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its a tampa kinda day
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stopped in the first 5 minutes
trust and believe in sportsman science, anon


the spience isnt spettled spro


it is, and questioning me and is dangerous to our >our /sp/emocracy




File: 1687613788958-0.gif (92.94 KB, 112x112, 1:1, 1614387539208-0.gif)

File: 1687613788958-1.gif (58.16 KB, 112x112, 1:1, 1617584005694.gif)

Bumpin n Thumpin



fucking report it dude i dont see shit


duddder deleted it but new pizza arrived on /librejp/


might make sense to recruit some of them to be globals to cover when the others arent here. don't need much english knowledge to know what sea pea looks like.




I added toshaki as global, if any of them want to become jannies I don't mind


is he willing to global?


I'm not sure, I said on /librejp/ i didn't want to give him extra work, more so just so he can do things without having his permissions locked to librejp


ok ive finally done something for once
new threads will be rejected if you've created 5 in the past hour


File: 1687745722201.png (391.58 KB, 1023x988, 1023:988, ClipboardImage.png)




woah, wow, waoh


as long as the pedo bot nonsense gets stopped it would be pretty based


ima check that right now


File: 1687750972576.png (232.25 KB, 1080x2340, 6:13, Screenshot_20230625-234212.png)

It worked


we need to stop the pedo bot

sick of having to clear my cache every time i log on spartschong


could probly just have it so any IP without a post history can't make threads would solve that tbh


captchas on thread creation


ah man but those are really gay :(


budy let>s be honest >we aint makin no five damn threads in no hour and you know it


b-but what if we get a bunch of newcomers!


just recruit zoomers using the tiktok
tell them its a place where you can talk for your favorite OnlyFans girl free of charge

we will rake em in in droves




its the same picture a lot of the time, i guess I could start filtering them by hash. i havent looked into that before


could, but it is trivial to bypass once it is in place.
change a single pixel (or even a single byte by hex editing or other means) and the hash is changed.
there are anti-cp scripts for imageboards and other software that might be a bit more robust than whatever vichan might have on its own however. never really looked into them myself so i couldn't give you any names offhand. i do know gab uses something that goes so far as to block pornography in general which seems pretty effective. allegedly 4chan uses something to block cp as well.


fuck you dudder you lazy sack of shit


can I suck it while you're driving?


yeah thats why I never bothered. i might look into using some sort of "AI" api to identify the images, but it would probably end up blocking a lot of legitimate posts at the same time
shut the fuck up


mistress wadina will be very happy she said that looking at nakey ppl is disrupting my training


File: 1687833866698.png (501.03 KB, 2162x1616, 1081:808, Screenshot 2023-06-26 at 1….png)

lmao this is kinda neat


>still get to look at hot guys and qt clothes
based and fagpilled


i mean who actually RUNS these stupid pedocel bots ?
i would have to assume its probably backed by some glowie agency but why would you waste time and resources trying to honeypot naughty websites ?


tf knows
youd imagine if its automated its just adding a line or two or whatev so its not like its any MORE of a waste of time than running it in the first place


i want to know what their goal is. do they think people are going to actually click the links? i've never clicked them, are they trying to sell something? just makes no sense, idk what the plan is. seems like if they were run by some actual pedo they'd wanna keep that shit private instead of posting it all over the internet, so it has to be some sort of honeypot


please do something about the spam or we will all leave or replace you with a new admin


Don't worry after dudder loses the next /spee/election to GHOST he'll be kicked out to spatriots.win and will have to cope there


>has to be some sort of honeypot
i mean it def is
gotta remember feds entire grind is catch the lowest hanging fruit imaginable, with the least amount of effort possible, so they can point to big daddy govt and say, "look dad i dun it", and then daddy says, "wow son i so proud heres $200B", so then they can go spend that shit on like hookers and blow down in el fuckuador


please tell me when the next election is dudder is becoming a full blown tyrant before our very eyes


dudder = :|
dudder, japanese = :O


be nice to FBIbro hes tryin rally hard


File: 1687981953155.png (6.37 KB, 500x250, 2:1, Oekaki.png)


but i am japanese


i like that my taxdollars are being wasted on some guy spamming cp to take the naughty site down


I want to meet my wife in El Fuckador…


pedocel posting on /v/ and spamming threads here again fuckin gat damn figure this shit out wtf r u doooiiiiiinnnnggg


yeah spruh just fix spam not like its something that has continually plagued the internet for like 30yrs just fix it wtf dudr ur such a lazy faggot just solve fed sponsored spam bots


bruh none of the other imageboards have it this bad


they are also either more dead or have more mods


mods are tyrannical rulecuckery tho sooo…..


nod really tvch gets about the same activity and the vols there dont do shit but when spam pops up they just enable captcha for a few hours until it goes away its like the one thing gayhole does right


im not sure if regulating shitposts is the right idea though, even if temporary.
i mean, a lot of people including myself will not waste their time posting on boards with it enabled.

although that being said, having some way to enable it during hours mods are unavailable might make some sense, at least on less popular boards. most of the spam here happens at a particular time of day where most burgers are at work/school.


i honestly dont care much about the thread spam on /sp/ because its usually just old game threads that get lost and no one actually cares about the political shit but i gotta admit i was butthurt af when /h/ got wiped
the cp faggotry however is gettin real fuckin obnoxious even /animu/ seems to have it swept up immediately and they only have like one vol that rarely shows up so theres gotta be a script or some shit thatll stop it immediately


im telling you a captcha white list based on post history
dont have X number of posts?
fine, fill out a captcha until you get there


