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its a waffle house kinda day
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here queer lose all your money thread buy silver


invest in dead nigger storage futures



if video games ever taught me anything you should always buy coke and sell it to niggers


a gud rule of thumb w boomer rocks is if u see commercials advertising boomer rocks on boomer television it means u dont wanna buy boomer rocks rn


im surprised its listed in the first place tbh


no one was saying to buy into crypto 6 months ago it already crashed like 6 months before that


nuh uh liar this time last year bitcoin went from like 60k to 20k you were supposed to have sold the november before that i know because i warned you fags but you didnt lose anything anyway and youre poor because you dont take any risks but i cant blame you for that if you didnt have fuck around money by the time of the great nigger tantrum of 2020


no that fag btfo himself and wanted u to buy his bags


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needs to crash more
im looking for my 2nd vacation house


p sure it will
better hope for official war to avoid them interest rates tho


dude STOP i need to get out of this house THEN it can crash


trust the plan



Did mohammed do the needful and buy xmr??


just post bussy not this politics junk


jpow sayin rates gotta rise higher and faster than expected
market & retail investors were quoted as sayin "lalala i cant hear you"


didnt he say that like 5yrs ago and then we went full QE retard again anyways for like 3yrs?


File: 1678226947610.jpg (95.34 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, yodel.jpg)

damn was it that long ago?
lik he knows shits fukt and needs to crash. genuinely tried w jackson hole speech then heebs set all the algos to warp speed the next day to make him look lik an ass if he stops the yodeler before faceplanting


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the collapse can remain boring longer than you can remain sane


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yimlines also
>JOLTS Job Openings 10.824MM, Exp. 10.546MM, Last 11.012MM
takin the over or under on 50bps spros?


File: 1678301965925.png (370.02 KB, 1234x780, 617:390, ClipboardImage.png)

oh nvm on JOLTS wew


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baksheesh, baba!


idk how things going on in this retarded world are boring to you its been a nonstop shitfest since the chink flu
i hope it aint depression i dont like my spartmen sad


>housing and transportation only ~doubled since 85
try living in yuroland, more like ~6x
also pretty sure we pay more for healthcare and probably education but its hidden in the ~80% tax we pay instead
good thing people are shit at math or they would have realized how fucken yuropoor they really are taking loans they wont be able to repay unless they wageslave to 80


in amerigay we have the added privilege of never actually owning our housing tho
even if we pay off all mortgages we still gotta pay real estate and property taxes and if you dont do that you will get your shit taken away from you. also eminent domain is a thing here and they dont pay you anything near what your land/property is worth when they do that


nah budy am mostly of haprs, mean market collapse is bit frustrating
been readin wild indicators the mcbux is underwater for lik 15 years and my canned food just keeps gettin cycled while insiders keep pullin zeroes off its corpse
stumbled on a decent rack and feelin a bit foolish about doomer investing w it tbh


i swear erryone's been depressr since covid, like a switch was flicked and everyone got fucked inna heda.


dimensions c-197 & 1218 merged that's what happened and we gotta retrain our brain with binaural trance so we don't feewl SICK :(


always bet on everything being as slow and gay as possible
every time i have to take public transport or in any way interact with the unwashed masses im shocked at how ugly and stupid everyone is
i think we have at least a decade but even then during the "collapse" lower-caste westerners will be too hypnotized by tiktok dance compilations and mumblerap to actually do anything interesting
thats assuming society didnt already collapse with the holocough


I only bet on baseball


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ther good money in drommadaries 😎


camel is not posible for predict sir lose many money


oh i see yah market shit is always gay
a lotta people in particularly cucked hellholes were isolated for like a straight year and a half where they most likely just sat on the internet and consumed various forms of propaganda its easy for most people to fall into a sadboy pattern when you cant counteract that by going out and doing something else or even hang out with budys face to face
as for everyone else the agitprop machine has been running in overdrive everywhere from nearly every angle and if you dunno how to take it for what it is and not let it infest your every thought then that will make you either vary angry or vary sad or both


thats gold in dem humps


always bet on black crime


is that on fanduel sir


>evil moons rising for days now
>jupiter and venus together
big sell signals tbh


File: 1678476007636.jpg (233.8 KB, 1438x1080, 719:540, darmok.jpg)

jupiter and venus, while in uranus


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what's your sign sweetie?


