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its a tampa kinda day
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#previous thread

current status:
>death count: approx. 3600
>Israeli offense in rain delay
>Bunch of jornos killed by israeli rockets and airstrikes
>Israeli tanks have begun positioning themselves on the border fence with Gaza as the military build-up continues amid relentless bombardment of the besieged Palestinian enclave.
>Tens of thousands of Palestinians have been displaced after Israel ordered 1.1 million residents of northern Gaza to evacuate to the south amid a looming ground offensive.


File: 1697362574355.webm (5.52 MB, 624x350, 312:175, maskedman.webm)

thread theme


plot twist: india dominates both of them




File: 1697380946654.webm (7.65 MB, 427x240, 427:240, Men of Palestine.webm)

>Not even the full song
Shamefull display, anon.


File: 1697383593311.mp4 (2.71 MB, 720x900, 4:5, UL38fCx1SEKCE1bA.mp4)

thousands of /egy/ walking across the desert to give aid to palistein

in other news 2.4 million iranians signed up to go death to israel in defense of palystein


File: 1697384137019.png (435.18 KB, 465x967, 465:967, IT WAS REAL IN MY MIND.png)



File: 1697385166893.webm (23.41 MB, 480x854, 240:427, 4_5859610649138566223.webm)

got that iron dome cuh


because like ZOG, they're terrified to operate without aviation.


unless that storm is rally bad planes wont have a problem operating


File: 1697388351347-0.png (1.36 MB, 1024x1024, 1:1, 435465.png)

File: 1697388351347-1.png (1.31 MB, 1024x1024, 1:1, 6787.png)

File: 1697388351347-2.png (1.42 MB, 1024x1024, 1:1, 92347623.png)

so my contact in gaza just sent me these pictures. the destruction is real, sprothers


they planes dont have a problem flying.
they just have a problem supporting stuff on the ground.
clouds block visual. clouds block IR.


gimme a saint floyd


File: 1697390381069.png (1.27 MB, 1024x1024, 1:1, 433546576.png)

you can just make them yourself, you know


File: 1697400281929.png (300.29 KB, 465x939, 155:313, GHOST of Tel Aviv.png)

what website ?

Also, that soldiers name ?
Albert Einstein


Milkers of Jerusalem





File: 1697409850166.png (2.22 MB, 1410x1880, 3:4, 1697409630881.png)

÷ 0


>circumsion survivor
its not fair
i would have had a MASSIVE uncut 4 incher but not im stuck with a mutilated 3.2 inch clitty

those jewish doctors wont get away with it !


File: 1697411233346.png (395.4 KB, 932x524, 233:131, ClipboardImage.png)

Joseph Czuba stabbed a 6yo muslim kid to death and also stabbed the kids mom
czuba was their landlord
he did it cuz hes sad about the hamas thang


>most sane israel supporter


File: 1697414547421.jpg (5.99 KB, 360x270, 4:3, twinkmusclestud.jpg)



>israelis getting slapped around
>muslims getting stabarood and exploded (their natural state of being tbh)
fuck pls let americans get the shit kicked out of them and it will be a perfect year


File: 1697415986922-0.png (667.08 KB, 1138x1088, 569:544, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1697415986922-1.png (1.98 MB, 2560x1440, 16:9, 038c9c74738bbb1d5bed62166c….png)



I have those poor 60 israeli babies get justice!


i fucking PRAY for the Fords magazine to get hit with an anti ship and fucking EXPLODE with little pringle drone footage


nice bobs


File: 1697442742709.jpg (105.95 KB, 1152x796, 288:199, IMG_20231016_014720_684.jpg)


gud newz….

error posting
lorem ipsum erum postem
holy fucking shit let me post what is the fucking problem it must be the links i guess


so basically the best way to avoid being forced into the military is to hate kikes
thats pretty useful information


theyre like rly rly rly fucking bad at this tho
like i dont even like them and i could do a better job and prolly not come off as completely psychopathic
but srsly man that looks like they straight googled "how to fake blood" and just mixed corn syrup and red food dye and called it a day. that stuff always dries pink on fabrics and surfaces and stuff
if you want it to look better dried you need to add just a little blue iirc


coloring gon wild


yes its the formatting in the link
add white space at the end of your post


but then they'll just press you into the florida penal battallion for anti-semitism


seems very fake, real military emails would have a lot more jargon and acronyms than that
also national guard is not army, it's for domestic defense only, why would their leadership be looped into a discussion on foreign affairs?


File: 1697463486938.jpg (155.36 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, mind blown.jpg)



>real military emails would have a lot more jargon and acronyms than that
t. neet. Worker drones IRL are some of the most lazy and incompetent people you ever meet. they all talk like this for internal coms, using emails as if they were texting non their phones. They only use big speak when sending out shit for the public
>also national guard is not army, it's for domestic defense only
Hahaha I bet you think national guard arent sent overseas and that the coast guard only patrols north america


File: 1697466426847.png (94.47 KB, 1025x840, 205:168, PROOFS.png)

>Hahaha I bet you think national guard arent sent overseas and that the coast guard only patrols north america
post proofs


File: 1697466863624.png (123.9 KB, 1142x593, 1142:593, ClipboardImage.png)

never mind im retarded
can only be done under a state of emergency or war though, which they're not retarded enough to do


>though, which they're not retarded enough to do


they're not because they know a huge chunk of the public isn't going to fall for the same antics as they did for afghanistan and iraq




>anti-israel genociding people
>oy vey antisemites
will jews ever learn that this alone is probably one of the biggest reasons people hate them?


if it wasnt an issue with the amerinigger public then the kikes wouldve already been balls deep in gaza slaughtering everyone


> President Sisi live on TV effectively lecturing Blinken. Addressed him as “Jewish citizen…” said he grew up in a Cairo neighbourhood with Jewish neighbours who were never attacked in Egypt or Arab world like what happened in Europe…
Sisi sisters we are so back


I wonder how hard Buckeye's nipples are right now thinking about the new parking lot Israel is going to have in a few weeks ?


sounds like a pretty easy way to move to florida to me
i can think of worse things to happen


File: 1697508481382.jpg (97.41 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, F8lkSdPWQAAcctq.jpg)



Really makes you think.


>going to goy desantis state
no thanks


File: 1697548491154.mp4 (3.45 MB, 640x360, 16:9, 1_5003882314271294521.mp4)

+ 0
>isrel shooting they own citizens when they hostage of hummus


>CNN: hedge fund CEO Chinky Racoon (pbuh) and several other business leaders demanded Sportschan and the dudeman release the names of spartans that support isreal so they would know not to hire them.


so when is The Great Jew Offensive To Destroy Hummus?


whenever bidup orders boots on the ground himself the kikes would never do their own dirty work especially if theres genuine risk of a shitload of them dying


Post link pls


What did you expect from kikes?


just bathtub it mannn cmon kids these days sheesh fuck man i know dudes who were makin meth at like 15 that shits way harder. or at least a lot more likely to explode


hate to say i told u so but itll only happen once bibi can get hezzbros and/or assad into war with him
then he can get burgers to go 86 gaza. or more likely, try, but get absolutely ambushed cuz lol israel told them they were gonna get invaded last week.
whoever goes in there rn is gonna get ventilated from literally all sides. you def DONT wanna give the dudes fighting guerilla against you a whole week on their home field to plan out how exactly theyre gonna ambush you


File: 1697585195187.png (92.43 KB, 720x704, 45:44, ClipboardImage.png)

more like when the great goy offensive gonna start


File: 1697587095191-0.jpg (14.71 KB, 320x320, 1:1, F8qOTsBXQAAhAzk.jpg)

File: 1697587095191-1.mp4 (7.26 MB, 480x360, 4:3, Goodbye Horses - Q Lazzaru….mp4)

The link: them DOT us/story/israel-hormones-and-transitioning

The writer:

The song:




File: 1697590513919.jpg (297.78 KB, 970x2048, 485:1024, F8rlqXGW0AAZM4_.jpg)

this guy is such a faggot
holy shit


oh woe is shaun king so deep and such pretend nigger thinker
these world occurrences are weighing so heavily on poor shaun king
fuckin narcissist


its supreme douche chills
douche chills distilled


>iranian embassy talking bout "time is up" on twitter

wooooooah buddy


File: 1697602637317.mp4 (3.39 MB, 360x640, 9:16, 4_5870888365674467516.mp4)

gaylick broad goin ham


File: 1697602689206.jpg (138.37 KB, 1280x662, 640:331, IMG_20231018_001133_311.jpg)

nyt changes to they headline on da Baptist Hospital Massacre


why'd she show up in a soccer jersey


>may 18 2018
wtf kind of clown world shit did I just read these people hadn't seen the vids of isis and al queda roofing fags


The accent should be enough of a clue.


Would you fuck him?


File: 1697630271152.mp4 (7.12 MB, 576x1024, 9:16, eu btfo.mp4)

>de debate is close :(
imagine being a politician. an eu one at that
she also had this to say about ukraine


>40 years
>never seen something more horrible
I guess she wasn't paying much attention at all, eh?


File: 1697648213074.png (493.37 KB, 1195x922, 1195:922, ClipboardImage.png)

stahp lyin kthx


jew cry pain strike you


>failed drone attack on ameriqwan base in iraq
>bidup drafts 100B to isntreal
>israel still shipping weaps to azerbaijan
keep your tanks filled spros


>admit it, it was clearly hamas base jew W
>nvm lol, it was actually hamas misfire into a rocket cache
>release year old footage
>err oops we meant from islamic jihad not hamas
>wait it was both, listen to this totally real call
buckeyes cannot not be stereotypes, wild


File: 1697649639126.png (1.36 MB, 1055x1133, 1055:1133, ClipboardImage.png)



A jews word is worth less than nothing. They have insane amounts of surveillance on the gaza strip. they have the means of proving their innocence but refrain.