I'm sorry guys I'm really trying to think of a solution that's not intrusive and somewhat effective. I don't really keep in touch with other imageboard admins anymore so I'm not really sure who to ask, and it seems like there aren't a lot of other boards in this like semi-dead but active sometimes area.
This honestly might be the best option. I don't really know how often people's IPs change or whatever but I guess it doesn't really matter. I'm mostly just concerned about driving away the 3 people who are still active on here.
I'd try and do something with like cookies or something but idk shit about actual webdev like that


as long as its not an obnoxious number of posts required i wouldnt mind that plus its prolly something you can just disable when pedofaggot isnt trying to justify his government paycheck


yea i was thinking just make it like 7 posts or something. usually when i see spam its less posts than that at once at least.
i also just remembered that the captcha setting in vichan is probably broken cause it uses like the ancient recaptcha i think so i'll probably have to add something else in
i fucking hate vichan


theres 1 or 2 people who have some sorta setup that changes IP every visit/post or something. their convenience is a sacricice IM willing to make


hey fuck you
but srsly tho dont the thread limiter seem like the best option its not like >we make more than five threads a day set a limit at 10 or some shit and maybe the last page gets nuked from time to time idk seems reasonable to me


or shit are you trying to solve for the pizza crisis ya idk gud luck


Fuck you nigger I mostly post on /h/


Slovborg and his proxies samefaggin


If I'm one of those people you're talking about the reason my IP changes is with the new modem I got I lose connection after a while and have to reset it, captcha or anything else wouldn't bother me at all do whatever you want


but as a truk & pullr my ip prolly changes a lot. right? new cell tower new ip? idk. do the needful dder


yah dudder is going full tyrant and I think this will really harm hardworking truckers…
spee has really fallen from its former glory


ligma is good


wuts a dikfer?


dudder I sleep in my car and my ip is always changing please don't do this


dudder just enable two factor authentication


biometric captcha every post


>owning a phone
NSA pls


>dickslapper shilling twitter




CP on /sp/ again


waky waky


dickslapper is a nigger


what he said





I go on sportschan like 200 times a day and see everything that gets posted janny me NOW dudder


they're herrrreeeeee




it's grab a brush put on a little makeup


get moar jannies dudr


waky he in da thread(s)




ok you know what
what if i just make everyone a janny
email me ill send you the login info
you should already know my email address


File: 1689131244170.jpg (1.28 MB, 1600x1067, 1600:1067, sana pizza.jpg)



File: 1689132724209.gif (9.28 MB, 700x622, 350:311, 15576522925152.gif)


waky wakkkkyyyyyy


is it still moot@4chan.org?


File: 1689254273578.png (5.61 KB, 500x250, 2:1, Oekaki.png)

>/h/ raided by soyfags


this is all because dudder joined the webring
he is running everything into the ground he could be making big money off of spee right now if he was a better admin


>half-assed spam
That's all they do is spam chans like this and 711, then talk about how 1337 they are.


File: 1689290415063.png (713.05 KB, 1204x664, 301:166, dotzber demon.png)

that josh image actually gave me a solid lel
just imagined him eating another cope slice of pizza and seething about people not respecting him for being the dark lord of internet racists LEL


ditz would totally be a cacodemon


is that where pedoslappers from? there was his stuff in there too


its a big webring


lel they cant even effectively spam a bort thats regularly used by like two people and that has no captcha wtf they mustve scattered beforehand for some reason or there was never that many soyniggers to begin with


>is that where pedoslapper is from?
It wouldn't surprise me, I don't have any proof to back that up. It doesn't appear that their site ever gets the same cp spam that 711 and we do though. Maybe their hot pockets are 24/7 neck beards with no life outside of soygag I would bet money on the latter tbh


File: 1689298831136.jpeg (132.22 KB, 650x1024, 325:512, 4c512de74e19d956649f59f8d….jpeg)

found on reddit


Sharty has way worse sea pea problem than this website


some of the soyjack spam had his typical stuff written in the post body, plus pedophilic content written on in subjects etc


Who's sharty?

t. newfag

I didn't read any of their spam I just bumped all the threads on /h/ :/


i IATA the autism bud, thx
as if thats even possible here


tbh ive only been paying attention to them since that 60k /pol/ GET, and the /h/ spam. all ive gathered in the past couple days is they are autistic wanna be script kiddies who think spamming a chan 5 or 6 people use is a raid


I hate autistic teenbros


lol thats lik the lowest effort ever but i can appreciate the sentiment tbph
anyone who spends their time making the Hottest New™ soyjak edits in le current year deserves to be upset imo


Tbh they are p anal about "normals" catching on to their seekret circle jerk. also those niggers are using GETwatcher to steal GETs

t. lurker


time to break out Charles proxy and get to work
might be the gayest subversion I've ever had to do


ok im setting up some shenanigans develepmont on the secret board
i've never dealt with binary data flag for cURL so will have to figure that out


what am i supposed to do with that put it in command prompt or what


im not at the point you would do that, just recording what your browser sends when its doin its 'thang'
but ya it would be a script you run from your terminal


pedoslapper is back on the front page
just reported it


waky waky cakey on front pagey


erase the cake




File: 1689718818054.png (396.79 KB, 654x1000, 327:500, ClipboardImage.png)

delete the pedo thread or i'm busting out this bad boy


fuck this, I'm quitting the board


holy shit delete that


hi where the mods at?


i would fucking put a bullet in the head of whatever honeypot/fed faggot and their fucking faggoty family that runs this stupid pedocel bot


its clearly the FBI
you should contact them


File: 1689869687362.jpg (649.35 KB, 900x1125, 4:5, fbi-director-christopher-w….jpg)


i love child porn!


File: 1689886588865.mp4 (3.79 MB, 910x720, 91:72, TERRY A SIGMA.mp4)



i lik tery


i miss terry


some reason the video doesnt play here
good ol' dud code




Video etc was posted on gaysee a few hours ago too fucking bullshit


but kc is locked


its times like this im rly stoked im not a schizophrenic gay nerd
total bummer d00d


could go for a slice of pizza


File: 1690124589419.webm (3.44 MB, 720x1080, 2:3, cp.webm)


dont post things like this


turn on your fuckin thread limiter you chinky nigger also theres cp along with the pedojak spam


bro i told him about the thread limiter right then he looked at my history and saw that i was the waffle house spammer and fuckin changed it back to tampa ok all im sayin ok im not angry about it but haha maybe a little bit :)




