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its a tampa kinda day
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get all these niggers off my damn streets for the chinks - GHOSTin newsum
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wasnt that guy a fed informant that was lik 7 years out from finishing a 30 year sentence


yah he was a spic mafia member that became a fedophile snitch


GHOSTian phenotype






>constant mudslime attacks in yurup like this for the past 12 or so years
>its suddenly important to the msm out of nowhere when they usually cover it up
>right when pissrael is having a vary hard time with rock throwers and need enraged goyim support
tbh id love it if the west was purged of muslims and would support kikes if they werent the ones responsible for pushing the mass migration of mudslimes into ypipo cunts in the first place
like all kikes had to do was not deliberately shit up western powers and theyd prolly be enjoying near unanimous support from anyone that matters right now


File: 1701575264221.jpg (100.5 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, GANV5v3bAAAeyOk.jpg)

You sound like a dangerous conspiracy theorist, probably a vile troll demon anti-Semite !


i am enlightened by my own intelligence
eating my own cum helps too *tips cum chalice*


File: 1701699806568.jpg (349.21 KB, 1154x2048, 577:1024, 1701254053664405.jpg)

Maybe you guys have seen this already but I just saw it while going through 4plebs, apparently Ben Shapiro/Daily Wire made a movie where a white basketball coach makes his team to dress as women to join women's competition and win a prize, I assume it's Tariq approved


File: 1701699816646-0.jpg (249.24 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, 74565764444.jpg)

File: 1701699816646-1.jpg (190.42 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, 049358.jpg)

File: 1701699816646-2.jpg (191.25 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, 0345486.jpg)

File: 1701699816646-3.jpg (200.13 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, 35465353.jpg)

>Feral goldfish are menacing Great Lakes
>Former US ambassador arrested in Florida, accused of serving as an agent of Cuba
>A toaster placed under a car to heat up the EV battery likely sparked a fire in Denmark
>Russia LGBT: Police raid Moscow gay clubs


File: 1701701777743.webm (3.7 MB, 720x359, 720:359, 1701642149465794.webm)

I looked a bit more into it, disappointingly that team is all white(sorry Tariq) and it even has a BBC shock scene in it, I guess I should have expected this from Ben. No sound webm because it's from 4ch/tv/


is ohio gunna get a sharknado only with goldfish next summer?


File: 1701704045676.png (3.38 MB, 1800x1200, 3:2, norm-macdonald-weekend-upd….png)

So your telling me a Jewish fella decided to setup a some kind of media company huh ?….now thats something you dont see everyday
>a literally BBC scene
Jews just cant help themselves
/tv/ has it as pure kino then ?


according to science, yes


It was alright. It wasn't as funny as I was hoping, but it was more humorous than anything that's come out of the mainstream since Chink flu.


i haven't been in a movie theater since i saw [spoiler]the newest doctor strange[/spoiler] and even that was a colossal waste of time


why is there no faq on this site so i can see formatting rules


so >we can make fun of bumbling outsiders until they figure it out


File: 1701732801970-0.png (303.66 KB, 456x792, 19:33, brack peepo no smart.png)

File: 1701732801970-1.jpg (291.17 KB, 1284x1581, 428:527, GAggVrzWYAIxZ2c.jpg)

>the acolytes of tariq nasheed

holy fuck
>black people failing to understand per capita
its as predictable as the ceiling birds


even not per capita, half that crowd would be niggers
niggers are so stupid


File: 1701740943748.png (110.56 KB, 659x692, 659:692, its over.png)

>gta vi trailer
>fat black women twerking unironically on display
>le multi colored haired females everywhere
>niggergram phone filters


so you get to run around and shoot all those things? what is it some sort of race war the game??


>caring about modern vidya


File: 1701743166876.mp4 (614.85 KB, 640x360, 16:9, legalize wp.mp4)

chuposting especially highly ironically is based and redpilled

you sound like a cringe libtard, are you triggered snowflake ?


