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its a waffle house kinda day
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how do i lose boner fast?


Think of Hope Solo


didnt help


File: 1650737501136.png (398.81 KB, 599x815, 599:815, billie.png)


damn this unironically worked i had a raging hard on and was about to break my routine of no more than one bonerb8 session a week and it just disappeared thanks budy


hello there doc
my jungle fever is killing me
could you please prescribe me somethang?
pls no CRowjobs tho wifeys sus about brown hairs


just stand still it can only see movement


inject yourself with risperidal in order to kill your erections, also be prepared to be shamed for it and become femenine as such drug also blocks male hormone production.
add soy to your diet and you will either become asexual or a faggot artificially.
they will implement hormone conversion on prisons.


based schizo
tell me more


they will defend this forced conversion as a valid threatment, they will target 3 specific populations: extremely violent, actually sick and extremely docile.
the aim is two pronged, first stop people from becoming phisically able to pose significant resistance, second is to use the data on scientific papers to be further used as research data on human experimentation.
they will eventually target imageboard users with this aproach and we will have to either reintegrate our current societies or take our own lives due to combined psyops and harassment campaigns on targete individuals, the doctors will have money whenever an introvert man arises.


File: 1651095409735.jpg (431.5 KB, 1284x1600, 321:400, 7c52fa3408e75eb3e2c27faae9….jpg)


how do i gain boner fast?


play the wadina game


you WILL come


i come for seh


how does pussy smell?


oh shidd, id bleach that mulatta if you know what i mean


doc i need help
i got the yellow fever
what do you perscribe?


usually smells faintly like piss and/or sweat tbph
theres a lot of other shit going on behind the scenes tho, so while it dont necessarily smell gud, it def makes you HONGRY af


add "without makeup" to your searches


slants btfo


on a good day?
not much of anything
on a bad day?
like gross ass
if infected it can smell very fishy


i wouldn't mind them injecting niggers with risperdal tho


cum of different men


niggers on antipsychotics would be a p metal band name tbh



gross man ass or gross female ass tho?


How does dotz smell?


wtf bidup is banning menthol cigs
dr /sp/ prove to these JERKOPS they safe


its a dr /sp/ kinda day


thank you dr quora


File: 1651177473691.png (308.57 KB, 585x911, 585:911, ClipboardImage.png)


tariq naseeth reading this and just sobbing into his keyboard


dr., should i move to galveston?


she'd be considered fat today




File: 1651347507709.jpg (245.69 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, 199181695_822553211724134_….jpg)

what did >she mean by this?


wow thanks!
that lost my boner INSTANTLY


womyn unironically believe thats how society would react even tho she would probly be in the bottom 10th percentile of BMI


I'm starting to think I know who this is…and I'm starting to think I know who posted this…and I think you knew this…and now I'm mad.


this isn't the schizo thread budy


Invitation for GHOST to goon in his cage while her BIG BLACK BVLL fucks her face down ass up.


what does the ultimate spartman drink taste like?


cranburry vodka


CRowjob just doesn't feel as good as I expected it to be, help


File: 1654547629394.webm (1.81 MB, 640x800, 4:5, dog-woman interface.webm)

what do you mean, a CRrowjob
did you fuck the dog?



Isnt that the dog fucker chick ?
I think she also fucks niggers so basically two forms of bestiality.


it's purely platonic


why dont CR just get a job lmao


File: 1654593066692.mp4 (691.03 KB, 256x480, 8:15, VID.mp4)

any experts here???


is this good form?


she is jolting up with her elbows at the end and not getting her chest low enough




File: 1654674083110-0.mp4 (15.19 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Mattel Introduces Pregnant….mp4)

File: 1654674083110-1.mp4 (528.79 KB, 640x360, 16:9, Not being mean, just askin….mp4)


pregnant ken is just like me!


she's gunna blow out her elbows in a year or two, if not earlier


File: 1654813109386.jpg (197.48 KB, 1080x1789, 1080:1789, 1654810989587.jpg)


File: 1654815128152.png (243.45 KB, 399x401, 399:401, man made horrors beyond yo….png)

thats real fucking disgusting, ill tell ya'hwat


>literally publically recommending the foods to eat to have more efficient gay butt sex
fuck this earth


my pp could use some CRowjob rn ngl

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