>soy spam gone
>cp still there
what the fuck are you dooooooiiiiiiiiinnnnnnngggggg


wtf are you on about that spam is still there




youre right what the fuck i couldnt see it at all at first


This sucks


File: 1690770245335.jpg (378.53 KB, 960x696, 40:29, Pet-Sunset-Inu-Red-And-Whi….jpg)

when tf did the 'arty raid us?
you do not touch speee and get away with it


we have ==pizza==
and the ded chan shill


another ded chan just shilled in here


i usually dont delete the ded chan threads i just turn on autosage cause i think the replies are funny sometimes



sum old fashioned spam on da front page


its all so tiresome


speaking of tiresome


this but again


the FBI is really at it today


this is why we should've listened to terry


They must have doubled his wage


feds definitely working overtime and tripled wage because another one popped up


fedpost on /h/
i fucking hate glowies


wa wa wa wuh wuh wuh wakey


why do they do this


real answer is its prolly some fed asset that theyre letting wile out until they cant use him anymore then theyll toss him in prison where he'll get his teeth knocked out and suffocated with dicks








i have an idea on how to set up like 1 time captchas maybe ill work on that tonight idk


i wood help but i have no desire to learn php


File: 1691698155771.jpg (202.88 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, 7183d8d3-85db-45de-8f0f-c7….jpg)





wow…. not even 8chan has captcha
this is insane rulecuck tyranny, please don't do this dudder


Stop with this shit man come on…


sorry but I'll quit the site if you add captcha…
I'm about to cry because I'm gonna miss all my frineds here


what if you only have to fill out 1 captcha ever…


Your presence makes me wish you could enjoy my body~


i wont miss u tbh but hope u have a nice day unless ur the retard broken brain that keeps spamming child porn in which case i hope ur usefulness ends soon and you get raped orally anally and in ur shiv wounds in prison


File: 1691704452429.png (17.39 KB, 701x696, 701:696, 1691641976149907.png)



wakey there's cp again.take care of it dudbro


literally me on the right
you on the left


File: 1691704568214.png (149.97 KB, 763x871, 763:871, ClipboardImage.png)



I only phonepost on data so it's more like 50 captchas a day if u do it with IP instead of cookies


File: 1691706107718.jpg (45.84 KB, 933x707, 933:707, why are you gay.jpg)

on god, duddder please dont tell me your watching that anime rabbit v-tuber




ok theres a captcha the cookie is like not identifying at all so it would be easy to bypass but im just gonna assume that the bots won't do that
it lasts for 1 year i hope thats ok


i hope i didnt break posting



well that sucked but whatever


i lik spart


capcha aint so bad
at least now if cp spam continues youl know espy is being intentionally targeted


oh the get bot will need to be updated im sorry
if you want i can just exclude that thread


File: 1691710819520.jpg (84.4 KB, 1002x442, 501:221, capcha.jpg)

captcha is broke sir




pls do


okay this is retarded change it so you only need a captcha to make threads



now i have Korn stuck in my head
i remember i really liked their first album back in the day


ok replies shouldnt require captcha now


captcha didnt work


File: 1691751460420.png (93.48 KB, 2161x244, 2161:244, ClipboardImage.png)

yeah it looks like its someone doing it by hand i guess


captcha a dindu


all my spiggas use dudder 😎 browser


File: 1691771197101.mp4 (383.95 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, CIANIGGERS.mp4)

pedocel is at it again
which if captcha is still on, it means a literal fbi asset is posting this shit


No hidden pizza

T. Checker


i think the capcha triggered him
never seen this much cp spam before
glownigs need to have their heads separated from their bodies


i have plans i can not reveal


roundhouse kick glowies into the concrete


File: 1691794879068.png (15.56 KB, 1905x44, 1905:44, ClipboardImage.png)

interesting referral address
different user agent this time too


im willing to bet actual money its that twatter tranny who occasionally spams niggerpill stuff there because cp always shows up at the same time hes around


wtf happened while i was at work?
so we really are getting targeted, damn. i mean it was kinda obvious all the pedocel shit but still
could maybe make it so that only whitelisted IPs can post images. could make it so that only IPs with a certain number of posts have white status
it shouldn't affect any of >us, and might be worth it rather than the site getting legal issues


actually just tie image privleges to a cookie, and issue that cookie when someone uses rugby


im 100% sure its that niggerpill tranny
i hope he becomes a 42% very soon


File: 1691803152908.png (3.5 KB, 762x23, 762:23, ClipboardImage.png)

latest spam came from smuglo.li so i think its from the webring…
thats honestly not a bad idea, the biggest thing I want to avoid is like having some super sekrit posting method though


i can almost guarantee the twatter tranny is throwing a tantrum across the entire webring right now and shitting here too because hes prolly dumb enough to think >we're still part of it
hes prolly spamming 8moe too. last time i saw him throw a fit like this it was because someone said a bunch of shit about his daddy raping his ass when he was a kid i bet he was spaming niggerpill shit then someone reminded him he used to be daddys little fucktoy lel


whether this fellow is a government agent or some loner in his mom's basement i can only pity him for spending all of his energy trying to take down dumb meme boards that barely have any users


the webring was a glownigger operation from the start


nah but it sure as hell became infested with glowniggers and the most obnoxious 8gag remnants as soon as it became apparent that 8kun wasnt going to take off and has been entirely insufferable ever since
the first couple of months werent bad tho it was kinda like that feeling of when youre playing a new game and youre going through that hobo phase where its all fresh and fun before you figure out how everything works and that the game actually really sucks overall


discord is more likely the source
discord is literal digital cancer

i want to Terminator 2 style assassinate teh creators of discord


i lik da webring


yah i bet you do


i dont but im not gonna shit down your neck for it its just that my tolerance for a lot of the stupid shit i see on those sites has eroded entirely


>thats honestly not a bad idea, the biggest thing I want to avoid is like having some super sekrit posting method though
if it could just be tied to uploading files i dont think it would be bad
unless someone is an actual user nobody is going to know wtf RUGBY is
would be an interesting experiment, nonetheless


Implement that Winnie the Pooh baseball game as a filter, if you can win it you can post


has anyone ever beaten christopher robin?


28/40 was the best i ever got. the game taught me a valuable lesson: humility


File: 1691856359898.webm (2.58 MB, 640x480, 4:3, me_on_the_webring.webm)

is this you?


dudder make it so you need to submit a unique dotz kaki to post 5 images a day and then require a monero transaction to unlock more images


dudder just find his address so i can rape him and then cut iff his arms so he can only post cp via his tongue and feet


yes :)


just deleted some that hit all 4 boards
same picture, but with inconsitent length quasirandom text names. judging from the character spread, i reckon he made a bunch of copies in a folder then manually renamed them by fingermashing the keyboard
posting times were inconsistent and slow enough he was obviously doing it manually
added a random letter to the body after the first one
8:45ish PST
at this point, obviously targeted.


its missing all the piled cornography


>at this point
lel it was obvious a long time ago only feds or fed assets do this kind of shit "regular" chomos dont typically advertise themselves like why the fuck would you spam cp and get yourself tossed in a perpetual assrape factory for years on end just to mildly irritate some strangers


>get yourself tossed in a perpetual assrape factory for years on end just to mildly irritate some strangers

idk you should ask kyle that question lel


I just meant it's not JUST bots, there's a person on the other side fillimg out captchas and going through the board. even more than that, they know when their bot failed or they have a regular schedule to do it manually as well.