File: 1697662218126.gif (22.87 KB, 320x300, 16:15, 1635615293170.gif)

nice bobs sho vagene


israel and palestine aren't in the EU why should they care?


gud question


people who fall for kike lies this pathetic truly have no critical thinking ability whatsoever


Did you know that Hamas was literally created by Bibi just like a few short decades ago ?

That he literally ousted the political party in Palestine advocating for peace to push in radicals which in turn would give them cause to just "eradticate" the problem. These people are so twisted.


File: 1697672872526.jpg (204.65 KB, 800x1131, 800:1131, 17f7104c90b05b4c2369e7ee9e….jpg)

thanks for the dupnalysis, buckeye


>would give them cause to just "eradticate" the problem
wrong he and his ilk wanted a problem with no solution so they could simultaneously siphon money away from america and destroy the usa while also receiving top of the line military equipment
hamas was convenient until they began receiving more support from outside and especially until recently. true to the shitty long term planning programmed into their genetics bibi and mossad most likely got complacent and didnt expect their own creation to actually reach out and slap them that hard and now theyre sperging hard as fuck and looking ridiculous to anyone who isnt a total zionist idiot
hopefully it leads to their own destruction but idk america is as weak as ever but it does still have plenty of toys to bully the arabs with


bibi today said after meeting w biderp they're going to keep going for as long as it takes, bidup agreed smth lik "as much and as long as needed"
considering the reaction from arabs and 'axis of sparts' cunts this may be the final push
boomers r skipping the cialis over an antichrist to worship


>Biden says that should Hezbollah initiates a war with Israel, the US military will not be part of it.
oh wew
at least until beebs threatens to release the tapes


We're Hezbollah, we are strong,
We will fight and we'll go long,
We'll never give up, we'll never quit,
We'll keep on going, we won't sit.

You can do it, yes you can,
If you can't do it, no one can.
We're Hezbollah, we are proud,
We'll shout it out, we'll say it loud.

From the river to the sea,
Palestine, will be free.
We'll stand together, hand in hand,
We'll make our mark across this land.

Go Hezbollah, go go go!
We'll never stop, we'll never slow.
With every step and every breath,
We'll rise above and meet the test.


kikes bitten off more than they can chew ?
is biden dare i say…..BASED ?


damn thats somewhat good news
whats the catch, eleven quadrillion dollars in aids to israel? weapons shipments? waiting a little while to get the zog-dogs prepped for intervention?


Idk, if thats a 100% even if they YEET all the Palletstinians they still have Iran to kvetch about.
I mean they definitely want Western resources but in Zionist dogma they also want the Third Temple and Moschiach. And for that to happen they believe that the Christendom and Islam have ot wipe eachother in in some Gog and Magog wars.

Ensuring that Israel is cleansed of all muzzys is definitely a part of that.


File: 1697687836428.jpg (559.19 KB, 1079x1323, 1079:1323, Screenshot_20231018-225645….jpg)

how does bidup always say what we're all thinking


based retard biden


File: 1697692601693.jpg (114.9 KB, 1230x683, 1230:683, 20231019_001604.jpg)

i do free palestin for she


it'll be years before the usa military could get back to being worth a shit


lol i sang this to "when the saints go marching in" and it fits perfectly


i want the audio of this statement


>Did you know
m8 im prolly the one who told u
tf outta here


DOTZ promised to sleep with me if ww3 breaks out


aint no world war without the us
this is just ordinary sandland
no bussy on a technicality


technically only germany can start a world war


it's gayway pundit so it's probably not real


>youtube trying to disable ad-blocker

are these niggas serious ?
like google doesnt make enough money ?

i really really REALLY hope someone living out in the woods in shack doesnt start sending them fanmail,i really hope that doesnt happen


turn off that pesky adblock and support sportschan


use invidious or yt-dlp


seems right now that ublock origin and brave still work as long as they are up to date
but i just noticed on my laptop which i havent updated the browser on in a while it got the message "your video payer will be blocked in 3 videos if you dont disable your adblock"

its not enough that they dont pay like 90% of the creators on their website but now they want to jam ads down your throat in 5 minut intervals, not to mention that it has been exposed multiple times that ads are loaded with malware and google doesnt give a fuck, i mean without adblock they will literally will make malware links the first result on a search results page

oh but they are so concerned about "safety" and banning "harmful content" fucking eat a bullet google employees

kill google employees, behead google employees roundhouse kick google employees into the concrete, slam dunk a google employees baby into the trash can, crucify filthy google employees, defecate into google employees food, launch google employees into the sun, stir fry google employees in a wok, toss google employees into active volcanoes, urinate into google employees gas tank, Judo throw google employees into a wood chipper, twist google employees heads off, report google employees to the IRS, karate chop google employees in half, curb stomp pregnant google employees, trap google employees in quicksand, Crush google employees in the trash compactor, liquify google employees in a vat of acid, eat google employees, dissect google employees, exterminate google employees in the gas chamber, stomp google employees skulls with steel-toed boots, cremate google employees in the oven, lobotomized google employees, mandatory abortions for google employees, grind google employees fetuses in the garbage disposal, drown google employees in fried chicken grease, vaporize google employees with a raygun, kick old google employees down the stairs, feed google employees to alligators, slice google employees with a katana.


sounding very nasim aghdam tbh


use rumble or bitchute then :^)


File: 1697736994506.png (1.02 MB, 1892x994, 946:497, i spy grifter.png)

bitchute is so fucking bad bro, just literal schizos everywhere
and rumble is conservaboomer patriot sissy hypno

just look at this homepage, can you spot all the grifters ?
i'm surprised ian miles ching-chong isnt there


they somehow made twitch's UI even worse. i didn't think that was possible.


>just literal schizos everywhere
yea its p sick


speaking of schizo
what was it the other day?
>oy vey this is the worst day for TOTAL JEW ANNIHILATION since the holocaust
>~1400/day doubt it, but whatever not the point
meanwhile on the germoney 80yrs ago:
<6M dead
<~2k days
<for 6yrs straight without interruption
a true marvel of german engineering. they hadnt even figured out that wooden doors werent air tight yet
too busy building literal ICBMs in the 1930s

rookie numbers palestine


File: 1697739007640.mp4 (405.96 KB, 320x240, 4:3, Reagan.mp4)

<6M dead
error posting
perror eosting


who delivers bibles to iran?


ronnie doesnt give a fuck
ronnie shits huge hockey pucks


>"all the rest of you house faggot butlers can kiss the bio-drip of an israeli soldier on the clinic steps"


There are still a few elderly dementia ridden SSbros out there.
Get them over there now to fix this once and for all.


ya know whats funny it was actually crass that tipped me off about how that shit doesnt make any fucking sense at all
in bloody revolution its 10M cuz thats what the magic number was back then


File: 1697745878851-0.png (170.6 KB, 468x431, 468:431, liberty 2.0.png)

File: 1697745878851-1.jpg (159.61 KB, 800x450, 16:9, rick point.jpg)

ive seen this one before


File: 1697747851882-0.jpg (81.94 KB, 725x1062, 725:1062, F8yo2O7XIAAKsl7.jpg)

File: 1697747851882-1.jpg (28.91 KB, 492x449, 492:449, tiresome.jpg)

so tired of these people

im getting really really really tired of these jerkops


File: 1697751692697.png (297.41 KB, 1192x937, 1192:937, ClipboardImage.png)

blaming houthis for that, also:
>Attack on Iraq was worse than reported
>US forces in Syria attacked
>At least 4 Attacks on U.S. Forces in the Middle East have occurred within the last 24 Hours
>US issues worldwide travel warning
>London stock exchange halted trading
look at my country dawg, goin to war 😭😭


inthought that was the broteam guy for a second and was about to tell you that shits clearly a joke video lel


File: 1697751856651.png (1.28 MB, 1204x913, 1204:913, ClipboardImage.png)



i rally dont think the usa is in any shape for a war either domestically nor in terms of foreign relations all that good will that anyone who matters had for america was basically destroyed over the past decade and a half


File: 1697752378928-0.mp4 (3.91 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, hezbo chip shot.mp4)

File: 1697752378928-1.mp4 (7.95 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, idf bomb roll.mp4)



File: 1697753043136.png (705.25 KB, 680x447, 680:447, literally me.png)

me to budy, but i can't argue with whats going down. not slowin unless bidup starts publicly 180ing
repostin my theory but it may be the only way in TPTB's eyes. military's not gonna get any better for a long time (if ever), err1 else is done with burgertocracy & wants revenge, economy is a fuckin corpse. wut else do?
not even getting on my schizo shit rn but the policies that led to decline aren't slowin either


File: 1697753315613.jpg (125.23 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, download (17).jpg)

>a mancubus with a ironic boomer shirt

ight den


File: 1697753604062.mp4 (3.51 MB, 1276x720, 319:180, UN ceasefire vote.mp4)

i mean this was a ceasefire and aid corridor vote, most the assembly turned their backs on the sheboon
back in teh burka whore


File: 1697754031017.png (1.52 MB, 1442x1237, 1442:1237, ClipboardImage.png)

>He said the tunnel network constructed by Hamas will become the “world’s largest cemetery.”
>“We shall do all efforts to bring our hostages, to bring our hostages alive,” he told the network
>Adding, the “first and last priority” is to take out Hamas


File: 1697754743308.jpg (91.68 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, download (50).jpg)

Psssssh, no WOOOOONDER you dont have a girlfriend….


The only place to post your videos and say nigger, is in the webring and no place else.


