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nah dude youve just never dealt w skeezy sluts lik that irl. shes deceptive cuz its worked for her in the past. prolly a lot.
she knows its a bullshit excuse, and she knows shes trying to pull one over on him. as if dudes dont know a thing or two about getting dragged around by their genitals. lmao fuckin hell. no one would even go up to talk to some mids lik that if it werent the case

unlucky for her, sheem dating a tiktokker, so that shit gets secretly recorded and blasted out onto the internet for all to see


this shit ain't nothing to me man. my dad was fucking around with some redheaded broad and got her pregnant. they decided to carry the babby to term. everything was hunky dory until 9 months later. while she was at the hospital recovering from birth, he discovered that this absolute whorb was texting other dudes. this bitch had just plopped out my sister out of her blown-out firecunt, and she was already cheating on him.
that shit made me a full on misogynist.


>nah dude youve just never dealt w skeezy sluts lik that irl
That is true. t. leve 10 wizard.


i been meaning to post this guy

great schizo content in between rants about capeshit, he talks about everything, race, aliens, jews, illuminati, race mixing, pdfs

when this guy cuts a rant yelling about shit its GOATed, he cant go from cutting a promo on zack synders justice league right into jewish marxist hollywood and black people being a monkey hybrid slave race created by aryan aliens


brutal. my moms card carryin psycho. lie, cheat, steal, straight ruin her friends and fams lives. then baw about how no one loves her to everyone of their friends and fam, trip to watch


this guy rules. i'm beaming 432hz at him to post here


whorb moms rly do fuck shit up tho
almost as bad as dads who just take tf off immediately guess it depends tho, cuz if ur a gril, bad dad is prolly the worse one. idk

its hard to imagine a scenario where that kind of trust can ever rly truly be repaired. and its fucked up cuz it happens all the fucking time


bad mom is always worse imo cuz son will date and inevitably preg psychos (assuming the fake DV doesnt come first) ask me how i know and daughters turn into them. endless cycle.
too lazy to look up the studies but it legit warps ur brain. theres never trust repair w the certifieds tho


ur 300 years old?


400 years old.


thats a lotta xp


i said it wrong
baddest dads for grils would be the rapedads that actually stick around, but jus raep
cuz thats how you end up w half the psycho whorbs in the first place


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>he doesnt know


guy can be annoying but the info on his channel is great
reminds of why files but better and less gay


File: 1711874827932.jpg (1.45 MB, 3024x4032, 3:4, sadcr.jpg)

it is sad how nobody ever talks about the single root of all this evil. homosexuality. it's always the mass murderer or the kidnapper never the homosexual mass murderer or the homosexual kidnapper. you'll have no trouble riling up the masses on places like reddit to bash the catholic church for sexual abuse but once you point out that the core of the problem is homosexual men things quiet down real fast.


I keep coming across the name Edgar Cayce recently, is he worth looking into? Or is he like Nostradamus or Baba Vanga where people just stretch vague statements to make them look real


dude had some legit spoopy to him


his whole astral projection/hypnotism to explore the subconscious thang was kinda the basis for most of the weird cults from the 50s or so onwards. everyone from satanists to shrinks would dip into his jar occasionally, uncredited of course. the whole collective unconscious thang that the hippies were always on about was basically just his shit, but with more psychoactives involved
kind of a reluctant cult leader. he was weird/charismatic enough to attract a lot of famous ppls interest, but until later on he was actually very hesitant to ever accept money for his readings in fear of misguiding or hurting his patients. if nothing else thats quite notable for his line of work. most of em are the total opposite: actively malicious attentionwhorbs looking for a buck

he was down af with atlantis
iirc he actually thought it was the injuns, or the red race as he called it, that was responsible for the development of atlantis, not wh*toids or hyperboreans/ayyys. tho he does talk about ayyys. at least kinda. theyre lik transdimensional entities that come to possess different creatures or things and mutate them into other stuff like giants/nephilim or other more advanced species. from like the 20s onward his readings were often recorded so you can actually go look at his shit as it progressed over time. basically the earliest, most documented psychic in western history

like most psychics most of his str8 calls were bunk. iirc he thought the world would end in 99. idk i read about him in lik highschool tbh so i cant remember too much. imo hes kind of like a less degenerate/strung out version of crowley. def an interesting fella, but i wouldnt jump off a bridge just cuz he told me to, ya know?