silicon valley bank tits up
well fargo havin a rough go of it


wells fargos continued existence is, itself, mystifying
ppl were talkin about them like they were radioactive like a decade ago


they were being talked about as if they were radioactive only like 3 or 4 years ago unless im mixing them up with another bank they had some kinda gigantic fraud or incompetency scandal


how any bank has survived at all this entire time is a mystery.


nod rly they can borrow more money cheaper than anyone else so they borrow it for cheap and then borrow it to you for more




mysterious tooth


oral hygiene is vary mysterious


big one for consoomers was wells opening accounts for ppl without them knowing
at least the second time theyve oopsied peoples money too


yah that was it i remember now because they tried to open up an account under my dads name but he had died like 3 months before and we found out when we were trying to get the money out of his actual account


all i remember about wells fargo is them actually existing on the east coast before the recession, then like 2012 on they closed basically every branch in NYS. i think theres still one in copley in da sauna but theyre basically non-existent around here and i only remember them when i go west since they used to have a smaller charge to draw out of the ATM than like BoA or whatever


theyre still in some of the southern states on the east coast


yea youll even see em in like pennsylvania but idk they just basically disappeared in NY its weird


mcq cant tulpa up customers whenev
but ya get in a credit yimion & pull a stack out in paper spros them bail ins are real and comin
paid my mortgage 6 months in advance and screenshotted that shit too


>pull a stack out in paper spros them bail ins are real and comin
what you mean like take out a cash loan and itll be forgiven during a gubmint printer go brrr spree?


nah yours, not forgiving shit of >ours
maybe if ur white impaired but this is a whites only board


File: 1678662234338.png (134.05 KB, 693x830, 693:830, bailout.png)

15 mins after future trading opened


>the taxpayer doesnt have to pay for this
where the FUCK are you getting this money from you LYING KIKE


they be printing new money instead of taxes now


>all depositors will get their funds
>creditors and equity holders are fukt
well fuck me must be nice to have silicon valley lobby
just bank with the jews
>Federal Reserve Board on Sunday announced it will make available additional funding to eligible depository institutions to help assure banks have the ability to meet the needs of all their depositors
lelmao and powpow still has til '23
.>we going to war budys


why have taxes which make people angry ahead of elections and they might now pay anyway, when you can just print money instead and everyone eats it in inflation instead


makes me wonder what the actual tax rate is including inflation due to printing
everything you own was bought with fake money at this point, fractional reserve jewing is the biggest balled wildest shit
ever get around to reading 'creature from jekyl island'?


no im sorry
been fucking insanely busy.. but thats coming to a close now that works wrappin up on the unit


File: 1678664256508.mp4 (1.5 MB, 640x360, 16:9, cramer svb.mp4)

every time. like a week ago too
nice gz budy, its nbd just more schizo being true
plenty of clips of g edward griffin giving the tl;dr if you're interested


any time that guy throws a billion buzzwords a second you know he's lying


because all taxation is theft and government has no god given right to exist


John Williams at shadowstats has a good track record for reverse engineering the official numbers to try to be in line with how they were calculated years and years ago before all the constant reformulations to try to hid how bad it really is. So that would be useful to consider, perhaps among other estimates. Bob Chapman (RIP) had stopped publishing his own calculations after a while because they wound up pretty reliably in keeping with JW's.


well i already have a credit union account i abandoned regular banks years ago but that shit is linked to my mortgage and land payments


i aint goin to shit unless its a /sp/ihad


sell everything and buy guns ASAP on monday everything will fall


someone give me a qrd? i haven't been keeping track of shit
i have a ton of money in cash, what should i do?
there about to be a big dip?
or am i about to lose all my cash


qrd is 2nd largest bank fail in history, but when the whole economy is fiction they can write in a bipoc mary sue

no idea where to park $
maybe eventually lose in market, or inflation it away who tf knows other than beans boolets bunnion bullshit
fam w 7 digits completely pulled from markets


will look when my blood pressure meds get here, thanks


File: 1678678666106.jpg (62.53 KB, 300x735, 20:49, cs60img.jpg)






spartman died as xhe lived
not being twtd


gud advice tho
u should not hold cobalt 60 for any length of time. thats how u end up a comicbook villain
youd be getting absolutely juiced with gamma rays until you put like several walls of concrete and/or lead in between you and it


ive seen this episode before


so whos next?
not gonna stop at just one. thats not how banks work


File: 1678719748144-0.png (158.44 KB, 1750x701, 1750:701, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1678719748144-1.jpg (197.96 KB, 2360x1438, 1180:719, credit suisse.jpg)

nyse halted charles schwab as well


signature bank apparently, can i get a roll tide?