File: 1697756301076.jpg (3.85 MB, 4096x4096, 1:1, high wadina.jpg)

crazy that you and generate this in under a couple seconds for free


File: 1697756446079.png (315.79 KB, 512x512, 1:1, 463128796919-3340168419.png)

In your own computer, right, anon? You didn't use online (((services))), right?


i did it on huggingface
i know they ban the nsfw stuff but with a bit of cleverness you can work around some of it


Error posting.


oh im not disagreeing with you by any means was just thingken about empires collapsing


broke: lying corrupt pedo rulers that jail detractors over minor disagreements while starting pro jewcentric world wars
woke: lying corrupt pedo rulers that jail detractors over minor disagreements while starting pro jewcentric world wars


bidup speech worth listanin? tl;dr me


the teal deer i got from some other fag somewhere else is that it was just more noncommittal mumbling but maybe i was lied to by someone who didnt even watch it either
who fuckin cares what the demented old chomo says or does anymore hes not even making any decisions like i dont even know wtf they keep wheeling him out for


>give us our 200 hostages back or we'll slaughter all 2 million of you
jews are the most deranged humans on earth i swear


File: 1697769744910.png (2 MB, 1228x863, 1228:863, ClipboardImage.png)

can i jack off to this? please say yes


megan a baddie fr fr


you vill not jack off, and you vill like it!


how can a b-bad…d-die be so gud? !

Greta pls. why cant I do da interracial yet you can?


idk but she got a big ol booty and aint a afraid to use it


idk most political speeches feel like im getting audio-visual brain damage or something


Only with a rented dick.


I was thinking about it yesterday, Biden is very old the guy is going to die soon from natural causes anyway, imagine if they sacrifice him as a false flag to get Americans to join a war


>technically only Germany or Bosnia can start a world War


i hope norm's ghost comes back to torture her


watching this live was amazing
you could feel the tension

she was fucking rattled


i'd fuck her in the mouth if she'd shut the fuck up


it's not worth it


violently fucking jewish women is ALWAYS worth it
force them to go ass to mouth, leave their breath stinking like shit, then slap em till you leave a mark for being so stinky


File: 1697836810910.mp4 (3.15 MB, 640x352, 20:11, 1_5014772173785531595.MP4)

ha ha / 0


i want to know what the maga boomers respond to this is

its a brown man shouting "fuck cnn" and getting into a libtard fascist communist cnn reporters face but he is a palestinian which are evil because ben shapiro told me so but its a brown person leaving the DEMONcrat plantation….what do i do

their brain is just fizzing, you can probably see smoke coming from their head, its like that meme of the guy sweating as a struggles to push one of the two buttons



they were way too gentle


File: 1697838810385.jpg (38.59 KB, 450x450, 1:1, b0114_450_1_.jpg)

same broken confusion happened when the ukraine thing started.
boomers love ukraine because of all the "help joos in ukraine" ads plastered all over the jewish brainwashing machine 24/7 making them believe ukraine is the new israel and yet all the degenerate faggots, troons, and cnn/msnbc they claim to hate also love ukraine. due to all the "russian hacker" paranoia from the left they think russia is "based" and yet that conflicts with their neverending love for everything jewish.
the left is equally confused, love ukraine but hate israel. love communism yet hate russia.
plus there are boomers senile enough to believe that both russia and ukraine are still part of the communist "evil empire" so they have no fucking clue what to think.

its all concentrated brain damage on both sides tbh.


all journalists deserve the rope


File: 1697844371271.mp4 (1.61 MB, 480x852, 40:71, judo peterstein.mp4)

Call me Juden Peterstein one more time, I care ya !
Instead of cleaning your room, they'll be cleaning you up off the floor !



File: 1697845017431-0.mp4 (13.1 MB, 854x480, 427:240, Amir Weitmann, member of I….mp4)

File: 1697845017431-1.png (378.27 KB, 700x913, 700:913, fd6369efa7ce495eba76616fda….png)

>Russia Will "Pay The Price" For Supporting Gaza: Israeli Official
poccnr sisters what did the kike mean by this?


>member of Bibi's party chimping out in real time at RT
>calling for blood feud against russia

sounds like a good idea


>women raping
what did he mean by this


lol yeah nows the time to start shit with rushya when your muttmerican bully cant even adequately shut up pro-hummus sentiments in its own borders anymore much less do any kind of real military intervention abroad anymore
fug >we may actually see some nukes fly if the kikes force the burgers into open conflict at all here


File: 1697855603918.mp4 (3.36 MB, 480x852, 40:71, dOBLaKgpbirG3wb6.mp4)

i am now henry kissinger
we need to fire up wars in every tin pot dictatorship and south american slop hole

put them all in the meat grinder for global capital


The kikes shot themselves in the foot when they made the normalfags drink the kool-aid, now who is going to die for Israel?


one the the few (only?) benefits of ethnically replacing all of white america is jews lose their best little goyim lmao


i would do ANYTHING for GHOSTreal


File: 1697858420575.jpg (145.67 KB, 1023x891, 31:27, chud romanum.jpg)

>now who is going to die for Israel?
the shitskin hordes that crossed the border will be given citizenship in exchange for military service.
we doing a rerun of late roman empire


>brink of WW3
>americans about to die for israel
at least it will save me from turning hospice.
my only regret is that i couldn't answer duders facetime attempt in time 😿


tbh though

if they instituted a draft, you aint getting out of it
where are you going to go ?
mexico ? canada ?
canda would probably extradite you and mexico is mexico

like they are going to come to your address, and if they dont get you there they will get you at the border or the airport


system is breaking tbh. authority of the state is eroding
break it more. make them afraid to enter your neighborhood
american empire will die with a whimper


File: 1697860910318.jpg (178.36 KB, 741x1037, 741:1037, Princess_Estelle,_Duchess_….jpg)

>thinking about rome everyday


>if they instituted a draft, you aint getting out of it
we'll see about that


shits wild i really do think about the roman empire at least 4-5 seperate times a week
i never knew other men did too. i guess its a sign of an animal yearning for freer times


Beaners are not a good replacement for the white golems that had died for israel for 70 years.


>you aint getting out of it
You better have a gun to shot the goverment.


File: 1697865170076.jpg (2.42 MB, 2358x2922, 393:487, Enrico_Fermi_1943-49.jpg)

glass em all


thise same mercs turned on the romans and destroyed it from the inside the moment they werent getting paid enough (or at all) and they were getting literal gold and silver back then no mexican is gonna go die in isntreal for what is little better than fast food pay they get paid more than soldiers by building shitty houses for scummy contractors that pay them under the table


im not gonna run lol my home is all i have to give a shit about on this planet and if im taken away from it its ogre so i'll be shooting any recruiter thay comes to my door


pretty sure the draft is only for 18-25

so if you are hospice you are all good
you can crack a monster energy, crank up some ACDC and watch the zoomies do a tiktok as Mohammad beheads them


if they have issues at all theyll crank that shit up to like 40
i dont think theyll do a draft tho people are either obese af, weak effeminate twigbois, or genuinely insane and perfectly willing to airhole some zogbots


File: 1697904299227.png (213.51 KB, 1002x712, 501:356, ClipboardImage.png)

>viva la raza the vote squads & muttshart ops segregated into demonrat/repubelickan
wouldn't put it past weimerica, but brass will do the single most retarded thang
they gutted military during obomber and just fauci'd a bunch more so my schizr sense is tinglin NWO plan but im to dum to fig that out cuz theres obv holes in the logic


imagine 18-25 zoomer funko pop enthusiasts being sent to die for pissreal


File: 1697906128236.png (6.26 MB, 1000x667, 1000:667, ClipboardImage.png)

you dont understand how bad shitskins would DIE to get shart citizenship.
They dont care about money since they can be welfare leeches here than in shitskinland


bidens ukraine taiwan israeli bill will pass with 100% support
it's over
death to america mao was right about everything


holy FUCK can i PLEASE convert some of my money ito commodity before the entire system implodes?
i've worked harder than like 99% of humans to accumulate my shit, i'd prefer not to get fucked by jews AGAIN


if all your money isn't in trump bucks already it's too late



Yeah, you BASED and BOOMER pilled tweet is really going to stop them.
Patriots, grab the popcorn and watch, PATRIOTS ARE IN CONTROL.




bruh if the dollar becomes as shit as the peso they wont be dying for anything and like i said they can get paid more than soldiers to just do under the table construction anyway the spics you see in the military are almost all like 2nd gen or later too
im not denying this kinda shit factors into fag world order thinking but i also dont think this shit is cooked up by super competent people that live in anything resembling pleb reality
they always seem genuinely shocked when their precious shitskins dont love kikes as much as yt does and the fact that recruitment ads are starting to feature why males again just tells me theyve realized this to some extent but idk it could also be mostly boomer dementia. dont forget most of the fags who enact these policies are at least 65+ years old and have been out of touch for decades at this point


File: 1697908163602.jpg (164.75 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, trumpgallo.jpg)

still cant believe that nigga really grifted boomers into buying NFTS


I'm goin chickin huntin wit orange man


yea theyre retarded. its like i said its a noob playing vicky 2 blind

but i think hes right tho
mexico kinda fuckin blows. like its hot, shitty and dry, everythings busted af and run by literal coked-out psychopaths with assault rifles
thats why they all come up to pick fruit once a year for like 2$/hr. cuz mexico just fuckin blows that hard

if you wave some gi benefits in front of em them youd prolly get quite a few


his shirt should say 45
same font tho


heard from muh DoE contacts we just lifted the ban on chem and nuke weapons testing
just dropped a nasty fart in fuckall NV
neo-nuclear age lets gooooooooo


boomer stand for nothing, so they fall for everything.


