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its a tampa kinda day
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File: 1689972456380.webm (4.52 MB, 300x226, 150:113, part1.webm)


show the board your research


File: 1689972557023-0.webm (1.96 MB, 356x768, 89:192, witch1.webm)

File: 1689972557023-1.webm (1.96 MB, 130x240, 13:24, witch2.webm)

the duality of witches


File: 1689978008112.mp4 (74.54 MB, 640x480, 4:3, byrd interview.mp4)


ill keep posting this till u fuckers watch it
its got such a myriad number of rabbitholes embedded in it CIA/jewish mob connections, old maxwell fam ties, OG mossad memery its worth several watches imo



how tf did all the algonquin tribes end up with straight up norse mythology tho?
>lik duhhhh the vikings paddled there and hung out and built barrows an shieeet
but that still doesnt explain how tf they were able to communicate in any meaningful way. thats prolly as distant as languages could possibly be


will listening suffice?


yea sure idgaf
its dawsons shit so its p no-budget visually, but its also rly dense. i find the visual aid p helpful when he starts dropping all those names and lays out their various connections


i wish i could still find some of his old ones online
before youtube cucked him he had a buncha gud free ones up
the one on neocolnialism in africa was rly cool


>thunder rolls and lightning strikes
>point at it, point at garth brooks signed poster
>say "thor"
a lot of stuff people "know" about past cultures comes from tagged up walls, p effective. casinobros are superstitious af anyway, some ayys showing up w/ayy tech gives a lotta credibility
tbh they should've tricked em into funny shit


File: 1690099702986.webm (4.41 MB, 320x584, 40:73, 1689547071750880.webm)

good documentary


yea hes a gud guy. his video-editing is generally very boomer and unimpressive, but he takes a lotta time with his research and lays things out with names, not "psychic vampires" or "saudis" or whatever stand-in boogeyman very clearly.
his 911 one is excellent as well if youve never seen it. hell, a great deal of the modern "mossad did 911" narratives talking points comes from his research.
im honestly shocked he isnt more well-known by the whole pol-sphere seeing how hes been calling out zionist terrorism since before most of them were born


pol-sphere got annihilated by glows, particularly the purity spiral psyop, long time ago
he's a rice mixer, spergs on minor shit, and ackshually has good research instead of yims (spinning squirrel) so ofc he's shunned
i lik ry, but he starts beef with people who get known, gotta knock that chip on his shoulder


Well they were the ones that invented it, might as well own one.


i think heem been roidin out in nipland hard tbh. its legal, so y tf not i guess, and he sure acts like it. also being harrassed online by ADL goons for like 20yrs is gonna make u touchy regardless
idrc that much but whatever his website always has gud shit on it if i wanna sperg out on geopolitics, and basically always has, since i was a kid p much.

also i remembered that one was up on rumble free so wanted to remind myself to rewatch it to look more on the mobster names he drops


Good ol' Ryan Dawson.
I saw him and Spicolas Faguentes were going at it a week or so ago. I remember thinking that it was silly for Ryan to even engage as he is so far beyond Spicolas exposing Zionism. Spicolas is a federal informant retard with a high verbal iq (see: Jewish) that just spouts off stuff he reads on /pol/ and things other people write. Also his entire organization is now a 100% confirmed honeypot.

Another good Zionism exposer is Adam Green. He has taken a harder anti-Christian turn recently but his stuff exposing what Zionists actually believe is INSANE. Talmudic Rabbinical Judaism is literally a Jewish Supremacist death cult hell bent on destroying the world so they can enslave everyone left alive and rule over it. Really sick shit. It does shed some light on where the these Hollywood directors get their nonsense they say about the Third Reich and "white supremacists".


maybe they should just lik… idk… stop being such friggin jerks all the time?
like jeeez


good channel and a video everyone should watch


anyone rember the metokur video he did on this lady


File: 1690531444034.jpg (90.08 KB, 941x730, 941:730, 1422078760753.jpg)


where's your birth certificate obama


what gta 5 mod is this?


