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its a waffle house kinda day
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how to stop being depressed


are you active, do you >go outside?


this >>1553731
but then u get tired
so music u lik and lie down

also make somethin
idk if you draw or play anything or artfag or whatever but it rly doesnt matter just fucking make something. even if its shit, doesnt matter just dont get butthurt perfectionist over it cuz thats gay and no one cares. just throw it out and make somethin else
bein able to make thangs is one of the few things that actually clearly DOES separate us from literal fucking apes. as the industrial revolution and its consequences have shown us: civilization gives us a lotta fuckin free time. if you fill it all w an intake of junk entertainment you didnt even wanna watch in the first place youll feel worse about wasted time. whereas if you waste time doin something you like, even if its wholly unconstructive and frankly IS a waste of time, youll feel way fuckin better about it

a lotta depression ime is just ppl wigging out and feelin helpless over the passage of time
just dont lol


kill niggers and jews until it makes you happy


Here's put on these cat ears and take these funny little pills.
Now join my Discord.


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Depression is commonly mistaken for sadness now-a-days. Try growing a garden, or just any plant.


unironically find something to devote your life to
for me, its firearms


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ok just wanna clarify not in the faggot pic related way
i just really like firearms and want to have a factory in my garage that pumps them out
i want free plans readily available to all
my life dream would be to start seeing them pop up in favelas, africa, or other third world places like america


Lift big rocks
Touch grass


lift big gurl
touch psuy


idk man i just like shooting niggers ¯\_(ツ)_/¯




fuck you CR you depressed piece of shit

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