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its a waffle house kinda day
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sucks tbh
i wonder why anime pirate sites have such a short lifespan
>There are many alternatives out there, here's a list of a few with the most features:
>- Animension.to - no ads on most animes, watch together(sync) with friends, suggestions, official sources, account system/bookmarks/…
>- 9anime.to - has ads, suggestions, account system/bookmarks/…
-> Gogoanime.gg - has ads, account system/bookmarks/…


i heard that watching anime online is bad


thats just what the Jews want you to think


nyaa.si tho


and hevc encodes


i heard that watching anime makes you gay


using overkill ricer codecs like >>1468647
makes you gay


back to torrent i guess




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>Trapped in a Dating Sim: The World of Otome Games Is Tough for Mobs
lmao this sounds like a fucking retarded isekai but this shits pretty good ngl


Boruto: The Next Generation*


thanks thats pretty badass


lel that bad CGI


>Trapped in a Dating Sim: The World of Otome Games Is Tough for Mobs
It was good for about 20 chapters then once I caught up and with each subsequent release, enjoy it while you can budy


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I just watch stuff on a pretty long delay tbh


ok im sorry i dont see what you're saying
you're saying it declines after 20 chaps?


>I’m Quitting Heroing
ok wtf another good one out of left field
i mean im 1 ep in but it handled a yuge exposition dump in a way that felt natural to the story– a shitty anime is normally fug awful with exposition


Ijust realized there was an anime lol
Anyway what I was saying was the I read 20 chapters all at once and it was, but after I started reading it weekly I became less invested
I guess what I mean is it's better to binge it than read it weekly


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seen any of the higurashi series?


No but you seem like someone well acquainted with the HiUrAGayShe series



what fivem server is this?


god damn shield hero sucks fucking ass
like holy shit S2 is so bad
S1 at least had some redeaming qualities


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redeem this


shields are for faggots anyway


What is anime?


>i wonder why anime pirate sites have such a short lifespan
cuckime is normalfag-tire now. its what twitch thots watch
theres whole streaming services based around it, and even regular streaming services will often have a selection of cuckime to peruse

being the piratefag that hosts something that only weebs care about is no biggie, but suddenly youre running up against some rather large corporate entities. whole different ballgame


dropped after last ep, can't even watch to make fun of
furry bitch been makin me ongry and then she just dime turns into mogging best gril raph? get em out
whole point was him getting btfo then btfoing a whorb, which was gud and fun
now the nigger turns into a winged turtle god mech and shoots fuck off death star lazors



a mistake


to miss!


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