they have to have at least have green cards to sign up for the military too tho so the majority of the savages running across the border dont even have that
unless that changed?


pretty sure the illegal beaner that my sister produced an illegitimate child with didn't have a greencard and he joined the army reserve and made E5 after 2 years of part time drill shit
military retardism honestly STILL manages to blow my mind. so so glad that service made me lose my useful goy mindset


my dude greencards, visas, whatever. that shit dont mean too much if they need you bad enough and youre willing to work for next to nothing
why do you think theyre all here takin are jerbs?


russia already did a week or so ago, so they are kinda late to the party


a mask could probably change that pretty easy
not sure if there are any online


well yea thats kinda why they got the greenlight to get back to fucking around


i looked it up and apparently they recently started allowing them in but its for "language specialists and medical specialists" which lmao on the second one
still gotta jump through hoops to do it
i knew noncitizens couls because i was in with a ukrainian and a south african who were trying to get their citizenship. literally none of the spics i knew were "undocumented" noncitizens tho and there were a fuckload of them but this was over ten years ago. they all spoke better english than the niggers too funnily enough
its really not prevalent for illegals do do any kind of risky shit tho like idk if you know how little us soldiers actually make but its not a lot at all im not exaggerating about that fuckin fast food workers get paid about the same and dont have to wake up and go get shot at (well in any area that isn't infested with niggers at least)
and idk how youve missed out that literally all of the military benefits all have equivalents for beaners that arent in the military an illegal spic has easier access to healthcare than most working class us citizens and as far as edumuhcation goes if theyre young enough they can get scholarships for that shit too


They will draft straight white males with incorrect opinions.


but what even is white ?


>us soldiers
usa soldiers i meant i havent been a zogbot in years


give mentally deranged soybois a free trip to gaza, ukraine, and taiwan rite now


.>we understood the first time
us soldiers not >us soldiers


no >we didnt speak for >yourself




im not hearing a dtmwtd so youre saying its still possible?


big news coming tomorrow or monday




File: 1697938505430.png (385.41 KB, 1424x1899, 1424:1899, ClipboardImage.png)

when we gonna see the offensive?
The more time goes on this looks to be more like a nothingburger


but nah pissrael is bombing the fuck out of gaza rn and will mostl ikely continue to do so until nothing above ground is alive even if they dont get amerigoyim to move in on foot the seed of openly hating kikes was spread far and wide their shithole country is on borrowed time even with amerigay's waning support


File: 1697944074359.png (22.76 KB, 500x250, 2:1, Oekaki.png)


oh yeah? something's about to happen right the fuck now.


im sure if you checked with hamas theyd show you a bunch of shit
IDF violates intl law and human rights erryday, no war necessary. all those clips you prolly seen of kids with their skin half burned off werent no war, they were just tuesday
regardless youre not gonna see such things on the western media cuz israels the gud guys and everyone else is just going around magdumping into babies and racism


File: 1697963256680.webm (5.87 MB, 592x720, 37:45, big_news.webm)

error posting


File: 1697971533940.jpg (93.27 KB, 900x900, 1:1, howdy.jpg)

did they get glassed yet?


oh boy big nig news


> kids with their skin half burned off
white phosphorus is some serious shit


itd be more than half with that shit theyd be burned straight to the bone


this guy is fucking whacked
i think it also got leaked that he is payed for by some democrat superpac


File: 1697983264081.png (296.29 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

me left


>blonde jew
cough dyejob cough cough




>IDF blew up an egy tank
oopsie doodle


i think you mean a kike tank accidentally' shot up an egyptian post


What will the Black Egyptians versus the Black Israelites war look like ?


detroit vs chicago in the desert


i'd pay to watch that


File: 1698013146155-0.mp4 (304.23 KB, 432x240, 9:5, idf bombin gaza.mp4)

File: 1698013146155-1.jpg (40.02 KB, 554x554, 1:1, media_F9E2GUXWEAAOsVF.jpg)

File: 1698013146155-2.jpg (99.81 KB, 1280x853, 1280:853, media_F9E2FFNWoAAsIou.jpg)

File: 1698013146155-3.jpg (25.88 KB, 720x457, 720:457, media_F9E2E6zXgAATKGC.jpg)

File: 1698013146155-4.jpg (23.95 KB, 720x480, 3:2, media_F9E2EreXcAIfGE6.jpg)

>china sending 6 ships to persian gulf
no wonder yids are goin ham rn
rumor that marines are being recalled from courses for an announcement tmrw too


thatd be a gud fight tbh


my moneys on detroit
the mutants that still live there are far more vicious. shitcago only has higher murder per capita cuz ppl still live there for some reason


does chyner ever do anything though ?
i feel like like just talk ish, but they like just on some goofy ah shit


error postingerer


lel i mean they got a lotta neat toys
as for actual combat readiness who tf knows? the only real "conflicts" theyve been in for ages have been them harassing tibet and other randos in their cunt that dont wanna follow the party line


their biggest asset is a huge popluation and fucking MASSIVE industrial base with experience


yeah but what happens if they piss off India ?
and a population of 1.4 billion hard street shitting type niggas is ready to get the pliers and a blowtorch and go vishnu on a changs ass ?


yea and unlike US they could p easily conscript whoever they need
on the other hand i certainly wouldnt wanna be sent off to go fight with some chinese manufactured knock-off flak jacket being the only thing between me and fully automatic fire
like the US military cuts mega corners and is run by thieving cunts skimming off the top and filling their pockets. cant imagine chinas much different. might even be worse in that regard, but rly who knows? i doubt the CIA even has a clear picture of chinas full military capability


indians are unironically too fucking retarded
like, how the fuck does an agrarian economy still exist in this world
they still have a 25+% illiteracy rate
its genuinely wild. they seem to do fine in their border spats, but i dont see how you could possibly hold up in a real life slog fest
>some chinese manufactured knock-off flak jacket
insonsequential tbh
>cant imagine chinas much different. might even be worse
pretty sure the chinese govt doesn't allow themselves to be scammed, typically speaking
im pretty sure if you try and pull it on the state you get executed. or at least thats what theyd immediately start doing in this situation
their industrial capacity is kind of unreal. they easily have the most advanced ship building facilities in the world. being able to churn out endless tanks, ships, and human replacements is what wins your total wars.


fuk yu bluddy , you bluddy fuk you
india nohbanh won you fucken fuck bludy
fuken sennds u nukers you fucker fuck bluddy fck


File: 1698016885391.mp4 (2.56 MB, 408x720, 17:30, You bloody fuck you ba….mp4)

just imagining a war between india and china as one side "fuk you bluddy fucker" and the other "CHYNA NAHBAH WON"



>pretty sure the chinese govt doesn't allow themselves to be scammed, typically speaking
youre prolly delusional then
massive military industrial bureaucracies are incredibly fertile grounds for corruption. then you throw gommunism on top


i wonder how this stacks up against ww2 bombing campaigns ptsd-wise
like its no dresden because there isnt a literal firestorm melting the pavement and roasting people alive inside their basements but this sure as hell aint that pussy shit that usa zogbots cry about where a thing went boom and a guy lost his leg or one or two fags dedded


being dumb =/= lack of combat ability if anything its a boon to have retarded lower ranks with a competent higher leadership and its not like the guys actually doing the shooting need to know that much besides how to follow orders and run in a particular direction to begin with


i can only imagine any serious sustained conflict with china would be similar to the soviets campaign in afghanistan. sure they could sit there for over a decade spamming troops and tanks etc but theyd prolly end up having a lot of the same internal issues


theres a reason hamas and hezzbollah and the like have such zealous fighters. that kind of psychological damage can be p easily leveraged into making some seriously efficient killing machines. just give em a gun, a promise of revenge, and point em in the right direction


esp so when it happens to them as kids



File: 1698030170674.png (632.62 KB, 1016x1013, 1016:1013, lol j.png)

Something something cries out in pain as they strike you.

The first few sentence of the article use the phrase "intergenerational trauma"


File: 1698030248403.png (3.1 MB, 1615x926, 1615:926, ClipboardImage.png)

>being dumb =/= lack of …
what stupid ass shit are you gonna say next
thats exactly what it means
being a fucking retard brings your capabilities down in EVERY aspect
you think this guy will make the perfect soldier? he's probly to stupid to even understand an order in the first place


File: 1698031708091.png (7.92 MB, 1632x2456, 204:307, ClipboardImage.png)

now when i see a block of post i know its jidf poster


what dumb shit are you gonna say next you must be a grunt with a retarded response like that you think all the crayon munching literal borderline retards in the ranks around the planet wont fuck up your life the moment a faggot officer points and says git em?
its basically established fact that combat troops are fucking stupid, sorry if im insulting one of your gay ass family members or something but i got bad news for you sucker theyre about as smart as the last shit i took


a perfect soldier is willing to die without question for whatever bullshit cause they are brainwashed to believe.
i'd call that stupidity


hes kinda right tho
for infantry you dont rly want a human and you certainly never want any independent thought
you want a well-trained dog. theres a reason they make you do some gay pseudo-SAT test on enlisting. they certainly dont wanna waste any real intelligence for use as low-level mobs. those the kindsa guys you want for command, intel, whatever. youre def NOT gonna teach your dog how to speak farsi.
of course theres more specialized guys like the rangers etc and those guys def arent gonna be total retards cuz their jobs are a lot more high-risk and involved.

but for your standard pawn? who cares, just give em a few months training and beat any independence out of them like you would an unruly child. india actually HAS a military, as doofy as it is with their goofy british LARP marching. its not like the bushwars where ZANU was going from remote village to village under cover of night, singing songs about slaughtering da white man, then handing a 12yo a rusty kalashnikov and telling em to go die

india aint africa


>sir >we've got a bunch of blody benchod dumbos just shitting around should >we recruit them?
>no rajesh
>send in the doctors and architects to die by the thousands


>IQ 85 is a second important minimum threshold because the U.S. military sets its minimum enlistment standards at about this level. Although the military is often viewed as the employer of last resort, this minimum standard rules out almost half of blacks (44%) and a third of Hispanics (34%), but far fewer whites (13%) and Asians (8%). The U.S. military has twice experimented with recruiting men of IQ 80-85 (the first time on purpose and the second time by accident), but both times it found that such men could not master soldiering well enough to justify their costs.
IE the perfect soldier is a midwit
if you get someone too retarded they manage to fuck up dying for ZOG
the average indian IQ is 82, BTW.


and what does this tell you? are jews really that tone deaf?