That infernal city MUST be destroyed


that shit hits other boards outside of spee
it's that fucking niggerpill tranny


i wasnt saying it was just bots im saying the kind of retarded faggot that does this shit is almost universally directly involved with feds because the unaffiliated kid rapers do everything they can to stay out of the spotlight


anonfiles shut down today
i bet they dealt with a fuck ton of glownigger spam
prolly plays a bit part in why these sorts of sites shut down
thanks pedophile faggot feds, youve found the easiest way to shut down independent websites
death to america


then THEYRE targeted too, dude.


>that shit hits other boards outside of spee
tru i was lurkin on pigfarm yesterday and most of their major boards have similar spam




File: 1692265438925.png (21.21 KB, 286x112, 143:56, delete.png)

dudder can you replace this with a nicer image?


nigger menu


Ok what should i change it to


File: 1692285307757.png (500.89 KB, 800x615, 160:123, ClipboardImage.png)


File: 1692285426438.png (480.14 KB, 800x615, 160:123, 1692285394391.png)

no bg


I second this.


File: 1692288559428-0.png (43.04 KB, 198x255, 66:85, umpb.png)

File: 1692288559428-1.jpg (12.49 KB, 255x236, 255:236, 374072233e1a49d775ce494c6e….jpg)

how about less colors so threads with pics stand out?


or go full rulecuck and only allow new topics if they have media


How about kys?


that would be extremely painful


>extremely painful


File: 1692299833641.png (10.88 KB, 500x250, 2:1, Oekaki.png)


put an red X on it too




pedonigger is posting daily without stopping at all now looks like that captcha decision made him ongry for whatever reason even though its clearly not stopping him
anyone tried reporting the glownigger to his own bosses yet? i wonder what the response would be for that its not like they can point andbsay you dont delet this shit but then again feds are petty niggers especially the federal bureau of child molesters


seen a few boards elsewhere do this as a filter for low-effort topics or something


i dunno man its been ramped up on a few different sites the past few months somethin tells me it isn't necessarily beef with a specific site but more against the 100 or so altchans i check every so often when im bored and no one has posted on sp in a few minutes
if im right i wonder why, like is it feds trying to push people back to 4chan where they feel safer with more jannys? is it to try and destroy da altchans through posting and subsequent reporting to hosts which happened to fatchan a couple years ago but i think that was actually just evil nazi posting idk idr it happened pretty fast and a lot was going on? perhaps some other sites users and/or admins wanting to drive traffic away from the current places and potentially towards their place? some sort of autistic grudge against a swath pf altchans? all i know is >we aint the only target and the doer(s) use the same material over multiple sites, and when the material changes it changes generally across the board.
guess it really doesnt matter, the why. still wonder tho


dudder go and waky tochaki
fed posted pizza there


certainly possible.
4chan has been a glownigger honeypot since the project chanology days let alone now. the current 8chan is guaranteed to be compromised as well. having imageboard culture spread out across a bunch of smaller uncompromised boards must be a pain in the ass to monitor.

it wouldn't surprise me if a bunch of the "alt" imageboards were set up to be glownigger honeypots.


you saying that got me thinkin its prob true. take spee or da webring - neither advertise other than stolen GETs or in the beginning when da ring was trying to recruit sites into it and even then i tried that once or two with chans i likd and theres all these fuckin ded chans being spammed so much the pasta got turned into banzai budy and a fancy webm too thats how much its been used here alone and ain't no way its just one or two dudes or even ain't no way its exclusively pedotraps theres got to be sum that were an actual bad attempt to get people to use actual fed sites

just speculatin


kiddie ring was a mistake @dudder


what if sportschan is a tool to recruit feds into wadinas army?


what if ur the tool you faggot ass swiss army knife






dudder waky
tell the nips that the feds are doing this shit again




second one for the day just got posted




already killed




I've been watching TikTok all night last night goddamn.


dudman no thats supposed to be a tool to mindfuck the nonchinese




stop watching tiktoks and clean the fed pizza


PIZZA ON /librejp/




File: 1693937319954.png (182.13 KB, 465x570, 31:38, chaggot demon.png)









wow you're really gonna make me hotpocket when I'm driving home and just got the BMW out the shop


use that BMW to run over the pizza spammer








what the fuck 4 times today


glownigga's gotta earn his money before the weekend


have you considered making the captcha REALLY fucking long?
like a 50 character captcha?
for a single time thing, thats really not that big a deal and it wouldn't affect any of >us






i still think this is a good idea




text based captcha is dumb and obsolete no matter what implementation.
captcha can be solved by ai faster than humans can solve it no matter the size when trained properly. this shit already exists.
etc etc
have seen some rather novel puzzle captchas that bots cannot solve that i am aware of (yet) but no idea if there is imageboard support for anything. yandex search has a pretty neat one if you live outside russia and navigate through multiple pages (it thinks that is bot behavior for some reason).


I agree that text based captcha isn't even really worth trying to improve. I thought that the current setup would be enough to stop a bot, just since it's nonstandard for vichan. Unfortunately that's not the case and I really don't have any ideas. If it's someone posting the spam by hand a captcha isn't even worth it though, and I don't really know what to do.
I've considered adding word filters but the posts are formatted so weird that I doubt it would do much good.


just leak his ip so i can go to his house and drive a couple of nails through his skill with a hammer


its different every time and he uses freely available vpn servers so its not like I could just block all of nordvpn or something easy like that


found it

935 Pennsylvania Ave NW
Washington DC 20535


its prolly already been said multiple times but that chess shit that zzzchan uses is p effective
if its a bot it'll be stopped in its tracks, if its by hand then the spammer might be too retarded to figure it out (it basically filters all the dramaniggers on zzzchan when its turned on). if hes not too fuckin stupid to pass it it'll at least inconvenience him and make his gay fed job more annoying


chess is annoying and not everyone knows how to play or has the time to learn. it is also trivial for a computer to solve since the 1980's. chess solver bots also exist.

i have seen worse though, some nerd boards have resorted to forcing you to solve differential equations and shit, despite being trivial for a bot to solve.


