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its a tampa kinda day
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Well, it had a good run.
Based on interest in threads like >>1588937 I don't suppose sportschan would be up for hosting some sort of /k/-/pol/-/war/ amalgamation for current events in one form or another, right?


619chan can take them in.


any pol-esque board is just gonna bring dramafagging
we keep things laid back here and i like it that way


nu/k/ is full of total faggots and im going to bully the shit out of them if they come here tbh


if they want to discuss guns there's a thread on /h/ but no /pol/ shit because it attracts feds


if most of the recent posts on that board are an indication of what to expect from them im with >>1599372 and >>1599374 nobody wants high strung autists to come here and shit the place up and take everything too seriously
then again maybe it would be funny idk its up to dudder either way


Yeah that's fine. I like the sports threads and people having fun and they probably wouldn't fit in very well. The two or three of us already post here anyways.


no spolitics on /spol/


You're welcome to invite them to come post on /h/ but the today threads are as much /pol/ as I'm comfortable having here just because like they said above it attracts a lot of unwanted attention.


File: 1705026598067.jpg (23.26 KB, 474x322, 237:161, 13b39447b171a6ffed6638df81….jpg)

hmm I rember posting on /comfy/ and /k/ when 8shit died.
Webring was clearly an mistake since every imageboard turned into an empty desert


Well, there is always 4chan.


>Webring was clearly an mistake since every imageboard turned into an empty desert
yah the concept would only work if the mods had the balls to nip dramaniggery on their respective sites/boards in the bud before it was far too late but good luck finding one person competent enough to do that much less a dozen of them and on short notice


holy shit you fucking piece of shit rulecuck tyrant what's wrong with today threads


This. Fuck you pussy ass bitches, megamilkdud had a better run that you and generated more GETS you fucking double niggers fuck off


Appreciate it. I'm making a news board on blacked for current events and I already post to /sp/ anyways so I'll just keep doing as I do.


File: 1705031225952.gif (Spoiler Image, 37.02 KB, 150x150, 1:1, TrollFacecorner-anim.gif)

>one thread about srs discussion
Oh gee hai guise can i just the whole site up with faggotry?
Lolno go away
I'll be GOTDAMMNED if these turbo nigger, kike, soystormfags come and fuck up /h/ again.

ehhh actually /sp/ is a pretty autistic 5 and trolls everyone tbh >>1599386
They won't last a week here upon reevaluating my prior statements. A real man sticks by his posts, /pol/ doesn't have schizo like this


calm down you fucking schizo i said i liked today threads


Your not the only one who can drunk post.


make the webring thread


make /pol/ and /k/ then


make /kys/ for >>1599447 until he kys himself and then delet it


guess the glowniggers got all the info they needed from their latest honeypot


lmao one fag is posting in every migration thread begging them to go to blacked.gov and sperging out on anyone who says otherwise
what a bunch of fucking losers lmao


oh hey GHOST told me to check out that site
says its raly cool!


File: 1705067481149.png (286.53 KB, 673x350, 673:350, grils only.png)

uggggghhhhhhhh we lik sooooo do not need any more stupid stinky boys coming here
make them go away duddrer pls kthx??


File: 1705068409216.png (745.13 KB, 744x674, 372:337, GDWuLv6XYAEzmpR.png)

idk what any of this means


Vivec, 4326
warrior/poet looking to covet the heart and establish myself as an immortal theocrat. come meet me out in the molag amur im practicing my water face. you can show me the 99 secret syllables of rape. i like it rough haha
bonus points if i can use your cock as a spear


pronouns they/them, he/him, she/her
P.S If you worship that WHOOOOOORE, slut, megabitch CUNT Azura just swipe left NOW


every time a board dies that happens it should be expected at this point


it probably means she keeps getting messages and then the guys stop responding before they get to the video chat phase because they can tell shes a rancid cunt through text alone


it means she's jewish


File: 1705079359963.png (596.22 KB, 741x674, 741:674, GDXd9BpW4AEG_iG.png)

>drama free

I HIGHLY doubt that.