File: 1698065994447-0.png (11.17 KB, 647x47, 647:47, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1698065994447-1.jpg (284.88 KB, 1263x1642, 1263:1642, isr concerned.jpg)

File: 1698065994447-2.mp4 (9.21 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, chem weap.mp4)

couple quotes from heebs sayin theyre going final solution, kinda have to at least get close after this

armchairing 'least worst' outcome for u.s. as isntreal is not backing down, vidrel
>keep bombin, then false flag chem weap or ol reliable j trick of well poisoning of aid
>shoop evidence, erryone points fingers endlessly
>hope rest of world doesnt violently call bs & keeps long game going
not sure whether settling on the hamas=al-q=isis narrative shows how retarded TPTB are or the avg citizen is


File: 1698066339962-0.jpg (84.35 KB, 1290x935, 258:187, book cover.jpg)

File: 1698066339962-1.png (44.63 KB, 738x219, 246:73, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1698066339962-2.png (104.1 KB, 641x298, 641:298, ClipboardImage.png)

for the scrapbook


File: 1698070796136-0.jpg (61.34 KB, 591x1280, 591:1280, IMG_20231023_071911_156.jpg)

File: 1698070796136-1.jpg (101.07 KB, 591x1280, 591:1280, IMG_20231023_071911_685.jpg)

File: 1698070796136-2.jpg (39.65 KB, 591x1280, 591:1280, IMG_20231023_071911_514.jpg)



that was a gud GTA mission


attempted hijacking of Alaska flight 2059 yesterday The kike failed and media wont report on it


File: 1698075925901.png (202.97 KB, 466x468, 233:234, LOL 446845843.png)

this dude really just cant help himself


>off duty pilot Joseph David Emerson, 44 attemped to shut down the engines mid flight


he flew pretty good


File: 1698085741609.png (304.57 KB, 416x461, 416:461, ClipboardImage.png)

>fake tribe gets kicked out of errywhere for bein insufferable
>get world to gib u an ethnostate by bein insufferable terrorists to world
>they prop up teen tard in front of the f'n U.N. to holler
>sheem becomes science
>science says brown lives matter more
lost track of my point but post(x ∞) post-ironic do b real and i should prob stahp payin attention


File: 1698088817588.jpg (171.42 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, 36457687.jpg)

if you mass produce golems some are going to turn against you i guess


they are just YEETING her from existence for something that wasnt even real


File: 1698092349945.gif (2.07 MB, 498x274, 249:137, two weeks.gif)





bruh anything below 100 is stupid af and even the hundos are usually dumb as shit idk why it bothers you that meat shields are dumbos


File: 1698102906211.jpg (89.13 KB, 718x1024, 359:512, F9IaSQaWsAE03VX.jpg)

[thinking emoji]


im just saying being a fucking retard doesn't increase you effectiveness at anything. mr grug caveman was smart as fuck


ok i didnt say that either i was saying dumbos can kill just fine and is why theyre the main bulk of every fighting force ever


more like 'get' killed just fine.


people die in war?


Really makes you think.


fuckin lel


File: 1698121097826.mp4 (4.18 MB, 848x464, 53:29, 8jwifl.mp4)

mostly the retards


what part of soviet hoholstan is this?


File: 1698144096479.gif (796.56 KB, 436x498, 218:249, tenor.gif)

so apparently its possible to be both mormon and jewish?


File: 1698155272907.png (4.6 MB, 2508x2270, 1254:1135, 39487574.png)

blackest man alive


this is what happens to a brotha after his bussy gets buck broken
that BIG WHITE COCK just saps him of all the melanin

this what they doin' to us an shiiiiiiet


He got spooked or something?


>shaun king
is that even his real name? sounds sus. i bet it's more like zigmund david glickmann


he looks like a black with AIDS


only if you voted for biden are you black.


File: 1698177280469.jpg (161.45 KB, 950x1181, 950:1181, IM GUNNA BOOM.jpg)

>boomercons be like

>rabbi be like



you mean like sammy sosa?


color re-make of schindlers list starring random tiktok """"stars"""" quand?


File: 1698180683250.png (1.99 MB, 1024x1024, 1:1, 345466.png)

image boards had a hand in this imho


>dopamine fried multi-haired colored sexed out e-girls ins Hugo Boss unform dropping a roman on a J as they push them into the ovens because they did too much racism to the brown people



is 34 the new hospice cutoff? PLEASE say yes


File: 1698184166001.png (2.04 MB, 1024x1024, 1:1, 4536.png)

ok, yes

who can figure out this one?


File: 1698187596139.jpg (63.59 KB, 504x474, 84:79, 2801901298.jpg)

ground offensive status?


Abby is on the ground as we speak, pleasuring multiple Hamasbros, Ben is in the corner jerking and crying as cummies drip from his clitty.


File: 1698199086941.png (307.67 KB, 605x735, 121:147, ClipboardImage.png)

>pleasuring multiple Hamasbros
this is true btw


This is why they want genocide. They know Hamasbros got what Jewish boys could never give them.


arabs seriously have been cucking the shit out of joobois tho i bet theres a shitload of kike-ucks in israel helping rear arab-ull offspring


File: 1698201700696.mp4 (24.95 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, The Jew Song by Arab Sandl….mp4)

Division by zero


where do think they get the ideas for their demented cuckoldry pink pill sissy gooner porn psy-ops ?
its their lived experience


>arabs seriously have been cucking the shit out of joobois
that kind of loses it's sting when you know jews are turned on by it.




look mom i did it


thats nice honey but you should knock before entering my room when im with da five


File: 1698268736049-0.png (190.22 KB, 655x276, 655:276, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1698268736049-1.gif (54.25 KB, 200x266, 100:133, download.gif)

gaza aid was just held up for diplomacy and i will not stand for frankly disgusting anti-buckeyeism


File: 1698279192160.jpg (63.19 KB, 1152x1152, 1:1, 39728013291807.jpg)

what the hamasbro doing?
where are the dead yids?


they were counting on the yods not being tremendous pussies and holding off with the ground invasion


File: 1698289580651.png (293.34 KB, 462x733, 462:733, LOL 1488.png)

Uhhhhh, I think I know the answer but….i might lose my bank account if I say it…


wew this is russian propaganda tier step aside worry bear


why is voldemort holding a smart phone and grimacing
did he just see a nice big juicy girl GOCK????


he would hate muggle tech anyway so it's not really on brand for tom riddle ngl that image macro lowkey slap


File: 1698325587450-0.jpg (104.06 KB, 1185x1280, 237:256, IMG_20231026_080308_924.jpg)

File: 1698325587450-1.jpg (69.6 KB, 1008x448, 9:4, IMG_20231026_080320_341.jpg)


oo la la
error posting


this make me uncontrollably horny


File: 1698341847808.mp4 (2.61 MB, 320x576, 5:9, 4_5895363000587522475.MP4)

— 🇮🇶/🇯🇴 As a result of Iraqi protestors blocking the Iraq-Jordan border crossing in Trebil for multiple days, a huge queue of fuel tankers has amassed in front of the Jordanian border

The Iraqi protestors, who were transported to the border with buses last week, have vowed to stop any oil or gas from entering Israel through Jordan.


lel is that actually voldemort from the movies?


thats a lotta truk


Needs moar PULLAR


doesn't the entirety of the harry potter crowd hate israel?


i guess they do now lmao


theyre used to just keeping israeli ppl spooked of getting IEDd by hamas or whatever. which is easy if you got angry af palestinians as your next-door-neighbor. but that kinda shit doesnt work when the entire rest of the world isnt afraid of hamas. to everyone else theyre just some arab guys with guns on the other side of the planet as per usual. so now theyre hosting gore pics to make up for lost time i guess? idk lmao




File: 1698344465757.jpg (19 KB, 679x747, 679:747, 514zgPwDLbL.jpg)

— 🇮🇶/🇯🇴 As a result of dudder protestors blocking the dudder-dudder border crossing in /sp/ for multiple days, a huge queue of cp has amassed in front of the /sp/ border

The dudder protestors, who were transported to the border with buses last week, have vowed to stop any cp or sports from entering the webring through /sp/.


gas the dudders racecars now


why the bing ai image creator keep tellling me a 5 hour wait ?


shes tired let her get some sleep ffs


her nose is way bigger than that. even for a jew broad shes got one hell of a demon beak


stop making poopy indians


theres prolly thousands of fags making stupid shit rn just wait until only australia is awake


File: 1698370228496.mp4 (3.95 MB, 640x360, 16:9, BUTTERFINGER ACTUAL.mp4)



File: 1698370467782.jpg (36.06 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, Q Billboard.jpg)

error posting


File: 1698373195337.jpg (140.73 KB, 1079x1230, 1079:1230, IMG_20231026_211446_103.jpg)


I refuse to exercise until palestine is freed


Voldermont did nothing wrong.


uwu.s. f16'd iran stuff in syria


File: 1698413348645.png (18.1 KB, 763x86, 763:86, ClipboardImage.png)

do you have to be a buckeye to join idf?