never trust the swiss


sportschan stock just crashed


short bethesda game studios i've never encountered a mudcrab in real life and now starfield is delayed i can see that diluting theta until next yom kippur


we just set off a sportschan derivatives unwinding timebobumb


aaaaaaand we just got bailed out


the plebs will take a bit of a haircut but stability is priceless


tell the kai-zar that the ides of march called and said his detroit style pan pies are going the way of the dodo
it's Emo's Empire now and the provel will flow


if you go my linkden i post how make five figure month


step numer one no more starbox cofee efery morneng
gud morneng


step too master zero inbox metthod
step treeh embrace agile methodoology


step five - delegate


we're here to offer sportschan an en exclusive offer: Five free Prime Energy drinks sent to you every month*
*with a regular Sportschan Weekly subscription* *just $72.99 per week*
*a "Mediterranean Week" aka two Days aka 48 sidereal hours


can you dropship them to me


no but we can do deaddrops
i'll leave them in the dumpster behind the Guitar Center closest to you, every first tuesday of the month


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File: 1678731179758-1.jpg (32.74 KB, 721x387, 721:387, IMG_20230313_131224_357.jpg)

File: 1678731179758-2.jpg (32.94 KB, 727x353, 727:353, IMG_20230313_131225_582.jpg)

File: 1678731179758-3.jpg (30.71 KB, 723x373, 723:373, IMG_20230313_131227_431.jpg)

File: 1678731179758-4.jpg (31.89 KB, 719x373, 719:373, IMG_20230313_131228_826.jpg)


File: 1678731198824-0.jpg (28.99 KB, 717x369, 239:123, IMG_20230313_131230_271.jpg)

File: 1678731198824-1.jpg (30.67 KB, 721x369, 721:369, IMG_20230313_131231_977.jpg)


File: 1678732811707-0.jpg (229.92 KB, 1260x1280, 63:64, IMG_20230313_133932_423.jpg)

File: 1678732811707-1.jpg (185.24 KB, 946x675, 946:675, IMG_20230313_133933_777.jpg)

File: 1678732811707-2.jpg (78.94 KB, 680x478, 340:239, IMG_20230313_133935_914.jpg)


File: 1678733212990.mp4 (738.41 KB, 848x464, 53:29, 1_4933950522886456302.MP4)


File: 1678733341771.jpg (57.37 KB, 440x680, 11:17, IMG_20230313_134845_099.jpg)

buy a bank for a dollar


File: 1678736514945.jpg (276.26 KB, 1079x1974, 1079:1974, Screenshot_20230313-144145….jpg)

vary gud green day


das juden on suicide watch


said literally no one
muh 2big2fail yim all over again
literally everyone else eats it except them


Credit Suisse - the largest foreign exchange bank - just collapsed.


they are all nazis anyway


green day is vary bad tho 😞


i want to suck that cute clitty


not his call to make tbh
like last time "obongo bailed out the banks" but he basically just said "k" and the fed, who were already gonna do it cuz they had to, did it

so thatll prolly be what happens to credit suisse, or at least some yuro version of that
credit suisse is literally 2big2fail


wut apps/exchanges/banks/sites do you guys use?





>1985 US racial demographics: 79% white
>2023 US racial demographics: 59% white
There’s your problem. White people are fine, it’s just the flood of turd world migrants living 3 families to one apartment where all the men work under the table for $5h that’s dragging the average down.

ALWAYS look at the racial demographics before posting these graphs.