File: 1705083082301.webm (12.66 MB, 720x720, 1:1, al_mawt_li_israil.webm)


>rejected by the spartmen
oh man it is so completely over for us sub-5 beta male losers


is the soynigger poster included in this?


its true
all sub-5 omega males should be forced to clean up stacy's megadumps with nothing but a toothbrush

when stacy is shitting out chads cum there should be a sub-5 male there to make sure everything is clean after on his knees worshipping the ground she walks on


sorry i thought you meant CRYSTAL cafe for a second
i want stupib imageboard SLUTS to be postin here


no wonder this whorb wears sunglasses she shouldnt ever go around without something covering those waxy bags


they're invited here any day of the week


there was a rumour you died in a drive-by


I should have


Sounds like somebody has a story to tell.


he ran out of CR spray and his friends left him in a ditch in pensacola


File: 1705141557893.jpg (30.17 KB, 1002x564, 167:94, 1570191570371.jpg)

Are you sad because the world is becoming garbage in general or did something bad happen to you?


girl problems


just ban all grils


I need a bitch tho or I'll feel alone


just lik get a mirror
but for real get you a deaf mute so you dont have to hear nagging and you can laugh at her sign language


thanks for taking care of that for me


no problem you need to just forget about that girl bro


i hope ur doin well buddy


Fuck off to 711chan or 619chan


anon.cace users specifically from /wooo/ can use 619chan as a bunker


619chan more like since pro-wrassl


apparently the newsposter on /k/ was threatening smuglo.li vols with raids or some shit if they didnt let him post there so they banned him and now hes on 8gag.blacked lol
its amazing watching a small handful of fags tear each other apart like this
like all of them used to use the same site and all it took to destroy the remnants was splitting them into different sites and stirring up drama between them because the dumbfuck mods wouldnt do shit to stop any of it and the regular anons are all a bunch of high strung fags too concerned about moral policing their respective hovels


Get back in your dicksuck channel, big gay.


lol cry harder dramaring chode


File: 1705363775461.png (1.76 MB, 1241x8770, 1241:8770, glownigger plans for image….png)

im really starting to wonder if it's just these dysfunctional spergs having temper tantrums every time [opposing_board] is mentioned or if those glownigger bots from picrel are doing their part to fuck everything up.


Fucking normalfags, I wish they all died. Along their kike masters.


this shit is so pathetic


Still make me LOL that because of that Norway shooteroo some Eurocuck police officer had to sift through posts about HSV, Wadina, Mary Fay, GHOST and I lik criket.


yeah it is. feels like seeing your best bud self-destruct into a schizo junkie burnout shitting his pants and yelling at random people


its especially hilarious because them forcing the more radical spergs to either isolate completely or go spread their messages elsewhere has done more to help radicalize exponentially more people than if theyd just let the spergs be in their respective shitholes
like i know the average /pol/ schizo is a fucking idiot but there are some smart guys on those boards who know how to play propaganda games just as well as, if not better than, any cia tranny and as far as the saying "you are not immune to propaganda" goes it applies just as much in the other direction


This is pretty true.
Banning things like Stormfront which had been around for years is retarded. You just force them to go out to other places and evangelize more subtly.

Truth be told, the best propaganda for these ideas wasnt posted by STURMEN-WAFFEN1488 with a Right Wing Death squad avatar it was the Regime itself deciding to just go mask off post 2016. The level of anti-white hatred you can find your average movie, tv show, music etc. is the quickest radicalizer.

I have had complete normie friends of whom i generally only talk about sports, tv, video games with start to question "what the fuck is this ?" when you see some of the shit out there today.


was just thunkin if they'd kept the color blind from the 90s 00s and chilled on kill yt be a completely diff zeitgeist rn

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