I still believe in mandatory winnie the pooh home run derby captcha supremacy


this post was made by pedocel
the captcha on zzzchan doesnt even require you to know anything about chess
i would rlly like to put this


i actually beat that fucker christopher
i literally left it open and my pc running for like over a week just to show that fucker


gonna need a screenshot here


neat, never been to that glownigger botnet so i wouldnt know


give the board to bigbully dudder is mismanaging it


I am unopposed to any captcha as long as it's javascript-free


you could probly capture 90% of their text stuff with some relatively simple regex manipulation tbh


thats ok :)
lmfao no
yeaj but i suck at regex sorry


>yeaj but i suck at regex sorry
i dont, i'll write the expression for you
unfortunately i'll have to look at what some of the typical text is from the next pizza posters
its usually just illegal content words with characters seperated by a few spaces filled in with random crap
probly the way to do it would be to sweep through the body character by character in with a 15ish character scope and if the all the naughty letters get hit in the right order it'll return true
whats this written in anyway? shell script?


i guess php regex (if thats a thing) is the one to use, if you want I could start saving the text of the posts and just deleting the images and links so you could take a look at them


so uhhhhh


File: 1694401876198.jpg (886.68 KB, 893x3563, 893:3563, THAT'S RIGHT MR PRESIDENT.jpg)

dudder btfo




"Ladies and gentlemen, it's an honor to be here today to talk about someone truly remarkable - Dudder, the mastermind behind Sportschan. Now, I've seen a lot of websites in my time, but let me tell you, Sportschan is a game-changer.

Dudder, you know, when I first heard about this site, I was skeptical. I thought, 'Can one person really create a sports haven?' But then I visited Sportschan, and let me tell you, it's like a digital Colosseum for sports enthusiasts.

Dudder's moderation skills are legendary. I mean, keeping all those passionate sports fans in check? It's like herding cats, and yet Dudder does it with finesse. The way they manage trolls and keep the discussions civil is a testament to their leadership.

And let's not forget the site's design. It's so user-friendly, even a former president like me can navigate it! Dudder's vision for the site's layout and functionality is truly commendable.

So, my friends, let's give a virtual round of applause to Dudder, the MVP of Sportschan! In a world of chaos, Dudder has created a digital oasis for sports lovers. Keep up the great work, my friend."


>The way they manage trolls
Wew it actually couldn't figure out the gender from Dudder and went with they


the feds are really at it today on this most blessed day


did you give a virtual round of applause?


i mean…


check your fb, duder
i did that during work, so @ the standard rate we charge of 135$ an hour for 1 hour, that will be 135$ into my sportschan gold account, pls


sent ;)




wtf i want duddcoins too




feds wont stop cant stop fedposting on all the borts


i havent added in the filter but hopefully it'll be finished tonight
sorry i ran out of money


If anyone gets "Error posting" please post a screenshot of what you were trying to post to I can adjust the word filter.
Thank you for your cooperation during this difficult time.




>error posting
>pls post


I miss the happier days of discussing king of the hill fencing generals… how did we end up here…


dont worry youll figure it out


gonna try it out in the lounge real quick
im assuming the bad 2 letter one is in there


ah ya thats neat
seems fast too


also timer start now..
i have a theory that if its not postable, they spend time trying to get through
we'll see how long.


I'm glad tax dollars are going towards a fed trying to evade ddddddduder's word filter.


wifey and i has decided we're naming her and her boyfriend's son wesley to honor this moment of the indy spee history


1 day anniversary of duder


i remember once i sent a message to the mod maker of "robot storm" for RA2 on fb
an absolutely autistic total conversion that has been in active development for like over a decade but has never been released
i asked him if it was still being developed
he proceeded to fucking bury me in replies about shit i couldn't care less about
surprise surprise, he was an literal turbo-autist.
sometimes, i wonder if IM autism, and i do that same thing to other people and dont know it 😣


File: 1694679508702.png (93.39 KB, 1007x481, 1007:481, Screenshot_2023-09-14-11-1….png)

I'm not %100 sure but I think this is pedo shit Dudder, FBIbro might be trying to frame this site as a site where people trade this kind of stuff


File: 1694699298710.png (6 KB, 598x40, 299:20, ClipboardImage.png)

well he actually deleted his own post lmao so its ok i guess


this is weird because 619bro just sent me a video of him jerking off
I think he might be connected


File: 1694708795181.png (242.8 KB, 1080x2340, 6:13, Screenshot_20230914-102605.png)

dudder i cant make the funball thread


File: 1694709137523.png (685.17 KB, 1958x794, 979:397, ClipboardImage.png)

just use spreadsheet autism


im gonna be indisposed for prob 5 hrs so no rush, until 5 hrs is up then mega rush




this spigga STRAMS


dudder has officially banned sports….


if funballbro can't make his thread let's all move to 619chan


I'm going to cut your penis off and shove it down your throat


trannies like that tho


hes posting in this very thread now…
just edit the text so it doesnt get caught by the filter


File: 1694721489342.png (325.76 KB, 1020x2340, 17:39, Screenshot_20230914-145729.png)



all of it


50…50..what? I can't read the toxt


File: 1694721847064.gif (1.69 MB, 498x498, 1:1, crying-emoji-dies.gif)


This is rulecucKKK KKKrazy!


im seriously angery that fedospammer has successfully killed my ability to post the best possible funball thread


try again bro



his name is a now Fedocel


I'm gonna trap you weasel, fucking rhodent.


kys big queer


i recommend turning down the sensitivity on any 2 letter filter words to 1— those re the only ones that are likely to false trip like this


dont tripfag pls


yea i had it turned up specifically to catch the text from the thing he was posting these past few days, but i might just try targeting longer words that are less likely to get flagged by mistake


give him a last final pre-warning


3rd anniversary of duder


the fed has resorted to writing gibberish to avoid the filter


nigga delete the cheese pizza already


this is nothing new
every fucking time the feds come it's always gibberish
i wish i could run them over like terry told us to


he keeps posting it
waky caky


>the fednigger changed his cp posts on other sites to total gibberish too
as if there was any doubt it was one guy doing this shit before. never thought fuckin duddman would be the one to expose it beyond a doubt tho lel




there aint much point in spamming cp when your posts are all garbled messages not even a crikmonkr would fall for lmao now hes just doing it exclusively to be annoying
btw WAKY cp up top
hes prolly about to throw a fit again hes got shit all over the dramaring i think you made him mad