File: 1690594101708.png (9.36 KB, 500x250, 2:1, Oekaki.png)


File: 1690626893056.webm (4.84 MB, 528x832, 33:52, gg.webm)


no fucking way



ice crem so gud


lik its cool that blackrock is on the tip of erryones tongues again, even with normies, but i mean i remember last time
one moment its all hang the banker and then suddenly sum chick named ketchup shows up and 3wks later erryone squawking about mulatto bengali tiger under-representation in local govt

as soon as u start getting ppl to actually know any of the names of the guys who are providing the capital in the first place, it all gets smashed into a gorillion pieces and scattered to the wind
its like
>oh noo a hedgefund
yea theyre doin exactly what youd expect a hedgefund to do. make as much dosh as possible at whatever cost.
the issue is the cunts whos money their leveraging against in the first place and how theyre using it like some rogue bully that goes around and beats everyone up for their lunchmoney. or in this case, their house and everything in it


her verbal spam is really annoying
how do zoomies cope with it?


the timing of smith-mundt is obvious to anyone with half a brain wrinkle
tryin to push bluebeam next but no1curr which is p damn funny
saw some dude in some ayy committee (dont know or care who) say the top sekrit message extraterrestrials had for VARY important leaders was to depopulate the planet and climate change lel


thinking i might be a schitzo


are you like him?


love this dude


did she ever find brent spiner's penis?


this guy is a rightful dynast of the chiefs kingdom tho


File: 1691277662076.mp4 (4.28 MB, 360x638, 180:319, women_are_creepy.mp4)

>trust in women at an all time low


File: 1691293841472.png (1.68 MB, 1287x1800, 143:200, 8fe22991-d44b-4d38-9ae3-24….png)

3DPD not even once.


how did that "makeup" improve her face?


haha ok but if my finger slips in your asshole its not my fault


gave her skin that weird orange-tan look that is apparently supposed to be highly appealing
hopefully next time she forgets it actually rips her actual face off since she hates it so much


grils think theyre not supposed to have pores
i dont think anyone else fucking cares, but thats what they think so some get advertised into thinking they should paint fucking plastic on themselves

never seen anyone other than total bimbos, dragqueens, or scenequeens go that hard tho. most grils dont use that shit cuz of how fucked it is for your actual skin, as seen in the end of the vid where she xhe? idk the bimbo makeup makes all of em look like dragqueens imo looks like a meth head


File: 1691807636821-0.png (3.99 MB, 1410x1880, 3:4, 1691807504774.png)

File: 1691807636821-1.png (4.43 MB, 1410x1880, 3:4, 1691807494973.png)

this guy was actually not vary schizo but he had all this "im a schizo n gonna paint all over my car" shit so


worst of all he's a lakers fan


youre right hes just a faggot


what's the deal with yt channels like this one?
how is this still monetized?


who knows man mainstream social media is littered with pedobait crap like that
i bet if you reported it, or better told some journo to tell advertisers about it, theyd pretend to care
that seems to be the only time they ever do anything


or you could go the countercultural route and tell pol and personal army them into mass flagging it
then after a few weeks all the dumb commentary yt channels would wig out and make a 6hr doc about it
worked with the whole spiderman x elsa shit
theres options
but if you expect any mainstream site to actually be pro-active in weeding that shit out, i got baaaad news for ya

its funny how IBs are seen as this thing full of chomos and chomobait, but most of em are on it enough to have jannys that get to it in a day or so, tops. even small boards.
meanwhile shit like this will stay up for literal years
lol remember the whole twitter/pizzagate thing with all the DC lobbyists and their weirdo friends following fucking strangers baby pics? same shit. absolutely no one cared until pol pointed it out to le masses


File: 1692436542285.mp4 (20.91 MB, 202x360, 101:180, in_april_2012_this_video_w….mp4)

what to think of this?




any experts here??
is alien life fuckable?


i just want them blue aliens from mass effect to smash fr fr


anything with a hole is fuckable if you are black


>Things are pretty bad
>goverment pushes UFO shit on the masses


supposedly thats happened before. some brazilian farmer, antonio villas boas, got to fuck an blonde-haired blue-eyed grey or something like that. oh and there's david higgins who says he lost his virginity to some ayy and then fathered several half-ayy kids with her. kooky shit but it's kinda hot ngl


>some brazilian farmer, antonio villas boas, got to fuck an blonde-haired blue-eyed grey or something like that
pretty sure he just fucked some old nazi's corpse while high on shrooms




File: 1697393106897.mp4 (1.9 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, baby.mp4)

so i watched a yt channel that puts together all the new spoopy videos every couple of weeks or so and it's disappointing how much fake stuff gets made and how little "real" videos are out there. feels like the only thing that's even remotely trustworthy is footage from from baby cams, cctv or trailcams.


Whats spooky about a kid climbing up on his crib and falling over?


