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its a waffle house kinda day
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Boston Bruins (51-26-5) vs. Carolina Hurricanes (54-20-8)
>3:30 PM CT
<BOS +110 CAR -139

Tampa Bay Lightning (51-23-8) vs. Toronto Maple Leafs (54-21-7)
>6:00 PM CT
<TB +100 TOR -125

Los Angeles Kings (44-27-11) vs. Edmonton Oilers (49-27-6)
>9:00 PM CT
<LA +170 EDM -227


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please win, leafs
i don't think i have it in me to watch the game


>no nigger day
>can*adian immediately posts a nigger
KILL yourself budy




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yeah, because dftmwtd




>KILL 👏🏻 YOUR 👏🏻 SELF 👏🏻
the self is a refelction of the consciousness. it can't be killed




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grrrolina goal


no baksit boll?



this is clearly no nigger saturday


just got back from golf played ok. is the buffalo shooter really a 4pol autist


post score


we need to make every day no nigger day


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I thought Tops had been finished forever


I like how none of the headlines mention the name of the store because they'd rather not get sued than report the news


File: 1652567942196.png (180.53 KB, 650x890, 65:89, 1652564918877.png)

I was asking because of this but it seems p fake and gay so I figured someone might know already


File: 1652569057615.png (1.5 MB, 1646x1110, 823:555, Screen Shot 2017-10-29 at ….png)

fine I'll make up fake conspiracy theories all alone then


File: 1652569147753.png (4.22 MB, 2163x1242, 721:414, ed89856089c811589d3bc34a4a….png)

All i got. https://files.catbox.moe/jvis0p.pdf

no video yet.


>nigger on the iron sight
oh he's completely retarded


oh fuck


I wonder how much he had invested in crypto


you know how they say "poker is only bad if you lose"? that means poker is bad unless you win. poker is only played for money, which means the only thing good about poker is getting paid to play it at all. why dont people gamble with games that arent bad? why does anyone watch or even play a bad game where the single thing that isnt bad is the only thing about poker that can be applied to every game that exists?


member that seinfeld when they're betting on what flights get delayed etc.
I never got why you can't bet on weather since that's probably not cost effective to manipulate.
like, have odds based on forecasts n shit so you don't get good payouts for thinking it's gonna snow in january.
but if you predict a drought or excessive rainfall over a few months of a year in a certain area oooh boy think of the prop bets


what about strip poker


i just right now had a dream where i came to that conclusion while watching women's volleyball and the women stopped playing because the other team was so bad that by not playing they would still win so they started cleaning up their side of the court and a guy asked me if i wanted to play poker. i was like "you're eekah". and i asked him "you know how people say 'poker is only bad if you lose'?" and he said "no ive never heard that". and it started to piss me off so i started asking the girls and before i got an answer i woke up


no i never watched that show. cant you bet on anything in vegas? even wild shit like that?


poker is fun wtf are you talking about? don't you ever play card games for pennies or matchsticks (on the level 4 yard winner takes ur booty)?


>Canadian-based sports gambling website Bovada is now taking online bets on weather forecasts, and they’re primarily for temperature forecasts. For example, you can bet on the high and/or low temperature for Chicago or New York City, among a handful of other cities.
looks like they started doing a bit during covid


i dont gamble but i lik card games
im goin off the synopsis of the saying "its only bad if you lose" then extrapolatin idk bro it was in a dream i just had i rolled over and got my fon and went straight to sportchan to post it ok


i lik blakjak


blakjak is lik grils spudy


and I lik grils


go over 21 and yuo lose but once you hit about 18 just keep it where it is


thought that one would be kinda obv


i also lik blakjak and grils


i never heard that one. p gud


it just came to me lik my pokr dream but i was awake talkin to yuo. im on da role



holy shit


File: 1652571877638.png (132.15 KB, 232x234, 116:117, dickh.PNG)

tell me which shitcoin to buy, u caught the shining


i'm BIG bullish on solana



idk anything about bitcoins only a lil ab cards sry budy


may i ask why?


but i will say the only bitcoin i have ever suggested is arrr cuz privacy that shits gonna get more and more valuable imo but i been saying that for a while and its pretty volatile anyway idk


not super bullish tbqh but it seems to have a lot of developers that are working on practical applications for their NFT stuff and low "gas fees" so you're not losing a ton of money by using it for transactions and that's good for the overall network imo.
that being said it seems to have some issues with the network going down from time to time. not sure how they rectify that if they need more validators or people running nodes idk the solution.
but since it's relatively cheap and just got a big haircut I just have monthly buys set up and am probably going to start staking soon.
this crypto crash that just happened will probably take the steam out of all these projects for a year or maybe two tbh.


cool thx mang
trying not to succumb to fomo too much but if one forecasts even marginally bullish long-term for crypto it's hard not to want to throw chips in right now
so atm i'm wasting a couple bills trying to catch a LUNA dead cat bounce instead of doing due diligence on a legit long-term crypto investment lel


> trying to catch a LUNA dead cat bounce
yeah I mean, btc, monero, eth (when it does the v2 upgrade or whatever they're calling it) and solana seem like the most useful ones
I think the lokinet people are working on one called oxen too.
other than that it's just a lot of noise.


the fuck are gas fees anyway?


how would that even work? canadian temperature is always the same


the fee you pay the miners to do all the blockchainy suckin n fuckin so that you transaction is confirmed


basically fractions of any crypto that gets transferred goes back to the people runnin the nodes and whatever hamster wheel bullshit that makes it work.
on other currencies this can get pretty pricey and one of the knocks on it has been that with btc and eth in particular it actually uses a lot of electricity.
>While the sale has brought in $253 million, the spike in demand flooded the Ethereum blockchain, driving up transaction fees called gas fees. Many buyers who paid less than $10 for an NFT had to shell out several tens of thousands of dollars in gas fees. One anonymous buyer of a $5,800 NFT paid about $45,000 in transaction fees. (Each parcel costs 305 ApeCoin, the Yuga Labs-backed currency, which is now worth about $4,600.)

so what's sold me on solana is it's more sustainable and people are working on practical applications for it.




time for mcmemer to put mil's kangz to bed
that's unfortunate


File: 1652584134977.jpg (221.78 KB, 1456x2048, 91:128, thoccpus amanda ribas.jpg)

qt tbh
(theres a fightnight on)


that's a man, isn't it.


use the same color kakis for mlb and w/c threads holfy fucc i'm gettin confused


File: 1652584358394-0.jpg (66.57 KB, 1000x667, 1000:667, Amanda-Ribas.jpg)

File: 1652584358394-1.jpg (158.92 KB, 1400x1050, 4:3, AMANDA_RIBAS_STILL.jpg)



who wants to go 'inside the octagon' with me???


ill wear some tight little boxing shorts and that cool pec hold that mr /sp/artman told me about

loser gets they bussy beat ?


fisting is gay


powered by niggers?



>no bulge


>started browsing 4chan in may 2020
total newfag tbqhwy



moar lik amanda rabid amirite


>classmates described him as a Big Guy


kangz fucked up so bad

hostage taking of edmonton fags now


this dude is a total faggot

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