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its a waffle house kinda day
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fuck dude im so drunk - GHOSTdder
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that's a knowledge you can learn with lurking for a few days anyway, not something only real spiggas know like ghost's secret discord


kanye naming buckeyes and showing some graphs etc made me think, this guy was definitely on 4ch and/or 8ch at some point, even we might have someone famous here lurking


i wonder if there is a chan unbeknownst to us just for negroes. like crystal cafe but for niggers


there is a africa chan (or specifically nigeria?) but i forgot the name


I believe world star hiphop or a website named something like that is the one where they have complete free speech and go wild, never even visited it myself tho


also pretty sure crystal cafe but for niggers is lipstick alley


there's a fedi instance now


its nairaland and its a forum and its p hilarious tbh
thats where i find those weird news stories of hookers being strangled for trying to steal mens souls with their magic charms an shieet
africas based

worldstar is actually also based for entirely different reasons
any time you se a vid getting unilaterally [REDACTED] from le internet, go to worldstar and theyll prolly have it
they give absolutely zero fucks







you just described sportschan


hush now


File: 1669666448168.png (204.96 KB, 271x593, 271:593, shigs ma nigs.png)

*sucks teeth*


TIL: becky is ebonics for wh*te bitch


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File: 1669668247434-0.png (372.9 KB, 663x754, 51:58, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1669668247434-1.png (82.45 KB, 684x738, 38:41, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1669668247434-2.png (91.24 KB, 663x692, 663:692, ClipboardImage.png)

trojan glowworm strikes again


File: 1669668350442.png (59.42 KB, 271x284, 271:284, ClipboardImage.png)

this is the tomorrow thread


tpastes of the future will write essays on how their vegetables were made from police copulating with farm machinery


funny part is that EU will have to just import even more foods from africa aka yurops mexico, who obv give zero fucks about the fucking environment or any of that bullshit

its like watching someone play vicky 2 in reverse
release all your colonies, decimate your own industries, give ALL your fucking money to your former colonies who fucking hate you, subsidize all ur govt memeshit policies, and then open-door immigration ad-infinitum
its literally speedrun strats on how to lose vicky 2

>muh hegelian dialectics an shieeet

tbph i think theyre just fucking retarded
like they think its just gonna cause regular ol instability and forget the fact that its fucking yurop and the last like 60yrs where everyone hasnt been slaughtering their neighbors was basically a total fluke, and its prolly a lot more likely their gay little union is gonna get smashed into a gorillion pieces and scattered to the wind


File: 1669671006921.webm (1.46 MB, 1280x490, 128:49, 1_4911204393266709238.webm)

this is a commercial for a fashion retailer in canada


see this is EXACTLY why you dont take that much LSD

youll end up talking like ur a surfer bro even tho u cant surd, or end up afraid of random arbitrary shit like the color red, or worse u might appear in a canadian fashion retailers commercial announcing ur suicide

also what the actual fuck is that aspect ratio? that doesnt even look like itd fit on a phone, let alone a screen


lel gud analogy
if u read their papers & books (or just skim) they're banking on some a.i. ran post scarcity via tech pipe dream
funnily they can't get the a.i. to work, let alone play along. at least some of this transhumanist biotech stuff is to integrate the "spirit" or human resource as a catalyst/shim to bridge the gap for what a.i. is lacking
agenda 21 is now agenda 2030 cuz they can't get anything to work. seems to me like they're trying to force innovation required for 4th ind revolution by manufacturing crisis

plus the psychos r so hungry to control everything they've convinced themselves teh world will an hero tomorrow if they don't
lotta hubris and cart before horse all around


can't start farting, they're the big cumulus nimbus mfers too


New World Order literally just dunking on their own willing subjects.

But also, these people have names and addresses, hypothetically politically speaking in a game of Minecraft.


File: 1669673195078.webm (5.16 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1_4911563418172916443.webm)


why? if anyone sui-booths i'll cry a drop of piss. if ne1 in ur fam does, u failed budy
t. quantum suicider


File: 1669675205474.gif (1.71 MB, 235x150, 47:30, tfw srs disgussion.gif)

>they're banking on some a.i. ran post scarcity via tech pipe dream
lol ive seen
i dont buy it tho, and i doubt they do either, they prolly just still have a lot of shekels in on big tech memestocks like retards

imo they think they can just pump gommie agitprop into a shithole and itll magically come out (after a yr or so of kicking/screaming) some sort of late-USSR-tire bureaucracy where they all get to keep their same jobs in spite of the fact that, historically speaking, thats basically never fucking happened, and its a LOT more likely they either get annihilated by their own rabid gommie dogs theyre breeding and/or (see: spanish civil war) every other reactionary and their mother splits off into 5 different meme ideologies and they ALL annihilate them in parallel to one another

>so hungry to control everything they've convinced themselves teh world will an hero tomorrow if they don't

it is absurd, but also to be expected
these fuckers have armed bodyguards paid by the state when they go outside to buy a fucking ice cream cone. theyre completely apart from ordinary society, and have been for their whole lives (and likely several generations at this point)
they see bydlo as predictable, and to a point they are, sure.
but they fail to realize that HANGRY™ bydlo can be quite the opposite, and no amount of wargaming various revolutionary scenarios in their thinktanks is ever gonna be able to foresee wtf will actually happen

muh ruling class never gets it thru their thick heads till its the peasants pike thats piercing it


>do they hate free speech in america
maybe, but they really LOVE pedophilia


Its just another step in the further commodification of life itself.


