim


>reducing the number of officers from one officer per two men to one officer per 15
>reducing the size of central command
>general staff would need to maintain physical standards regardless of rank or face dismissal
no wonder he was fired. a shame, but corruption and broomings are part and parcel of being an soldat; you can't just get rid of it.


he gunna put the vodkaniggers in camps like the real FEMA does?


Yes and they will deserve it because they are literal NAZIS.


gud videos about the war. turn on subtitels


i knew you'd like this, always was your type


strength is 25% hairstyles


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File: 1652545069333-1.jpg (253.17 KB, 1420x874, 710:437, 1652399395789.jpg)

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They put a statue named cry of the ukrainian mother in Bulgaria, feels like a shitpost


it sums up this current era incredibly well


idk looks like your average woman from any race


1 yoof ded


>the mother looks like a deformed screeching goblinoid
what did the bulgars mean by this?


>what did the bulgars mean by this?

Bulgars are dickish. Most of the countries around them don't like em for a reason


File: 1652666816607.png (849.17 KB, 850x607, 850:607, ClipboardImage.png)

bich looks like one of those grave hags from the witcher


ukrainian troops are at russias border lel


we got too cocky russisters?


it probably doesn't mean much but reading it still made me laugh


yea holhols could literally roll in and RAEP all the muscovites and itd still keep goin
moar blood for muh blood god et al

but i bet that one HANGRY guy who went all in on ivans is fucking losing it rn


rusa taken lik 30% of ukr territory or some shit
10 ukr dudes who are stationed at the border finally arrived
i think thats the gist


modern art is irl shitposting


>hohols get patriot aa missiles
gerald r ford class aircraft carriers when?


whenever they steal enough land to have an ocean port

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