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its a waffle house kinda day
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It's pretty ded for the same reasons 99 percent of the chans opened in the last couple years are dead in that its just a general idea with no built in community or targeted community just a chan for the sake of being a chan. it's just another ded chan with no community and no direction which is exactly what the internet needs and everyone should open a chan so the internet becomes a graveyard of 100s of chans with a hundred or so posts a piece. Good luck chan guy your ded board is definitely gonna be the one that ignites the alt chan science with your innovative new features like board creation. Hopefully you act really snarky on your boards with an admin tag never seen that one before on alt chan. Thanks for this link i'll add it to the 200 or so ded sites I check regularly cause I have no real life and occasionally has posted on sp in a few minutes.
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welp 619 just lost this weeks posts


I want to kill myself, any rec suicide tips?


death by ass


surround yourself with tons of fertilizer inside a ryder truck and drive towards a federal REDACTED


Would you guys prefer if I switched to TinyIB, or should I stay on vichan?






vBulletin and force everyone to pay $10 to post


gud idea


Seems like everything should be back to normal now.


rally peculiar


its built so you can run it 100% javaless


jhust like you're built for BBC



im unironically worried about dudder do you think he drank himself to death or wrecked into a tree and got hurt rally bad or kidnapped by jamal the stalker? all three?


he got towed


where's the anigay thread


poz load


how to pozzed tutorial


File: 1679148570925.jpg (79.23 KB, 514x1024, 257:512, 1647677370572.jpg)

ask in the tranime thread


don't tell trapbro that trannies have aids you might break his heart


just dont do one night stands, that's my takeaway from all dis


cum back dudr


is this dudr?


>I should just kill myself huh?
sounds like you already did bro fuckin lol lmao lel and a wew


Hay gays, I hope u don't mind but I invited smugloli's /wooo/ board since they enjoy wrassle and anigay too, but I'll whip the 8gag out of them so they'll become 619spuddies k thx <3


did they give you the its p ded?


File: 1679224711327.png (526.05 KB, 1555x476, 1555:476, the gay community.png)

he got aj'd


aj? more like GAYJ!!!


>getting aj'd
a fate worse than death


behead bigbully




i want to bully whoever made that with a shotgun i dont care about your stupid gayshit because im a completely desensitized monster but that art is fuckin garbage and you should break your own fingers for having taste shit enough to think that was worth saving


consider that me tywtd


you're a fag who doesn't get board culture and joined in like 2021


File: 1679309951390.mp4 (103.68 KB, 516x360, 43:30, 1_4904927813959680751.mp4)


im getting pretty good at ripping farts on command
is there a way to make them smellier?


modern /sp/ board culture is to be a sparts flavored /b/ while never actually talkin sparts.


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sagebomb :)


pretty much
joos took all the fun out of sparts, memes are all that is left


I might give Gochan a try because I'm interested in learning Golang :^)



its more sports related than most other borts


lol what was it


that sounds pretty gay


some shadman tier homo cuckime "art" dunno why that one got delet out of all the other shit he posts tho maybe dudder agreed with me about the quality and punished him for his sins


some 619 fagr getin his stuff crashed


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