Articles 106 and 107 of the UN Charter give Russia, as the legal successor to the victor of World War II, the right to take any action, including military ones, against Germany, Hungary, Austria, Romania, Bulgaria, Finland, Croatia, Slovenia. , Czech Republic, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania and Ukraine for attempts to revive Nazism.

UN Secretary-General António Guterres was surprised to learn from Putin that there is an article in the UN charter that allows a Russian special operation to be carried out in Ukraine.


The Nuremberg Tribunal sentenced to criminal liability all those who fought against the United Nations and committed genocide. The greatest genocide was committed against the Soviet people. UN Charter, Articles 106 and 107, gives the victors of World War II - the USSR, USA, Great Britain and China - the right to take action against the countries that fought against them to prevent actions that aim to revise the results of the Second World War. .

In particular, the use of military force against these countries is permitted. To do this, you only need to NOTIFY the other three winning countries, but not get their consent. Russia, as the LEGAL successor to the USSR, can also use force against states that want to overhaul the Yalta-Potsdam system in Europe. Russia can stop attempts to revive Nazism in Germany, Hungary, Romania, Austria, Bulgaria, Finland, Croatia, Slovenia and the Czech Republic, which acted as the protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia during the war.



File: 1669679778897-0.png (1.74 MB, 1538x1743, 1538:1743, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1669679778898-1.png (3.14 MB, 2783x1280, 2783:1280, ClipboardImage.png)

>they prolly just still have a lot of shekels in on big tech memestocks like retards
certainly. i don't believe it's simply profit driven because of the lack of historical success you mentioned. big bucks GHOST wuz here in them thinktanks. that bezers amazon study that found, and implemented, an increase in diversity to avoid unionization
history has never seen da west, or any cunts, with such a lack of homogeneity. let alone individ identity. even espousing the idea comes at a loss of social & system participation. unless ofc, u are a "minority"
sociopathic retards no doubt, there's a method to the madness and no signs of slowing soon

>i dont buy it tho, and i doubt they do either

don't think they'll pull it off either without a spiritual ascension above the physical realm be it via moloch or other but am curious as to where the tech actually is. 2nd picrel is computer reconstruction of input from brainwaves, no doubt way beyond that. the depth of convenience tech provides gives a lot more time to try than i'm comfy with

>HANGRY™ bydlo

>never going to foresee wtf will actually
yeah, be interesting af to watch. given the actual division in lower classes & surrounding rhetoric be interesting to see whether the ivory walls of royalty crumble first? or the neighbors mcmansion, leaving the truly broken dregs holding the pikes

not as cynical as i sound tbh. gonna depend on narrative, v hopeful on that front. seems every push is met with an awakening, despite what lugen says. mortal consequences are temporary anyway, and i do believe in humanity when it's actually pushed against the wall


AI will never be a thing until there is a hardware level revolution of the computer. The existing technology has a known threshold will never be able to support the complexity for truly self autonomous machines.

You used to be able to find videos of Computer Scientists on Youtube talking about this but since "AI" is the hot new buzzword that gets big government contract, I doubt you will find it.


>muh special operation
dubyah should sue him for gopyright infwingement


Quantum Computing™ will solve the AI problem in 200 years


File: 1669685917172.png (1.79 MB, 1284x962, 642:481, gayest room in existance.png)


File: 1669686125587.mp4 (4.86 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, dea67a15c896058c.mp4)

tim loves kikes


this whole thing is making me lose iq points


This whole thing is just an op to divide the right even further. Say what you want about Blompf but he has a realistic chance at actually winning and his victory in 2016 ensured a right wing majority on the Supreme Court.

Ye, Spicolas and Cum Breath have exactly ZERO chances of winning anything but a dick sucking contest, fr fr no cap.


if you find a vid i'd be interested
but yeah, that's why they're trying biomimetics, neuromorphics, biointegration, and a bunch of other 10 dollar words i barely understand


loomer leaked a bunch of shit, milo admits as much
gonna be funny which is all a girl like me can ask for 🥰


nobody wants to vote for a lying piece of shit who does more for israel than his own country while simultaneously claiming his own country comes first

or does trump secretly have israeli citizenship? who knows


Who else is there to vote for lmao ?
DeSantis the Lincoln Project approved True and Honest Conservative candidate ?
Ye with Vice President Spicolas "Cum Hunter" Fuentes ?


File: 1669689103171.jpg (48.57 KB, 560x700, 4:5, deqrk2a-650b3226-cf26-439b….jpg)



File: 1669690958159.jpg (28.74 KB, 384x244, 96:61, vot.jpg)


>dont participate in the poltical process
>chudcel about lel niggers and joos runing the sparts



how about u get some pussy instead spigga


no bitch make me


i vote for deez nuts


what's his solution to inflation

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