He's gotta either be getting paid to do this or just seriously autistic and has some vendetta against /sp/.
part of me thinks its dudwheels trying to kill anything thats left of old 8ch but thats just my schizo theory


i thought the genetic dud was too busy acting like a retarded furry on twatter


he's actively lobbying govt bodys to go after anonymous websites im p. sure


idk why hed have a grudge against /sp/ when it was entirely his fault >we left 8gag in the furst place and that was well before he turned traitor im more inclined to believe its just some pedonigger asset with an autistic grudge over petty shit that hasnt outlived his usefulness for the glowniggers yet
that is to say i bet its tpaste
with whose money? most people dont even know who he is and the ones that do either fuckin despise him or are retarded trannypol types that spend all their money on hrt. maybe furries give him money and thats why he started down that road in the first place?


>with whose money? most people dont even know who he is
dude he's just a chess piece for whatever jewish orgnization wants to demonize wtver the fuck now
they wheel him in front of whatever jewish journalists wanna write their hitpiece, he parrots whatever narrative they want, and he gets a few sheckles and defacto pardon for being part of 8chan or wtver
last time was about white supremacy, 8chan, qanon, and the CAPITAL INSURRECTION or wtver the fuck


the glownigger is back on /sp/ dudr wakey


p useless and ineffective chess piece tbh no one cares about 8chan anymore and no ones ever given a shit about imageboards even when bad bad boogeyman stuff happens it gets a blip on twatter and then everyone moves on this is one case where im gonna take my skitzo hat off and disagree


judewheels hasn't been relevant to anything on the internet since gaymergate.
idk why anyone even bothers talking to him anymore.


wakey the fed is back again


I have never heard of Fred having it out with speee aside from spee leaving 8gag back in… 2015-ish?


so rude
even on a natl holiday they gotta do this shit

pls do the needful


it was around the infinity next shit iirc. idk for sure tho i try not to dedicate too much of my memory to that kind of dumb shit because i'll never meet these fags irl and if i did id justbflipbtyem off at most and proceed to continue buying raisin bran. love me some raisin bran


fat fingered those spaces lol






fed posted pizza


Today the day of the tryhards.


>go on spee 24/7
>always see the spam so I ask to become a jannie
>dudder refuses




this if fake
it's admin@sportschan.org do not email this scammer




neogiate the pay with xim


what a fag, i got it early morning and he came back




that's what feds do and why terry warned us






File: 1695660884351-0.jpg (83.83 KB, 810x1280, 81:128, IMG_20230925_115158_908.jpg)

File: 1695660884351-1.jpg (36.36 KB, 416x720, 26:45, IMG_20230925_115158_981.jpg)

funny cake haha


File: 1695666780680.jpg (18.51 KB, 480x381, 160:127, 13680687_1020957558023870_….jpg)


File: 1695668992342.gif (357.93 KB, 680x453, 680:453, 57b.gif)

wow this post is hillarious. have my upvote





daily dudder reminder to update da php


php stands for posting hardcore pizza






ive given up on sportschan



Test post 2oo


ok its updated


thanks dudemen


lets see how it lasts


early daily duder thank you for updating da php


vary early u up smash dat lik








what did the post body look like?
creepy pedo terms?
a bunch of gibberish?
suggestive speech?


just a link


now >we just need to figure out how to filter the images
theres some decent detection stuff in javascript..
idk anything about javascript


I really don't know what to do for like image detection or any of that shit. I looked at """""AI"""" ones but I'm not going to send every image posted here off to some 3rd party


they are all checksum based (any i have seen anyway) and thus are pretty much useless. just have to change a single byte in an unnoticable part of the file and it is bypassed. could automate it with scripts even, don't even have to open an image editor. would need something far more sophisticated running on the server which would probably hurt performance on a cheap vps.


this doens't look checksummy to me, 'pal'


Yeah there's something else I saw that like takes some histogram of the image and uses that to compare to a known list of baaad pics but i cant remember what it was, and I really don't feel like doing a bunch of image processing on this little server.
yeah but i dont wanna ban nws images as a whole, just the no good ones


could always add a lot of conditions to if its checked or not
idk im not saying we do it, but since a goal of mine is to run the fed off, so its worthy of thinking about imo


it was nice while it lasted but looks like israel already calmed down enough to resume the cp posting


i missed it and dont see a deletion
it taken care of yet?


nvm i think toshaki deleted


also what was the text
generally speaking


it got delet p quickly and i dont remember the text i dont look at the posts long enough to check that shit


im assuming it was just a link again probly anyway


the fed is back


Thank you for making a spost to address the subject. This is better news than the erry suspicion that this speesub was commandeered by spreddit admins to push their own garbage.

Yea, bots post garbage. But it's one thing to deal with bots forcing garbage through the filter than it is to deal with rogue spreddit admin brown-nosing mods.

Are there any posting restrictions in place to prevent brand new/sphill accounts from posting links?



touch grass pls thx




odd that its a once a week thing that gets through
couple words in there that could probly get added filterwise
not sure much else can get done beyond that




Spam on /jp/





dudder, have you ever been in a fist fight? like boxing, not the gay thing


they both involve men fisting each other, therefore both are gay


delete the thinly veiled pedo threads


i fucking hate feds


>have trouble with filter
>re-configure their entire campaign to try and take the site down
lel its actually p. funny to watch tbh


File: 1698887782925-0.jpg (139.3 KB, 980x980, 1:1, checkertown1-980x980.jpg)

File: 1698887782925-1.jpg (131.88 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, b07add2604c685e6c3373eb035….jpg)

File: 1698887782925-2.jpg (97.28 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, 15528c798d191364b27ffb3b65….jpg)

File: 1698887782925-3.jpg (201.24 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, rabbitsnow.jpg)

File: 1698887782925-4.jpg (113.2 KB, 640x640, 1:1, IMG_20231018_195649_265.jpg)



File: 1698888322098-0.jpg (1.77 MB, 1920x1280, 3:2, Nagato.Yuki.full.3940373.jpg)