>flood of turd world migrants
the problem started well before 1985 and that problem started with the jews flooding the cities with niggers who breed like rabbits and forced the white people out


wtf did duddr really tell me to invest in crcoin and then bail


he did a 360 and walked away from the site


don't quote stats we all know pls


um did u kno that 9 out of 10 ppl love gang rape??


thats actually vary interesting


>niggers who breed like rabbits
Aren't they still 11% of the population since forever?


too lazy to check the graph


that is haram


yah the neetsoc retards always seem to forget that its spics that went from less than 10% of the population to well above 30% in the span of like three decades meanwhile niggers kill each other enough to keep their own numbers stagnant and would prolly disappear entirely without gibs through sheer suicidal stupidity and low level tribalism


uh pendejo spics are BASED and TRADCATHS so ummmm BACK THE FUCK OFF???


how bout a thicc little latina pendeja tho


imagine thinking every ideology is a meme


imagine if memes were real


being a meme is an ideology


gta 5 taught me that spics are almost as bad as niggers and in some ways worse


no sir
hispanics are average murder rate


they literally are yims tho "meme" isnt just some gay internet term for haha funny things


that would make "everyone else" excluding blacks below average, which wouldn't make much sense


ur ideology sucks poopoo dick turds and is what's wrong with the world
my ideology is the best and quite literally the utopian ideal that will make humanity great again.
simple as


killing all the jews would fix the global economy permanently but nobody is brave enough to mention this


ur a literal yim


GHOST was brave…


File: 1679066904184.png (198.72 KB, 380x550, 38:55, young sheldon cosplay r8.png)

memeideologies are, ironically, not yims, dues to the fact that their obscurity and relative lack of substance in favor of memetic potential energy, results in them not being relevant enough or recognizable enough to be repeated throughout the population and truly become an yim


inshallah spudy




shorkcel is working on a "system" that sissifies dumb teenbois with daddy issues he calls it his "/fit/ness plan.xlsx"


yes i do not exist in a physical form and i will pass through your mind occasionally and possibly make you severely mentally ill
be prepared to chop chop that sissy clitty boyo


catholicism apparently


>dudder goes missing
>a bank collapses
I'm going to assume he had started working there and has been explaining to some buckeyes how he managed to crash the whole bank for the last few days


i would do it as a .csv so i can manipulate from command line retard


dont be a unix weenie
if your gonna interact with it programmatically use a real database


tell me what to do again and i'll rape you bitch


real niggas type out 64bit assembly code two-finger style like real™ niggas™ u feel me


A recent article devoted to the macho side of programming
made the bald and unvarnished statement:
Real Programmers write in FORTRAN.
Maybe they do now,
in this decadent era of
Lite beer, hand calculators, and "user-friendly" software
but back in the Good Old Days,
when the term "software" sounded funny
and Real Computers were made out of drums and vacuum tubes,
Real Programmers wrote in machine code.
Not FORTRAN. Not RATFOR. Not, even, assembly language.
Machine Code.
Raw, unadorned, inscrutable hexadecimal numbers.
Lest a whole new generation of programmers
grow up in ignorance of this glorious past,
I feel duty-bound to describe,
as best I can through the generation gap,
how a Real Programmer wrote code.
I'll call him Mel,
because that was his name.
I first met Mel when I went to work for Royal McBee Computer Corp.,
a now-defunct subsidiary of the typewriter company.
The firm manufactured the LGP-30,
a small, cheap (by the standards of the day)
drum-memory computer,
and had just started to manufacture
the RPC-4000, a much-improved,
bigger, better, faster – drum-memory computer.
Cores cost too much,
and weren't here to stay, anyway.
(That's why you haven't heard of the company,
or the computer.)
I had been hired to write a FORTRAN compiler
for this new marvel and Mel was my guide to its wonders.
Mel didn't approve of compilers.
"If a program can't rewrite its own code",
he asked, "what good is it?"
Mel had written,
in hexadecimal,
the most popular computer program the company owned.
It ran on the LGP-30
and played blackjack with potential customers
at computer shows.
Its effect was always dramatic.
The LGP-30 booth was packed at every show,
and the IBM salesmen stood around
talking to each other.
Whether or not this actually sold computers
was a question we never discussed.
Mel's job was to re-write
the blackjack program for the RPC-4000.
(Port? What does that mean?)
The new computer had a one-plus-one
addressing scheme,
in which each machine instruction,
in addition to the operation code
and the address of the needed operand,
had a second address that indicated where, on the revolving drum,
the next instruction was located.
In modern parlance,
every single instruction was followed by a GO TO!
Put that in Pascal's pipe and smoke it.
Mel loved the RPC-4000
because he could optimize his code:
that is, locate instructions on the drum
so that just as one finished its job,
the next would be just arriving at the "read head"
and available for immediate execution.
There was a program to do that job,
an "optimizing assembler",
but Mel refused to use it.
"You never know where it's going to put things",
he explained, "so you'd have to use separate constants".
It was a long time before I understood that remark.
Since Mel knew the numerical value
of every operation code,
and assigned his own drum addresses,
every instruction he wrote could also be considered
a numerical constant.
He could pick up an earlier "add" instruction, say,
and multiply by it,
if it had the right numeric value.
His code was not easy for someone else to modify.
I compared Mel's hand-optimized programs
with the same code massaged by the optimizing assembler program,
and Mel's always ran faster.
That was because the "top-down" method of program design
hadn't been invented yet,
and Mel wouldn't have used it anyway.
He wrote the innermost parts of his program loops first,
so they would get first choice
of the optimum address locations on the drum.
The optimizing assembler wasn't smart enough to do it that way.
Mel never wrote time-delay loops, either,
even when the balky Flexowriter
required a delay between output characters to work right.
He just located instructions on the drum
so each successive one was just past the read head
when it was needed;
the drum had to execute another complete revolution
to find the next instruction.
He coined an unforgettable term for this procedure.
Although "optimum" is an absolute term,
like "unique", it became common verbal practice
to make it relative:
"not quite optimum" or "less optimum"
or "not very optimum".
Mel called the maximum time-delay locations
the "most pessimum".