File: 1698414160799.png (69.15 KB, 1270x341, 1270:341, ClipboardImage.png)

the redeem joke i have isnt up to par


File: 1698416732756.png (880.68 KB, 837x903, 279:301, ClipboardImage.png)



File: 1698418327368.png (2.12 MB, 1804x1060, 451:265, frens.png)

india is israels ally nomber one!


File: 1698422567459.mp4 (886.74 KB, 320x240, 4:3, Heart Attack.mp4)

>one U.S. citizen contractor died from a cardian incident while sheltering in place
first time the fat bastard had to run in his life and his heart just couldn't take it


knew a dude who did that stuff for bechtel, woulda fucked him outta pension anyway
certain poetry in working for satan sub-contracted by great satan in the shithole, get buzzed, mac attack, then have your corpse used as an excuse to escalate ww3
>grandpa what started the last war?
>corn syrup


File: 1698427139172.mp4 (704.1 KB, 464x848, 29:53, northern gaza.mp4)

kosher navy goin ham
usgay sends 900 more troops
idf did a couple ground excursions w tanks n bulldozers, "date has been set" for boots
dudman sent the following on my baefang "trust the plan"


>pissrael wants us to believe that this is against a terrorist insurgency and not a major civlian city


can post voldemort yims all they want the mask's off on this one it's psalm 137:9 tiem
adam green streams been lit lately


File: 1698433044229.png (28.17 KB, 758x121, 758:121, ClipboardImage.png)

bets on if hezbo and co. ante up from the north?
my bet's at least one but they'll wait unless it's false fag o'clock


File: 1698433599893.png (215.28 KB, 682x490, 341:245, ClipboardImage.png)

this was an accident, and also for their safety not to cover more war crimes
also also they were giving joo babies 5G radiation until their toes popped off, yelling "PULL", and shooting nukes at infants entire bottom halves as they spiraled through the air spreading chemical weapons onto kittens wearing bowties. which they then ate.


File: 1698435594400-0.png (52.23 KB, 754x245, 754:245, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1698435594400-1.png (12.72 KB, 665x79, 665:79, ClipboardImage.png)

>Sir, they said "lol get rekt"
<Uhm, what if we post crying emojis over Milley in a dress?


File: 1698436289423-0.png (24.96 KB, 688x151, 688:151, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1698436289423-1.png (370.37 KB, 662x329, 662:329, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1698436289423-2.gif (2.12 MB, 496x278, 248:139, cena.gif)

syke this one doesn't count either we're just practicing and mind gaming you bro


i want to believe but i know nothing will happen


File: 1698437969027.png (71.23 KB, 756x596, 189:149, ClipboardImage.png)

never looked more likely
giving my long flaccid hopes a gas station pill and seein where the night takes >us


File: 1698438233293.mp4 (2.45 MB, 720x1174, 360:587, o rly 3.mp4)

the only time in the past 10 years that something actually happened was russia going balls deep in ukraine. but after the kiev offensive failed it got really boring.
>islandniggers don't give a single fuck
idk why i find this so funny


lmao i love how the UN just always votes in favor of violence
just always thinkin like oh would that result in more violence? oh ok lets do that then yea sounds cool


what the fuck is more full scale than literally flattening the entire city


Odds are he was vaxxinated.


full scale war at this point is using nukes.
see also, "special military operation" vs declaring war outright


did the sand niggers kill all the kikes yet?


did that pizza hut survive?


no, only domino's remains. as it should


File: 1698504180652.mp4 (1.51 MB, 540x960, 9:16, big jewngus.mp4)

Reports coming in that Israel is preparing to unleash its "Judgement Day weapon" and has capacity to "flatten Gaza, all the way down to the tunnels" with something they call The Big Matza !


File: 1698505018650.gif (1.19 MB, 326x246, 163:123, VOMIT.gif)

spoiler that shit


i hope hamasbro is alive and well


heem raping n killing jews don't worry


your just jealous that your little ass dick could NEVER satisfy these curves ☕💅🏿 💋💋 stay mad


File: 1698547620857.mp4 (15.19 MB, 474x720, 79:120, Lily from AT&T on Milkers ….mp4)

hamasbro getting that ✡️🥛🥛🥛


>how should a woman respond


why do uniforms in that size even exist…
actually, its probly because warrant officers are a thing LEL


what are warrant officers and why are they so universally hated?


They serve you warrants.


File: 1698584739324.png (144.78 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)

tl;dr isrl kills its own "hannibal directive"
error posting


File: 1698600705832.jpg (46.84 KB, 700x700, 1:1, C15-BK5277.jpg)

you are supposed to shoot those for trespassing on private property


File: 1698610427822.mp4 (8.61 MB, 636x360, 53:30, o9z-1ukCNJnazk7I.mp4)

>black hebrews vs pro palestenians
>in chimpcongo

bruh, i literally said this as a joke
and here it is manifest



those niggers would be sterilized in israel


why tf are the black isrullites mad at palis? dont they hate isntreal too because ypipo joos stoled it from them?


File: 1698613588513.jpg (84.38 KB, 500x418, 250:209, Hebrewz.jpg)

probably made because the hebrewz think it's their land and not the palibros. they're just mad that israel owns it and not them.


Because ultimately the whole thing is just and ethno-narcissist chimpout, so when confronted with another ethnicity airing their grievances they will default to "ooga booga, we wuz kangs" and chimp out.


>hamas bros messing with america's sacred cow, The Nigger
uhoh bros, im scared


they're mostly senior enlisted guys who fucking LUV the system, and dont have any personality of their own
when their time in rate comes up, instead of retiring, they go through the warrant system to extend their service another 10-15 years
once they time out on that, they exit and immediately enter government service as a military surveyor or some other shit
i deal with them often. they're not bad guys but holy fuck their entire identitity really is the military, and its VARY gay


File: 1698674574324-0.mp4 (1.74 MB, 480x608, 15:19, dagestan patrol car.mp4)

File: 1698674574324-1.mp4 (1.33 MB, 480x848, 30:53, hunt for the rare enginjew….mp4)

>flee G-d given homeland to rushya
>get mobbed on landing n told to fuck off
apparently dudes went to hotels room to room checking passports lookin for juice


what's the first vid?
error posting


why isn't ddddder doing this on sportschan?


niggas out here sayin death to jews an shieeet
nigga fuck dat we da real jews u feel me


patrol showed up to try and stop em and caught a lil empanada


dagostan sounds pretty based
too bad its full of dagos


File: 1698691961101.png (974.84 KB, 800x693, 800:693, ClipboardImage.png)

heebs are moving in


File: 1698707346957.png (1.11 MB, 1178x823, 1178:823, ClipboardImage.png)

wearing their moving uniforms, kawaii~~


didn't german jews wear those voluntarily anyways or is that just /pol/ infographic brainrot?


File: 1698710815501.jpg (156.83 KB, 1500x1000, 3:2, 56ad39e3cd031667300718cd76….jpg)

theyre wearing their halloween costumes lmao


File: 1698711040596.jpg (97.05 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, 1687396505014.jpg)

these niggas serious ?


That girl is mega flat!


File: 1698712866447.jpg (164.93 KB, 1440x1440, 1:1, 1693960879392-4.jpg)

>he doesnt know


started voluntary, then went "mandatory" iirc
bolsheviks were loud and proud of their accomplishments pre-hortler, and herzl was the vellum paper for the neurotic victim/aggressor bullshit today


File: 1698714459534.mp4 (4.06 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, beebs bible quoting.mp4)

>bible renditions here!
>uhm, ours is just different bc we're g-ds chosen
>no, that part's just for us sowwy
>you have to keep turnin dem clapped cheeks or g-d(*spits*) will hate you


ive heard boomers say that quote and i always ask them "do you think that quote in the bible is referring to a nation founded in the 1940s?"
they always just give me a blank stare.


File: 1698715151378.png (169.27 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)

>svrrender to berberism


jesus also said to sell your belongings for a sword
however you can guess the power rankings of sword to cheek causes with most


lel idk shit may go back2basics


File: 1698717340487.jpg (44.13 KB, 639x480, 213:160, 1620973056021.jpg)

I honestly don't know the full context of either passage. I've heard the cheek passage used to say everything from be a full and complete pacifist to be patient with people. The sword one I have no idea.


File: 1698718510647-0.png (63.67 KB, 1753x385, 1753:385, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1698718510647-1.png (61.56 KB, 943x507, 943:507, ClipboardImage.png)

never once heard the luke outside of blasting jahootys. pastor was saying he was waiting to see hamas to bust out his "nine double m". in a town of less than a hundred

i don't disagree with the notion of christianity but the practical usage of it is nothing but kikery to fulfill destruction of edom and the amalek when yids actually believe it


File: 1698719322238.mp4 (9.99 MB, 736x1280, 23:40, MDk4032940249230932.mp4)

Error postin


ELCA is not a real church


File: 1698720632133.png (332.66 KB, 1117x630, 1117:630, ClipboardImage.png)

ayyo amazon pause


File: 1698726975071.mp4 (660.73 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, TOTAL CHRISTCUCK DEATH.mp4)

Error posting


File: 1698737177841.mp4 (9.71 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, egc9te.mp4)

Zionald talks about how if he wins he's going to stand with Israel %100 and how this is the most important election in the history of Muttistan because if he doesn't win Israel and USA will cease to exist


File: 1698770799100.mp4 (829.46 KB, 540x360, 3:2, i love the israel.mp4)

Gargelmeling juujuu cum worked out bigly last time let's do it again gagapedes


i cant believe this really happened
almost as wild as tucker talking about cwc


>oh look another ai carlson
>wait this is real
what the fuck


christcuck detected


File: 1698779691752.jpg (116.48 KB, 1154x688, 577:344, Judeo-Christian.jpg)

yes and?
error posting
error posting the postening


islam already won budy


He was paraphrasing/quoting trannies


trapfag sodomite detected


Sodom wasn't that bad of a place.
If you really want to insult someone call them a jew yorker instead.


its okay trapfag
you will be able to suck all the feminine penises….IN HELL


File: 1698791152789.jpg (650.67 KB, 989x1713, 989:1713, 38dd3ed50eb4b263f0fd49cc39….jpg)

I stand with Hamas


I now stand with Israel.