File: 1712000910783.mp4 (33.94 MB, 854x480, 427:240, april 8.mp4)

schizos feasting


i had a friend tell me that asstral projection was bs made up by govt agencies to confuse teh soviets
seems p plausible but idk what do spiggas think? i can't seem to find any discourse around it online outside of ppl torrenting hemisync cds or "lol ur just lucid dreaming faget"
tho i have heard a rumor from an old bbs log saying that robert monroe got his start by huffing glue which is pretty fukken lol


from my own personal experience astral projection is unmistakably real and is most definitely not lucid dreaming (although I believe both are related). when you project out of body, there's a buzzing sensation all over your body, then there's this roaring sound sort of like a tornado or a jet engine, and then you're out and about. i've never had that happen in lucid dreaming. shit looks fucking trippy too. rally hard to explain though.


cia def had dudes taking it seriously enough. whole reason was they didnt want the rooskies to get it first. found one of vlad's papers on it


>Astral projection
Is what happens imo when you do dmt short cut or meditate and focus on other places, beings, etc and leave your body
cia was all about that shut they thought they could spy on commies or any enemy of the state which, again imo could work if that's how it works sorry for not having any proofs. if you've lurked the net for more than 5 years I'm p sure you have come across something to validate my claims tho


only had a couple exp with it but mine were chill. got scawed and didn't venture out that far tho
read something about that hologram theory research where using all our understanding mechanisms (math, physics) universe doesn't and shouldn't work. could be limitations of our systems but one dude said we're astral projecting currently. idk about that but was interesting. lotta this stuff's semantics imo. existence be big yo, >we dont know shit


couple of their doss on it. there was at least one more where they were explicit about that intent iir but fucked if i can remember
second is pdf on cia site so, ya know


Forgot the cia called it remote viewing

t. >>1614767


>sir please to port forward your brain so i may remote in


if spro's still lookin into astral
watched a couple of this dude's vids, anthropologist+schizo=gud


thx man
btw, i found a torrent site for tons of fun schizo stuff, is p gud: concen dot org


the brain is a weird thing tbh
they scanned it, tried to map it, zapped it with electricity etc, and they still dont know wtf or how tf it works. its just this slimy, wrinkly fucking alien that lives in everyones head and can make things out of literal nothing
idk lol
its prolly a fucking miracle. or god or some shit. i dont rly care what its called tbh

the more laymans term for astral projection would be "out-of-body-experience". and its a good one, since it describes what it actually is. ime it can be achieved through intense meditation, intense psychoactives, some sort of intensely traumatic event, and/or any combination of the three. that said, try to avoid the car crashes while on heavy drugs if at all possible tho it def works.
you can do p much anything you fucking want via meditation, and impe getting there via eating like a strip and a half worth of acid always felt a bit cheap. like getting a glimpse at something you never deserved. in either case im certain it has less "value" than the harder road

lucid dreaming is something else. very fun, but not even in the same arena as the aforementioned. in my unscientific personal opinion, all it is is dreaming/late REM sleep, but in a half-awake state.
its actually p trivial to do it ime.
the trick is to set an alarm about an hr before you have to wake up. preferably one thats not too obnoxious, and one that you can shut off pretty much without moving. dont open your eyes, and try to barely move at all. try to go directly back to bed. if you can manage that, at least for me, it works about 90% of the time. the most fascinating thing to me about is the scale of time from your dreams perspective vs reality. ive gone through whole days before waking up and realizing id only been back asleep for ~30mins

even if you dont get "control" which tbh is massively overrated and kinda unfun/misses the point imo this should trigger some notably vivid dreams. and im sure its just a matter of practice at that point


File: 1712365057223.jpg (615.47 KB, 2250x3000, 3:4, waking lifed.jpg)

>miracle or god or some shit
did that 21 grams or whatev the soul "proof" was get debunked? trust you guys more than a search or who i heard it from
>lucid dreaming
theres some people who legit cant get it, what's sparts theory? my exp has been it's people who lie to themselves
people say to meditate before bed, scope clocks, and try flicking light switches while dreaming to 'wake up' into lucidity. 95% of my dreams have been lucid since i lived on a buddhist temple for awhile and hard agree controlling em is dumb.
was doing some zelda platformer puzzle in one and the piece didn't make sense so i was like oh ya i'll just change it and then turned off creator mode. sometimes my brain doesnt have anything to say and i'll take off flying but idk why you'd want to always guide the subconscious. it catches way more than we do awake
time passing the way it does always weirded me out though lik how tf do we ever wake up rested


ya i can't lucid dream no matter how hard i try
i can't even move or turn around in my dreams, like i have a giant weight on me or someone has me in a chokehold, its rly annoyin


nice, thanks havent listened to icke's new stuff. looks like they're all over it


got a stressy day to day?