File: 1701743914901.mp4 (3.27 MB, 720x1280, 9:16, 4_6014850064504066988.mp4)

House explodes when police approach Arlington, VA home to execute search warrant.


ah i was gonna post that


supposedly he shot a flare at a leaking gas pipe


the absolute fuckin nads lel


You don't hear of a lot of meth labs in Arlington.


File: 1701745936574.png (573.69 KB, 571x721, 571:721, FkrzYtnWAAQW8el.png)

someone just went sicko mode on some CIAniggers


didnt know roger was so redbulled
guess it makes sense hes played palestine a couple times. funny how heem was getting innernet #CANCELLED for this a few months ago and now half of the same useful idiots are all pro-palestine cuz their fav talking head told them how to think. life must be varyyy confusing for those sorts

but i agree with the journos the wall was obv nazi dogwhistles that wasnt just theatre roger clearly had aspirations of being an hitler or he wouldnt have worn such a cool lookin coat and armband im surprised no one tried to stop him sooner


File: 1701750875137.png (610.3 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, lgwjjessdh9wrmo9amzu.png)

>its over
idk why anyone cares tbh, rockstar hasn't been the same ever since san andreas. its been over for a very long time.

mobile ports of 3, vc, and sa are garbage lazily thrown together by some chinese 3rd party that don't even play like the originals.
gta 4 was shipped as a broken piece of shit and they only made it worse with updates, somehow even less playable than san andreas on modern hardware.
gta 5 is a boring unfinished slog with pretty graphics they paid OVER 9000 people to create, online is just a cheater fest that forces legit players to buy e-money with real money. red dead 2 and red dead online are the same broken unfinished cheater filled shit only with horses.
definitive edition was made by the same chinese 3rd party that made the mobile ports of 3, vc and sa and is broken garbage they refuse to fix.
they are making mobile ports of definitive edition by the same chinese 3rd party because the mobile versions werent broken enough already.
the lead retard at take-two has already been on the record stating that video games dont cost enough and 6 will likely cost over $100 with MOAR microtransactions and paid DLC.
mind you instead of making their own game engine (one thing they were actually good at once) they are using some unreal engine garbage that won't even work when shipped and still won't work on most hardware 15 years later because its unreal.



Ccbfgjjvvnnbvxxz Ad bnjkkbvgdffbb


i've touched a vagina though


File: 1701781390707-0.jpg (232.68 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, 923075435.jpg)

File: 1701781390707-1.jpg (200.15 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, 43987594.jpg)

File: 1701781390707-2.jpg (241.69 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, 98357433.jpg)

File: 1701781390707-3.jpg (241.38 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, 92847534.jpg)

>Someone bet against the Israeli stock market in the days before Hamas' Oct. 7 attack
>Hackers stole ancestry data of 6.9 million users, 23andMe finally confirmed
>Olympian snowboarder sentenced to 6 months in federal prison for YouTube airplane crash stunt
>Duplex explodes in Arlington VA during execution of police search warrant
i lold hard at #1 because the first thing the ai spit out was this smug mf. ai knows…


>Olympian snowboarder sentenced to 6 months in federal prison for YouTube airplane crash stunt
6mos is p light all things considered. he p easily couldve set the entire state on fire again.
lol that is one of the goofiest videos ive seen tho
dude is the most norcal hella retard ever and a truly terrible actor. heem got a sandwich bag full of his dead friends ashes his friend was XTREME™ too and into that flying-squirrel bodysuit jump thang iirc, so obv ded and heem all lik
>bruhhhhh johnny i miss u bruhhh lik woahhhh
>[cuts engine manually]
>lik woahhh man i think the lik engines busted
>ha this is lik sooo why i always say wear a parachute literally no one wears a parachute lol youre def not supposed to just ditch planes midair since they can glide for miles
my favorite part is when he lands in the absolute middle of fuckall nowhere and has to walk several fucking miles through horribly thick bramble bushes

some great footage tho all things considered


>sponsored by ridge wallets
lmao i totally forgot that part
dude went flying and made sure to pack his ded friends ashes, a ridge wallet, and a parachute


so did the retard just crash a plane for le epic prank bro youtube?