After he finished the blackjack program
and got it to run
("Even the initializer is optimized",
he said proudly),
he got a Change Request from the sales department.
The program used an elegant (optimized)
random number generator
to shuffle the "cards" and deal from the "deck",
and some of the salesmen felt it was too fair,
since sometimes the customers lost.
They wanted Mel to modify the program
so, at the setting of a sense switch on the console,
they could change the odds and let the customer win.
Mel balked.
He felt this was patently dishonest,
which it was,
and that it impinged on his personal integrity as a programmer,
which it did,
so he refused to do it.
The Head Salesman talked to Mel,
as did the Big Boss and, at the boss's urging,
a few Fellow Programmers.
Mel finally gave in and wrote the code,
but he got the test backwards,
and, when the sense switch was turned on,
the program would cheat, winning every time.
Mel was delighted with this,
claiming his subconscious was uncontrollably ethical,
and adamantly refused to fix it.
After Mel had left the company for greener pa$ture$,
the Big Boss asked me to look at the code
and see if I could find the test and reverse it.
Somewhat reluctantly, I agreed to look.
Tracking Mel's code was a real adventure.
I have often felt that programming is an art form,
whose real value can only be appreciated
by another versed in the same arcane art;
there are lovely gems and brilliant coups
hidden from human view and admiration, sometimes forever,
by the very nature of the process.
You can learn a lot about an individual
just by reading through his code,
even in hexadecimal.
Mel was, I think, an unsung genius.
Perhaps my greatest shock came
when I found an innocent loop that had no test in it.
No test. None.
Common sense said it had to be a closed loop,
where the program would circle, forever, endlessly.
Program control passed right through it, however,
and safely out the other side.
It took me two weeks to figure it out.
The RPC-4000 computer had a really modern facility
called an index register.
It allowed the programmer to write a program loop
that used an indexed instruction inside;
each time through,
the number in the index register
was added to the address of that instruction,
so it would refer
to the next datum in a series.
He had only to increment the index register
each time through.
Mel never used it.
Instead, he would pull the instruction into a machine register,
add one to its address,
and store it back.
He would then execute the modified instruction
right from the register.
The loop was written so this additional execution time
was taken into account –
just as this instruction finished,
the next one was right under the drum's read head,
ready to go.
But the loop had no test in it.
The vital clue came when I noticed
the index register bit,
the bit that lay between the address
and the operation code in the instruction word,
was turned on –
yet Mel never used the index register,
leaving it zero all the time.
When the light went on it nearly blinded me.
He had located the data he was working on
near the top of memory –
the largest locations the instructions could address –
so, after the last datum was handled,
incrementing the instruction address
would make it overflow.
The carry would add one to the
operation code, changing it to the next one in the instruction set:
a jump instruction.
Sure enough, the next program instruction was
in address location zero,
and the program went happily on its way.
I haven't kept in touch with Mel,
so I don't know if he ever gave in to the flood of
change that has washed over programming techniques
since those long-gone days.
I like to think he didn't.
In any event,
I was impressed enough that I quit looking for the
offending test,
telling the Big Boss I couldn't find it.
He didn't seem surprised.
When I left the company,
the blackjack program would still cheat
if you turned on the right sense switch,
and I think that's how it should be.
I didn't feel comfortable
hacking up the code of a Real Programmer.


