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its a waffle house kinda day
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lel yeems gonna starve - GHOST
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just hack and turn off google maps
watch them get lost and die in some corn field


File: 1656100079225.jpg (88.59 KB, 749x660, 749:660, FWCX_gaXgAE3iu-.jpg)

Damn, this sounds really go—I mean BAD BAD BAD I mean BAD, this sounds really BAD soooo terrible oh noooooo not the heckin' transpeople-a-rino !


White people need to be aborted and brown people need to replace them


Oh no that would be HORRIBLE if any of that happened!


mil: do a [redacted]


looks more like them giving the states a little bit more leash room to make their own decisions since pretty much no one has any faith in the federal gubmint anymore which is smart on their end because the alternative is the states decide to do as they please anyway and further erode the feds legitimacy
dunno how much good itll do tho weimerica is still a rotting zombie its only a matter of time until pieces start falling off it


considering reddits track record in ukraine theyd either get lost then captured and disappear completely or wind up getting blown up in a tannerite trap then the survivors running home crying about nazis winning


did the whores start rioting yet?


File: 1656112591225.jpeg (2.33 MB, 1238x1858, 619:929, c13444d1d20cfef96ac1851d6….jpeg)

whities cant into riot, only niggers can.
when a white person "riots" you get jan 6 soy shit.
when a nigger riots you get cities burnt to the ground.


j6 was pretty based tbh
if only they acutally DID gang rape AOC and put the video up on liveleak or motherless that would have been pretty based

because you know she would have came HARD because she secretly fantasies about a big buff gang of MAGA men who look like Ryan Gosling filling her every hole simultaneously, her pussy would dripping as they carried her off to the enemy camp with clips of Tuck Carlson playing in the background


yeah rioting on this gock


File: 1656122186276.mp4 (1.79 MB, 720x1280, 9:16, CWHQOSSavL9_k8V9.mp4)


we gotta go to these protests and start beating and raping the women


>running away from a wahmin
>in your big ass pickup

that prime time to start alex minassian'ing one these hoes


Guys this is NOT a hot take, this is in fact a quite cold take. Views like this are not representative or /sp/ OR the administration of sportschan.
I sure wish the mods would take out trash like this, but
>muh free speech
omg, grow a pair and be a fucking ally, these whorbs are gonna have to probably drive a state or two away (gas prices anyone?!) even get a hotel room, all to have an outpatient procedure?
This makes me sick. Clearly no one on the supreme court has the ability to create life or they'd think twice about getting in the way of a woman's RIGHT to choose!


every single poster, lurker, and janny supports and endorses this post. especially duddr


File: 1656123164791.png (2.97 MB, 2374x3021, 2374:3021, 41cea07c50827a50a090606237….png)

hi fbi


File: 1656123258581.png (713.9 KB, 1080x1610, 108:161, Screenshot_20220624-211237….png)

GOATssouri being the GOAT as usual


state that based deserves a good sportsball team one day


yay! more black babies in kcmo


just saw that ford raptor guy actually ran some bitches over


yay indeed, friend


they did. in 2015




how did he manage to keep it running?


wats the law in kck


did that one woman just throw a nigger dong at a pickup truck?


File: 1656127655656.webm (5.25 MB, 640x360, 16:9, RealHumanBean.webm)

he was a real human bean


>mary's latest instathot story


>i drive


please post
instagram banned my mary creeper account


File: 1656128639773.png (174.16 KB, 511x882, 73:126, ClipboardImage.png)

my creeper account is still gud after 5 years


b-b-but mary is a "gud" girl, dotz told me so !


dotz as and still is a mannafag since day one. she has never supported mary, eli, or the "other".


wtf sparts?? globohomo was supposed to reduce the population


more likely the niggers'll move to a state that will continue to allow it


globohomo is a retarded pipe dream cooked up by inbred kikes and angloids with far too much money


File: 1656177926218.jpeg (19.22 KB, 768x768, 1:1, 4dd89dc6-0f0f-4e63-8fb9-8….jpeg)

5 buck clothes hanger is a cheaper solution than moving


they dont sell metal coat hangars anymore


ebay it nigga


File: 1656185685275.jpg (277.94 KB, 1080x1030, 108:103, Screenshot_20220611-211542….jpg)



we need more dead kids tbh


just the buckeye ones


>dead kids
how many lives just got saved from roe v wade reversal alone?


negative impact because the black fetuses grow up to kill whitey


>kill whitey
i thought you said a negative impact




damned if you do damned if you dont


its a ghost world and ur just livin in it


File: 1656268507335.png (38.89 KB, 550x381, 550:381, brandup.png)

>bans russian oil
<oil price goes up
>bans russian gold
<gold price goes up
bravo brandup.

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