>binary star
oh its just the guys from sirius
the ones who hung out with the dogon
theyre chill man no need to worry


i used to do the same shit always tryin to escape
split my lip once and my head once basically doin the exact same shit


idk i think it's spoopy. his right arm gets pulled in a weird way. also before he falls he suddenly looks to the left and down and then the inside of his left knee get pushed outside in a weird way


You better post better spooky stuff than this, anonkun.


sadly there isn't any good spooky stuff. it's all yt ghosthunters, urban explorers and tiktokers with gayass fake bullshit


I came across a posts that mentioned Irlmaier and I'm looking for more info on the guy. The posts were talking about his prophecies regarding WW3, allegedly he wasn't wrong about anything he predicted but I can't really find a list of them, do you guys know any? I'm still reading more about this guy, if I find a proper, confirmable article or whatever about him I'll post here


mfw DOTZ still didn't not posted any ever since duddermen added geoguessr captcha

this is an automated message
downdog this message to delete it


are you talking about the stuff he predicted before predicting ww3? can't find much info about that in english because it's all buried under his ww3 prophecies. off the top of my head though, he could predict where bombs would land and he could find missing people and dead bodies.


Yeah that is what I'm talking about. I actually wanted to confirm the guy was trustworthy before caring about his WW3 prophecies. From what I've read so far he predicted smart phones, he said people would spend most of their time on photo showing Zuban cigar boxes, which is obviously true but by his time both phones and televisions were invented so he might have just guessed that. So far the thing that makes him look legit the most is when he was accused of being fake, he correctly described the wife of the judge who he had not seen before, still I'm looking for more info on the guy and as most things about him are written in German it's hard, the guy doesn't even have an English wiki page and considering every single retard has one it actually makes me suspicious the guy is correct on many things and glowniggers don't want people to know about him


File: 1698035059463.jpg (51.38 KB, 460x215, 92:43, ghussy.jpg)

what does ghussy taste and smell like?


he got famous when in 1946 someone sued him claiming that he's no clairvoyant but a fraud. in court he told the judge to his face that right now his wife is seeing a gentleman visitor and that she even put on her fancy clothes for him. the judge sent the clerk to check on her and it turned out to be true. the case was thrown out


File: 1698134732417-0.png (315.97 KB, 1760x3849, 1760:3849, 1663537654772646.png)

File: 1698134732417-1.jpg (677.6 KB, 700x4164, 175:1041, 1502572166955.jpg)

Yeah I already saw that, that and Zuban boxes thing seem to be confirmable. I'll continue reading about the guy some other time, I got kind of annoyed most of what I've found was about his WW3 predictions and not many people bothered to see his previous ones were correct. From what I've read so far, allegedly his WW3 prophecies come from an older poem written on a tree in Germany, called "song of Linden" and allegedly this post is a translation of it. I'm saying allegedly on both because I didn't confirm the translation and didn't even read his WW3 prophecies yet. And other pic is another prophecy from another allegedly trustworthy guy, haven't confirmed anything about him yet either


In 1978 a black woman went through my cabinet at a YMCA in San Francisco. Took ALL of my toiletries. I left town hitch-hiking. Got laid in Sacramento. Got ridiculed by a kid ("Running away from home?") in Reno. Had all my belongings stolen in Genesee County. Curiously, a pitcher from Genesee County stopped Pete Rose hitting streak at that time. Was given a ride by a 95 year old man in a Volkswagen. Was jumped by an intended hit & run in Fort Lee, NJ. Had to hitch-hike from NYC to Arizona without shoes (that were stolen). Fell asleep in a ride and somehow ended up in a Chicago White Sox neighborhood. Was threatened by blacks for walking through the Chicago southside many times. AND had all my property stolen at a toll road service plaza when I went to go to toilet. Told the attendant and a black man FROM MY HOMETOWN IN ARIZONA arrived to tell me that my belongings were at a toll plaza at South Bend. Imagine that. Slept on that. The next morning a couple of guys offered to 'party'. Went to a field in some woods. When I began to be suspicious . . . the party was over. FIELD GOAL? There have been a lot of co-inky-dinkies like that. When I tried to mail letters to the NCAA about athletic corruption/point shaving, I was arrested and taken to a Federal prison. They had my step-father at the MP (military police) AND someone with my Mom's name at the prison . . . for trespassing (to mail the letter – one of three) on a military installation . . . this was during Desert Storm. They put some ribs out of place and scotch-taped my face with a guard that looked like a brother of Harold van Gilder. FIELD GOAL? Smith went on to USC and then back to Missouri . . . just like Sean Miller getting canned by the blacks and going back to Xavier to win a national title. FIELD GOAL? Or just the good old boys helping the beavers dam another river?


wait are you guys talking about siener van rensburg or someone else im confus and dont wanna read that much


It was about Irlmaier but I came across Rensburg's shit also so I posted it. After those I looked a bit into Otrok Vyacheslav who also seems to be right about some stuff. I came across a channel that translated everything Otrok said(couldn't find a similar thing for the other two) but it was hours long so I didn't bother watching it


yeah siener van rensburg.
interesting dude but honestly not sure how much of it is butthurt or not. wud be pretty laff to see
check out mitar tarabich, he's got some interesting prophecies from a serb perspective.


i spent more time formatting this post than i did even thinking about reading all that bullshit


File: 1699122210244.webm (751.34 KB, 388x640, 97:160, 1698976288599942.webm)

what's going on here?