is this from the bible?


like ya it's a wonder, but how could any pro not have the forsight to realize the benefits of being able to have code that is workable/maintainable by others, not to mention the ability that could work betwen machines?
it would be like scoffing at the printing press for making books instead of your local monestary


>workable/maintainable code
is the cancer that killed computing
programs should be rewritten
not extended and modified
a program is an approximation of the mental model that a programmer develops to solve a problem
even if you develop your program to prioritize readability and you document everything
other programmers will still fuck it up by deriving different mental models from your solution
and it compounds over time
by disregarding other programmers you can come up with much more efficient programs in terms of computational efficiency, development time, and range of possible solutions
programming should be done solo or in very small tight-knit teams tbqh imo that is my thesis


it should be like any other profession where the knowledge iss not blindly reused
like engineering- where if the problem is small enough or trivial, you can do very basic equations (that someone else has developed) to solve a problem. but the more complex/important it is, the more analysis/understanding you need to do it right
for some reason that has entirely escaped the software """""""engineer"""""" crowd


>software """"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""engineering***"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""

***** = is not engineering


obviously, hence the "" ""


but they sure do love to tell people they are


yah and whores like to call themselves influencers




i would think computer geeks would be the most familiar with the idea of "and", in addition to "either/or"

but autism is an cruel mistress


explain their influence over muh gock then tho


thats u being a dumdum sissy


After the EU ate shit last time they came up with the idea of calling it a "bail-in" like that was a new idea the EUSSR came up with and then they promoted it like "we're all in this together lol" as if it were a good thing. I thought it was funny the US kikes were still saying
>n-no NO! it's not a bailout!
They should have just said
>oy goy it's a bail-in and now ur saved :^^^^^)


File: 1679309775647.gif (744.66 KB, 500x500, 1:1, jew wringing hands.gif)

all programs and source code should auto-deleted by law every few years so corporations can remake and resell it perpetually


The Trilateral Commission’s 50th anniversary marks the culmination of its self-proclaimed “New International Economic Order”. On March 12, the Trilateral Commission held its plenary meeting in New Delhi, India to discuss issues relating to globalization. Trilateral Commission co-founder Zbigniew Brzezinski’s “Technetronic Era” has apparently officially arrived.

Amid the new world alliances that are forming as India and China seek to normalize relations and as China just brokered a relationship between Saudi Arabia and Iran, the globalist narrative has opened a new, and possibly final, chapter. According to NikkeiAsia, one unnamed Trilateral Commission member addressed the plenary meeting and stated,

“Three decades of globalization — defined as integrated, free-market based and deflationary — has been replaced by what will be a multidecade period of globalization defined as fragmented, not-free-market-based but industrial-policy based and structurally inflationary. This year, 2023, is Year One of this new global order.”

This reflects Brzezinski’s early strategy to transform the world as he wrote in Between Two Ages: America’s Role in the Technetronic Era:

“The nation-state as a fundamental unit of man’s organized life has ceased to be the principal creative force: International banks and multinational corporations are acting and planning in terms that are far in advance of the political concepts of the nation-state.”

Welcome to the “new global order”. https://weliveinamadworld.com/2023-is-year-one-of-this-new-global-order-says-trilateral-commission/


When do I get my neetbux??


~2 weeks


what kind of fucking numbskull looks at a system where banks can basically poof moneys into existence and calls it "deflationary"?


one that had the wherewithal to at least remain anonymous


if someone paid me enough to shit out something that dumb id do it


Forget about the theory. The reality of it is that if inflation hits the point of running out of control (often called hyperinflation, although it doesn't necessarily happen just like in germany) then the value of the currency tanks down toward nothing. So in the end it results in deflation. The end result is always deflation, even if there is an inflationary period beforehand.

It's like the markets. It jumps to the moon, but then it sinks. Maybe it levels out over the long term, but it's worth a fraction of what the new play is worth. That's deflation.


