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its a waffle house kinda day
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guess it was dickslapper idk - GHOSTssumer
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what is there to destroy in california that anyone would give a shit about
like 9/11 give a shit. you blow up san fran everyone including californians would prolly just thank you and the rest of the state is already mexico in everything but name


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This nigga is crying because he watched Pokimane's (the literal definition of Mid) deep fake porn video.

The west is so fucking gay.
Twitch streamers should be round up and put in hard thinking camps.


what is the context of this commie nonsense?


destroy the bay bridge and you couldn't begin to imagine how fucked everything would be
rush hour is already like an hour and a half to go 12 miles


russian talkin bout ukes


speaking of ukes
these force conscription videos are getting crazy
they're literally conscripting any 20-50yo male they see on the streets
doing fake fire alarms in apartments then handing out conscription papers, or waiting in air raid shelters and giving them then
we're watching the jews liquidate western ukraine and its terrifying to watch tbh


ya that shits wild im surprised theres anyone not already conscripted. been a year and theyre at this level of desperate not lookin gud


russkies are recruiting criminals with zero training as cannon fodder so idk which is worse


yea i rly rly rly dont like war
its like the basis of my whole political opinion on everything and why i deplore my own cunt. us intl policy is just
>lets set as many small fires as possible then get randos to put it out
>btw heres a buncha guns and a big fat IOU saying i own ur cunt forever when u obv cant pay it back
liquidate is exactly the right word
fuck the whole idea of conscription is just the most contemptuous waste of human life imaginable. literal meatshield. born to die world is a fuck etc

whats more worthless than no-morale troops?
no troops at all
so get out there and fucking die already


idk about you, but idve been laying fucking LOW. leaving at the start was obv a trap as they were waiting for ya, so ya just gotta anne frank for a year or whatever. ppl have done far more to flee from far less

its all worse
its death for deaths sake


like fr tho just bring back swords
if politicians, whose literal only job is diplomacy, are so incapable of diplomacy, then just duel it out
nah theyd rather put up thousands of lives and their whole cunts way of life as collateral to protect their vanity


both the gommies and the sic suckme t-rexers would cognitive dissonance into that scanners scene
the political (internal and geo) & social reaction would uniron fuck the cunt up bigly
if vlad is smert he's sendin some secret cabrones thru the 24/7 mexican food's underground railroad which is exactly what those are imo
geography surrounding u.s. is part of america's problem tbh, leads to arrogance


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File: 1675173373465-1.mp4 (1.49 MB, 828x460, 9:5, bidup ukraine.mp4)

in their minds thats what theyre doing spro
p gud evidence that yimflu was created in uke & we know it was targeted towards specific races

some schizobro lays it out but tl;dr is it goes back well b4 euromaidan
thats why they did the kabuki impeach of dup over wanting to investigate


conscription papers are handed out to update medical and they don't guarantee you will be thrown to the front lines. there are two seasons of the year when they are handed out and spring is one of them. even if you are a literal cripple you still have to update medical every now and then. that's another leftover from soviet times in addition to the conscription service itself. there are mobilization papers though that guarantee you'll be thrown into some steaming shit. but that is reserved mostly for those with a real experience (2014 ATO - ..) or a specialist military background


>Eight million Americans earning more than $100,000-a-year are living paycheck-to-paycheck
holy fuck zoomers are terrible with money
lay off the funkopops


are the vids of them yanking people fake?
also, what's the general sentiment over there regarding russia v. usa hohbro?


some of them have like 5-6 streaming services, 5-10 patreons, twitch subs, take uber everyday, eat uber every day, lootboxes… it's insane


they aren't necessarily fake but can be definitely used without a proper context or timeframe. manhandling during foot patrols is against the law so those who were caught on camera doing it will get in trouble.
officers in conscription office colloquially had a set amount of draftees they need to put into service and certain (western) regions also colloquially had very low numbers. way before 2014 they were known to get rough when handing out invitations to the conscription office. a few guys i know from real life swear they were approached in the similar manner in more peaceful times. the way i see it they still have that desired amount of people they need to put into service from a particular region and in troubled times there is more impatience and reckless behavior that fuels the propaganda and disrupts the whole thing tbh

the general public is not looking at this as a russia v. usa thing. rivalry of the conflict is way older than usa. i used to see a lot more russian supporters prior to the latest escalation. after infrastructure attacks they will be pretty hard to find. one thing is when shit explodes on TV and other thing when it's your substation. sympathizers of the both sides need to get the fuck out of the cuntry and leave others in peace. neither side will budge so the civs are stuck in between nonsensical wars and revolutions over some unimportant pile of shit called border and land disputes in the 21st century.
there comes my crippling depression again FUCK


not enough dead americans
​>we need to put american troops in the donbass NOW
death to america


u actually ukie budy? how'd u find spee?
if it makes you feel better God's probly going to personally smite shart up the entirety of mart-land soon


>u actually ukie budy?
haven't seen my "getting drafted" thred?
>how'd u find spee?
that was over 8 years ago


need to draft you into the kcbro kingdom before you become a tiktok yimmer


crippling anxiety is worse than any bullet 😢 🔪


i go offline for stretches and miss a lot of lore :(
will you go kiss zelensky and take pics so >we can jerkoff i mean blackmail him?
pull up a chair, take a load off, have some spray 'n relax


my wife hid the spray


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File: 1675195372200.png (323.68 KB, 680x584, 85:73, bong police.png)


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>not using marine epoxy
i know a junkie who sealed a dime sized hole in a radiator on a Chevy celebrity with that shit and it ran until he crashed it a month later



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every week there's some new horror previously unimaginable


Clockwork Orange dystopian nightmare world.


they'll probably do a better job than la pigs tbh


File: 1675208028230.mp4 (402.51 KB, 640x360, 16:9, jlp iran.mp4)




File: 1675211615335.mp4 (6.24 MB, 576x1024, 9:16, VID_20230131_192423_678.mp4)


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is spee a pro crakhead board nao?


always & forever


quit hugging that burr bitch


well tbf the criminals are clearly making some kinda headway plus theyre wasting less of their actual troops in the slapfight this way so its a win win from a pragmatic standpoint
its what should be done with criminals anyway i rally wish the usa would send all the violent felons into some desert shithole armed with only heavily used surplus firearms and promises of freedumb if they suicide charge some mountain full of goatfucker mujahideen
well then its time to kill a wife. any wife idc if its yours or not
bruh like at least half of la pigs are already basically cartel members and most of the rest are literal nigger gang members




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Its over nazbollah sisters


thats a helluva thing to do


wont be the last time for shure


tbh turd world tier cops are way more chill
flash em a 20 and just be on ur way


crackheads are, by their very definition, based

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