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its a waffle house kinda day
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any man sexually attracted to a woman younger than 80 is a literal pedocel




i banged out a 69 y/o once
p nice bod for her age too tbh
also one more reason i will never drink again


>one more reason i will never drink again
Tell us more.


i drank a lot and somehow wound up benising the bagina of a 69 y/o idfk man its not like i remember half the shit i did while drunk af


i woke up in a granmas bedroom tho and immediately went "oh noooo im a monster"


yo spigga so drunk he fucked a granny


more like you're a saint


nothing wrong with fokin grannies



not this


actually you know what? fuck you guys id do her again but sober


isnt she the one that used to own niggers or is that the other one?


yah ive fucked lots of over 60 bishes

ask me only one question


Did they ever do anal?


o ya, most of em do


post pics


what is the molar mass of heroin?


369.4176 g/mol



File: 1684982185366.png (836.05 KB, 957x639, 319:213, ClipboardImage.png)



i saw a granny with a nice dumptruck ass the other day


Duddr wtf


Shes made for bbc


Nahhh….you made her dreams come true. If heaven is real, there's a place there for you bro.



sho ur mums bobs

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