Identical in europe, except there’s also an inheritance tax to ensure your children will never see a penny of your wealth unless you’re an Old Money aristocrat


My point was the country was whiter in the 80s when that graph starts. I’m well aware that from 1790-1964 the US was 90-95% western european demographically


About that…


we have inheritance tax too tho but i think the extent of that varies by state
the faggot feds certainly get their cut but im p sure some states try and take whats left after funeral expenses like my dad died and the only reason the rest of us got anything from his estate was because he had a great life insurance policy from his job otherwise >we'd have been owing money


>JPMorgan invested in stores of nickel as collateral, stored them in a toothpastian warehouse
>London Metal Exchange gave em a look and they bought literal bags of rocks instead
tiktok witches stay winning


I saw something about nickel and a bank a few years ago. Was this the same thing or was this more recent? Because it sure seems like banks get scammed on these deposits.


JPMorgan revealed it last Friday, happened to a diff bank last month too


File: 1679500375213.png (113.23 KB, 3603x427, 3603:427, ClipboardImage.png)

my lil bitcoin doin smth


File: 1679506327407-0.jpg (188.02 KB, 606x757, 606:757, IMG_20230322_133032_234.jpg)

File: 1679506327407-1.jpg (197.6 KB, 612x742, 306:371, IMG_20230322_133034_138.jpg)

File: 1679506327407-2.jpg (198.14 KB, 592x742, 296:371, IMG_20230322_133035_516.jpg)

File: 1679506327407-3.jpg (200.15 KB, 594x742, 297:371, IMG_20230322_133037_173.jpg)

File: 1679506327407-4.jpg (197.34 KB, 589x748, 589:748, IMG_20230322_133038_676.jpg)


File: 1679506389264-0.jpg (194.8 KB, 592x730, 296:365, IMG_20230322_133040_596.jpg)

File: 1679506389264-1.jpg (198.96 KB, 588x735, 4:5, IMG_20230322_133042_439.jpg)

File: 1679506389264-2.jpg (194.22 KB, 592x735, 592:735, IMG_20230322_133044_015.jpg)

File: 1679506389264-3.jpg (196.33 KB, 592x733, 592:733, IMG_20230322_133045_291.jpg)

File: 1679506389264-4.jpg (47.94 KB, 585x187, 585:187, IMG_20230322_133047_361.jpg)


credit suisse has been fucked for almost 2 years but rainbow options have kept it alive which has caused inflation to keep going up and housing to not crash even though rate increases should have completely reversed course
now that rate increases are reaching over 5% these large players who made over extended bets are getting destroyed trying to keep the option open and failing
rainbow options are completely under the table
they are the most gay and fake financial tool grabblers have ever conceived
the ENTIRE bull market since 2016 has been predicated on rainbow options
this makes certain that either apocalypse level collapse deflation or hyperinflation is going to happen
i think they are working to create stagflation to try to fix it but it's not working
my guess is they will go to 3-4.5% and keep it there while inflation keeps going up and people start getting really pissed off
i knew rainbow options were happening, just didn't understand how MUCH they were happening until i found those forms
in order to save themselves (they can't UNDO the options, only offload them as swaps between themselves which explains the daily $2t reverse repo) they will burn everyone


>rainbow options


File: 1679520471585-0.jpg (61.4 KB, 1004x688, 251:172, unrealized losses.jpg)

File: 1679520471585-1.png (699.8 KB, 1744x1206, 872:603, ClipboardImage.png)

ur picrels are wild
did another 25bp today, even 5% isn't gonna do shit and they know it
rally think the plan is full globohomo cbdc reset
callin the plays since '08 as they are it's just nationalizing banks and they're doing it lik addicts
problem is saudis, vatniks, chinks are all rushing to ally and gtfo
no way the west can isolate or strongarm for much longer & i'm not buyin that that alarm hasn't been flashing red for years


File: 1679520485791.png (179.1 KB, 2614x514, 1307:257, ClipboardImage.png)

had to look that up too, thought it was just basket or bundle. some high tier khazarian magik


File: 1679525230943.jpg (1.46 MB, 2480x3508, 620:877, 2ece1f286738efe30eb9b65dfc….jpg)

woah thats a lot of words
to bad i didnt read any of it


>a gay wont know >our secrets

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