had a dream i was in a parking garage and there was a turret from lethal company in it so i had to drive past it rly fast but i went too fast and accidentally slammed into a parked tesla which slammed into a toyota suv next to it
then i was in a school bus on this crazy highway going up and down and around the ocean and underground some tropical island at like turbospeed
too much chivas


lel booze and blue light will wreck you
worked for a couple people i know was walking meditation before bedding down. slow, deliberate movements and narrating what you're doing in your head. "i'm turning shower knob. water feels good." etc
syncs everything up and gets u off autopilot. feel like a fruit but it's a solid move in general tbh


itt spartmans bein gayfers


i think i used to unwittingly astral project when i was a kid when i still prayed and was full on hardcore christian before i started drinking, then i eventually stopped drinking but that shit never came back though i never resumed praying either since im not involved with the church anymore. always had vivid af dreams with being "aware" in some of them but not in control and recently many of the aware ones have involved my dad who's been dead for over half a decade idk what thats about maybe i should start meditating


>Is what happens when you do dmt or meditate and focus on other places, beings, etc and leave your body
>ime it can be achieved through intense meditation, intense psychoactives, some sort of intensely traumatic event, and/or any combination of the three
there's also another "method" being pulled out by a spirit but that's probably not a good thing to experience.


wtf is that about? spiritual skiddies summon mommy dommy tulpas?


you should just pray


well ackshually, you don't summon tulpas, you just force them into existence like a bad meme. i've heard of tulpas accompanying people out of body but0 i've never seen reports of them pulling people out of body. it's usually external spirits - demons, succubi, sometimes ayys. but then again, after a certain point there isn't much difference between mommy dommy tulpa and, say, a succubus.
as an aside, i've read that succubi / spirit wives tend to be present, but not active, in a man's life from a very early age, probably even from birth, and only become active once summoned. if you want a real schizo theory, succubi are at least partially responsible for the increase in male virgins and incels because of their yandere-tier jealousy


>scope clocks
Yeah this is the main thing that helps me lucid dream. I read somewhere that clocks/watches don't work properly in dreams and it's definitely true for me. Sometimes they go backwards, sometimes they go too fast or I'll check the time even on my phone, then check it again after 3 secs and it'll show 7 hours later, etc.


i rarely look at clocks in dreams, but the few times i have its some vague abstraction and not an absolute time value. goes for all numbers really. probably related to my very weak mathematics ability.


wish i had the attention span for old rpg's tbh. every time i try i get bored and give up or something comes up that requires time away from it and i never pick it up again.


got any lonks for spoiler? interesting
idk u believe internet is full of demons theory (i do) but it would add merit to it. nudging lads towards whorbs, or the real up all night schizo take: embodying whorbs irl, with the real rascally ones causing mental defects


Isn't that just the fact that all Succuwives also have a cuckqueen fetish so the 1 man 1 woman clause kept them from panicking over a mother/wife in the boy's life, however the introduction of female birth control, the right to vote, and hypergamy have lead to them sleeping with a handful of guys (unless you happen to be the sucker) which has both starved many of them, but also by default starven their boy they are latched onto?


the source for the succubi making incels theory is that I made it the fuck up, but it's probably true tbh. the other idea comes from personal anecdotes from succubus summoners. i'm hesitant about postan lonks because most of those are memetic hazards and the last thing i want to do to a spartbro is give him a succ he don't want. they're very hard to remove, btw.
some of them may have that fetish, but in general they're very, very possessive, as in "that whore could never pleasure you like I could". as far as what the rest of your post is saying, if I get your meaning, you're saying that succubi are feeding off the sexual energy from normal sexual interactions and they're starving because of hypergamy? that makes a little sense but not much.


thanks for not posting. shut that connection off after some wonky experiences. it's a two way street and playin in traffic rarely leads to a good outcome ime


File: 1712719410696.png (11.3 KB, 447x378, 149:126, 1588114fb07ce9846bb16ffbed….png)

>mfw i've found an astral projection method that involves trying to make your etheric body almost do autofellatio

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