File: 1698792525768.mp4 (11.26 MB, 848x464, 53:29, 1_5046806737118561294.mp4)

Yemen has officially declared they are at war with Israel.

"The Republic of Yemen is the first country officially to announce its entry into the "Battle of the Flood" of Al-Aqsa and launches a large number of ballistic and winged missiles and drones at a number of Israeli IOF targets inside occupied Palestine."


seems to be just the houthi party which is not in full country of the country


well that is disappointing

muslims bros talk a big game but can only hit soft targets
bunch of pussies


everyone involved is a fuckin pussy
israel wouldnt exist without massive outside help yet for all their equipment they only shoot at ooorly equipped retards and children
and the arabs are too scared to do shit because usa has a couple ships nearby
even at its weakest most cucked point in the past century after losing to inbred farmers (again) the usa still somehow has most of these idiots too afraid to commit open warfare
like wtf are the burgers gonna do againstba united arab league? even disregarding how fuckin tired yuros are of burger imperialism its not like anyone in yurup has enough equipment to back them up especially after jewkraine slurped it all up (and then apparently sold some of it to hamas lmao)


hi where is the ww3?


ummmm our armed forces is FEMALE now and they are FIERCE

the adults are back in charge sweety


>open warfare
why the fuck would you lol
has the US won fucking ANYTHING in the past 80 years of trying open warfare??
gulf war, maybe?
open warfare is a lost cause


Is the fire rising?


File: 1698803891650.jpg (103.11 KB, 1240x932, 310:233, image4061139x.jpg)

technically never won a war since ww2.
everything either outright lost, ended in stalemate, or leaving out of boredom


but they did accomplish the true mission, enriching the military industrial complex and destabilizing Israel's enemies

the fever dream of turning Iraq into a "democracy" was a cuckold fantasy of neocon faggots like bill kristol and robert kagan


no the us hasnt won shit which is what makes the kikes and especially the arabs pussies for even looking amerigay's way
thats my point theres zero reason to care about the sharts.
>yah but muh nooks
no ones gonna launch any fuckin nukes


>no ones gonna launch any fuckin nukes
correct, to do so would be suicide
granted the power of modern nuclear weapons is greatly exaggerated, but still.
a few hundred nukes pointed at various cities around the world can't be that great for the environment even though "nuclear winter" itself is a lie.


File: 1698844360370.mp4 (228.76 KB, 360x270, 4:3, bush golf.mp4)

Error posting


mayb tryin to get that SWIFT alternative to 100%?
erry1 saw what western sanctions are worth which is fucklel
only other thing i can think of is wanting to avoid gettin glowy coup'd or that ziosphere can just war crime the shit out of em and say neener neener


>erry1 saw what western sanctions are worth which is fucklel
yup, all sanctions do is force the sanctioned to become more self-sufficient.
in essence they have the opposite effect of what is intended in the long term, even if short term pain is tangible.


western sanctions mean a fucking lot more to pissrael than russia tho they literally cannot exist without western aid because even the arabs that are "friendly" or even neutral to them can flip their stance on a dime when theyre nlt afraid of burgers doing anything about it


or werw you talking about the arabs fuck man idk anymore


File: 1698853344296.mp4 (5.27 MB, 320x240, 4:3, Bomb Saddam.mp4)

they never cared about putting up a stable government in eyerack, they just wanted saddam gone and were content with the whole country devolving into chaos so they weren't a threat anymore


I'm not American and I don't even use social media so I can't check, similar to how every lefty put Ukraine flags on their username when that fight started, has every conservative put star of david on their username yet


>I'm not American
u india budy?


Can't really know, but it looks like the normalfags are waking up from the kikes lies, but their politicians are 100% pro-Israel, so it doesn't really matter.


nah that's reserved for g-d's chosen they just wear them split flags and loudly gargle snipdick with the windows open
if you mean sentiment what im seein round here is they all went alt media and diehards wont defend it face to face, just the same pivot to fuck muzzies


used to work. not any more, and da west has no idea wtf to do outside the usual playbook
economic plays are integral to war. BRICS, sanction suicide, petrodollhair ded, burgerstan is on a timer just have to see what happens before the "host" bleeds out completely
u.s. wouldnt sanction pissrael


could you imagine biderp putting sanctions on israel ?


that would be hellish


what makes you think it's going to be anything besides that? election could be replaced with a jew cum drinking competition


>could you imagine biderp putting sanctions on israel ?
No, all the candidates have jewish mutilated cocks drive all the way in their asses, for Israel.


File: 1698870537372.jpg (279.61 KB, 950x631, 950:631, 1mbw5i.jpg)

uh guys I have a baaad feeling trump may possibly be a zionist


File: 1698876358033.jpg (147.34 KB, 1024x636, 256:159, dup btfo.jpg)

what could possibly give you that impression?


>used to work
yeah, worked about as good as isolating north korea


File: 1698877524701.mp4 (523 KB, 640x360, 16:9, Drumpf explaing how releas….mp4)



im legit thinking theyre gonna jfk him just to get migatards to have a massive enough kneejerk reaction to force zoomies into more desert wars


boomers and zoomer dying for Pissrayhell is a good thing and here's why: Its based, its redpilled, billions must die


File: 1698882833377.gif (2.24 MB, 800x604, 200:151, 231987927831.gif)

dumpf getting capped would be pretty funny ngl
imagine kikes blaming it on heckin pisslam again


imagine the story theyll cook up to blame hamas
you think theyll have a paraglider drop a mortar shell on dup?


Whose winning the dance battle?


÷ 0


File: 1698909573889.mp4 (28.11 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, The Postmodernist Drinking….mp4)

Juden Peterstein released a song, I'm posting it here because I assume it's about how you should die for Israel, I'm not going to listen to it myself


tbf noko is hilarious
chubby kid gets to play with a country size train set
then once a year he puts his fridge drawings of nuking america into windows movie maker, and every other news agency goes you see this drawing he did? he put stink lines


joos bombed a refugee camp, south ameribros are now severing diplomatic relations and recalling ambassadors
it's gettin spicy in here


juden peterstein


he kinda exists just to bring up any time they run out of fear porn to subject the population to and is completely harmless to anyone but his immediate neighbors.
the glowniggers could have covertly gotten rid of the norks decades ago but quickly realized they are more useful as a perceived threat to drag out whenever some manufactured crisis is required.


bahrain sez: fuk to da jooz


has imam dddduder made a formal declaration of war against jews yet?


>saudis let u.s. air defense in to protect yidsral
>yemen group officially declares war on piss
>over 30 attacks on murican bases in ME
>bidup & admin sayin bibi is finished after the war to press
seems like buckeyes may have to go for the sweep


ya it's brave mujahedeen fighters but they won't bravely fight
supposedly he just sent putler a bunch of artie rounds for satellite help
be surprised if rooskies even try using em but im just sayin kim's got a p cool life


if this doesn't make one an antisemite i don't know what will


I couldn't not watch more than 2 minutes. He is just another good goy.


File: 1698941632114.mp4 (5.32 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Lowkey - "I was upset beca….mp4)

>muh likes and subscribes!
This goy says a lot of words without much meaning eh?


File: 1698944094741.jpg (33.82 KB, 370x512, 185:256, R (1).jpg)

why this nigga dressed like sheogorath ? wtf, LMAO
this bro really lost his mind
he truly is the prince of madness

bro got called "juden peterstein" and his brain broke from all the mkultra ziobrainwashing lel


File: 1698944625973.jpg (219.62 KB, 908x730, 454:365, Absolutely_disgusting.jpg)

This propagandistic crap of Muslim vs Jew is tiring.
>Biden doesn't like Trump's Abraham Accords and pushes Saudi Arabia away instead of letting them sign the AA
>Iran is on the brink of a civil war because the Muslim vs Jew fight isn't flying with the civilian men
>Saudi Arabia contacts Iran about starting back up the Jew wars
>Iran encourages Hummus to do the funny and poke Israel in order to spark back up an Israeli overreaction
>Iran and Saudi Arabia profit off of kike hate which lets them deflect from their own countries shortcomings
>World overreacts to Jews being Jews instead of realizing it's all just bread and circuses to keep the powers that be in power in the Fundamentalist Muslim part of the globe
Your in a propaganda war and you all fell for it. It's not about Jews, it's about Bibi Netanyahu, Mohammed bin Salman, and Ali Khamenei


>everything that has ever happened in history is a jewish psyop because even though jews are inferior and should be wiped out as a cancer on society they are singlehandedly capable of clairvoyance and predicting the future and moving the entire world to their whim all while nobody notices
kill yourself


File: 1698944965777-0.png (320.97 KB, 1920x977, 1920:977, Screenshot_2023-11-02_10-0….png)

File: 1698944965777-1.jpg (47.66 KB, 943x824, 943:824, 1658207232571-0.jpg)

Who could be behind this post?