File: 1698888322098-1.jpg (126.69 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, 1697075360999.jpg)

File: 1698888322098-2.jpg (68.02 KB, 800x450, 16:9, spiral_hero_2-800x450.jpg)

File: 1698888322098-3.jpeg (173.33 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, OIG.Xq6.jpeg)

File: 1698888322098-4.png (729.74 KB, 960x640, 3:2, AI art 9c3b7656796b29527fe….png)



bruh that bush one goes hard

would get that on a shirt for the gym


File: 1698893153960-0.png (1.47 MB, 1224x1224, 1:1, 00115-2167427792.png)

File: 1698893153960-1.jpg (276.81 KB, 960x960, 1:1, spiral_art.jpg)

File: 1698893153960-2.jpg (167.3 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, IMG_20231011_142418_926.jpg)

File: 1698893153960-3.jpg (127.92 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, 1697125887118.jpg)

File: 1698893153960-4.png (1.46 MB, 960x1440, 2:3, 00238-3131962410.png)

4 u
error posting


them bush ones are REPOST

get ur shit together
posting error


wait u knew that you done saved the original filename n everything why you fuckin REPOSTIN???


File: 1698903304047-0.jpg (126.69 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, 1697075360999.jpg)

File: 1698903304047-1.jpg (127.92 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, 1697125887118.jpg)

File: 1698903304047-2.jpg (167.3 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, IMG_20231011_142418_926.jpg)



the twin towers of lean is pretty damn gud


the absolute madman


My dude dubyhu!
Error posting






dudder you fucking nigger you best delete this shit




I deleted it
it's time to remove error posting cause the guy found the way around it


what was the contents, generally?
because today and yesterday were the only posts in 2 weeks


Didn't really look it over well, seemed the same generic bullshit text/links that have been posted in the past.


no image? would be an improvement, at least.


File: 1700003789083.png (68.51 KB, 556x382, 278:191, 645767557.png)


File: 1700007527210.png (9.61 KB, 500x250, 2:1, Oekaki.png)


File: 1700076310967.png (715.33 KB, 1080x2340, 6:13, Screenshot_20231115-142404.png)

heres the text


no the images are getting worse


File: 1700083428993.jpeg (36.41 KB, 1020x1016, 255:254, cd36c26e65bcb27580d4f5b4a….jpeg)

can't believe the fed survived the bombing


what why
this fucking sucks


It was fucked up. I had to see a little girl bloodied up this time before being raped. I don't want to do this anymore.


because it's good for kakis. layers, zoom, line smoothing, color palette


File: 1700261107243.jpg (42.83 KB, 593x593, 1:1, FOUUFxWWUAcN_Uj.jpg)

>bloodied up this time
fucking christ why…


because feds are sick fucks
that's why terry always warned us of them


to mock you. he gets to post that kind of horrible shit all day and youre the one who gets looked at sideways by the authorities. he knows you dont CTSN he also knows even if somoene was stupid enough to do so he wont net anyone noteworthy on a site as small as this and he knows if it ever gets to a point where his shit doesnt get deleted it simply means the site died which would also bring him joy and the kicker is he gets asspats and a government salary and benefits for it all


i hate jews so much its unreal


can you do something about the retard spamming the pali thread with dramaring bullshit? >we're not even part of that shit idk why these fags pop up randomly as if anyone here knows wtf theyre mad about


you use the exact same word over and over again in every single one of your posts that it makes you stand out like a sore thumb, faggot. Also:
>crying to the mods and begging for bans because he can’t handle differing opinions and bants
Reddit is that way you humongous faggot ——————->

Wouldn’t even be surprised if you were the same anglocuck subhuman who begged for bans during the last soccer world cup when everybody was shitting on englel and their dogshit nonwhite team. Grow a pair or kys faggot, this is an anonymous imageboard not a forum for sensitive types like you.


idk man, the time the glownigs were spamming the sadist shit was worse. i'd seen some shit and i can safely ignore most of the cp garbage long enough to report it, but that had me fucking livid.


you are a retard tho cant fault him for telling you the troof


kys anglokike faggot


File: 1700429287029-0.jpeg (1.48 MB, 1284x2198, 642:1099, IMG_3163.jpeg)

File: 1700429287029-1.jpeg (183.54 KB, 960x960, 1:1, IMG_3039.jpeg)

your “people” clap and give a standing ovation when a nigger murders one of their own in a “freak accident”. You’re the only retards here, you pasty wasp retards, retard hurr durr. Anglos are truly the greatest subhumans on Earth. Caesar should have exterminated you all.


anglos dont tell the troof tho
but you are a retard which is the issue at hand


kys you pasty wasp retard faggot. retard retard retard retard durr. My God you’re such a fucking loser. Seriously just go outside, touch some grass, leave your basement tranny.


you use the exact same word over and over again in every single one of your posts that it makes you stand out like a sore thumb, faggot. Also:
>crying to anons and begging them to leave because he can’t handle differing opinions and bants
9gag is that way you humongous faggot ——————->

Wouldn’t even be surprised if you were the same tpastian subhuman who begged for bans during the last soccer world cup when everybody was shitting on greek pottery and their dogshit neobabylonian poetry. Grow a pair or kys faggot, this is an anonymous imageboard not a forum for sensitive types like you.


you are an angloid subhuman tho cant fault him for telling you the troof


kys tpastian faggot


but you are an angloid subhuman, which is the real problem at hand, retard.


dudder pls you are drunk go to sleep


you use the exact same word over and over again in every single one of your posts that it makes you stand out like a sore thumb, faggot. Also:
>crying to anons and begging them to leave because he can’t handle differing opinions and bants
9gag is that way you humongous faggot ——————->

Wouldn’t even be surprised if you were the same tpastian subhuman who begged for bans during the last soccer world cup when everybody was shitting on greek pottery and their dogshit neobabylonian poetry. Grow a pair or kys faggot, this is an anonymous imageboard not a forum for sensitive types like you.