He a a BLACK MAN. but these white folx is forcing him to HIDE his BLACKNESS.



File: 1699146057862.webm (5.73 MB, 854x480, 427:240, 1691877301253246.webm)

the hair and back of the head looks fishy too


what if you put one of those things on as like prank and like dressed up like pretty girl and stufff and like gave your a bro a kiss on the gock and stuff but like not in gay way


an old man with leathery skin, not hard to figure out


File: 1699382727916.webm (3.61 MB, 720x934, 360:467, 1697100193251219.webm)

this guy can make scary vids


that nigga pop up to your window and you just sit there ?


File: 1699391226151.webm (1.87 MB, 640x360, 16:9, australian analog horror.webm)

thats not scary budy
this scary


whats ur fave art bell? malachi martin ones and the mad dog saga was p good



*mad man marcum  


it's just a kangaroo. they are cute, not scary


A guy went to Bohemian Grove, didn't watch it myself because I don't really care but someone else might. Keep in mind it's basically empty now, the elites gather and do their secret shit in summer. So I doubt it has many interesting things in it


not all the way through it yet but someone will prob enjoy it
og mycologist murder and cover up


if i lived in the area
i would get a couple bros together and go check it out
do some vagrant holiday style go pro filming

going solo actually might be better to attract less attention


File: 1702827925651-0.png (385.46 KB, 472x629, 472:629, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1702827925651-1.png (256.87 KB, 352x508, 88:127, ClipboardImage.png)

some lad been taping a manifesto & leaving random shit at pohlice station every day for about a month
tpaste can you get greek cock off your bran long enough to translate this?


File: 1702828174233-0.png (414.21 KB, 457x625, 457:625, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1702828174233-1.png (334.55 KB, 432x549, 48:61, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1702828174233-2.png (203.54 KB, 360x511, 360:511, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1702828174233-3.png (206.06 KB, 286x392, 143:196, ClipboardImage.png)

apparently he's just racking up fines every day lel


hope they kill him with gay pottery and neobabylonian poetry


File: 1702848199303.webm (12.66 MB, 720x720, 1:1, al_mawt_li_israil.webm)

i hope they kill him like a nigger


>bohemian grove
i wanna go up and see whats on deer island in the thousand islands some day
thats another big skull and bones meet-up spot apparently. supposedly thats where the skull of geronimo is kept


I started looking more into Rensburg, at https://archive.org/stream/VanRensburg/Van%20Rensburg_djvu.txt BTW and this is at the beginning of it
>The two books which contained his visions as written down by Anna, his daughter, were nowhere to be found during the early years of 1980, and even the remaining family did not know where they were. According to an article in a Sunday newspaper in 1981, these books disappeared after the death of his daughter, Anna Badenhorst, and could not be found. Now, after about 50 years the books have again emerged
That is extremely fucking convenient, isn't it? The guy seems legit by how others talked about him when he was alive but idk his trustworthy these book predictions are


tina turner wasnt hit hard enough


when the medbeds cure my gock addiction i'm goin too have so much freetime on my hands


I finished reading it and this part got stuck with me
>18th October 1917: A dam full of water comes into sight. The water disappears and the paving-stones fill it; another dam in sight, this time empty. Then I see a mountain behind which lies a large empty town.

>According to what Van Rensburg told Mr. Boy Muss- mann, this points to England’s ruin. The dam which runs empty is the economy which collapses and the stones that fill the dam is the (national) debt. The empty town behind the mountain is England which finds itself in dire financial straits…

>In connection with England’s credit to America, he says: “Pigs run across a dam wall. The dam is full (lots of money in America). When we look again, the dam is empty. The paving stones fill the dam. (America’s treasury is full of IOU’s).”

>He sees a large bird (America) sitting on the paving stones of the dam. It gulps down a small bird. This means that America will swallow England financially.

I'm talking about the third paragraph, how likely is it for an illiterate farmer from SA to know about USA's debt based economy in 1917? Interesting stuff but I don't believe in all of it


I worded that post retardedly. I actually believe what he saw about USA's economy, it's some parts in the rest of the book I don't believe


Pretty interesting vid, it does take a while to get to its point though

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