File: 1698945127576.png (201.7 KB, 515x417, 515:417, (((Wario))).png)

it is a mystery


File: 1698948151465.gif (1.83 MB, 200x200, 1:1, 1000003067.gif)

Sounds like some 3673478944d chess tbh fam.


that a discordian flag?
never paid much attention to em. made me lel on 8gag until i realized they actually meant their posts


File: 1698952026612.png (481.36 KB, 652x468, 163:117, ClipboardImage.png)

hezbro making big speech tomorrow, strike from da north or no balls


/k/ really is just a total shithole anymore


its the east india company flag


File: 1698954820544.jpg (220.29 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, heavy breathing.jpg)

I think you're uncomfortable with anyone having a set of rational beliefs different from your own and you must find any and every excuse to discredit people you disagree with. Since you sorts act like women, I demean and devalue you as a shrill woman and laugh at your arrogance instead of bothering to be serious, even if I hold a serious opinion.
Cry more, faggots.


duddr ban the zogbot


i just thought it was rally gud b8 so i reposted it


the US doesn't lose wars, just loses interest


kek, this faggot made the exact same posts on /dup/ today. I find it hilarious that the US government and JIDF consider us enough of a threat to waste time and money shitting up our boards.


File: 1698965483055.mp4 (18.24 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Hamas Fighter Hand Deliver….mp4)

The balls of this guy, and IDF is still complacent if they allow this sort of thing happen easily.


I just saw this video, its dope.
This is some MGS V tier shit.


thats fucking rad as hell


the cajones on that man wew


>check out that thread
>condescending histrionic fag
>everyone else is stupid only im smart
>ugh i cant believe the average anon
guys i think i know where tpaste went


Me a Tpastellectual, I always pick the smart side…


oh shit i'm retarded thx


india numbah 1 fuck yu bich buddy bloudy fuker !


File: 1698969921678.mp4 (1.12 MB, 888x490, 444:245, hamas prime delivery.mp4)

i'd vote if someone ran on sending gopros to all speehadists


cafe/k/ has been insufferable ever since the vatnik/hohol slapfest started, all smug vatniggers who think putin is god on earth


juice better watch out, hummus has now employed


theres been plenty of hohol worshipers that post there too dont pretend its that one sided
or do its not like it matters the board still sucks either way




thats a good goy


what part of ukraine is this?


greater ukraine


Haha I was waiting for this seeing how they bunch up together like that out in the open


File: 1699022230503.png (464.28 KB, 896x349, 896:349, squiggs.png)

I thought he was going to remotely detonate it like C4 on a tank in battlefield, but he placed it there and shot it with a rocket instead?
Is that how those are intended to be used? or was that just a defective RPG and he wanted to make use of it by placing it on the tank before hitting it since tanks usually need 2 RPGs in battlefield 4 and this took one out with one?
If that's a explosive that's intended to be used like that, why the hell isnt there remote detonation?

Can anyone read these squiggles? maybe they'll give some hints?


i thought it was rigged to explode on a timer and that was what the first explosion was and then he went and shot at that second tank
the extra explosive power prolly helped penetrate the armor to better liquefy everyone inside if thats the case. like yah an rpg by itself can fuck up a vehicle but its by no means a guarantee that it'll kill anyone inside but two of those going off side by side probably turned that tank into a tomb
i dunno tho


wine bottle was an IED on the second tank that went off on a timer, he used the RPG on the first tank


File: 1699023247633.png (974.72 KB, 800x693, 800:693, ClipboardImage.png)

if ur still in gaza city
sry budy


time to get up lil niggaz


RIP muslims they did a great show.


apparently that first one blew up an anti rocket radar so he could fuck it up with the rocket lawncha


error post


File: 1699028400171-0.png (379.55 KB, 668x542, 334:271, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1699028400171-1.png (295.6 KB, 677x636, 677:636, ClipboardImage.png)

aped couple recaps from twatter


File: 1699028982564.mp4 (51.62 KB, 480x624, 10:13, fucking nothing.mp4)

this dude sums it up


That dude took out 2 tanks?



it looks like it you can see the lead tank before he runs up to the one behind it and placed the explodaroo device and the tank he shoots the rpg at was in a different position


that makes sense i was thinkin that one he put the party favor on musta rally skidoodled p quick relative to how it was goin when he shared his wine to get to where that one was that got hit by the rocket


yea that is not ideal


give 'em hell palibros


File: 1699043271269.jpg (107.47 KB, 1170x1149, 390:383, 20231103_152253.jpg)



Algerian parliament authorizes President Tebboune to support Gaza amid Israeli assaults
>In a significant move, the Algerian Parliament has officially authorized President Abdelmadjid Tebboune to enter the conflict in support of Gaza, with a unanimous vote of 100/100.
give algeribros your energy


File: 1699048729257.mp4 (775.75 KB, 480x854, 240:427, jordan crying over being j….mp4)



Israel first, America second, goy!


File: 1699050578761.jpg (161.45 KB, 950x1181, 950:1181, 1698177280469.jpg)

>get backstabbed by bibi
>still supoooooort
man 2024 is going to be rally gay intell you h'wat


boomers do 6 hour sissy christboi goon sessions with Mistress Bibi to empty their bank accounts into Israel's like a good paypig daily




File: 1699124539875-0.webm (3.75 MB, 288x512, 9:16, INSIDE JOB 1.webm)

File: 1699124539875-1.webm (3.86 MB, 288x512, 9:16, INSIDE JOB 2.webm)

interesting that they disarmed the security teams before the attack


>incredible jewish souls


File: 1699133718966.jpg (76.05 KB, 1024x607, 1024:607, b18227223a9e0edb4b7f955c5b….jpg)

>joo cant cope he got outjooed
nasheeds will hopefully kill many more


File: 1699134615608.mp4 (92.93 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, isr-5.mp4)





It seems like the only thing Israel can effectively kill are civilian targets lmao.


thats fucking wild
they're right on top of eachother
where the fuck are the kike infantry lmao? did they really send armor ALONE into one of the most densely populated cities fucking ever??
this is gold


>where the fuck are the kike infantry lmao?
probably waiting for the americans


you know how some kids will catch and hurt small animals and beat up kids in lower grades than them but then curl up in a ball and cry for the teacher the moment anyone the same size as them goes to beat their asses for being fucked up little assholes?
the entire kike race is like that. if they cant rely on subterfuge and indirect bullying they are completely fucked
>where the fuck are the kike infantry lmao?
prolly buttoned up inside those vehicles too afraid to do foot patrols which is ironic because big ass tanks and shit are usually way more vulnerable than foot soldiers in urban combat. id rather be slowly walking my way through bombed out buildings in that scenario than being anywhere near a vehicle


jew defense forces aren't as incompetent as you think, and the war is absolutely not in hummus' favor. once gaza city is captured the war is basically over and it will go back to the low-level terrorist insurgency it's always been until the next boogaloo. but if lebanon decides to join in then things could get spicy.


File: 1699222112442-0.mp4 (1.91 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, gaza's main water reserve.mp4)

File: 1699222112442-1.mp4 (2.03 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, iron dome fail.mp4)

File: 1699222112442-2.mp4 (971.13 KB, 464x848, 29:53, get da watah.mp4)

File: 1699222112442-3.mp4 (1.5 MB, 480x848, 30:53, hezbo bringing out the goo….mp4)

blinken (whose grandpa helped build yidsral) in iraq
some yid brass said nukes are on the table
multiple iron dome failures
hezbo seems to be steppin up


File: 1699229356827.mp4 (596.77 KB, 480x640, 3:4, 2_5350809444361974129.MP4)

ya that dome lookin kinda lik paper rn


i dont have to think they are when their vehicles keep getting exploded


File: 1699247840101.jpg (1.2 MB, 1680x4370, 168:437, israel idf tank skills.jpg)

jews with american artillary and space age surveillance and multi billion dollar military budget donated to them from around the globe getting btfo by adidas wearing arabs with a fraction of their numbers living in caves in their own backyard.

This is one of the most embarrassing failures i've ever seen.
And that's a good thing.


File: 1699249032092.jpg (56.19 KB, 1014x570, 169:95, 1565149982315.jpg)

This is good
>USA pulling out of Afghanistan embarrassingly and leaving millions of dollars worth of equipment there
>Russia struggling to take Ukraine
>But in turn Ukraine that gets shitload of help from the west not being able to stop them at all, showing western wunderwaffe wasn't wunder at all
>Buckeyes having a hard time against Arabs that make weapons with woods
These people used propaganda to show them way stronger than they are to other people and that is vanishing now


defenders tend to have the advantage in any war, especially in the modern era. they know the territory better and winning or losing is literally a life or death situation. most major wars from ww2 onwards have been this way.


It is important to note that russias annual military budget is much smaller than the amount of money/resources ukraine has received.


never underestimate guerilla
you can turn some crazy shit around, even with seemingly impossible odds

also idf operates on mandatory conscription iirc
whereas hamas, p much every dude there has been chomping at the bit to kill jews since they were like 8


it was billions iirc


You have no idea how bloodthirsty this generation is to kill jews
As children they watched beloved Farfour get martyred


>mouse beaten to death in interrogation by israelis
>bee dies cuz they wouldnt let him out of gaza to go to a hospital to get surgery
>bunny gets killed in an IDF airstrike
>bear joins the mujahideen and goes on jihad
lmao what a show


>Though Secretary of State Anthony Blinken spoke on his recent trip to Israel and Jordan of the "concrete steps" the US proposed for Israel to "minimise civilian deaths" in Gaza, where almost 10,000 people – including more than 4,000 children – have been killed since relentless Israeli bombardment began on 7 October.
that's 5% of the 200.000 people in gaza city and already 10 times as many casualties as from the hamas attack. according to jew logic that would be 100 9/11s


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