100%, and without a shred of irony: yes
and unfortunately for him the federal courts agreed since he, ya know, had like 6 gopros strapped to thing so they could just watch it all back live from every angle


File: 1701786597895.jpg (453.58 KB, 1920x1372, 480:343, D1JMla1WwAEyBzF.jpg)

I dont care. It wasnt a game I intended to buy or play. But I like to pay some attention to these things because it is a massive cultural thing that can be seen as a litmus test for our current societal state.

The trailer to be screamed "woman" and sure enough Rockstar put out pictures of their dev team and yeah…100% what I expected.


while not as retarded as that pasta retard that hit and ran some kid for le epic prank this is a very close second
jewtube has zero problems with pedo/shock/gore content targeted at children or people putting other people's lives at risk for ad revenue but God forbid you say nigger in a video. i hope "people" like mrbeast get sent to prison since their very existence is a crime against humanity


File: 1701788837115.jpg (475.29 KB, 1920x1372, 480:343, 170178659789524.jpg)

i found at least 12 troons


reminds me of the crowd the time i got booked to play some incredibly lowrent midwest emo/noise show
>be me
>carrying amp inside
<uhhhmmm hey bro we uhhh usually take our shoes off inside…
>pretend not to hear the hipster dork
>hes a pussy so doesnt ask us again for like an hour
<uhhhm so hey lik i just talked to…
>m8 weve been sleeping on floors and in our van for weeks in the summer. were not taking our shoes off inside your house. you dont understand what it is youre even asking
<oh uhmm thats uhhh fine….
lik wtf i lik capn jazz too that shits GOAT but holy hell the company that scene keeps sometimes

i remember another time, i was just there to help set up the sound/lights/props this time, but we got """b&""" from bloomington cuz the guys all dressed like cavemen. the singer looked injun he was so he dressed up as an injun and we built him a cage he would start the set in then rolled him out and had him escape mid-set. the guitarist had a huge dildo that he had rigged up with a pump tied to his leg and so in the middle of his lines he could lift up his guitar and blast fake piss into the audience from a giant dildo sticking out of his pants. i seem to remember the bassist had a spear so he could torture the singer while he was in his cage to gethim to break out. idk i cant remember the whole bit exactly but it was p involved. all the hipster broads were absolutely livid and crying cultural appropriation and rape and other buzzwords at us.
lik wtf bro were tryna fuckin ART
crawl down out of your ass for 5 seconds and enjoy a punkrock show for once in your godforsaken life christ. idk how ppl like that end up at a DIY show in the first place
i guess they dont anymore, cuz now they just work at rockstar north


women are attracted to fun masculine gatherings so they can ruin them on a biological level thats why it was okay to slap your bitch around for centuries it kept shit p cool for the most part


i intended to wait 5-10 years before considering to pirate it. by that time hardware would have caught up to the unreal engine's bloat, just as hardware caught up to 5's eventually (although it and 4 still run like ass). rockstar doesn't deserve anyone's money.

just the fact its using unreal alone put me off. i can't think of a single game using the unreal engine that isn't a barely playable piece of shit, and i've been playing unreal based games since the original unreal.


unreal tournament 2004 is fun


Why watch a shitty movie made by controlled oposition, if you can just watch real trannies btfo women in women sports?


and runs like absolute ass. ran like ass in its day and somehow runs worse on modern hardware. a shame because the game otherwise has a lot of potential to be a half-assed multiplayer halo clone. somehow the game runs the same wether you are using a shitbox from 2005 that gets 40fps at best, or a modern machine that could do over 9000 fps if epic knew how framerate independent physics is supposed to work.

99 (and unreal for that matter) only runs worth a damn because the community ripped out epic's broken trash and made multiple new renderers that actually work. the community also fixed their broken buggy bullshit in general, oddly with epic's blessing. no such luck with 2k4 unfortunately, even using dxvk only partially fixes it.

and thats ignoring the sound and mouse input issues of the modern unreal engine. not that unreal ever had decent mouse input to begin with, they just somehow managed to make it far worse.


movies and sports are both jewish owned and operated so there's not much difference tbh


budy ive never had it dip below 60 fps on max settings on either old or new hardware, wtf you talking about

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