Go to bed before you blow a gasket, you angloid retard. If you keep this up Im gonna call MI5 and they’re going to arrest you for racism.


ok im sorry some retard on the dramaring gave your feelings a booboo it clearly bothers you a lot and you need to spam dumb shit no one cares about on an unrelated site to deal with it i was insensitive and dont have a license to tell you the troof anyway


you are so mad it’s hilarious. Cry more you angloid subhuman LMAO. Stuck in his basement all day doing nothing but seething on the internet all day, worshipping niggers and praying to his lord and savior zion donny who he thinks will save him from his horrible and pathetic existence. You should really just end it all, your life is never going to get any better and its all your fault because your genetics are trash. Sorry buddy but just accept the truth and move on.


i do have a license to lie tho
you are vary valuable and your momma loves you and there is nothing gay about you or florida


lets keep it polite in here


At least I have a family and people who care about me, unlike you faggot. You could die tonight and it would take weeks for people to find your corpse. Your neighbors calling the cops because the smell of your rotting corpse is cracking them in the nose is the only reason anyone would ever find you. I’m sure your father, if you even know him that is, is very proud of you.


You have a license to lie too? Whoah we should be frens


nah this dude needs to vent whatever gay issue he has and its better if he does it in the designated shitting thread


im gettin real close to reporting for impolite postings


uh ok do it then


File: 1700449400974-0.jpeg (90.25 KB, 629x722, 629:722, IMG_3164.jpeg)

File: 1700449400974-1.jpeg (32.71 KB, 680x376, 85:47, IMG_3042.jpeg)

File: 1700449400974-2.jpeg (187.68 KB, 1280x1174, 640:587, IMG_3041.jpeg)

My issue is with faggot migapede kikes shilling their bullshit form of cuckservatism which is holding back the real far right politics the West needs in order to be saved. Drumpf and qsisters are controlled opposition and should always be called out as the well poisoning kikes and retarded faggots that they are.


no retard your issue is youre an autistic defect that gets a kick out of spamming irrelevant shit no one was talking about like all autistic broken brained retard genetic failures


File: 1700452370095.jpeg (20.31 KB, 647x367, 647:367, IMG_2994.jpeg)

the autistic migapede faggot is still fuming. I wish you were standing next to me irl right now so i can beat the shit out of your little faggot manlet ass. Bet you wouldn’t say shit to me irl you pasty little wasp manlet beta male. Either meet me and lets fight irl or shut your mouth forever you pansy faggot, retard


bet you’re one of those autistic soyboys who either never leaves his moms basement or if you do take a shower and leave your moms basement once a year you end up being the most timid little bitch ever irl. I will kill you with one punch, smash ur pc so you cant have a dogshit subhuman opinion on the internet and afterwards rape your mom so she can actually have a male son she can be proud of. Your low testosterone father was only able to produce the little bitch boy that is you, something she’ll never be able to love.


look at all this amerimutt projection did you lick your fat goblin lips while stroking your dick with that incest fantasy you spiclet retard freak? how can you tell your mom apart from your own reflection anyway all you burgergoyim look like the same fat genetically twisted mistakes of god dontou go by smell? that must be it you all smell of fake butter and corn syrup not even the dutch reek as bad as you hell you make even a french womans armpits smell like air freshener


you fags arent even reading each others posts are you this shit is completely incoherent


niggas gonna start catching e-hands IYKWIM


>spam the rest of the bort with webring garbage
oh ok thank you vary much for clarifying the roools


don't tell people where to spam stuff


no not really i just pick out random words and throw insults based on that this kinda stupid slapfight is never worth actually reading thats an insane waste of time


fed/niggerpill has spammed the webring with pizza again
just in case he comes here too


fed decided to post pizza to avenge kissinger's death




ok so thats the second day in a row
the latest pattern:
>suggestive image of underage
>link in picture
>3 same characters in a row for the body
>different characters for each post
>quasi random (keyboard smash) filename
if this keeps up alternative methods will have to be taken. anyone seen the spam elsewhere? same pattern? if so interesitng that countermeasures on 1 influences the entire operation


File: 1701534139556.png (54.09 KB, 2360x313, 2360:313, Pedo Catchers.PNG)

it's happening on every site on the webring, the best anyone can do about it is just delete and ban the IP, the latter not really an option since they have a gorillion VPNs anyways
as long as it's deleted in a short timeframe it shouldn't be an issue with the host, faceberg and other sites have thousands of images/videos posted every hour and they have an army of people dedicated to taking it down


The way internet law works in most countries (burgerland included), you have 48-72 hours to take something down before it's considered intentionally left up. Social media tends to have dedicated teams for removal of this crap, but an admin logging in once a day to delete it is pretty much "acting in good faith to delete content" as far as legality is concerned.


that aspect isn't really what im concerned about
my concenrs
>its gross and unsightly, and i dont want to see it
>i do federally illegal things and if my laptop gets seized a reaching prosecutor might find browser cache data and go with it
and thats basically it. would be nice to block this before it even happens


i just dont want to have to see it
that makes sense, there are a few different databases with hashes/other ways of identifying the "known" images, the problem is just that the good ones cost money


the dramaring is getting spammed to shit with cp so its gonna be hitting here before long
funny thing is the filters you use to catch him here affected how he posts on other sites as well so if it wasnt obvious before its basically confirmed its one guy/bot made by one guy


cp on /sp/







>i do federally illegal things and if my laptop gets seized a reaching prosecutor might find browser cache data and go with it
why do you have your browser storing cache in the first place? its your own damn fault if you can't be assed to set the browser to clear it on exit. gecko based browsers even let you disable it entirely.


doesn't even take a break for christmas


thats because pedophiles are jewish


and the other way around too


File: 1703470448418.jpg (94.92 KB, 768x644, 192:161, Grinch-1-768x644.jpg)

We have a clue about pedocel's identity.


File: 1703526513220.mp4 (8.93 MB, 480x360, 4:3, 46d2026084017054182024c0e5….mp4)

fuck you i did the space thing


vary gud


File: 1703547002987.png (450 KB, 907x599, 907:599, jewish tricks.png)

>pedo spam on other websites is affected by filters here
makes me wonder if the mossad wouldn't have been interested in this site if it never joined the webring


o rly?




even on new year the feds won't stop


the one on /v/ is still there










some fed is posting honeypot links in librejp pls delet


I didn't see anything


I think he means this >>>/librejp/117637


dudder plz take care of thread spammer fag


free speech


you'll call me a rulecuck


you're not the real dudder




File: 1705351626972.png (702.56 KB, 1073x1209, 1073:1209, cia nigger.png)





dude wake the fuck up


The spam was non existent for a while, wonder why it returned again


kakasex is being a retard again


Am I retarded?

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